South Padre Island Vacation


Becca was always careful to politely decline any offers, and there were a lot of them. She never led anyone on and didn't have any male 'friends', outside of their social circle. She never once, gave John a reason to be jealous.

This situation with DeShawn however, was a little different and that excited John. Becca and DeShawn were clearly attracted to each other. Based on the looks DeShawn received from other women, it was pretty obvious that he was uncommonly good-looking. Both Becca and John really enjoyed his company and he had a charismatic and authentic personality, once he got to know someone.

An idea started to percolate in John's brain. He dismissed it at first as crazy and then dismissed it again, because it was a little frightening. He focused on the beach and tried to move his mind away from the idea, but it was growing. He ran down to the beach and got into the water for a while. He body-surfed in the waves until his skin started to prune. He noticed DeShawn and Becca laughing together and the idea blew up and demanded his attention.

John made his way back to the chairs and toweled off. He was getting hungry and suggested they head back to their rooms and start thinking about dinner. He also wanted to get Becca alone. He needed to get her input on the idea and he hoped she wouldn't kick him out of the room for the rest of the week. This was one of those ideas that would either be a fantastic success or a spectacular failure. Either way, he wanted to discuss it with her. He needed to discuss it with her and he desperately hoped she'd be receptive to it.

Becca was in the shower and talking to John through the shower curtain. "John, what's on your mind?" You were awful quiet there towards the end and then you left us."

John was slow in answering her. His skin felt cool as I applied the shaving cream to his face and drew the razor across his skin. He was slow in answering because he wanted to gather his thoughts, but he also wanted to avoid slicing his face open. The silence built slowly, but it eventually filled the room.

A few minutes later, Becca pulled the shower curtain back; concern was evident in her expression. "John? Earth to John. What's going on? Are you ok honey?"

"I'm fine honey; I just have something on my mind. That's all." He finished shaving, wiped his face and turned to face Becca. "Why don't you finish your shower and we can talk about it."

"You're not mad are you? DeShawn mentioned that you might be, because you spent at least an hour and half in the surf, then came back and abruptly suggested we leave."

He leaned forward and kissed her. He also snuck a quick look at her naked body. Yep, it was still fantastic.

"No. I'm definitely not mad. DeShawn is a great guy and I'm really glad we met him. I noticed that you two seemed to hit it off as well. He certainly liked your bikini and tattoo." Becca blushed furiously. Her skin tone was light enough that when she blushed, it was obvious and cute.

Becca pulled the shower curtain back into place and resumed her shower and her conversation. John stayed put. "Well, he is very good-looking and that body, god it's amazing. He's also really funny and you can tell that he's a pretty genuine guy. He doesn't have that cockiness or arrogance; that comes from being really good looking. Anyway, I enjoyed his company."

She paused and rinsed out her hair. John watched her silhouette as she ran the bar of soap over her body. He loved to watch her. She thought he was crazy, but sometimes watching Becca was like watching soft-core porn.

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about, so come on out when you're done. Ok?"

"Sure thing honey, give me 15 minutes. I love you."

"I love you to Becca." He really hoped she'd continue to love him after their conversation.

The TV was showing an action flick, with car chases and explosions, when Becca flopped down next to John on the bed. She leaned over and kissed his cheek and rubbed his back. Her hand slid down to his ass and she gave it a little squeeze.

"Do you think we'll be getting naked tonight?" She was teasing him and he knew it. He took every opportunity to get naked with Becca.

"Damn Straight! The last time didn't go so well, so I definitely want a rematch." It was hard to acknowledge his performance issues, but he thought it would make it worse if he pretended it didn't happen. Becca ran her fingers through his hair.

"It's ok John, it's just a temporary thing. You're putting too much pressure on yourself to get me pregnant. It will happen, don't worry." She smiled at him again. "I'll just have to spend more time naked around you."

John laughed. "I really like that idea and I loved your bikini today. God you are so beautiful baby." John moved over and hugged her tight. "I know you really want a baby Becca and I do as well. I can't wait to be a parent with you."

They held each other and John could tell from Becca's breathing, that she was crying softly. It had been two years, since they started trying to conceive a child. They'd tried everything to get Becca pregnant, but John's sperm count was just too low. They also tried adopting, but that had been too emotionally draining and hurtful.

The little girl they'd tried to adopt was beautiful. She was just 3 months old and perfect. The fact that she was black didn't matter at all to John and Becca. They wanted her as soon as they saw her and started the adoption process immediately. The process was going fine, but towards the end they were abruptly denied the right to adopt. It seemed that her mother had changed her mind and wanted to have custody of the baby. John and Becca couldn't fault her for that, but it was still very painful.

All of their friends and family shared their heartbreak and provided a lot of support. None of them cared or mentioned the race of the baby. It just didn't matter to anyone and it was clear that John and Becca would love any child that came into their lives.

John got up to get Becca a tissue for her eyes, he sat back down on the bed and handed her the tissue.

"Thank you. I'm sorry John. I don't mean to be such a mess." She sniffed and let out a short laugh. "It's summer time and we're supposed to be on vacation and here I am crying." John moved behind her and massaged her shoulders. He kissed her neck and whispered that he loved her.

Becca liked massages and he could feel the tension in her start to recede. Her groan broke the silence as she leaned into his hands. It was as good a time as any to bring up the idea. He took a quiet, deep breath.

"Becca I really want to get you pregnant this week. This is the perfect opportunity and I think you mentioned that this a fertile time of the month for you. Am I right?" He knew he was, but he wanted to get her involved in the conversation.

"Yep. This is the best time of the month. I will definitely be ovulating this week." Her head moved in circles as she helped John to get at those hard to reach spots. "That feels really good honey, don't stop."

"Excellent. I was just thinking that we should take every opportunity we have this week. "

"Uhh. Ok. I thought we already agreed on that part." Becca patted his hands and that was her cue for John to stop the massage. She turned and faced him on the bed. "What are you trying to say John?"

John took a deep breath, reached out and took Becca's hands and met her gaze. "What I'm trying to say is that you and I just want a happy, healthy baby. We obviously don't care about the race of the child, so long as it's ours." Becca nodded and John could see her mind thinking about where he was going with this conversation. "I was thinking that if an opportunity became available this week, even with someone besides me, we should take it."

John let out all the air he had been holding and waited, and waited. The TV was going in the background, but all that existed for John was Becca. Her face was initially blank with confusion. She obviously expected him to continue and when he stopped, she really started thinking. Comprehension dawned on her face, followed quickly by denial and then genuine surprise. John knew she had put 2 and 2 together and came up with 4. He nodded at her.

It was a small victory for John that Becca didn't throw him out on his ass. She got up and sat down on the chair in the corner. It was diagonal from the bed, so Becca faced in his direction, when she sat down. She was quiet, too quiet. She was the kind of quiet that John had learned to fear in their marriage. It was unnerving, but John waited for her to speak. He had planted the idea and now he had nothing left to do, but to wait and see if it bore fruit.

Becca's voice was strained with emotion, but it cut through the silence easily. She spoke slowly, carefully and looked straight into John eyes.

"Let me get this straight John, because I think we need to be very clear about what we're discussing." John nodded and she continued. "You are suggesting that if DeShawn is agreeable, that I let him fuck me. Not only do I let him fuck me, but impregnate me. Am I right?"

A flood words tried to escape John's mouth at once. What ended up coming out of Johns mouth weren't words, it wasn't even a language; it was more of a garbled squawk. He stopped, looked down and collected himself.

"Becca, let me explain-"

"No John, you've explained enough." Becca pointed her finger at John. "Answer my question. Was your intent to have DeShawn fuck me and impregnate me? It's a simple question John."

"Yes Honey. That is exactly what I'm suggesting. I'm suggesting that if DeShawn is cool with it, that you two have as much sex as humanly possible and hopefully you will conceive." John added lamely. "I'd still like to have sex with you, but given my recent performance, I don't think I'm your best option." He waited for Beccas response.

There is a simple undeniable truth that all married men come to understand at some point. Occasionally they will have to admit defeat to their wives and simply take their punishment. No amount of talking, explaining or cajoling will work any longer. The game is up and fat lady has sung. John really felt he was at that point. He took a deep breath, hung his head and prepared to spend the rest of the week apologizing, buying flowers, drinks, anything to repair the damage.

"Look at me John." Her voice didn't sound pissed, it didn't sound upset or even hurt. It was light, even, and John thought he heard love in that voice. He looked over at Becca and realized she was walking toward him.

"I Love You." He didn't reply. His voice was frozen and he wasn't sure what was coming next from her. Becca's hand found his cheek and she looked into his eyes. "John, I Love You."

John drew Becca into his arms. They lay back on the bed and looked at each other. John started to talk, but a finger across his lips silenced him.

"Let me talk, please John." He nodded. "I'm surprised and shocked that you offered that option to me. I definitely didn't expect it." Her fingers stroked his cheek. "I know it couldn't have been easy for you, so you must really love me and want a child with me." He nodded again and felt his eyes tear up.

"More than anything Becca." His voice cracked as he said her name. "Apparently, I'm just not man enough to give you a baby and I'm so sorry." The tears he was holding back finally broke through his restraint. He felt her arms draw him into her chest and she held him tightly.

"John you are more than enough man for me and there isn't a man on the planet who can control his sperm count." Her voice was resolute and it held a mild rebuke for John. "Now stop it. You're the man I love, the man I married and the father of our child yet to be."

John sat up and wiped his eyes. Now it was his turn to sniffle and he reached over and grabbed some tissues. Becca held her hand out and drew him back next to her. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him lightly.

"John, I'm not saying yes, but I do have some questions and I'm going to be blunt." Her shoulders rose as she took a deep breath. "Are you sure you could handle me fucking DeShawn?"

"I think so baby. I like DeShawn and I would do pretty much anything to help you conceive."

She expected that answer and nodded. "Do you want to watch?"

"Umm. Yes, for two reasons. First, for your safety and that's my main priority. I don't know how much help I would be, given that DeShawn is so well built, but I want to be there in case you need me."

She nodded and kissed his cheek.

"The other reason is that I think it's hot and sexy." Becca gave a quick laugh and then covered her mouth.

"Sorry." Her skin turned a nice shade of red, as she blushed. John couldn't help but laugh a little as well.

"It's ok baby. I don't have to be there every time you're with DeShawn. I mean he's staying right next door, so I could come back here if you wanted some privacy." Relief washed over Becca's face.

"Ok John, last question. Do you want to tell DeShawn what we're doing or do we make up a story. We're closet swingers or something?"

"I definitely want to tell him what's going on, Becca. It's only fair to DeShawn and he should know that it's not just about sex."

"I agree." Becca nodded and hugged John. "Let's get in touch with DeShawn and make dinner plans. We can talk it over with him and then decide if it's something all of us can agree on."

John felt a huge weight drop from his shoulders. Becca's temper was legendary and he thought it was about to make an appearance tonight. He felt like he had dodged a bullet as he walked out of their hotel room and knocked on DeShawns door.

DeShawn answered the door with a big smile. He was already dressed and ready to go. "Dude, I'm starving. I was just about to come over and get you two. We're still doing dinner right?"

"Yea man, dinner and then Becca and I were thinking we could find a bar or a club. Do you dance?"

That question earned John a weird look and a laugh from DeShawn. He clapped John on the back and they moved inside John and Becca's room. "Yea John. I've done a little dancing and that sounds fun." John was certain there was a story behind that answer and he reminded himself to ask DeShawn about it later.

Becca chose that moment to join them. She looked gorgeous and John and DeShawn were both momentarily speechless. She was wearing a simple black blouse that reminded John of a baby-doll lingerie set Becca owned. The blouse was low-cut and Becca's cleavage looked tanned and amazing. She had on tight-fitting jeans that really complimented her legs and ass.

She laughed and did a slow turn for the boys. "I take it you both like my outfit."

DeShawn and John exchanged smiles. "Yea baby, you look nice." John offered.

DeShawn gave a short laugh, walked over and took Beccas hand. He raised it to his lips and kissed the back of it. "No Becca, you don't look nice. You look gorgeous. You're absolutely beautiful and I would consider it an honor if you would let me escort you tonight." He tucked Becca's hand under his arm, looked over at John and gave a wink.

John rolled his eyes. "Suck-up! Let's go, it looks like I'm driving." They left the room, with John in the lead, and walked back to the parking lot. Initially John headed towards their car, however he glanced over his shoulder and noticed that DeShawn had stopped next to a Mercedes convertible. It was sleek, snazzy and it looked absolutely fun to drive.

DeShawn had the keys out already and was guiding Becca over to the passenger side. John noticed that it was a two-seater convertible, so clearly someone was driving separately. DeShawn got Becca settled and came back around to the driver's side near John.

"Hey Bud, do you mind if Becca rides with me?" He smiled at John. "I am her escort tonight after all."

"Sure, no problem. Mr. Smooth! Do you know where you're going?"

"Yep, this baby has a navigation system that can find just about anything. Why don't you follow us?"

"Sounds good, see you there."

The little Mercedes was quick and DeShawn really knew how to drive it. As a result, John struggled to keep up and ended up losing them at a stop light. He continued down the road he thought they took, but in a few turns he was realized he was lost. He headed back to the main street on the island and started looking for a place to ask directions. He pulled into a gas station and his phone buzzed.

"Hello? Dude you totally lost me. You jerk." He could hear DeShawn's laughter.

"Sorry man. Where are you now?"

John told him and DeShawn gave him directions to the restaurant. John pulled in 5 minutes later and walked into the restaurant. He thought he would see Becca and DeShawn waiting in the lobby, but there were nowhere to be seen. The waitress had just escorted another couple to their table, so John waited patiently for her to return. She was back in a few minutes and John described Becca and DeShawn and the waitress gave him a big smile. She obviously knew who John was talking about and she took him to the back of the restaurant.

DeShawn and Becca were sitting at U-shaped booth that had an awesome view of the water. The sun was setting over the water and the ocean seemed alive with colors that bounced off the waves. Boats were still out on the water and the seagulls competed for food dropped by tourists. It was a nice night at the beach.

John brought his attention back to the table and noticed that Becca was sitting very close to DeShawn. She was trying his drink and DeShawn was encouraging Becca to try some more, but she made a face and declined. They both looked up as John approached the table and Becca scooted away from DeShawn a little bit. She ended up exactly in the middle, as John slid into the U-shaped booth.

"Hey, look who just showed up. Jeez, John you drive like a senior citizen. Becca and I have been waiting for ages?" DeShawn had a good-natured smile on his face and Becca giggled a bit.

"Sorry DeShawn, I didn't realize you were such a crazy driver. That's it, from now on Becca rides with me. Sorry bud, you're just not safe and Becca's safety is my primary concern. How do you like them apples!"

Sarcasm was thick at the table and John thought he had scored a point, but DeShawn was too quick. He glanced quickly at Becca.

"Y'know John, I think we ought to let Becca decide who she wants to ride with, don't you? I mean, it is her safety we're talking about here."

Becca blushed furiously and her eyes got big as DeShawn finished. He wore a triumphant smile and looked at her expectantly. John immediately got the sense that he was missing something. Both of them were looking at Becca, who had taken that opportunity to take a big gulp of her margarita.

She set her glass down and smiled at both of them. "Ooh. That's strong. I have to be careful, otherwise I'll be unconscious, regardless of who drives me home. "

Relief flashed over her face and it was obvious that she thought she dodged a bullet with that comment. Unfortunately for her, neither John nor DeShawn was going to let it rest until she made her choice. DeShawn was the first to speak, but only by a split second.

"Oh No Becca. You're not getting off that easy. John and I want to know. Who do you want to ride tonight?" Becca's eyes bulged at DeShawn's innuendo and she glanced quickly at John. "Ohh, excuse me. Who do you want to ride back to the hotel tonight with tonight?" They all laughed as DeShawn corrected himself.

Another gulp of margarita sailed past Becca's lips and she signaled the waiter for another one. Silence seemed to sprout from everywhere and Becca looked back and forth between the guys. She nodded as she made her decision and finished the last of her margarita. She placed it at the edge of the table and smiled at them.

"Ok. Here's the deal boys, I will ride back to the hotel with whoever dances with me the most." She looked pointedly at DeShawn as she said the words 'back to the hotel' and DeShawn gave her a guilty smile. "That's the deal, take it or leave it."

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