South Padre Island Vacation


John extended his hand to DeShawn. "Deal?" "Deal."

The waiter came by with Becca's second margarita and took their orders. John ordered a whiskey and DeShawn did as well. The conversation picked right up from where they left off earlier at the beach. Anyone passing by, would have thought these three people were old friends, because they were talking and laughing the entire time through dinner. They continued to order drinks and everyone was having a great time.

The waiter finally came by to clear their plates and take their dessert order. Becca gave John a significant look and excused herself to the restroom. John understood her meaning clearly. When she came back and sat down, John looked over at DeShawn and took a deep breath.

"DeShawn, I wanted to talk to you about something fairly important, but I don't want to offend you either. Mind if I ask you a few personal questions?"

A quizzical look passed over DeShawn's face and he glanced at Becca, but he simply shrugged. "No not at all. Go ahead John. I don't mind."

"Well, I know you mentioned that you weren't married. Are you in a relationship now?" DeShawn laughed and John immediately felt like an ass.

"Are you asking me out John?" DeShawn meant it as a joke, but he looked over at John and realized he wasn't smiling. He glanced at Becca and she was staring at him intently as well. "Um. No. I'm not seeing anyone and there isn't anyone significant in my life. It's really hard, given my job to have a steady relationship." DeShawn wasn't sure where this was going, but both John and Becca remained silent, so he continued.

"I've been married twice. The first marriage was doomed from the start, because we were both 19 and too young. That marriage lasted about 18 months and I qualified for Para-rescue shortly after we divorced. I was single for a few years and then married again. Unfortunately, I was deployed on missions, more than I was home, so that marriage ended as well. We parted as friends, but it was still hard."

Becca placed her hand on DeShawn's arm. "I'm sorry DeShawn." He shook his head. "Don't be Becca. It happens and both women are in relationships now that are better for them. It's ok."

"I was injured in my last deployment and I've been at Johns Hopkins recovering. I'm essentially finished with my recovery and I came down here expecting to have a final bash before getting re-assigned. " He spread his hands, indicating he was finished.

John nodded to him. "Thank you DeShawn. We appreciate you letting us into your personal life a little bit."

"It's funny that you ask, because I was thinking I may never get married again. I'm ok with that, but I did want to have children. That's the one regret I would carry with me, is that if I don't get married again, I won't have any children."

DeShawn had been looking out at the ocean as he finished, but he caught the look that John and Becca exchanged. "Guys, what's up? Are you planning to adopt me or something?"

Another long silence descended on the table as Becca and John looked at each other. Becca slowly nodded to John and he smiled and nodded back. He took her hand and kissed it, before turning his attention back to DeShawn.

"DeShawn, let me give you a little background on Becca and me. Ok?"

"Fire away John."

"We've been married for 5 years now and it's been great. We're really blessed." John smiled at Becca and she mouthed I love you, to John. Unfortunately, this love story has hit a little rough patch. You mentioned having children is something you've always wanted and it's the same with us." DeShawn nodded and smiled.

"Becca and I have been trying for two years to have a child. The reason we haven't is that I have been cursed with an extremely low sperm count. It's probably the lowest in the history of mankind."

Becca stepped in. "John, stop it. It's not your fault." That phrase had become like a mantra to Becca. He nodded back at her. "I know baby, thank you."

"Anyway, we've tried everything and I mean everything and still no luck. We even tried adopting a beautiful little girl, but it didn't work out."

DeShawn gave him a little smile and his face showed sympathy and understanding. "I'm sorry guys. You seem like you would be great parents."

Becca beamed at DeShawn. "Thank you DeShawn. We really appreciate that and we certainly hope so." She loved getting those types of compliments. She nodded at John to continue.

"Yes. Thank you DeShawn. Becca and I were talking this afternoon and we wanted to ask you something." John's heart was pounding in his chest.

"Ok." John took one final breath and let it out slowly. "DeShawn, Becca and I would like to ask you if you would help get Becca pregnant."

Silence made another appearance, but this time it decided to stay a while. John and Becca exchanged a several glances, but DeShawn had turned his head and was looking out at the water. Several minutes passed. John was starting to get concerned that he had really offended DeShawn and he could tell that Becca was worried about the same thing.

A few more minutes passed before Becca finally gathered her courage and slid over next to DeShawn. She laid her hand on his arm and looked up into his eyes.

"DeShawn, if we've offended you, we are really sorry. We understand it's a huge and unusual thing to ask of anyone."

He nodded, stayed silent and Becca remained next to him. He finally took a deep breath and pulled his gaze from the ocean. He reached over and squeezed Becca's hand and gave her a smile.

"Well you two are not boring company. That is for sure." It was a perfectly timed joke and we all laughed. It helped break the tension and DeShawn signaled for the waiter to bring another round of drinks.

"Why me?" He asked as the waiter disappeared. Becca took the lead on this question.

"You're perfect DeShawn." She said simply and then began to explain herself. "You're extremely handsome and in great shape. God you have a nice body." She took the opportunity to run her hand over his chest. "I've wanted to do that all day." She smiled at him and blushed a bit.

"We also love that you're in the military and that you have a tough, demanding job. Para-rescue doesn't allow for any flakes or weirdo's. So we're confident that you're a quality guy, who is emotionally stable. We've had so much fun with you today. It's clear we all get along and I know that's important to John."

DeShawn looked over at me. "Are you ok with this John? Seriously now, be honest."

"Yes, definitely. Actually it was my idea." Becca nodded at DeShawn and he raised his eyebrows.

"DeShawn, the fact that you're single is important too, because we don't want to hurt anyone's relationship. We've considered asking our friends, but that's way too awkward and all of our friends are married, so it really wouldn't work."

"I get that part John, really I do, but have you considered that the baby will obviously not be yours? Everyone will know that you're not the father. You're really ok with that situation?"

John smiled at DeShawn. "DeShawn, the little girl we tried to adopt was black. She was absolutely beautiful and we honestly don't care about the race of the baby. All of our friends, our family and even our squadron commander and first sergeant are aware of our situation. It would surprise no one, that the baby is black or brown or green or purple."

DeShawn looked impressed. "Wow. That's great to hear, but now it's my turn to ask a few personal questions."

"Fire Away." John imitated DeShawn's voice when he replied and DeShawn laughed.

"Will I get to see the baby? I mean, I will be its biological father." Becca immediately replied.

"Yes absolutely DeShawn. John and I would legally adopt the baby and have full custody, but we would definitely want you to be a part of the child's life. You are welcome to visit the child anytime. You will always be welcome in our home." She leaned forward and hugged his arm.

"Wow. Thank you. How about financial support? I'm not trying to be insensitive, but I thought we should discuss it."

"We would provide everything for the child DeShawn. We wouldn't expect you to provide any kind of support, unless it was something you felt compelled to do."

DeShawn nodded and looked conflicted. "Yea, I'll have to think about that one."

"DeShawn, it's completely up to you. We will never put any pressure on you to provide support. At the same time, if you wanted to do something for the child, we wouldn't stop or prevent you."

"Thank you John, Becca. I really appreciate it. I'm not the type of guy, who would just get a woman pregnant and then ignore the child. But honestly, I've never thought about this type of situation. It does kind of seem tailor-made for our situation."

They all exchanged glances and nodded. DeShawn seemed to come to conclusion, because he took a big sip of his drink and pulled Becca close to him.

"Ok, I agree." DeShawn was smiling, but his expression turned serious. "I will do my best to knock Becca up this week, but I need something from both of you." He paused, glanced at Becca, but fixed John with a serious stare. "I want Becca to be my girlfriend for the rest of the week. I'm also ok with you watching, if you want, but I'd like to have some alone time with her at first."

John started to protest, but Becca got there first. "That's fine DeShawn, but I don't want to just leave John all alone."

DeShawn looked at her. "Ok, anytime we're out of our hotel rooms, John can come with us. You're still with me though, even if we're out in public. You're my girl."

Becca nodded. "That's fine with me. Is that ok with you honey?"

It wasn't ok with John, but he didn't see a way around it. Besides, it was only a week and they would still be doing things together. He finally nodded at both of them. DeShawn took that as approval. He gently pulled Becca's face towards him and kissed her. The kiss started soft, but the intensity built quickly and John could see their tongues wrestling with each other.

Becca melted into DeShawns chest and arms. She snuggled closer to him and ran her hands over his chest and stomach. John heard her moan slightly, into DeShawn's mouth. John sat, watched and felt something he hadn't felt in a while; his cock was getting hard. It was extremely erotic for John and he was surprised at his own reaction. He had never seen Becca act this way with anyone else and it affecting John in an unexpected way.

John signaled the waiter and asked for the check. If the waiter saw anything unusual, he gave no sign of it. John was actually grateful now that he had walked in after DeShawn and Becca. The check came and he paid it and waited. DeShawn and Becca had stopped kissing, but they were whispering to each other. Becca looked over her shoulder and realized that the bill had been settled and that John was waiting on them. A guilty look crossed her face and she pulled back from DeShawn.

"Are we all set honey?"

"Yep." John replied. "What do you two kids want to do next?" He looked at Becca, but it was DeShawn that answered.

"Dancing. Becca said she wanted to go dancing, so let's find a club." He rose and held his hand out to Becca. She smiled at him, took it and rose out of the booth. DeShawn looked over at John. "Becca will ride with me John and you can follow us." His voice was soft, but authoritative and John didn't argue.

They walked out of the restaurant with John in tow. John noticed that they held hands the entire time. DeShawn led her to his car again and opened the door for her. He smiled at John and slid into the driver's seat.

John did a much better job of keeping up with DeShawn this time. DeShawn held Becca's hand as they entered the club and paid for her cover charge. John paid for himself and followed them inside. The club was about half full, so they didn't have any issues finding a table. They ordered another round of drinks and then DeShawn asked Becca to dance. Once they hit the dance floor, it was an awesome sight. Becca loved to dance and she was very good at it. Whenever they went to clubs, she rarely sat down and frequently spent most of the night dancing with a variety of guys. She never let it go past a dance or two, so John never got jealous and most guys couldn't keep up with her anyway. That definitely wasn't true in DeShawn's case. It was obvious he could move on the dance floor.

Becca looked at DeShawn in surprise and then approval. They moved together and their bodies picked up the same rhythm. It was sensual, very sexy and they were getting a lot of attention. They moved their bodies apart and kept dancing. John found himself enjoying the show. DeShawn danced with Becca for several songs and they were both out of breath when they came back to the table.

"Hey Honey. Isn't DeShawn a great dancer?"

"Yes and it's obvious he was playing around earlier, when he said he barely knew how to dance. He's just full of surprises."

DeShawn laughed. "Well, I'm either deployed or just back from being deployed, so the guys I hang out with usually hit a club. We like to party when we get back into town. It's a great way to blow off steam and relax."

DeShawn was standing with his arm around Becca and he pulled her close again and kissed her. Becca turned her body to face him and put her arms around his neck. What started as a normal kiss; turned passionate, very quickly. Becca pulled him to her and slid her entire body against DeShawn. He responded by moving his hands down her sides and hips, before finally stopping on her ass. He gently squeezed her ass and pulled it into him. Once again, John felt his cock start to stir. The contrast in their skin tones was sexy and beautiful.

Becca finally pulled back and patted DeShawn's chest. "I have to use the ladies room. I'll be back shortly." DeShawn nodded and dropped his hands. "Hurry back, we have some more dancing to do."

"Yes sir." Becca winked and walked away. DeShawn and John both admired her backside as she walked away.

A low whistle escaped DeShawn lips and he glanced over. "Wow John. You are one lucky man."

"Yea, she is amazing. DeShawn, she is also the center of my world, so please treat her respectfully."

The look he gave DeShawn was direct and full of meaning. It wasn't lost on DeShawn either and he reached over and held out his hand. John took it and they measured each other again as they shook hands.

"John, I will definitely treat her with respect." John nodded his thanks. "Did you know you're wife used to date black men exclusively?"

"Ugh. Yes, I do." He gave DeShawn a wry smile. "I've always found it kind of sexy. It doesn't bother me in the least now. It did when she first told me, but only because I was worried I wasn't big enough for her."

DeShawn nodded and smiled. "It's not often you find a white guy, who is comfortable with his wife having gone black. So you don't worry about her going black again?"

John rocked his head from side to side. "Honestly no. Becca has never given me any reason to think she's not happy. We wouldn't be doing this, except there isn't another option. There is no way Becca would go to some sperm bank. It's just not her personality."

DeShawn nodded and took looked around the club. He liked John and Becca and he felt like he won the lottery this week. He couldn't believe though, that John would share Becca. In his place, there would be no way DeShawn would share her, even if she wanted to get pregnant. He still couldn't believe his luck. Well, if he could help them by getting Becca pregnant; that was fine with him. If he could be involved in the child's life as it grew up, that was even better. It was Icing on the cake, as far as he was concerned.

He saw Becca walking back to his table and set his drink down. He moved to intercept her before she got to the table. He grabbed her by the wrist and steered her towards the dance floor. Becca smiled at him and moved towards the dance floor. Before they stepped onto the floor, she pulled DeShawn to her and whispered into his ear.

"DeShawn, I know what it means when a black man holds a white woman by the wrist. You are so bad." She snuggled next to him, one last time before they started moving to music.

Becca loved dancing with DeShawn. He moved fluidly on the dance floor and his muscles were outlined nicely in what he was wearing. She moved close to him and leaned her back into his chest. They danced slowly together, her hands ran over his thighs and she brushed his groin several times. It was obvious that he was very well endowed and she could barely wait to unleash that monster. She was wet already.

Her college days flashed through her head. She had a lot of fun in college and she loved being able to date black men openly. Interracial dating was frowned up on where she grew up and even though her parents were fine with her dating black guys, she still resisted. It wasn't until she got to college that she really explored the world of black men and she loved it. She found them sexy, their confidence, their athleticism and of course, their silky black skin. She loved the contrast between her light skin and all the different skin tones among black men. The fact that they all seemed to be universally well-endowed, was really amazing. Her white boyfriends had seemed big at the time, but she realized later that they were average to below average in size.

She dated one athlete from a fraternity on campus and then dated several of the guys in the fraternity. Dated probably wasn't the best word. She was more like passed-around by some of the athletes, but she didn't care. She loved it and enjoyed every minute of it. It was the athletes that suggested she get her tattoo. When they explained it's meaning, she remembered laughing and insisting it be bigger. They wanted it to be on her ankle, but she decided to put in on her hip. It was just sexier there, than on the ankle.

Her scholarship eventually ran out and she had to decide whether to stay in college and take out loans or do something else. It was at the same time that she had a bad experience at a party and decided that she needed a change. While she loved dating black men and the whole college experience, she realized it couldn't continue. The air force recruiter happened to be on campus that week, so everything fell into place.

She avoided dating while she went through basic training and tech school. She had a ton of offers, but she passed on all of them. John was the only one who didn't ask her out and that naturally made her curious. She thought he was really cute and she knew other girls did as well, but he was painfully shy. She spoke to the instructor and he agreed to let them work together. They worked well together and Becca finally broke through his shell.

They dated for several months and she found herself falling for him. He was very good-looking, although since he was so shy, most girls didn't notice. He was kind, generous and funny. He really opened up, once his walls came down. Once she realized how she felt about John, she filled him in on her history. She wasn't ashamed of it, but she thought he should know. He'd seen the tattoo and she wanted him to hear about what it meant, from her. She was relieved when John was totally ok with her dating history and she was ecstatic when he proposed. Since then their life had been almost idyllic, except for children.

DeShawn's arms circled her midsection and he pulled her back into him. She pulled back to reality and enjoyed the feel of his chest and abs against her back. She wiggled her ass and pressed it back against his cock. He was already semi-hard and god, did he feel good.

They danced for several more songs, before heading back to the table. John didn't seem upset at all and he greeted them with a fresh round of drinks. DeShawn declined and had a diet coke because he was driving, but Becca enjoyed hers. She was feeling very relaxed and happy. John was also drinking coke and they sat and enjoyed the music for a while. Becca had moved over and sat on DeShawn's lap, while they listened to music.

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