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Southern Lover


Sometimes at night when I can't sleep, I sneak out and take a long, leisurely walk around the block. As of late, my friend Derick has joined me on several occasions. He and I became friends not long after I arrived here from Brazil. He finds it hard to sleep too, and we enjoy each other's company. He has shown me some nice parts to this land, and tonight, he had promised to show me one of his favorites. He was very specific as to how I should dress, which I found odd.

He said there would be many people there, and that I'd be seeing a whole other side to them, and him. I borrowed some of Randy's clothing, (Randy is my 2nd cousin who I'm staying with for the time being) the kind he usually doesn't wear. The pants were dark leather and the shirt was silky, and I liked the way it felt against my soft tanned flesh. I also took the moccasins I had made to replace the hard boots Randy got me so I could look more "civilized". They hurt my feet to the point of making them bleed. I liked the Moccasins, though, because I was thinking of good things when I made them.

As I stand there, waiting for Derick to show up, I can't help but rub the shirt against my arms, reveling in it's softness. A part of me didn't like the idea of having to return it. There he was, and dressed very different for him. He usually wears loose clothing and a big plaid shirt over, but he was dressed in what looked to be dark leather, but it didn't smell like it. He had both shirt and pants made from it. I could smell the stuff he uses to clean his short brown hair a mile away.

Smiling, he gives me a big hug and stands back to admire my new appearance. He really likes hugging me, but I don't mind it. He paws at my long dark hair a bit, positioning it, I would assume, as if indecisive as to whether he should let it hang there or have me put it up. I didn't care either way, I couldn't wait to see what he had in store for us this evening.

We hop into a car, but someone I don't know is steering. Along the way, he tells me that he's taking me to somewhere named club. He warns me that there will be loud music and strange smells, and a lot of people dancing. He says it might get very warm and crowded in there, so we should be wise and stick together. I agreed, not really discouraged at all. The steering man leaves us off and I don't remember this part of the land. It's dark and it smells like poison sticks and spicy musk.

I can hear a rhythmic thumping from inside. He gently leads me inside a place where a lot of white people are hanging around outside waiting for a large man to give them permission to enter. The man nods to us and lets us in, and Derick hands him some paper money. The thumping gets much louder and is accompanied by other strange sounds. There are bright lights flashing all around, people are hopping up and down, rubbing up against each other and passing around what smells to be rum.

I love rum! I immediately ask Derick if he can get me some, but I find that I have to raise my voice to a yell so he can hear me. He agreed and took me to a long wooden platform where people were sitting and drinking. I listen carefully to some of the words within the..song? Blue something. Why was the man singing about blue?

He gives me my drink, which has a little plastic thing in it, and I quickly toss it aside in disinterest. I gulp down the rum while Derick takes long, patient sips from whatever was in his glass. I can kind of understand why people dance to this. The rhythm was catchy, and I found myself mimicking the shoulder and head movements of those sitting at the wooden platform. Derick makes sure I have plenty of rum, and in return he gives the rum-man some more paper money. There are several moments where I feel the rum making me dizzy, but in a good way.

It effects Derick too, and he starts dancing to the beats, taking a hold of my arm and dancing with me. I just laugh and dance a little with him. After a while, he hands me a small white round thing that looks like it had been broken. He drunkenly asks me to swallow it with my rum, and that it will make me feel good. Out of curiosity, I did, but nothing happened. A while later, he gives me what looks to be the rest of it and tells me to swallow this one too. I do, and boy, does it take effect.

The music becomes louder and more hypnotic, and I find myself swaying to it right along with Derick, who is so drunk he can barely speak. I must admit, I was completely enjoying how I was feeling, and I couldn't help but laugh at every little stumble he made, or when he had to lean right up against me so he wouldn't fall down. In fact, as much as I hate to admit this, I looked forward to his touch. It felt better than a normal touch, it was more heightened, more sensitive and enhanced.

Everything was enhanced, and I loved it. I was dancing like all the white people were, I was breathing in the smoke from their poison sticks, and another smoke I didn't recognize, my head was filled with those rhythmic thumps, and I couldn't get enough. It was euphoria, and it becomes more so when Derick wraps his arms around my waist, matching his body movements with mine. He's so close to me, his bittersweet musk filling my nose, his hot breath caressing the fine mist of sweat on my neck, his fingertips gently rubbing the silken shirt against my skin....

I don't know whether it was his pills, or being so incredibly close with him that made my manhood become so swollen and rigid. As if he could smell it, he presses himself up against me, and I could feel that he's as aroused as I am. I start to sweat heavily, but it isn't because of an increase in temperature. I feel my penis thump and ache, even harder than the music was. And right then, I don't know what comes over me, but I get so aroused that it consumes me, even worse than I've ever been before.

Derick begins licking at my neck, lapping the beads of sweat up greedily before graduating to my collarbone and ears, which brings shuddering waves of pleasure thundering through every nerve in my body. Concealing my approval isn't an option. I feel my knees weaken and shake as he undoes my shirt and begins suckling on my dark nipples, almost as erect as my penis. I can't help myself; I take a firm hold of his head and press him into me, urging him to suck and lick harder. My head dips forward to bite passionately into his shoulders, and my hardness only strengthens with each encouraging moan that escapes his lips.

He starts on my neck again, boldly reaching down to grope my throbbing manhood through it's leather barrier, and I let out moans out of growing desperation, that are quickly drowned out by the pounding bass. My hands explore along his arms, torso and hips eagerly, hoping he does the same to me. Sure enough, he does that and more. His hands run all along my chest and sides, then bolder still, slides down the rim of my pants, gripping a fistful of ass cheek with a startlingly strong grip. His other hand mimics the first but on the opposite side.

I buck my hips against his exploring hand, growling out in increasing arousal loud enough for him to hear. He smiles widely, lifting his head from my chest, leaving a trail of drool that hangs casually from his bottom lip. His deep green pools of passion stare lustfully into my golden-brown ones, and seeing that only makes me rub myself against his hand more urgently. He leans in close again, grunting in my ear, whispering promises of how he'll get me off. That same strong grip encases my aching crotch, and I can do nothing but cry out with increasing pleasure as he jerks it quickly through my pants. His body is the only thing now holding me upright, as I can feel my legs buckling from under me from such intense arousal.

He jerks my dick faster still, and I wrap one of my hands over the giant bulge in his pants, trying to follow his movements, despite how weak I feel. I get that familiar tingle in my balls from when I masturbate, which meant I wasn't far from completion. My whole body tenses, yearning for that incredible release. I start humping his hand furiously, trying to speed up the process. I can feel the pressure inside me build up, ready to shoot out any second, I'm crying out and panting like mad and my breath shortens, signifying that I'm right at the brink of orgasm.

He slows, then stops.

He presses himself against me, grinding his crotch into mine, and I'm so aroused and desperate to ejaculate that I start humping him like crazy. He goes along with it, stroking my hips and ass, then kisses me fully on the lips. My head starts spinning from the sheer pleasure of it all. When I feel myself start to reach climax, Derick stops once again. I pull him against me, growling in frustration. He grins smugly, leaning in for another kiss. This time, he slips his tongue into my mouth and I'm snapped out of my stupor. I shove him away from me so hard, he goes sailing into a group of people, who just glare at him angrily as he apologizes to them. I had realized what I'd done, and was disgusted with myself.

I was still unbelievably aroused, and the music wasn't helping. I started heading out the door as quickly as I could stumble, and Derick pushes violently through the crowd, running after me. He seems to be almost in a panic, asking me what he did wrong, and what he could do to make it up to me. I just snarl at him and push my way through the hordes of skinny white people and I keep going until I can't hear the thumping anymore.

My vision isn't right. The floor's making a conscious effort to avoid my feet. I am dizzy and I feel my balls start to ache from lack of release. I could hear Derick calling from behind me. I think he might have fallen down, but I wasn't about to go back and rescue him, not the way I was feeling. Taking a good look around, I realize that I'm in a park. (That's what the white people call squirrel reservations.) When I stop hearing Derick's cries, I look back and can't see him. I can't see much of anything, really. I plop down on a bench, and since no one is around, I undo my pants, take my pulsing penis out and start to masturbate. It was either that or I explode. I command my body to cum, but I'm nowhere even remotely close.

I shut my eyes and rest the back of my head on the top of the bench, stroking my dick so fast, my fist must have been a blur. Derick's musk fills my nose again, but I don't look up, thinking it's probably a ghost scent. I feel his warm tongue press firmly on my balls, and I leap upright with a startled gasp. He hushes me, taking my dick into his mouth before I have a chance to react. Only one person has ever taken it in her mouth, and I don't even know the right words to describe how much I loved it. He took me almost to the hilt, sucking on it hard, yet slowly. I grip onto his head, beginning to madden with desire again.

This is exactly what I needed. He feels even better than my first time, because he seems to know what he's doing. His lips caress the length of it and his tongue teases it on it's way down each time he comes down onto me. I moan and yell out loudly as he goes a bit faster, and faster still. I feel myself getting close again, and this time, he stops a little early, letting his drool spill all over it. He drags my pants down below my knees and peels off the silk shirt. I watch him curiously as he uses my legs to help him stand up straight, then straddle my thighs, kissing my lips gently as he grips my manhood, holding it straight over his ass, then slowly slipping it deep into him as he sits down flat on my lap. He pauses for a few moments, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around my neck. I twitch from deep inside him, and I can't recall a time in my life where anything has felt better than this.

He whispers softly in my ear, telling me that this was the way he wanted me to cum. His voice had just that little tinge of pain in it. He then starts pumping me with his ass, riding on it slowly at first, then eventually picking up the pace. My moans quickly turn into desperate cries and pants, and my head is swimming again. I lift his ass up with every withdrawn thrust, trying to make it a bit easier for him. He makes love to my manhood for what seems like hours. I stroke and play with his half-hard penis in between, which makes it completely hard.

After jerking him for a good long while, I have to stop. I feel myself at that point again, and I know he won't leave me hanging this time. He senses it and comes down harder on top of me, as my screams get louder and more constant. I dig my nails into his back, raking them down all the way till I get to his soft ass cheeks. He grunts loudly as I do this, and shifts his position while riding me. The position he moves in allows my rigid penis to spear deeper into him, which is more than I can take. I roar out in ecstasy as I finally enter orgasm, I feel my dick spurt cum deep inside his ass, then spurt again, carrying another intense wave of pleasure through every fiber of my being. Then again, and again. After I finish cumming is when he begins. I hear him groan out my name, and he finishes himself off, shooting his hot ropes all over my chest.

His whole body goes limp and he collapses on top of me, his head leaning on my shoulder, both hands hanging lifelessly at his sides. Neither of us can speak. All we can manage to do is gasp for air and close our eyes. I don't know how long we stayed like that, but I finally nudge at him when the clouds start spewing rain all over us. The rain is cleansing and refreshing, yet I can hardly find the strength to sit up and enjoy it.

We pull our clothes back on and lay next to each other on the soft wet grass, kissing and stroking each other all over. Not a word. It wasn't necessary. We both knew what we had gotten ourselves into.

My heart shatters when the sun comes peeking over the horizon. When he brings me back to Randy's house, I can't even say goodbye, I just leave him to start picking up the pieces.

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