tagLesbian SexSouthern Nights Ch. 05

Southern Nights Ch. 05


Mary collapsed down on the huge bed, pulling Linda down on top of her. They were both still draped in their towels, Mary even with the one holding up her hair. The robes had been left behind over at the couch.

The towels had absorbed some humidity from the steamy bathroom, which made them feel nice and cool as the outside evening heat threatened to overwhelm the silently humming air conditioner.

Mary grasped the dark head and went up for another bout of hot kisses. The girl wrapped her arms around her neck and pressed down against the soft lips with trembling passion. None of that impudent roaming from the showers. Maybe she finally understood Mary's dislike of it. If she had wanted a fumbling young boy, she would have got herself one… in ten minutes! Although her body was ready for passionate caresses, it should be treated with some respect!

For a short moment they lay like that, just rocking slightly back and forth… rhythmically with every second heartbeat. Then Mary let the final swing flip them over to the side. Still clinging together, not interrupting the kiss, she used a free hand to flick the loose end of the towel away and throw it behind her on the bed. Then she did the same to Linda's, removing the final obstacle between their naked tits and bellies.

Now they were as close as one can get… Belly against belly, tits against tits. A wonderful sensation beyond anything any of them had ever felt before. Especially with the tingling happiness of love. Hot and passionate love. Yes! If this wasn't true love, Mary realised she had never known anything like it in her entire life, at least not up until now. True enough she felt the sexual need burning like a raging flame in her belly, but it was so much more. Deeper and more tender somehow… like a fundament on which the sexual arousal could grow into unendurable proportions.

And it definitely was unendurable! To an extent where she felt impatience taking over although she immensely enjoyed the wonderful feeling of contact and understanding radiating out of their tight embrace.

But she needed more. Her body called for action. Her nipples ached for a stimulating touch.

She let herself slip slowly onto her back, gently pulling the girl's head along and at the same time nudging it ever so lightly downwards. Like an almost imperceptible encouragement for her to go for it. Her nipple pointed into the air right under the girl's nose, almost painfully stiff and protruding, her tit wobbling delightfully as it came to rest with her new, comfortable position.

Another light nudge at the top of the dark head was what it took, then her body jerked lightly from the sensation of the nipple being engulfed by a pair of unimaginably warm and soft lips; a sensation so rapturous in hunger and wetness it made her toes curl from heated tension.

And then a gentle sucking motion - combined with a little too light tongue flicks across the sensitive top - added even more fuel to the fire. Mary could yell out her desire and happiness… shake her head wildly and scream from the top of her lungs… before she had even been touched down there. Down there where the real fire was… waiting to take her into a world of sensations she could just barely comprehend from their first session together.

As she lay motionless, just absorbing the sensations of the tenderly working lips, it struck her again; She had probably just experienced the first light waves of pleasure yet, just a taste of what was coming to her. With som experience and training this miracle of a girl would probably do much better than this. Unimaginable much better. She could feel it in every nerve of her body.

Just the realisation flushed an extra wave of heat through her body and she moaned softly and impatiently as she gently started rubbing her thighs against each other.

The girl was almost too passive… too meek. Being audacious was one thing… doing too little quite another! She decided the girl needed some encouragement to be able to start looking for the right tracks herself. It wasn't about being impudent, it was about doing it right… when it was right.

"Linda dear… lovely little darling! You don't need to be bashful… I mean… don't be shy to do what you like. Not at all! You know how much I'm longing… for your… for you!"

"Mmmmmmm…" the girl moaned. Then she let the stiff nipple pop out of her mouth as she looked up, her lower lip shaking from emotion.

Oh Miss… Mary, I want it… want you so much. Please just tell me how to do it right. To love you…" Again the lip trembled, and for a moment it looked like she would simply burst out crying or something. Mary let her hand stroke her cheek before letting it dig into the mane of her silky hair, right behind her ear.

"Don't worry darling!" She bent to kiss her quickly on the forehead. "You don't need to be told anything. You know what to do. You know how I like it. You can't imagine how I feel just thinking of our first time together. You were almost perfect then. You'll be even better now!"

"Oh…" the girl stretched to kiss her again. "Can.. can I… do you think it's OK? Please!?"

"But of course darling!" Mary smiled. "Thought you'd never ask!"

The girl was already struggling downwards. Mary couldn't help musing at the girl's ardentness as she helped her along by throwing the lower flick of the towel aside and spreading her legs in a slow, gracious movement. In her eagerness the youngster almost fell out of bed! Mary heard a faint thump as the girl's knees slipped off and hit the carpeted floor. She felt the dark head glide down between her legs, and stretched her body lazily as she opened wide to welcome the eager youngster for the long- awaited contact.

Her senses were over- stimulated. She could feel everything ten times stronger than before. The girl's hands pulling lightly at the upper thighs, kind of grabbing hold of her as she got ready for the ultimate taste.

And then she felt the tongue. Finally!

Insecure, a little clumsy, but oh- so anxious to please! Finally, after that first evening of nervous, wonderful love. Finally! Oh yes!

After a moment of careful tongue- tip titillation the girl found one of the right spots, and Mary moaned as the glow of passion spread all through her belly and the rest of her body. The passion that could only be generated from a devoted service girl's desire to please.

After doing a little bit of fine adjustments to find the optimal position, she let herself sink back into a cloud of heavenly feelings. She was here! Finally! In this hot night. In her favourite southern apartment, descending into the sweetest depths of the very dream that had been on her mind so often these past few years. Now it was her turn! Her turn to take care of herself and her own needs. Just forget about everything else and be the one to be cared for. Be the one to be worshipped like a queen, desired in a way that focused on her own pleasure… and hers alone!

She moaned again. Deep and shuddering. She just had to let her hands slip up to start massaging her nipples. There was no other way. Later she would teach the little strumpet to take care of that part as well, but now it just was like a natural reflex in response to the raging heat in her body.

She felt almost like drifting. Hovering weightlessly in her own dimension of mindless pleasure. And it felt so even though the girl wasn't doing it quite right yet. Her eager tongue often slipped off the best spots, or simply worked too lightly when in position. Still it definitely was good enough to keep up a level of excitement that was further fuelled by that unparalleled enthusiasm. Muffled sounds of ecstatic joy came from down there, clearly indicating the excitement the girl felt about doing what she did. That part of it clearly was in order.

And that was a major part of it too. She needed to know that she was desired so passionately. That her young partner apparently would do anything to be able to please her. It was as important as the pleasure itself, such a thrilling notion that the physical part of her worship created a

Oh, it was coming to her already! Incredible! As the tongue twirled around near the base of her clit, she could feel the familiar burning knot in her belly forming and slowly spreading. The tongue continued its play right off the best spot, and she couldn't resist the urge to slip one hand down to try to guide it in the right direction. For a moment she succeeded, and that contact lasted long enough to drive her all the way up to the edge in a few, breathless flicks. And then over.

She exploded!

Her hips lived their own wild life, bouncing back and forth as the cramps hit her relentlessly. The girl's mouth slipped almost completely off her pussy, and Mary had to use her other hand to hang on to the dark head and force it back where she needed it. Eventually the girl sensed herself enough to grab hold of her hips and try to hang on from her side as well. By doing this she somehow found back to the throbbing clit again, prolonging and intensifying the orgasm to make it one of the best ones the woman had ever experienced.

As the ecstasy subsided and was replaced by an oversensitive tickling, the tongue was back almost exactly at the right place. Too late though, because at this stage the stimulation was far stronger than what she could take, and she had to free herself with an almost abrupt push on the girl's forehead.

The move took Linda completely by surprise. As her head was yanked away and the legs jerked up and together above her head, she almost fell down to the mattress. For a short moment her nose was squeezed into the soft crack between the woman's soft ass cheeks until she slowly slipped over on the side and rolled up almost into a ball. Linda lay panting heavily for a moment right in front of the glorious behind, watching the puckered little anal opening quiver delightfully with the woman's breathing. Then she worked herself up on her elbows to start planting gentle kisses all over the beautiful, almost illuminating globes.

Mary enjoyed the warm feeling of exhaustion for a little while as she let the girl use her sweet lips to show her devotion. Then she groaned as she slowly stretched out and turned back to face her.

"Oh Linda, that was just wonderful… out of this world! I haven't cum like that in ages! You have absolutely no idea how happy you've made me."

She looked down at the girl's smiling face.

"Are you OK? Did you enjoy it too?"

The girl laughed and put a wet kiss on her hip before she answered "Yes miss… Mary… I have never felt anything so fantastic in my life!"

She got serious before she continued; "I love you! I love you more than anybody I've ever loved in my life! I only hope I'll be worthy of your love and devotion too. If I'll be good enough."

In a few seconds the girl's expression had switched from all smiles into deep concern as she looked up at her lady with those sweet, blue eyes.

"But of course you will," Mary responded with an even broader smile, reaching out to stroke her brown curls. "I think you're doing just fine. I'm quite sure this is the beginning of something very special. Something that can make us both very, very happy!"

The girl immediately got her smile back. She grabbed Mary's stroking hand and started kissing it lovingly.

"There is nothing I want more than to make you happy. Anything at all! And especially what we just did. That was soo special! Do you think we could do it again? Please?!?"

Mary had to stop for a moment just to check on the feelings in her body. Wouldn't she be quite sensitive still after a session like the one she had just been through?

Only one way to find out. Smiling seductively at Linda, she let her hand slide down between her legs to touch her pussy lips with a gentle finger.

Oh yeah. She was ready for another go! Her body was so packed with hormones just from the way they'd been talking; there was absolutely nothing to derail her. Packed! With a sexual energy beyond anything she had ever experienced in her entire life.

"Linda dear" she whispered as she gently removed her fingertip, "I think we can try another go. Just be a little careful from the start. Think you can do that?"

"Yes Miss…" The girl now completely forgot Mary's wish to use her real name only.

The dark head bent down, and Mary felt the soft tongue find its way into the wetness of the slit again. Just like the first time her body needed a few seconds to sense what was going on, and then the pleasure impacted like a glowing hot flush all over her. Blowing her away! Once again.

The almost unnoticeable feeling of soreness was gone almost immediately. Replaced by the glow of unparalleled passion. Incredible! This sexual energy really was an entirely new experience.

The tongue found a steady, surprisingly patient rhythm of light flicks back and forth under the base of her clit. For a moment it found one of the good spots, making her heart start racing again. But then it slipped a little too high, and started working right across the tip of her clit. That was a stimulation way too intense to be pleasant at this stage. First she tried to adjust by lifting her hips a little. But the tongue moved with her and stayed at the spot. She groaned almost in agony as she had to reach down and put a heavy hand on the girl's head to get her lower. Linda immediately looked up at her with uncertainty in her eyes.

"Its… its OK dear… It's just… just… Could you go just a little lower, please?" she stemmed in an attempt to explain her move somehow.

The girls responded by letting the sticky folds slide up along her face. Then she tried to resume her gentle tongue flicking again. But now she was way too low. Before Mary was able to try to do another adjustment, the girl found out by herself though, and came a little higher. A moment later she found a sensitive spot right above the urethra, and Mary sighed happily as the mouth heat spread out through her body again.

They lay like this for a while as the girl brought her lady up towards yet another peak. Mary let her hand play joyfully with the brown locks over the girl's neck as her breathing got heavier and heavier. As her body started trembling and tensing, she noticed the girl reacting more or less the same way. As her belly tightened and she grasped the dark head in both hands, she felt the youngster shudder violently too.

Then the orgasm hit her with such force that she thought her body

Only at the last stage of her ecstasy did she calm down enough for the little darling to squeeze her way in between her legs and seal her hungry lips to her pussy again. Almost desperately. Like she had failed her most important duty. Mary could feel the tongue forcing its way in between her fingers in an attempt to find her clit, and quickly withdrew her hand. With a deep sigh she let herself slip over on her back as the girl nursed her through the lingering stages and down into a state of soul- draining exhaustion.

For a moment her head felt completely empty. Drained of every last quark of emotions, thoughts and energy. Some kind of ringing in her ears. A ringing feeling of happiness. Such enormous orgasms! So powerful they made everything she had ever experienced before feel like an hour at the dentists! Was it really possible that this was what she could expect every time they were together? From now on?!? The entire notion was too fantastic even to contemplate! Even though the youngster didn't manage to stay with her all the way through this time. Even though she did a number of quite important mistakes. But all this would come with some training and experience. She had the talents, the enthusiasm and the passion that it took. That was the important thing for now. And it still had been a heck of a cum! No doubt about that. One of the best in her life!!

Oh how she loved that girl. She realised she would be as dependent on her as she felt the girl was on her. Or her mouth, to be more precise… her tongue. Her devotion. Her willingness to please. The tension and anticipation… the entire situation of the two of them together. Making love. A lifetime worth. From morning to evening… and far into the night. And into the fairy tale!

She was in a state of blissful slumber in the hot room. She had even stopped playing with the silky locks of the girl's hair down there. If this continued she would end up falling asleep… and sleeping away the whole wonderful evening.

Linda lay almost motionless with her head on her belly, breathing deep and regularly. Maybe she already did fall asleep? A sleeping beauty… a hot little ting… a little slave girl tired from performing her duties for her mistress. The duty to make her feel good all the time. Feel great. Like the queen of queens. And didn't she feel just fabulous?!?

Still - now when she was a little bit relaxed – there was this potential of improvement; the question of purely technical skills that could only be improved by training. Regular and systematic training. And it definitely was a technical thing. There was nothing to say about the enthusiasm, that's for sure.

The girl was just wonderful! So consumed by her efforts to please. Small squeals of strained joy escaping her when she sensed her shuddering responses to her oral ministrations. But still, no matter how much she tried, she wasn't able to stay on the right spots at the right time. When she was as overheated as she had been today, it really didn't matter that much. She was ready to blow off like a firecracker as soon as the little strumpet got near her! The quest for the really top quality performance would come when her nerves were calmed and she would want the gentle, patient and relaxing stimulation that would keep her on a slow boil for hours. The kind of love she had actually been dreaming of most of all. The kind that they from obvious reasons hadn't been even close to trying yet.

Just the thought of that – the image of herself in a chair enjoying a lemon drink and a full day of perfect oral service – set her crotch on fire once again. Incredible! It was like she had never had sexual relief at all! No risk of getting old too soon with this lifestyle!!

Her body called for even more sexual action, but there was still the matter of perfect service. She hadn't actually planned to bring it up already the first evening, but she decided now was as good a time as any, actually.

"Linda dear…" she started, picking up a fair lock of dark hair again. "Are you sleeping?"

"Mmmmm nooo". Without lifting her head, the girl caressed the incredibly soft skin of the belly under her cheek with light fingertips. "I was just thinking… dreaming. Feeling how happy I am. It's soooo wonderful."

"And yourself? Did you cum good as well?"

She sensed the girl's body stiffen slightly, and for a moment she didn't even breathe.

"I… I enjoyed most of all the way you had your pleasure. How I felt that you truly enjoyed it…"

Mary smiled. No answer this time either. Never when it came to her own needs. Clearly nothing the girl wanted to even touch in on.

OK; fine with her! She was quite selfish from nature, and if that was exactly what the girl liked….

"Is it OK if I ask you a question? Something I've been thinking of since the first time we met?"

Again a light tension in the girl's body. Then she finally lifted her head from its soft cradle to meet her eyes.

"Of course miss! You know you can ask anything. Anything!"

I'm so glad darling, because I know you won't take it the wrong way. And it truly is for our own mutual enjoyment. An even higher pleasure!"

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