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Space Experiment

byblack saphire©

Vivian Madison splashed water on her face and patted it dry with a towel. She slipped off her white bra and pulled a long t-shirt over her that came down just over her ass, covering her black lace panties. The 24 year old always slept in a long t-shirt and without a bra. Although it was only 9pm, Rebecca had spent a good two hours at the gym and she was tired. She slipped under the covers and it wasn't long before she fell asleep.

About 8 thousand miles away to the East, Uzuri N'kabo was fast asleep in her house in Africa. The 23 year old daughter of a rich plantation owner slept in a long loose cotton nightdress that concealed her near perfect figure. The thin white cotton contrasted with her dark skin and accentuated her exotic features. She was a truly beautiful young woman that did justice to her name – for Uzuri means Beauty. Far more than being beautiful, Uzuri radiated sexuality and sensuality.

Another 4 thousand miles from East from Africa and about 8 Thousand miles West from New York, Rekha Chandu lazed in bed after switching off her alarm clock. It was 6.30am on a Saturday in India and she didn't have to rush off to work. The 24 year old business school graduate wished she had remembered to turn off her alarm clock. Her hands roamed over her light brown, coffee coloured skin, covered by blue pyjamas – a legacy to the colonial past. She wore her bra and panties under her pyjamas, a sign of conservative India. Rekha drifted off back to sleep.

Another two and a half hours away, in China, Ashlee Wang lay asleep in bed. The 22 year old Law School student had been out partying the night before at a University gathering and had returned home late and a little tipsy. On days like this, she would only wake at 10.30 at the latest. Ashlee wore a bright red nylon nightdress that didn't leave much to the imagination. The accompanying robe lay sprawled on the nearby chair, awaiting the owner to drape around her body.

Life for these four women was going to change.......substantially and irrevocably.


Rekha saw the light first. She was, after all, the only one of the four that was even half awake. It first appeared like a bright spotlight outside her room and then as a column of light standing upright, like something out of a Star Trek movie. Rekha thought she was dreaming and half expected to hear "Beam me up Scotty." The difference was the column of light was moving, it had fluidity to it and it moved across the room. It appeared to be searching. Searching! Rekha bolted upright in bed as the light located her. She felt a warm sensation and then a high pitched whine pierced her ears briefly before she felt a feeling of lightness. The light disappeared and so did Rekha.

Simultaneously, the light appeared in the bedrooms of Vivian, Uzuri and Ashlee. Vivian awoke as the high pitched whine sounded while Uzuri woke to see the column of light searching the room. Ashlee was too deep asleep to even notice the light or hear the high pitched whine. As the light disappeared from the rooms in America, Africa and China, just like in India, so too did the girls.


Ashlee woke up groggy and leaned over to pick up her robe. She couldn't move! She opened her eyes wide in panic and realised she was in a strange room! It was large and looked like a hospital room with lots of steel and glass. Trying not to suppress her panic, she looked around and noticed there were 3 other beds next to her, all with women lying in them. She looked down at her feet. They were encased in metal clasps. Her hands were lying at her side but a luminous blue light around the sides of the bed somehow limited her hand movements.

A high-pitched whine sounded briefly and she noticed the other 3 girls stirring awake and then pretty much repeating what she had just done. The look of fright, a slight struggle and finally realisation that they were trapped in bed. The four girls exchanged glances but no words were spoken.

A steel door suddenly swished open and a bluish white translucent figure entered. It had a human form but somehow appeared liquid, with no defining features. "Let me go!" Cried Vivian, as she struggled in vain. "What do you want from us?" Called out Uzuri in her thick African accent. "Please, please....why am I here?" Said Rekha, pleadingly. "Yes! Let us go. What do you want?" Ashlee echoed the sentiments of the other 3 girls.

The figure spoke. "You have been brought here for a reason. The four of you make up the major ethnic groups in your world. Vivian, the Caucasian represents America and the rest of the European world. Uzuri is the representative from Africa, one of the most populous continents. Rekha and Ashlee represent the two most populated countries on Earth." The girls were astounded that this thing knew that names and origins.

"I am a Rybonian from the planet Rybone. W have been watching Earth for many cycles." The figure continued to explain. "I am known as Tryan. We do not wish to hurt you, only to learn more. Your cooperation will ensure your well being"

As he spoke, a curtain opened in front of the girls revealing a large screen with their names on it. Almost immediately 2 other Rybonians appeared and walked over to Vivian. One Rybonian held what looked like a pen. He switched it on and a thin blue light shot out from it. The laser was pointed at Vivian and her t-shirt disintegrated in a puff of smoke, leaving her breasts exposed. Next the light was shown at her black lace panties and those too disintegrated.

"Those were expensive!" Vivian protested as she lay on the bed, in awe at the technology that could burn away her clothes but cause her no pain, heat or even marking. She lay completely naked now. The process was repeated on the other 3 girls with all their clothes being disintegrated, leaving them buck naked.

What looked like a scanner floated over each girl in turn and as it did, her statistics appeared on the screen in front.

Vivian Age 24 34C 24 32 Uzuri Age 23 36D 26 38 Rekha Age 24 34B 26 36 Ashlee Age 22 32A 24 30

Ashlee blushed as her statistics flashed on the screen, showing that her tits were the smallest of all the girls. A light over her bed flickered and suddenly she felt her bed moving. She was moved out of the room and into what looked like a operating theatre. She could see a number of Rybonians watching from the gallery. She was lifted out of her bed by another blue light and positioned on another metal bed. Her legs were placed into clamps again and a similar blue light at the sides of the bed kept her hands restrained to limited movement.

Her legs were suddenly lifted up and a flap fell away from the bed, leaving a hole under her legs. Her knees were pushed toward her, lifting her ass high in the air. Ashlee heard a humming sound and then her legs were spread open wide. She felt a warm hard shaft press against her pussy opening and slowly tease up and down the opening. "Aaaoohhhh." Ashlee moaned. The probe continued to move up and down her slit, causing her to lubricate herself. Her nipples hardened and her mouth opened wide as the probe settled on her clit. She felt like she was being licked!

"Oh god! Yessss....lick it, lick me" she screamed. The probe was giving her a tonguing like she had never experienced. Her body jerked and convulsed as the probe touched just the right spots. "Nyyaagghh!!!" She cried out as an orgasm washed over her. Her body continued to throb as she settled down from the orgasm, her brow breaking into sweat. She felt the probe pushing against her pussy lips and then easily slip in.

"Unnhhh!" Ashlee grunted at the quick penetration. The probe moved around inside her, exploring the most private part of her. She moaned softly and was disappointed when the probe withdrew from her. Her legs were lowered and she was moved out of the theatre. She passed Rekha on the way out and she smiled weakly at her. Rekha was trembling slightly. Ashlee was settled back in the room and she now understood why Rekha had trembled. The large screen had a live video feed and the girls could see exactly what had happened to Ashlee. There was a mixture of terror and lust in both Uzuri and Vivian's eyes and the two girls just stared at the screen.

Like Ashlee, Rekha was moved to another bed. Her knees were pushed back displaying her tight brown ass and furry pussy. Rekha's pubic hairs were thick and lush. Her legs were spread wide as the humming sounded. The girls stared intently at the screen watching as Rekha's slit peeked out of her thick hairs. They saw a probe hovering around her crotch and then Rekha stiffened and let out a tiny yelp. "Mmmpphhh! Oh don't, don't." She cried out. Her head was lolling from side to side and her hands were trying to move downwards to shield her naked pussy. Two cones suddenly appeared from above and descended toward her breasts. The cones covered her ample breasts and a suction was applied.

"Aaahhh!" Rekha moaned as her breasts were expertly sucked on. Her nipples hardened and peaked out. The watching girls could see the nipples elongate and her breasts swell as the suction was applied. Rekha could feel what felt like little fingers tweaking and flicking at her now erect and sensitive nipples. This sent flames of lust shooting to her pussy.

She started jerking her hips up and down in time with the licking of the probe. She was aflame with desire and needed release. "Mmmmhh Mmmhhh Mmhhh Ooooohhhhh" She cried out as her body tensed and she was overcome with an orgasm. The suction on her breasts stopped and she lay still, a soft smile on her face. The probe now rubbed up and down her parted pussy lips, before stopping at the entrance. Rekha suddenly went stiff.

"No! No! Please no!" She cried. The girls watched as the probe slowly parted Rekha's lips and partially entered. Rekha kept protesting loudly. The probe moved in and out just at the entrance to Rekha's pussy and then suddenly pushed hard into her.

"Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!! Noooooeeeeaaahhhh!" Rekha screamed and tears came to her eyes. The girls watched in horror and fascination as the probe withdrew and blood started to trickle out of Rekha's pussy. She had been a virgin! Her legs were lowered and Rekha sobbed as she was moved out of the theatre.

It was Uzuri's turn now. She was already wet with seeing the two girls before her get licked and then penetrated. She kind of felt sorry for Rekha but watching a virgin get violated had turned her on. She was moved on to the bed and the probe fluttered around her pussy. It moved to lick her when it started beeping and flashing a yellow light. The probe then hovered a minute and then disappeared. Uzuri lay waiting in anticipation. Nothing was happening. She wanted to experience the licking that seemed to satisfy the other two girls but nothing was happening. Suddenly she saw two Rybonians enter.

"Uzuri," said one of them. "You seem to be in too high a state of arousal for the probe. We will conduct the experiment on you." Uzuri felt a tremor of excitement within her. She watched as one Rybonian moved to her breasts and then started to fondle and suck them. She had never felt such exquisite touches to her breasts before. It was gentle, yet rough and his fingers seemed to encase her whole breast and tingle her nipples all at the same time.

"Ohhh yesss....." she moaned. "Do it to me. Shit its good." Her knees were raised now and her legs parted. Her hairless pussy mound stood out proudly, much like a cobra about to strike. The girls in the room watched in wonder at her hairless pussy. Even her ass was hairless. They could see moisture coating her thick protruding vulva. They watched as a translucent shaft materialised from the Rybonians crotch area. The shaft was placed against Uzuri's pussy and with one lunge he pierced her. "Yesssss." moaned Azuri. She found that her hands were now free and she grabbed at the Rybonian at her breasts. His shaft appeared out of his crotch area as well and Uzuri turned her head to lick it. The pounding in her pussy was deep and fast. Her pussy was drenched in her own juices. She felt the shaft in her swell, expanding her pussy walls. Her eyes grew glassy as the thickness filled her and the pounding became faster.

The girls watching saw the shaft grow and Uzuri's pussy stretch to accommodate the girth. The watched as her mouth opened to take the other Rybonians shaft in. Her mouth hollowed in and she sucked hard on the Rybonian shaft. That shaft swelled as well and her lips stretched wide, trying to keep it in her mouth. She mewled loudly around the shaft in her mouth but the Rybonian pulled it out, obviously more interested in playing with her huge breasts. He pinched and pulled on her nipples as her breasts swayed and were buffeted by the pulsing shaft in her pussy.

"Awwww! Fuck it, yesss....., yesss, Ahhhh!" she screamed out as her pussy was pummelled harder and faster. "Give it to me....ahhh,,ahhh.....oh fuck Cumminnnggg!" Her arse lifted in the air to meet the plunging shaft. Her breasts were continued to be mauled and the fucking didn't stop. Her mouth was agape, her breath short and fast.

The Rybonians continued to assault her body. The shaft in her pussy expanded again, causing Uzuri to moan almost in pain. Indeed it was a fine line between pain and pleasure but the expert stimulation of her breasts and the dast hard fucking of the super thick shaft meant the pain turned into a deep pleasure.

Uzuri had hard orgasm. Her body was sore all over and she was in a state of constant arousal. The Rybonians didn't seem to want to stop fucking her. She screamed again as another massive orgasm bolted inside her and she lay, spent and used. It was only then that the Rybonian withdrew his mammoth shaft from within her and the other Rybonian left her breasts alone. Uzuri was fucked out. She was completely satiated and exhausted although her body was tingling all over.

The girls in the room watched as the Rybonians shaft seemed to withdraw and disappear into him. Uzuri's legs were still splayed wide open and her pussy was a wide gaping hole. There were white pussy juices all over her vulva and thighs and beads of sweat glistened over her black body. As she was wheeled out of the theatre, Vivian's heart beat faster as she realised she was next.

Instead of being taken into the theatre however, the girls saw the probe enter the room and hover above Vivian's naked form. Her legs were spread showing her shaved pussy with just a tuft of hair on the mound. The probe slipped between Vivian's legs and entered her pussy with a groan from Vivian. Then the screen started to replay the events of the day, first with Ashlee's licking and penetration, followed by Rekha's deflowering and finally Uzuri's massive fuck fest. The probe seemed to be fucking and vibrating into Vivian as she moaned and screamed at least 3 times while watching the screen. Finally the screen went off, and the lights in the room were turned off as well.

The Rybonians seemed to know all of the girls deepest, nastiest, dirty secrets. Ashlee was bisexual and preferred a good licking to a fuck; Uzuri loved thick, cocks and loved to be fucked like a whore; Vivian had a fetish for toys and Rekha, the virgin, had secretly wanted to be fucked.

The girls fell asleep in a dream like trance. All except for Vivian who was woken up every two hours with the probe fucking and vibrating intensely inside her pussy.

To be continued...

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