tagIncest/TabooSpanked Mom Ch. 2

Spanked Mom Ch. 2


Alice and Rob spent the night in her bed that night. Alice could not remember exactly how many times they had fucked. All she could remember is how good her son felt. Sometimes he had fucked her hard and other times he did her gently and with finesse. Of course she would always remember the times he spanked her.

They were both awake. The morning light was streaming in through her shaded bedroom windows. He held her in his arms and caressed her soft skin. She was genuinely satisfied with the way her son had loved her. She kissed him on the lips.

"Mom, tell me how you got turned on to spanking."

"Well, dear I haven't thought about that in years. It started with your grandpa Stan. He used to punish me when I misbehaved. It started when I was just a little girl but as I entered my teen years, I started enjoying the spankings more and more. The last few years, before I got married to your dad, they made me so hot that I used to provoke your granddad into spanking me."

"Mom that's so hot. Did he ever fuck you?"

"Oh Rob, now, now," she chided, "No he never fucked me, not in the literal sense at least. Though I did want him to. He used to fondle me afterwards."

"Fondle you?"

"You know feel my ass and pussy. God, that used to make me so horny. The last time he spanked me was different. It was the week before my wedding to your dad. I was already pregnant with you. I mouthed off to your granddad on purpose and he took me to his den. I guess he knew that this would be the last time he'd get to do it.

"He ordered me to strip completely, which he had never done before. Usually, he'd only have me bare my ass.

"So there I was standing completely naked in front of my dad. He ordered me to turn around and stick my ass out. So I did as I was told and put my hands on my knees and stuck my ass in his face. He gave me a hard spanking. My ass was sore for days. Afterward, he started to rub my tender bottom with some lotion. As usual he his hands strayed towards my pussy.

"That time however, he stuck his fingers inside me. I was shocked and surprised but I could not help myself I came on the spot. He continued to finger me as I became more and more excited moaning loudly and urging him on. Then while still fingering me he slipped a well- lubed finger in my ass and then another. It felt so wonderful. I was so full. He made me come over and over again until I couldn't stand anymore.

"I turned around when he stopped. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick hard cock. He wouldn't let me suck him as I had wanted to. But with his hand he guided me to jerk him off. Right before he came he stood me up and turned me around. He came on my stinging red ass. It felt so hot and soothing that I came again. That was last time I was ever spanked until last night of course."

They laid there in silence both breathing hard and visibly excited by Alice's story.

"So Rob, How's it feel to have such a perverted mommy?"

"Well mom that depends."

"Depends?.. On what son?"

"Well mom it depends on whether this perverted mommy will do exactly what her perverted son says....Now get up and stand in front of me ."

"Oh god yes Rob. I love it when you take control. Mommy will do anything you ask baby." She stood in front of him, feeling a renewed moistness building between her legs.

She was wearing a short frilly teddy that barely concealed her ass and that left her ample breast hanging to accentuate her cleavage. Rob stood up and slowly walked around his mother. Alice had the sense that he was inspecting her, as if she were merchandise. She could not help but blush as she felt his gaze scan her semi- naked form. She was quite impressed with his composure; he was not rushed or insecure. It seems that he was feeling quite comfortable and empowered by the recent changes to their mother-son relationship.

"Don't move," He ordered. He stood behind her. He lifted the hem of her teddy. The air felt cool on her ass. She stood perfectly still. Slowly he stroked her ass his fingers finding her crack. She shuddered with excitement surprised by his rough touch. He moved in front of her and pulled on her gown exposing her breasts.

"Don't move." He barked. He pinched her nipples. And she flinched.

He slapped her tits once roughly. "I said don't move." He pinched her tender nipples again. She shuddered with excitement. She wished she had been given leave to stroke her wet pussy.

"Take this off." He commanded as he tugged on the fabric of her teddy. Slowly she stepped out of it and stood before her son completely naked.

He grabbed her by her arm and positioned her bent over the mirrored dresser in her room. He had her place her knees on the bench in front of the dresser and she rested her forearms on the dresser itself. She was looking at her self in the mirror. She could see her tits as they swayed with each breath. She saw her ass raised high in the air and her son standing behind her, his erection tenting his shorts.

Rob stroked her wet pussy. His fingers shamelessly found their way inside her. She leaned back onto his hand and probing fingers, wishing for him to be deeper. Slowly he withdrew. He stroked her ass and kneaded her cheeks.

"Yes, mom you are quite perverted I'd say...you're letting your son do all kinds of nasty things to you. And you're enjoying it."

"Baby, mommy can't help it. I need this badly and you my lover, make me feel so good." She looked at him in the mirror and saw the look of lust in his eyes as he raised his hand and brought it down on her ass forcefully.

Slap...The sound was sharp and loud. "Ouch"...Slap "Ahh". Slap "ouch...that's it baby spank me harder"...SLAP "Yess spank your perverted mommy." SLAP, SLAP, SLAP,

SLAP. "God baby, that feels so good...OW, YES...Spank your horny mom before you fuck her...yes baby...redden your mommy's bottom."

Her ass was red and it stung to the touch. Rob stopped his spankings and stared at his mother's blazing red bottom. He remarked to himself how sexy his mom looked and how lucky he had become that he can do these things with her. He grabbed some lotion from his mom's dresser and began to apply it on her sore ass. Her cheeks were moistened nicely with lotion. He kneaded her cheeks and messaged them as his mom squirmed beneath his touch with glee. His finger slipped into her pussy and she groaned with pleasure. He pushed another lubricated finger in her tight ass.

"OH, My God baby... Your finger feels so good in my ass...hurry stick another one in, please!"

In the mirror, Rob saw his mom face contort with pleasure as he worked another finger in her tight hole. Slowly, he fucked her ass with his fingers as she cried out with pleasure.

"Mom, I wanna fuck you in the ass!"

"Baby I've never done that before. That's so naughty! You my sweet son can be my first."

They moved to the bed. Alice coated her son's cock with lubricant as he continued to work the lube in her ass with his fingers. His cock was and hard, pulsing with anticipation. Rob positioned himself behind his mothers' upturned ass. Slowly, he inserted his cock into her ass with steady pressure.

Alice initially felt intense pain at having her sphincter invaded. She quickly learned to work her muscles to accept her son's large member. With an inaudible pop Rob was soon all the way inside his mom's ass. His cock produced a sense of warmth and fullness in her that was feeding itself in its intensity. In turn Rob felt a sense of tightness around his cock that conspired to suck the juice out his balls. Slowly, and with steadily increasing rhythm and force he began to fuck his mothers' ass.

"Rob baby you're all the way in. It feels wonderful"

"Mom you feel so tight"

"AHH, fuck mommy's ass...fuck me harder son...your cock is in mommy ass."

"Mom you're such a slut. I love it when you talk nasty like that." Rob was fucking her furiously.

"Yes Baby...Fuck mommy's spanked ass...Your mommy is a nasty slut and loves getting fucked by her son...Fuck mommy's asshole good and hard...Oh Rob I'm cumming so good...Mommy's coming for you baby...AHHH...AHHHH...NGAHHHH"

As Alice's orgasm subsided, Rob pulled his cock out of her ass. He came copiously on her still red and stinging ass, moaning loudly. Alice reached back and rubbed the thick wads of her son's seed into the burning skin of her ass.


Later that morning after they had both showered, Rob and Alice reluctantly parted ways to go about their usual Saturday routines. Rob went off to his school to attend track practice. Alice went to the market. Every Saturday morning she met her good friend Glenda for coffee, prior to shopping.

Glenda was already there when Alice arrived. She had already bought the coffee. They greeted each other and Alice sat down at the table with her friend. Glenda was only a couple of years younger than Alice. She was about the same height and had medium length blond hair. Her breasts were significantly larger than Alice's generous bosom. She was slender and in great shape, her ass was firm and compact. Alice had always known Glenda to be sexually adventuresome, and in fact had even participated in a couple of orgies. When she was a few years younger, Glenda had worked as a stripper. That was before she had gotten married. And though she was divorced now, Glenda remained working her 'straight' job as a cosmetologist.

"Alice what's up with you...You seem different."

"Glenda nothing's up it's the same old stuff."

"Come on Alice you can't fool me. I know that I'm getting laid look from a mile away. Now fess up who is the lucky guy?"

"Glenda, Honestly there is no one." Alice's discomfort was obvious.

"You can't fool me girlfriend. Who's the man in your life? And don't tell me that there is no one besides your son Rob. Though, I don't know how you keep your hands off him."

"GLENDA! You are talking about my son!" Alice tried hard to put on an indignant air, though Glenda struck too close to the truth for comfort.

"Alice, relax...It was just meant as a compliment. Rob is a handsome hunk. I would love to jump someone's bones like him. Are you kidding at my age that would be like a roman feast."

"You just keep your horny paws away from Rob." Alice realized that she may have gone too far with that last comment. She bit her lip and hoped that Glenda would not read too much into it.

"Listen Alice, it was just a figure of speech. What's gotten into you anyways? You seem uptight," Glenda gazed across the market place, "Oh, look there goes John Andrews."

Alice followed her friends' gaze. "Yeah I see him. What about him?"

"You remember I dated him a couple of times. He's a real sexy man but I got some weird vibes about him and his daughter,"

"Weird vibes?" Alice was of-course, curious and decided not to let on why.

"Well its like he's too possessive of her or like there's some kind of secret between them...It was all too strange, almost like she and I were in competition or something."

"Hmm" Alice was lost in thought.

"Oh my look at the time. I really must be going. Take care Alice," then Glenda's tone took on teasing edge, "However you're getting your rocks off babe, keep it up, you look radiant. Lets get together sometime and bring Rob." She winked.

Glenda hugged her friend and was off. Alice leisurely finished her coffee and mentally prepared her shopping list. Alice became lost in her thoughts. The past twenty- four hours her life had taken a drastic turn. Drastic it was, but also wickedly delicious. She felt completely fulfilled and satisfied. There was no guilt, for she knew this felt correct and her son she added was old enough to make his own decisions. But for obvious reasons, a good dose of discretion was definitely required.

"Hello Mrs. Grey," John Andrews was standing in front of her, "I'm not sure we've officially met, I'm Jane's father, you know your son Rob's friend."

"Oh hello Mr. Andrews. It's Ms Grey actually but please call me Alice." She tried to remain cool. "Listen Mr. Andrews I've spoken to Rob and he will stay away from Jane as you requested."

"Alice, I'm John. That's exactly why I stopped by. I'm afraid I overreacted and I'm truly sorry. I stopped by that night to apologize but there was no one there." He looked at her with a steady gaze, "and I brought you this as token of my sincerity." John placed a fancy bottle of wine on Alice's table and smiled warmly.

"Mr. Andrews...John you really shouldn't have, thank you." Alice wondered if John knew about her and Rob. Did he peak at them last night? Quickly, she reasoned that it did not matter what he knew or saw. What she knew from Rob clearly placed them on equal footing.

"It's the least I could do Alice. By the way Jane and I would love to have you and Rob over for a barbeque. Would tonight or tomorrow evening work for you?" John Andrews smiled warmly.

"I'm not quite sure what to say." Alice was truly puzzled and curious.

"Please, by all means say yes." John was a handsome man and his smile disarming.

"Well then yes," she returned his smile with one of her own, "I'll have to double check with Rob, but I think we can make it tonight. We'd both be delighted."


It was a warm and pleasant evening. Both Alice and Rob were having a good time with their hosts John and Jane. For a while, Alice had almost forgotten about the secrets they respectively harbored as this turned into nicely planned event. That food was excellent. John had a lovely house with a nice deck, a well-groomed yard and swimming pool. She and John sipped wine and chatted while Jane and Rob lounged around the pool.

She glanced at Jane, wearing a skimpy string bikini. She had dark reddish hair. Her breasts were small and firm and hardly concealed by her anemic bikini top. She had a cute butt and Alice concluded that Jane knew how to shake it as she casually interacted with her son. Her suit left little to the imagination. Alice wondered about the extent of the relationship between Jane and John. Surely, the spanking part was exciting to her, but was there more she wondered. After what had transpired between her and her son the idea of incest definitely excited her. She glanced at John and noticed him looking at his daughter as she frolicked by the pool. Was that lust she saw in his eyes? Her excitement increased as she concluded it must be. Alice's reverie was interrupted by a commotion by the pool. Rob had been standing at the edge of the pool. Jane had snuck up behind him pulled his swim trunks down to his ankles and pushed him in the pool as he had struggled to pull his shorts back up. Alice without much forethought ran to the pool area. She arrived in time to see her son's head emerge from under the water on one side of the pool while his trunks floated up to the surface on the other side. Jane laughed hysterically and began swimming towards the derelict trunks. Instinctively, Alice bent down to pick up her sons swim trunks as he urged her to throw them to him. Jane however, swam furiously to claim the trunks as her own prize and in the process soaked Alice's long cotton skirt with her splashing. The material instantly became see- through and Alice ran to the house to dry up and to cover up.

Alice heard John yell at Jane to "cease and desist" and he followed her to the house, "Alice I'm so sorry here let me get you some towels."

"No worries John. It was all in good fun. But a couple of towels will do nicely thanks."

Alice took two towels from her host and went into a bathroom to dry herself. She decided that her skirt was now useless and instead she wrapped herself with a large towel. The panties that she wore were spared. She inspected her top, a cool shirt tied in a knot exposing her midriff and unbuttoned at the top showing just a hint of cleavage. She was relieved that it was dry. So wearing a towel instead of a skirt she emerged back into the house to join the party.

John was waiting for her in the hall and offered to place Alice's skirt in the dryer. "Alice again I apologize for Jane's behavior."

"John really no worries, I'm fine."

"That's not the point Alice, Jane's behavior is not acceptable. She knows better than that. But at her age its tough to find appropriate means of discipline."

"Surely you don't mean to punish her for that?"

"Alice, indeed I will punish her for that. It is after all what she expects. If you and Rob were not here she be getting a sound spanking right this moment."

"Really?" Alice asked tentatively, surprised by how forthcoming John was.

"Yes Alice, does that shock you?"

"Well you are her father." Excited yes, but hardly shocked, Alice exclaimed inwardly.

"Maybe I should spank her now while you and Rob are here, I'd bet Rob would like that." John casually added with a playful grin, "Or better yet, maybe you should spank her Alice, since you were the victim of her shenanigans."

"Me spank her?" The quiver in Alice's voice betrayed her excitement, "that would hardly be proper!"

"Come now Alice, lets be honest with each other," He looked her in the eyes, "As parents, we've both done things with our kids that are 'hardly proper' now haven't we?" John reached for Alice and stroked her bare arms gently. She did not pull away. He moved closer and kissed her on the lips and her tongue eagerly greeted his.


She was still in her bikini bathing suit when John marched her into the family room where Alice and Rob were seated. He held her by her arm and motioned her to look at Rob and Alice, who were seated apart from each other on the sofa. Rob was not sure what was happening yet. He looked to Alice for her assurance. She merely nodded for him to observe. She added a wink and smile to indicate that he was going to like this. Jane stood before them her head bowed. The look on her face was defiant and willful.

"What do you have to say to our guests?"

"Daddy I told you it was an accident."

"And I told you they deserve a sincere apology."

"But Dad."

"As for your punishment young lady, I shall have Ms Grey spank you while Rob and I watch."

"No daddy, look I'm sorry. Really it won't happen again." Jane attempted to struggle but her dad held her arm firmly. He slapped her bottom firmly. The sound, sharp and resonant, startled and excited both Rob and his mom. Jane yelped as she felt it sting.

John ushered her to a chair in the middle of the room. He bid her to assume the position.

Jane placed her hands on the seat of the chair, causing her ass to jut out as she bent her waist. She turned her head sideways and caught glimpse of Rob and Alice watching with fascination. She blushed and shifted her gaze forward.

"Alice she's all yours." With a theatrical flourish, John offered his hand to Alice and guided her to his helpless daughter, "Spank her soundly my dear."

Alice had never spanked anyone before. She was quaking with excitement as she approached Jane's lovely bottom. Tentatively, she stroked the girl's ass through her bikini bottom. Jane shivered under her touch. Alice lifted her hand and brought it down forcefully on Jane's behind.

Alice delivered a series of blows each growing stronger in magnitude. Rob watched with amazement and with growing excitement as Jane squealed and pleaded with Alice to stop. As if by some divine design to enhance the spectacle, the towel wrapped around Alice's waist become undone and fell to the floor, leaving Alice in her sexy panties and top.

"Please stop Alice...AHH...I mean Ms Grey please stop OUCH...I'm sorry I got you wet OOOH." Alice stopped and rubbed Jane ass. And now you have made my pussy wet, she thought , chuckling inwardly.

"Are you really sorry Jane?" Alice was enjoying her role and did not want it end here.

"Yes Ms Grey it will never happen again."

"Good it seems you've learned the first part of this lesson very well." Alice looked at her son, noting his erection and smiled. Jane's dad nodded to Alice in a conspiratorial fashion.

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