tagFetishSpanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 05

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 05


Continued from part 4...

I actually lost count of the number of swats and orgasms Jan had experienced already tonight. Between our private time in her bedroom, and the time in front of her husband, I guessed she might have had 7 or 8 cums in the space of 2 hours. Interlaced between her climaxes, I guess there might have been 35 swats delivered directly on her bottom, which was glowing a shade of crimson now.

Looking back on the whole evening, she had trusted me to lead her through the doors of her desire. Let's see, she was humiliated in the bathroom when I made her pee in front of me; ordered to strip and made to look at herself in front of the mirror; masturbated herself numerous times; had her pussy closely inspected, then licked and exposed, not to mention fingered and touched in front of her husband; held two different cocks in her hands simultaneously; sucked a cock; had a pair of panties stuffed up inside her pussy; squirted in front of her husband with her legs spread wide open; had her breasts and nipples played with and sucked by both me and Kenny; sucked a dildo we both knew was supposed to be my cock, then was fucked by that same dildo; let her husband take some seriously nasty pictures of everything she did, and, on top of all of that had, she confessed her most secret fantasies to us. As she lay there on the blanket before me, I knew she was a 90% satisfied woman. The last 10% was about to be delivered.

"Poor Kenny", I though. He's had a really rough night, too. He's had a hard-on all night and received not even one chance to cum. I chuckled to myself, thinking 'Boo Hoo. Poor Kenny'. Yeah, right. At least he got his cock sucked and had a chance to face fuck his wife. Compared to the momentary stroking she gave my cock, he better not be whining one damn bit!

Neither Kenny, nor I said anything as she laid there catching her breath. We drunk in her beauty as her little a-cups rose and fell in rhythm to her breathing. Once she settled down, I saw her open her eyes and look at us. I held my hand out to her and smiled. She reached for my outstretched hand and I pulled her into a sitting position. "Jan," I said, "I have only one more official duty tonight, and that's to make sure you get penetrated by a real, live cock. Part of that responsibility is to make sure you enjoy it and that you have an opportunity to feel more than you're felt before. Once that's done, I can say goodbye and leave you two love birds alone."

She grinned broadly at me and I could see her eyes sparkle, despite the wear and tear of her tears. "So," I continued, "Let's get the show on the road. Kenny, my friend, if you would be so kind as to swap places with Jan. Just lay on your back and keep your cock hard 'cause it's time for Jan to ride that pony."

Jan was eager to get up and let Kenny take her place, which he did almost immediately. I held up the bottle of Astroglide lube and asked her if she wanted it, and she shook her head. "Okay, then," I said, "Jan, you're going to be on top. Would you like to sit on his face, or perhaps a 69 to start off with?" "Oh," she replied, putting her finger on her cheek and giving me a mock questioning look, "I think some 69 would be a good place to start." With that, I took her hand and guided her to a position where she was facing his feet and straddling his legs. "Go ahead, Princess, have a seat on your throne" I said, motioning down to Kenny's face. She knelt down and scooted her pussy back toward his face. She obviously knew just how far to scoot because her aim was perfect as she settled her wet vagina just inches from his mouth.

"Kenny, your job is to make love to that beautiful pussy with your mouth. There is no other goal and no other objective. You need to concentrate on pleasuring her." I then looked at Jan saying, "Your job is to be pleasured. If you want to suck him, feel free. If you just want to wiggle your little lips down on his face, you can do that to. I'll just sit and watch for a few minutes while the two of you settle in."

I picked up the spanking seat and carried it over to the end of the blanket. I was just starting to put it down when I sensed something. Turning to look at her, I could see that she was looking at me. I sat down and her eyes drifted down to my crotch. I spread my knees wide and rubbed the bump in my jeans. Thinking 'what the hell', I pulled down the zipper and reached inside to haul out my cock in it's perpetual state of hardness. Her eyes never left my cock as she took his cock in her hands and started to stroke it. Even as she bent down to take him into her mouth, her eyes stayed latched on to mine. I could tell she wasn't in any hurry what so ever. Kenny, on the other hand was going to town munching on her pussy.

Finally, I could see Kenny's efforts were succeeding as she closed her eyes from time to time and moaned, "Oh, yeah." I chuckled to myself and finally asked her "Does that feel good?" She smiled at me, nodded her head and said "Uh huh." As she watched me, I began to stroke my cock, teasing her by holding it out and pointing it at her. I knew Kenny couldn't see this since she was sitting on his face.

I scooted the spanking seat closer to her and sat as close as I could without touching either of them. She continued to watch me stroke my shaft up and down until she pulled up off of his cock, opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue at me. We spent a few seconds exchanging gestures until I was sure that she was sending a clear message that she definitely wanted my cock. I settled into the spanking seat and continued jacking myself, slowly at first, giving her something to look at and to think about. It was fun to tease her, as well as give some attention to my aching cock. I noticed that she was becoming more and more agitated due to Kenny's pussy licking until she unexpectedly pulled him out of her mouth and started to cum all over his face, letting out a long "Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssss."

I think Kenny was getting mighty close to popping his cork, so I told her to stand up. Tucking my cock back into my pants, I pulled her toward me. Her well eaten and wet pussy was right in front of me and I couldn't resist slipping two fingers up inside of her. She spread her legs wide for me and thrust her hips forward as if to tell me I could have her pussy. I removed my fingers from her vagina and started to suck them. As I did, she lowered her hand and put her own fingers between her lips and slid them into her vagina. When I had finished sucking my own fingers clean, she withdrew her fingers and held them up to me. Taking her hand, I licked and sucked her fingers clean, too, completely oblivious to Kenny's curious eyes.

"Go on," I told her, "Get on top of his cock and have a good ride. See if you can make him cum."

The speed in which she moved to climb on top of Kenny made me think she was going to hurt him. But, as she bent down and sat on him, she tilted her ass a certain way and his cock sank into her just as if it had a mind of it's own. I will tell you that the sight of her bare pussy, sliding up and down on his cock, plunging through her wet lips and the sound of their union was one of the most arousing things I've ever witnessed. Her little anus was winking at me, too, every time her muscles raised her up on his shaft, it gave a little wink, begging me to touch.

Now, I've never been one to miss an obvious opportunity to finger a cute lady's bottom, and I didn't want to start now. I got up from the spanking seat, reached for the lube and sat down on the floor next to them. I don't think either of them were watching me and, she was surprised as hell as she felt my fingers spreading the lube around her crinkled hole and gently pressed just the tip of my finger inside her ass. "Oh, yeah, stick your finger in," she moaned, "fuck my ass with it."

Even though my finger was only in her about one inch, I could feel the movement of his cock in her. I withdrew my finger and applied some additional lube to her hole and very slowly started to insert my finger into her. Once I got past her opening, my finger slipped effortlessly in, all the way to the hilt. Oh, damn, through the thin membrane separating her vagina and her ass I could feel his cock moving in and out. As she slowed her movement, I could feel the crown of his cock head rub up against my finger on the other side. What a rush that was.

I started to match her speed, fucking her ass with my finger at the same speed she was fucking his cock with her pussy. She was grunting now on every stroke and a film of sweat had appeared on her back, glistening under the bright light of their living room. I withdrew my finger one more time and applied even more lube to her ass and then inserted two fingers into her. This electrified her, that's the only way to describe it. She started to move at a much faster pace, softly grunting as her hips moved wildly, sucking in his cock on every stroke then grinding her clit against him when she hit bottom. She was giving him a pretty hard ride.

"I've got two fingers in your ass, Jan, how does it feel?" I asked.

"It's really, really nice. Please don't stop," she pleaded, "that feels so fucking good."

"Jan, two fingers is just about the size of a cock." I told her. "If you like the way this feels, imagine how a round cock would feel."

"Oh, yeah, fucking-A right about that." Kenny exclaimed.

"Hmm, sounds like Kenny's interested in some ass fucking, Jan. Maybe that's something you need to think about, you nasty girl. Are you willing to open up your sweet ass to him?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," she moaned, "he can fuck me there."

I continued to fuck her ass with my two fingers as she built up steam, grinded her pussy down on him and starting a low grumble saying she was getting close to cumming. I slowed my movements down and started to curl my fingers a tiny bit as they were stuffed all the way into her ass. That must have been the straw that broke the camels back because she exploded into a huge orgasm, bucking wildly on top of him, shaking her tail side to side and grinding her pelvis into him. I kept my fingers in her until she started to calm down and then started to pull them out.

"No!" She yelled. "Don't! Keep them in! That feels so good."

I looked up at their faces to watch her cradle his face in her hands and then disappear into a deep, passionate kiss. Ah, the lovers kiss. When she pulled away from him, she looked into his eyes and spoke, saying "That was the single best fuck I've ever had, Stud. Can I just lay here for a minute and feel you in my pussy and his fingers in me before I let you fuck my brains out?" Kenny just smiled and nodded.

"Oh, Honey, I love you. Now I know why you like to be played with back there so much," she said, "it's an incredible feeling."

Kenny's eyes shot open when she said it. So did mine. After a second, Jan realized her slip of the tongue and looked at me. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out "Hey, don't worry about me saying anything. I've got a whole set of butt toys that find their way into my ass from time to time. Don't think you're the only ones to get some enjoyment out of a little butt play."

We had an uncomfortable moment, and then they both seemed to relax at my confession, as Jan broke into laughter saying "I guess we'll have to get some toys of our own, huh?"

"Time to swap," I told them, easing my two fingers slowly out of her ass, "Jan, I think you need to let Mr. Stud have his fun now. I think he deserves it."

As she started to lift off him, I watched his cock pull from her warm pussy and heard the sexy sound of her wet lips as they pulled away. His crotch was completely soaked with her pussy juice and his cock twitched as she stood up over him. When she was standing, he jumped up and she lay down, pulling her knees up and open for him. I was delighted to see her opened and spread like that – her pink lips unfolding like a flower to accept his cock. There are few sights as wonderful as a woman's vagina and Jan's looked delicate, soft, inviting, luscious and wet. I stood there in admiration, looking at her privates, thinking again about my promise not to insert my cock into her.

Kenny kneeled and rubbed his cock head up and down her pussy slit before he easily slid into her. At first, Jan held her knees up to her chest, but once Kenny was settled into her, she pointed her feet to the ceiling and he grabbed her thighs and starting pumping. I moved to the side of them, looking down at the union of their crotches to clearly see him moving back and forth between her shaved lips. Even though he was not massive, I could still see Jan's lips gripping him tightly as he pulled out, then seemed to disappear up into her as he pushed in.

I readjusted the spanking seat so I could sit next to them as if I was monitoring their progress and keeping notes on what they were doing. I pondered taking my cock out and masturbating myself again as I watched her breasts jiggle back and forth, but, I decided against it, knowing he would be done in just a few minutes. Shamelessly, I wanted to have a full load when I got the chance to really enjoy the panties I was going to take home with me.

The look on Kenny's face as he pumped her was worth a thousand words. I know it must have been hard for him to watch the whole proceedings without blowing his wad, but he looked like he was in heaven now. His eyes were closed and he was breathing deep now that he had settled into a good rhythm. It's a good thing Jan had a chance to have her fun, because Kenny wasn't thinking about anything but his own release right now. His pace was solid and as he went in and out, I could see the look of dedication and determination in his eyes. Having had my fingers inside of Jan, I knew she was tight – I envied him now, sliding in and out of her wet pussy – the pussy that was waiting for his cum.

Kenny didn't have to wait long. He started bucking and clenching his teeth, finally howling "I'm cumming!" His thrusting suddenly stopped as he emptied into her. Each lurch of his hips drove his spurting cock into her deeper. The way he was shaking, he must have had a good size load he was depositing.

As he pulled out of her, she stayed in the same position as Kenny and I looked down into her well fucked pussy. "Open her up," I said, "let's take a look inside her." Using his hands, he opened her pussy up and we both leaned down to get a good look. Sure enough, she had a good coating of white sperm inside her lips. He must have pulled out a little when he came because there seemed to be a lot of cum at the entrance of her vagina and around her labia.

"Stand up, Jan." I spoke firmly. Kenny stood, too. I took her right hand and kissed it, much like a knight would kiss the hand of his lady. "I'm not sure how many times you came tonight, but, I know it was more than your husband did, and that's the way it should be all the time, don't forget that. I enjoyed myself a lot and I want to thank you for the prizes I'll be taking home. If you don't mind sharing some of the pictures with me, I would appreciate that. Jan, it's been my pleasure to spank you this evening. You were well behaved and followed directions to a "T". Why don't you go up to your bedroom now and wait for your husband. I want to talk to him for a minute before I leave."

She leaned over and hugged me, then, after kissing me lightly on the cheek, she turned and I watched as she climbed the stairs and without looking back, disappeared into her bedroom.

Turning to Kenny, I said "Well, was that hot or what?" By now, I don't think either Kenny or I was bashful about him being naked and standing there with a cum covered cock. If he had any embarrassment at all, he sure wasn't showing it. "Thanks, man, this was better than I ever thought or hoped it would be," he said, "we'll have to do this again, dude, this was outrageously cool. I'll make sure you get to see all the pictures and you can keep any ones you want."

I thanked him, picked up the baggie with Jan's soiled panties inside, and asked if I could use his restroom before I left. "Just go on up to her," I told him, "I'll let myself out."

He had a half bath off his kitchen and he showed me to it. Closing the door, I stood in front of the toilet and started to unzip my jeans and pull my cock out to take a leak. Holding my cock in one hand, I started looking at the baggie containing Jan's panties. "Holy Shit!" I thought – the thong was so wet that I could actually see moisture droplets on the inside of the baggie. Time to get home and enjoy the wet and silky panties, that's for sure. When I finished my business, I zipped back up, washed my hands, opened the bathroom door and started to make my way to the front door.

As I walked by the stairs, I saw Kenny – still naked – coming down saying "Hold on a sec." I stopped, figuring he was coming to thank me again. He did thank me again, but, there's no way I could have predicted what else he had on his mind.

"Listen man," he said, "can you, uh, you know, stay longer? Maybe for the whole night?"

I was puzzled but before I could answer, he added "Look, she...., uh, I mean we both want you to stay tonight. The kids are gone and I don't know when we'll get a chance like this again. She really wants you to stay, and, I, uh, want you to stay, too. And don't worry about your promise, that's all over now. She wants you alone for a while and she wants us both to get her at the same time. Plus, I'd kinda like to see someone fuck her."

"Kenny," I asked, "Are you okay with this? I would love to, but, how are you going to feel about it later knowing you let me fuck your wife?"

Kenny went on to tell me that Jan was adamant that she didn't want the evening to end yet and neither did he. He wanted to let her live her fantasy out and with everything that had happened tonight, it seemed like the stage was already set and they were already half way there. "We might not get another chance like this." He told me.

"So," I said, "what does all that mean?"

"Dude, that means that anything goes now. I want her to feel free to do anything she wants to do tonight. You should see her, she's glowing, man! I haven't seen her this excited about sex in 3 years. You have my full permission, dude. You can fuck her or anything else she wants. No shit man, I would really get off seeing you fuck her. For tonight ONLY (he emphasizes), anything goes, just promise me none of this will ever be spoken about outside the three of us."

"Okay, okay." I agreed. "What now?"

"Well, she wants to see you alone in our bedroom for a few minutes – maybe she wants to suck your cock, dude. Go for it, man." he said, "go up there and make her suck your cock."

I nodded and walked up the stairs. Her bedroom door was closed so I knocked lightly and she told me to come in. She was laying on the bed with her legs open and her fingers slowly stroking up and down her labia. She opened her legs further when I came close to the bed. "Are you going to stay?" she asked.

"Uh huh," I answered, "If you want me to."

"Oh, yes," she said, "I definitely do."

She sat up and looked at me. "I, uh, don't want you to get the wrong idea about what I'm going to say, okay? I feel compelled to say this so you'll know how I feel right now."

Her nipples were extended as if they were reaching out to me. I couldn't resist cupping one of them in my hand, softly squeezing nipple, as she started to speak.

"Listen," she began, "at first I wasn't real excited about doing all of this because I thought it would be wrong to enjoy myself sexually without him. But, ever since your first visit, I've done nothing except fantasize about being naked in front of you and having you use me. I really want to feel your cock in me and then play with both of you and I want to do it with the full blessing and amnesty of my husband."

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