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Spanking the Pervert


I'm a guitarist, and I was at band practice. I'd found the band online looking for a lead guitarist, to make not so long story even shorter; I auditioned, and they hired me. It was purely part time, practiced on weekends and maybe had two gigs a month. It was a rock cover band and the group comprising it were all older than I, in my mid 20s. A more interesting and open minded group of people I'd never been around. Our practices, held in the large garage of our drummer who was also a successful businessman in his day life, were often transformed into a party as many friends of the band members would come to drink, have a good time, and watch us practice. It seemed every weekend there were new people to meet. One such night I met Jessica.

Jessica was probably in her early 30s, just a bit older than myself. Jessica was quite attractive by average standards. She was cute though not gorgeous, with dark red dyed hair. She was athletic looking and her jeans accentuated her well shaped ass. Though the most noticeable aspect of her sexual attractiveness, to me at least, were her breasts. She wore a bra and shirt that showed off her tits marvelously. They were clearly perky despite the bra, just a touch too big for someone her size it seemed, and the smooth skin was a milky white. As we practiced I thought I noticed her watching me more specifically than the others, though I wrote it off as wishful thinking.

As the night came to a time when practice had to stop due to noise ordinances (we were loud) the party really got going as the band joined the mix of guests/friends. Everyone drank and conversed. I tried to talk to Jessica as much as possible and she was actually receptive to me. As we spoke amidst the myriad conversations surrounding us I couldn't help but try and catch as many glances at her amazing cleavage as possible. My eyes were inexorably drawn to them like metal to a magnet. She must have caught me looking more than once, I'm sure of it, and finally she said something.

"Joe, are you staring at my tits?" she said, loudly enough so that most of the people around us noticed it.

I laughed and tried to play it off, though I was legitimately embarrassed. "Sorry" I tried to say in a joking manner. "They're just too awesome!"

She looked at me slyly as my friends laughed. "You naughty boy! I'm going to have to spank you for that."

Again everyone laughed and the conversations continued.

Some time later Jessica stood and began to head up the stairs which lead from the garage into the house. Halfway up she paused and looked down at me.

"Are you going to come receive your spanking?" she asked. I flushed just slightly and laughed, unsure if it was or not a joke. She stared down at me, waiting.

"I don't think she's joking Joe! You'd better get up there!" my drummer said and laughed. And so I rose from my seat and ascended the stairs. Jessica resumed as I came up behind her and I had a magnificent view of her ass in front of me.

We entered the house and I followed her into the bathroom. We both walked in and she turned to me, and told me to close the door. I did.

"When was the last time you were spanked?" she asked calmly with a hint of sexual seduction in her voice.

"I guess when I was a kid, my parents kind of stopped spanking me when I got big enough to try and stop them." I chuckled. My parents were actually just too nice to spank me much.

"Clearly it's been too long." she said.

Jessica stared right into my eyes, assessing my courage I think. I was still not sure how far this joke was going to go, if it even was a joke anymore. I was beginning to feel more uncomfortable with the situation. I don't mean uncomfortable in I was opposed to what seemed like it was about to happen, but uncomfortable because I barely knew this person and wasn't sure how I should act. I was very excited by being in the bathroom with her, and if I'm honest I enjoy the thought of being submissive to a woman. However, it had always been just thoughts, not practice.

Her eyes continued to bore into me until I had to divert mine, looking around the walls. She casually followed my gaze and we mutually came to light on some wall decorations. Thin, arm lengths of bamboo in a vase.

"This looks interesting" she said as she stepped over to the wall and removed one of the lengths of wood. She whipped it back and forth a little. As her wrist flicked the bamboo made an almost ominous "whooshing" sound. "I'm going to try this out" she said with a smirk. She wielded that bamboo like I did my guitar; practiced, and comfortably.

She turned to me and ordered a command.

"Turn around, put both your hands on the counter and do not move them." Her voice was calm but stern. "You need to be punished for staring at my tits."

With that she placed her hand on my ass. She rubbed and squeezed it and her other hand, the one still holding the bamboo, she wrapped around my waist gently.

"You have a nice round, tight ass" she complimented me. Her words and her hands on me had an effect. My dick had hardened quickly and my breathed a little heavily. "Someone is getting a little excited for his punishment" Jessica chided at me.

She removed her had from my ass and placed the bamboo piece between her teeth. With both hands she reached around my waist and began to quickly undo the belt on my pants.

Now I never wear underwear so I knew as soon as those pants slipped I'd be naked from the waist down. I didn't mind though, in fact this just excited me more.

As soon as the belt was undone she unbuttoned my pants, jerked the fly down, and then with a hand on both hips thrust my pants down around my ankles. I think she suffered a moment of genuine surprise when she was faced with my bare ass protruding towards her. Though she did not let this fluster her.

"My!" she exclaimed. "That is a nice ass. Now stick it out a little bit more. Arch your back sweetie. Now spread your legs a bit more, a little more than shoulder width." she instructed. I did as she asked and felt the cool air breeze past my anus as my spread legs forced my cheeks apart slightly. I was also self consciously aware of my dangling and exposed testicles under my still very hard cock.

"I was just going to spank you through your underwear, but I guess your bare ass will just have to do" ........ "you naughty boy" she added. "Look in the mirror in front of you. I want you to look at me while I spank you. I want to see your face."

I looked up at the mirror that was on the wall in front of me. I saw how red my face was. Indeed, despite being a rather open person I was quite embarrassed at this point. I was now pantsless, bending over in front of an attractive woman who was almost a stranger to me. My excitement and arousal overran my embarrassment and I stayed as I was, looking into Jessica's eyes in the mirror.

"Good boy, keep looking at me like that."

She rested the bamboo on my ass and slowly rubbed it up and down.

"Are you ready?" she asked. I nodded my agreement but that wasn't enough. "No no dear. I want to hear you tell me you're ready to receive your spanking. Say it now."

As I spoke my usually loud and strong voice came out a whisper much beyond my control to effect. "Yes, I'm ready to receive my spanking." My heart was beating out of my chest as the shame, arousal, and anticipation manifested themselves as one of the most intense moments I'd ever experienced.

Without warning she quickly pulled the bamboo stick away from my protruding ass and brought it back down with a snap on my skin.

"Ahh!" I exclaimed in a short and breathy outburst. It didn't hurt much actually, the bamboo was thin and light. Then she set into a pace.

She brought the bamboo down over and over in almost the exact same spot across both of my ass cheeks. Whir-snap! Whir-snap! Whir-snap! it went, at least a dozen times in quick succession. I looked at Jessica's face in the mirror and she smiled looking right into my eyes, able to hit her mark with only her peripheral vision. She paused.

"Hurt yet?" she asked.

"A little, yea. It stings." I answered honestly.

"Keep looking at me, I love seeing your face as you wince" she said, again smiling.

She then again took to my ass with the stick and again marked the same spot over and over. Now the light and seemingly insubstantial stick began to feel hot on my ass. Whir-snap! Whir-snap! Whir-snap! a dozen more times and it continued. Whir-snap! Whir-snap! Whir-snap! she'd probably reached 25 quick shots and it now was hurting quite a bit. Now I started making louder noises and looked down at the counter.

"Keep looking at me" she said calmly and increased the strength of her blows.

Whir-snap! Whir-snap! Whir-snap! probably at 30 strokes now. The pain was very quite intense now. My toes curled and my knees bent of their own accord.

"Knees straight!" she said again with a little more force in her voice.

Whir-snap! Whir-snap! Whir-snap! up to 40 strokes and my ass was on fire! It was now a substantial pain but relegated to just that one strip, that one line of torture across my cheeks. Somewhere in the stroke count of the 50s the bamboo snapped. I continued to look into Jessica's eyes in the mirror.

"There's about 20 more sticks in here, think we can get through all of them?" she asked tauntingly looking at the vase of bamboo.

My ass stung like I'd never known it could. "I don't think I could take it." I said breathily as I eased myself down onto my haunches, my knees not wanting to support me. I kept my hands on the counter though, now realizing my knuckles had gone white gripping it tightly.

"Turn around, look at it." Jessica bid me.

I turned and looked at my ass in the mirror. Though there were a few errant purple strikes away from her main target there was red and welted line right across the meat of my ass.

Jessica laughed a little. "You're not going to sit comfortably for a few days." Then her gaze dropped down to my cock as it was now pointed right at her with my backside turned towards the mirror. It was still rock hard. "Looks like you enjoyed that." she said.

I looked at her and answered honestly. "Yea, I really did. I've kinda always wanted to do stuff like that with a woman."

Without saying anything Jessica moved towards me. She lowered herself onto her knees and looked at my dick, her mouth just an inch away from it.

"Pretty cock" was all she said. Then she leaned in slowly and stuck out her tongue. She placed the moist tip of her tongue at the base of the underside of my cock and slowly ran it up my length until she reached the head. She quickly put her lips around the head of my engorged penis, sucked hard, and pulled her mouth off of me with a popping sound. The sensation was exquisite and my knees almost buckled again.

Then she grabbed my pants, still around my ankles, and pulled them up with her as she stood. She refastened them, staring silently into my eyes as she did. When she was finished she walked towards the toilet.

"Now get out of here" she said. "I have to pee. And you may wanna let that thing go down a bit before you head back downstairs."

I chuckled a bit. "Yea, that may take a while." I left the bathroom and sat on a sofa outside the bathroom door. Maybe two minutes later Jessica came out of the bathroom, my erection had not even begun to shrink yet.

"C'mon, let's head back down to the party" she said.

"Um, I'm not quite.....um, ready" I sputtered out smiling and indicating towards my penis.

"Too bad!" She giggled. "Walk quickly and find a seat fast. Now let's go."

I Slowly stood, my hard cock tenting my pants, exacerbated by the fact I didn't wear underwear. Jessica took my hand and pulled me along behind her down the stairs into the garage.

As we entered I'm not sure if anyone noticed my predicament, almost to my surprise no one said anything. Jessica and I quickly found seats next to each other and spent the rest of the night having what was actually very nice conversations. She was right, though. I couldn't get comfortable with the stinging on my ass. I kept having to adjust my posture and every time I did Jessica smiled and giggled a bit.

As the party winded down Jessica and I went out to our cars at the same time.

"Thanks Joe, that was fun" she said sincerely.

"I enjoyed it too" I answered honestly.

Jessica asked me an intimate question. "Are you going to masturbate tonight when you get home?"

I shifted my feet a bit, a little embarrassed at the question but more so at the honest answer which was "Yea, definitely. I'm so horny right now."

"Good" she said with a smile. "You should do it bent over your own counter in the same position I had you in here. You should also totally send me a picture of yourself doing it." She smiled and leaned in to me to kiss me on the cheek.

"Ok, I will" I answered, and I meant it.

"Alright now, one more for the road. Turn around and put your hands on the roof of my car." she said.

I paused...."Seriously?"

"Yup" she said. "Seriously."

I did as she said, turning and putting my hands on her car roof. Again she reached around my waist and grabbed my belt.

"Wait wait wait, you can't take my pants off outside?" I protested for the first time that night.

"Why not?" she asked teasingly as she again yanked my pants down around my ankles. I could have stopped her. I could have pulled my pants up and walked away. I didn't want to though, I loved the exhilaration.

I instantly began to shiver intensely. Partly due to the cool breeze on my now exposed lower half-body, partly because of the great excitement.

"One for each cheek now naughty boy" she said. I couldn't even speak.

With that she let a resounding blow fall on my left cheek. I cried out as her strong hand was much more painful than the thin, light piece of bamboo. With only a moment's pause she brought it down again on my right cheek and it compounded with the bamboo marks to make an exquisite pain.

From behind then, with my hands still on her car, she reached around and gripped my cock in her right hand. She pumped it fast and hard.

"Night now naughty boy" she whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek.

Then she let go of me and stepped into her car. I quickly pulled up my pants over my furiously hard cock and sore ass.

As soon as I got home that night I went into my bathroom, assumed the spanking position, and masturbated myself just as I told Jessica I would. After I came all over the counter I took a picture and sent it to Jessica.

She sent me a message back.

Very sexy honey. Next time I'm going to spank you for real, none of that silly flimsy bamboo stuff. And I'm going to make you do that to yourself while I do ;)

Goodnight - Jessica

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