tagLesbian SexSpanks for the Memories Ch. 02

Spanks for the Memories Ch. 02


Author's note: This is the second part of "Spanks for the memories" - If you have not read part one I suggest you do, but this story can be read separately. Thank you to my readers who sent positive feedback.

Maria's story continues:

Driving home from Elizabeth's after my first spanking session I felt as if I was in another world. My whole body seemed to tingle, my senses were sharp, I felt really alive for the first time in years and my pussy was still damp. I was on a natural high from which I did not want to come down, far better than any alcohol induced high that I had ever been on.

I must admit that I had trouble concentrating on my driving and I was pleased to arrive home in one piece. On Elizabeth's advice I drew a hot bubble bath and lay soaking with a glass of wine close to hand and let the memories of that evening float through my mind. Oh the excitement of going over Elizabeth's knee for the first time, the tension as she raised my skirt and petticoat and the suspense as I waited for that first spank. My free hand automatically slipped down between my legs and my fingers played their familiar tune on my clit, it did not take long before I climaxed again.

My first spanking was all so clear in my mind and it was to stay that way for many days. At work I would find myself looking at my computer screen but not seeing the words and figures that were there. I saw images of Elizabeth's home, the dungeon and most of all the schoolroom. Oh, the schoolroom, how many times each day did the images of the blackboard, the teacher's desk and chair and the authentic school desks play upon my mind! The canes, oh the canes standing in their holder in the corner. I wondered many times if I could stand the pain of a caning, knowing of course that Elizabeth would stop immediately if I used the safe word.

At home I spent many "pussy wet" hours on my computer searching the Internet sites for information about spanking, domination, submission, sadism and masochism. I devoured article after article and photo after photo, increasing my knowledge of the scene and increasing my desire to once again experience being under the hand of Elizabeth.

Three weeks later I decided that it was time for another visit to Elizabeth. This time I was not nervous at all, my confidence and trust in Elizabeth absolute. I was pleased that Elizabeth answered the phone almost immediately.

"Elizabeth speaking, can I help you?"

A tingle of excitement swept through my body as I heard her cheery voice again.

"Hello Elizabeth, this is Maria, remember me from a few weeks ago?"

"Of course I do Maria, how could I forget you? I bet you are ready for another session with me, mmmm let me guess, in the schoolroom?"

I grinned to myself and laughed as I said, "Whatever would make you think that Elizabeth? Yes you are right, I do need another session and I'd love to visit your schoolroom. I actually found my old uniform in the back of a wardrobe and with a little adjustment I think I can still fit into it, would that be ok?"

"That would be lovely Maria, the more authentic the clothing the more you will enjoy the scene. Please wear a coat over the uniform. I don't want to see it until the scene commences and also I want you to bring a note from your form teacher that tells me, your headmistress, of your misdemeanors."

Elizabeth and I continued to discuss a few further details and made an appointment for the following Saturday evening at 7.30pm. I was pleased to have it at that time as I thought it would give me time to recover and review all that was to happen on the Sunday, without the pressure of going to work the next day.

During the week I made the adjustments to my old uniform, necessary because I had added a few inches to my bust over the years. When I tried my uniform on and stood in front of the mirror for a short time I felt a little foolish but these thoughts soon passed as I imagined what I hoped would happen on Saturday night. Perhaps I would not have been so confident if I knew then all that was to happen that fateful weekend, but, as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

On the Friday evening I worked on the letter from my form teacher to the headmaster and after much chopping and changing I was satisfied with the result.

Saturday passed very slowly and my anticipation rose as the minutes ticked slowly by. Mid afternoon I took a long shower and then dressed myself in the school uniform, complete with a dirty pair of sneakers that had seen better days. Make up was frowned upon at my old school so I bravely applied bright red lipstick, mascara and pink cheek blush. I then followed Elizabeth's instructions and hid the outfit under a light coat. Although nervous butterflies had once again invaded my stomach I forced myself to eat a light meal, as I was unsure when I would eat next.

My memory of the route to Elizabeth's home was still clear and once again I drove into the driveway at the appointed time. Quickly I locked the car and strode purposefully to the front door feeling a lot more confident than I had at the same place a few weeks earlier.

Elizabeth quickly answered my knock and ushered me inside. I was a little disappointed as she was casually dressed in a modest blouse and dark gray slacks; I had expected Elizabeth to be dressed more for the occasion.

"Welcome Maria, lovely to see you again," Elizabeth smiled as she took the envelope from my hand and dropped it on the small table in the entrance hall. After a quick hug she took my arm, removed my watch and led me through into the passage, guiding me quickly to the door that I knew led to the schoolroom.

"Stand right here at attention and face the door of the schoolroom Maria," Elizabeth ordered as her strong hands on my shoulders firmly put me in position. "You will not move from this position until you hear the clock chime. When it does you are to go into the schoolroom, remove your coat, place your form teacher's report on my desk and take your place at the front student's desk. And no talking. Any questions?"

"N, no," I stuttered, a bit taken a back and confused by the speed that the session had commenced.

"NO MA'AM!" Elizabeth exclaimed in my ear.

"No Ma'am," I meekly replied, realizing then that Elizabeth was already playing her role and the headmistress had her little schoolgirl well and truly in the palm of her hand.

"Very good Maria, you will call me Ma'am from now on," Elizabeth said in a firm voice and then continued in almost a whisper, "Don't forget the safe word."

"Yes Ma'am," I nodded my agreement and stood at attention about 12 inches from the door as I listened to Elizabeth's footsteps move away down the hall. My mind started to race, how long would I have to stand here? How long until the clock chimed? What was going to happen in the schoolroom? Elizabeth was definitely in a much more authoritative mood tonight and I vowed silently to myself that obedience was the best option by far. No smart arsed remarks from this schoolgirl for sure. I could hear the clock ticking slowly as the minutes passed by and as the tension built the familiar feeling of wetness in my pussy became apparent. The house was so silent and Elizabeth was so damn quiet. The suspense was building exactly as Elizabeth had intended it too and my muscles were starting to ache from standing at attention for so long. How long had I been standing there I wondered, its amazing how one gets used to glancing at a watch. Suddenly the clock chimed twice loudly making me jump, I almost looked around to see if Elizabeth was watching me but resisted the temptation and opened the class room door.

My memory of the schoolroom proved to be accurate. There were four student desks facing a larger desk for the use of the teacher. Behind the teacher's desk was a blackboard with plenty of chalk and a duster on the shelf. Beside the blackboard a thick leather strap hung on a hook and in a tubular stand in the corner stood an assortment of canes. A shudder went through my body as I saw the canes and once again I had to remind myself that Elizabeth believed in safe, sane consensual role play and that I could trust her to stop immediately I used the safe word.

I shut the door behind me and saw a row of coat hooks on the wall. Following instructions I removed my coat hung it on a hook and moved forward into the room. I placed my form report on the teacher's desk, smoothed my uniform into place and sat down at the front student desk. Once again the butterflies in my stomach were on the move as I glanced at the canes in the corner. Would she? Could I? Oh how I wished Ma'am would come into the room and get on with it. My mind was racing with wild ideas of how the scene would unfold and I forced myself to take some deep breaths. Once again I was unsure of how much time I waited for Ma'am, the lack of a clock or watch was unnerving for a time obsessed person like myself.

Suddenly the door opened and Ma'am strode into the room. As she passed my desk I was amazed to see that Elizabeth had changed clothes. She was now dressed in a formal suit but the traditional black teacher's robes really added reality to the scene. Ma'am really looked every bit the headmistress from an old time private school and I gazed transfixed as she stood behind her desk.

"Maria, surely you don't have to be told to stand when the head comes into the room," Ma'am said in a cold voice, " This is not getting you off to a very good start."

I jumped to my feet beside my desk and stood at attention cursing to myself about how could I have been so stupid? Ma'am looked at me coldly as she sat in her chair and picked up the notes from my form teacher that I had placed on her desk.

"Maria, you may sit and may I say that I am extremely disappointed that you chose to appear before me with all that makeup. That is a blatant disregard to the rules of the school and you will suffer."

I sat gratefully back on the wooden seat with Elizabeth's words ringing in my ears. The reality of the room together with the acting of Elizabeth had made me more nervous than when I had come here for my first spanking only a few weeks ago. I had to keep reminding myself that we were adults playing a game and that I could leave at any time.

Ma'am read silently through the notes, occasionally glancing at me and then back to the papers.

"Well Maria it seems that you have gone too far this time. Not only are your grades well below what they should be, you have been caught smoking three times and are constantly late for first class. Those misdemeanors are bad enough but this stupid prank that you and two other girls did of blocking up the toilets so they would overflow is absolutely reprehensible. Unfortunately you were the only girl actually identified, will you tell me the names of your accomplices?"

I shook my head, unable to speak. Had I gone too far when I made out the report? Would my punishment be more than I could take? Memories of the pleasure of my first spanking came back to me making me determined to go through with the scene.

"Maria I admire your fortitude but taking the blame for the other girls is going to make it worse for you. You know that your parents gave permission for corporal punishment when they enrolled you here, are you sure you don't want to change your mind?"

Once again I shook my head, "No Ma'am, it was my idea and I did it alone."

"Very well Maria, come up here to the blackboard and write out one hundred times, 'honesty is the best policy," Ma'am ordered in a firm voice.

"One hundred times!" I burst out without thinking.

"Do you want me to double it?" Ma'am asked, "Come on hurry up, five rows of twenty lines and keep them neat."

Quickly I stood and walked the few steps to the blackboard, pushing my chest out in my uniform to Ma'am's admiring glance. I took up a piece of chalk and started the task of the one hundred lines. Ma'am rose from her desk and moved to the back of the room where she could watch. I did my best to keep the lines straight and the columns even but I had not used chalk for many years and it was a bit of a mess when I had finally completed the task.

Elizabeth moved back to behind her desk, her eyes devouring my body through the too tight outfit, just like a lecherous headmistress would. I stayed at the blackboard waiting for the next instruction and suddenly she was standing beside me. Ma'am grabbed my left arm above the elbow, her hand grazing my breast as she moved me facing into the corner by the canes.

"Maria the gravity of your offence in the toilets deserves severe punishment. Not only could you have closed the school down it may have also have caused health problems if sewage had overflowed. I have no other course than to make you suffer for this major transgression. I have contacted you parents and they agree with me, it is either the humiliation of being expelled or you accept the punishment, it is your decision. Stand there for five minutes and think about it, then give me your decision."

Oh God more waiting I thought to myself, Ma'am certainly knew how to build the suspense. We both knew what my answer would be but that did not stop the butterflies in my stomach.

Finally after what seemed like ten minutes, not five, Elizabeth spoke, "Well Maria, have you made your decision?"

"Y'yes Ma'am, I have," I stuttered, God it seemed so real.

"And what is that decision Maria?"

"I will t'take my punishment Ma'am." I said, still facing the corner.

"Very well Maria, turn around and come over here."

I took a deep breath, turned around on shaking legs and looked at Elizabeth in her headmistress' outfit. A shiver of fear went through my body as I moved over and stood beside Ma'am's desk.

Elizabeth must have seen the fear in my eyes because her stern look was suddenly replaced with a smile. Her strong hands took hold of my upper arms and she held me in a hug. "Don't forget that you are in charge," She whispered, "Use the safe word and I will stop immediately, ok?"

I smiled back at Elizabeth as she held me at arms' length, "Yes Ma'am I will, I am ready for my punishment now Ma'am," I replied, once again feeling confident and knowing that I was in safe hands.

Elizabeth's smile was at once replaced with the stern look of the headmistress. Her strong hands guided me to stand beside her desk and then I was bent over the hard wooden top. My hands reached forward automatically and grabbed the far edge of the desk as I felt Ma'am's hands pat my arse cheeks through my skirt. Another involuntary shiver went through me as Ma'am's left hand lifted the hem of my skirt up and over my back and held it there while her right hand patted my tight panties.

"Whack!" The suddenness and force of the first spank took me by surprise and made me cry out. Obviously the warm up of this session would not be as light as my first spanking as the firm spanks on my panties continued. I noticed with a smile to myself that I automatically relaxed after the first few spanks. The tension of my first spanking had gone, I was getting what I needed and desired so much.

"Spank, spank, spank!" After the solid warm up of about twenty whacks Ma'am suddenly stopped and I felt her hand grip the elastic of my panties. I raised my hips off the table to assist Ma'am and my knickers were soon sliding down my legs to the floor. Ma'am bent down and slipped the panties right off, over my shoes, I then felt her hand between my thighs, spreading them wide apart. Even more excitement flooded my mind, as I knew Ma'am could now see my wet pussy and arse hole.

"Now Maria, your punishment really starts," Ma'am said as her hand once again spanked me hard on my soft skin. Alternate hard whacks on each cheek continued as Ma'am spoke, "I hope you realize that this is for your own good Maria," Whack, whack, whack, "I really do not like to punish young girls like yourself but your continued misdemeanors have to be addressed." Whack, whack, whack.

My arse was really beginning to sting now as Ma'am's hard spanking continued and I was biting my lip to stop from crying out. I knew that my skin would now be pink as Ma'am made sure that all my arse and upper thighs were well covered by her hand.

"Stand up Maria and look at me," Ma'am suddenly ordered as she stopped spanking.

I did as required and stood at attention, my eyes on the stern look on her face.

"Maria the hand spanking was for your continued lateness and bad grades. I am now going to punish you for smoking offences," Ma'am said in a firm voice as his hand reached out and took the leather strap of its hook. "Bend over the desk again Maria, I am going to mark your bottom with this strap, twelve times."

"Please Ma'am, not too hard Ma'am," I replied, my voice quivering with fear, "I've never had the strap before."

Ma'am's reply was to place the strap down on the desk and then reach out and unclip the buckle of my belt. My skirt soon slid down my legs to the floor and I was naked from the waist down. My eyes widened as Ma'am's fingers then went to my blouse and slowly undid the buttons one by one. My bra was next and I was soon naked before my lecherous Headmistress. A tremor of excitement and fear went through my body as Ma'am again turned me around and bent me over the desk.

I felt the leather belt rest against my warm skin as Ma'am found the range and took up her position. I waited and tensed myself for the first swat of the belt on my soft flesh. God I wish that she would not keep me on tenterhooks like this, the suspense was killing me! Finally after what seemed like ten minutes but, I was told later was more like two, the first blow from the strap landed with a loud crack.

"Ahhhhhh", I cried, "Owwwww that stings!"

"And eleven more to come Maria so get used to it," Ma'am replied in a voice that brooked no nonsense.

"Slap, slap slap!" the strap landed quickly three more times and I nearly jumped off the desk. Each blow was in a slightly different area as Ma'am skillfully and accurately criss-crossed my buttocks and upper thighs with the strap. I was calling out in pain as the strap continued to land on my poor soft skin and my legs kicked out as each blow landed.

"Keep still Maria," Ma'am called out loudly to make herself heard above my squeals of pain, " The more you jump around the longer this will take."

After the ninth swat of the strap the pain was so intense I was close to calling out the safe word but I was determined to go as far as I could. The tenth blow had me sobbing and the eleventh and twelfth swats made the tears roll down my cheeks.

As I lay sobbing over the desk with my arse stinging painfully I heard Ma'am's voice, "Now Maria, for your attempt to flood the toilets I am going to cane you. This pain will be severe so there will only be six strokes. Stay where you are Maria and your punishment will soon be over."

The cane! Oh my God I thought to myself she is going to cane me! Should I use the safe word now and just get out of there or should I attempt to see the punishment through?

It was as if Ma'am knew that my mind was in turmoil as she bent over and whispered in my ear, "Maria you don't have to go any further if you don't want to, this is a fantasy after all. This is your decision, I saw you looking at the canes and I think that being caned has been part of your fantasy, but if you say so, I will stop now. If you take the cane you can be sure I will take good care of you immediately after the sixth stroke."

Memories of how Elizabeth had taken care of me after my first spanking filled my head and all of a sudden I was filled with a steely resolve to go as far as I possibly could. I turned my head sideways and looked at Ma'am through my tears and sobbed, "I have done wrong Ma'am, I was stupid and immature to try and flood the toilets and I deserve to be punished."

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