tagErotic HorrorSparkling Death

Sparkling Death


Sheer, blue bell colored chiffon hung from the dark as night ceilings. A soft glow of moonlight beamed down through overhead skylights, glittering with star dust. The moon's reflection on the cold, black marble floor shimmered, lighting the dim room. In the center of this translucent room sprawled an inlay of dark satin, stretched across what appeared to be a king-sized bed that was set into the floor. Large throw pillows, made of royal blue crushed Panne velvet and edged in delicate black Windsor lace, were scattered around the satin pool.

Soft footsteps echoed off invisible walls as curves of light drifted in through the sheer haze. An almost blinding light pierced the darkness with a pin prick, taking shape as it moved. Slender feet of alabaster materialized in time with the echoing footfalls. Dewdrops caressed each shimmering toe as they alighted upon the cool, marbled floor. The glowing slithers of light flowed up from glimmering feet. Ankles bent with each step as calves flexed into succulent knees. Smooth thighs rounded into hips that snuggled up to a slender waist, a tapering torso followed by full round breasts. Shoulders sparkled with arms that floated around a face that shone like the moon itself. Eyes of dazzling diamonds peered between locks of silver hair, flowing about her face. Her smooth skin was like fresh cream and appeared completely perfect in every way.

She moved delicately, like the cloth that hung around her. She fluttered towards me with curvaceous steps. Entranced by her beauty, I reached out to her, hoping to catch just a piece. I longed that she would come closer so I could feel her voluptuous body against my own. Gracefully she danced, and twirled her body, coming closer with each sensual movement. Tiny flashes swept and spun around her in swirls as she glided nearer.

Glittering tendrils, which I thought I had imagined, flowed towards me through the shimmering darkness. Invisible fingers paralyzed any further movement of my limbs as they skated across my flesh. She draped her feather soft arms across my shoulders and slid fingertips, with a silky touch, over my neck and down my chest. Each fingered path was left numb after her touch. Her arms encircled my waist as she pulled me into her shimmering embrace. All feeling started to fade away into a dull nothing.

The faceted diamonds of her eyes held me hypnotized. My vision clouded and I stumbled into her sparkling pools of blackness. Succumbed to my sightless senses alone, I felt her warm breath upon my face. She continued to pull me in deeper. She pressed the full length of her body against mine. I melted into her touch. At that precise moment I relinquished all control. My body was no longer mine and it did not matter anymore. I would have willingly given it all to her, along with anything else she would have asked or demanded of me.

A warm gentle breath, that could only have only been hers, explored every inch of its newly claimed ward. I could feel the small hairs that covered me standing on end as her breath traversed my skin. External sensitivity was heightened; her movements caused dithered sensations to course through me. Her breath reached a resting point over the main pulse in my neck. Unknowing but willingly, my head lolled to the side exposing the tender flesh that flexed with the life blood underneath.

The clouds that obscured my vision swam thickly as she came closer. Faintness attempted to overcome me and drag me down towards the ground. Her breath pinched sharply into the life vein. Heat flashed sporadically into existence as it started trailing through my body. My lust grew exponentially in that one instant. I wanted her and I gave her everything. She took greedily. Was anything going to be left of me? I did not care. I wanted her to have it all. I gave it all.

The brightness, that was her, started to fade as I kept giving and she continued taking. It grew darker and darker. She hungrily took what she wanted. She was blissfully satisfied. My life blood was a special aphrodisiac to her kind. I began to understand everything. I meant nothing to her. She had hunted me down and brought me here knowing that she was going to throw me away when she was done. Silence enveloped me; the last drop drained into her awaiting mouth. She was finished with me. I fell into an everlasting forever. My love for her shall remain, always eternal, but I will hate her just the same.

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