tagNonHumanSparring Ch. 01

Sparring Ch. 01


The is a new story I just started, between the same Guy known as Venge but this time a different woman. Some one he knows by the name of Satavia. I hope you guys and gals enjoy this one.


It was a decent night to do a bit of working out, Satavia figure she would head to the Dojo that was across from the castle that was on her close friend's land. He was her teacher in the arts of fighting, something she enjoyed doing when the time was right. The woman walked to her closet bare naked not caring like she normally did, she thought to herself as a Temptress something most men wanted, with the body she had who wouldn't.

She was well-toned with a very large bust, but wasn't so out of proportion. Her breasts were full and perfect easy to just grab one hand full if a man was to do so. That lean torso was just tight as can be leading down towards those long muscular legs made for showing off, but not that kind of showing off. Cause in all truth, Satavia was a master of the Martial Art known as Capoeira, so had to keep her body in the most perfect of shape.

Since she had her own room she was safe to walk around how she felt, Satavia opened up the closet door her crystal blue eyes gazed through all the clothes fitting to her liking. The six foot woman reached towards each hanger pushing attire after attire aside. A small snarl came from the woman's full lips getting annoyed cause there was not a single proper thing to wear to the dojo, in her mind she could had sworn she had something but then she remembered all that type of clothing was at her home.

Satavia let through her lips a sigh that showed she was slightly upset with herself, but her attitude quickly changed grabbing a corset that was black that stringed from the front instead of the back. She knew this was the type of outfit for getting what she wanted from others of her kind. But she wasn't like most women that were sluts; she just knew how to play the game.

It was played very well she would add. Pulling the corset out with a small smile that crept over lips, then glanced at some Tripp pants.

The woman knew these pants were best for being baggy on her lower frame. Using the hangers to flip what she had over her shoulder to then kneel down to grip a pair of dark black sneaker with very thick soles.

Satavia finally got to the dojo; she stopped for a moment as she stared up towards this large area that was as big as a decent size house. Her mind wondered if anyone was there slowly walking up the steps to get to the large double doors of this massive dojo. Upon pulling one door open, she took a peek inside only to witness not a single soul has been there. This was perfect to her great delight she can train with no one's interference.

Tossing her duffle bag to the floor, kneeling to open her bag she reached inwards to pull out her M.M.A gloves. Sitting them down to untie her sneakers along with unzipping the pants at the knee, Satavia placed her stuff side the bag then tossed it in the far corner. "Now to get down to business!" her German accent slipped through her lips when those words came forth. Satavia punched her fist together then moved with great elegance moving into the jenga, only to push forth doing a tornado kick. Once the woman landed she felt eyes on her, the Germany woman thought she was purely alone.

Glancing towards this very large man through her jet black long hair, those crystal blue eyes narrowed into slits. Satavia gave him a hiss in a manner she didn't want to deal with him. She just wanted one day where she could just enjoy her time alone. Venge stood there by a room that was used as a weight lifting room, he held a towel around his neck over his lower half was a pair of baggy sweat pants. The large male slipped his feet from his sneakers one by one. Then the man walked to the dojo floor giving the German woman a smirk.

"Is that anyway to greet a close personal friend or should I say teacher?" Giving the woman across from him a very bright sadistic smile, he slowly walked closer to her tossing the towel aside without even a glance to know where it landed. Savatia now on the end of this brute's line of fire yet again, she hop back bringing her hands up in a fighting stance gritting her teeth while she look at him. "Look, leave me alone, I just wanted to use the dojo to train. Then I can head back to my room to get back to my experiments." She felt a shiver crawl up her spine, which alone was enough to make the hair on her back of her neck stand up on end. She hated how he always made her feel when he was near.

Was it her lust or the fear that she didn't like. Yes, she was a vampire, but she wasn't the sexual type. But that always changed when that brute was in the same room as she.

The six foot four male, gave Satavia this grin liking her nervous whenever he was out and about. "Not to worry my dear, this could be rather fun if you let your lust be your guide." Those words were mocking as well, while slowly moved even closer to her. Then it happened out of nowhere before she could even react to his speed, the large male charged her throwing his forearm into her throat pushing her back into the wall. Upon pinning her he slid his free hand down her Tripp pants to cop a long lingering grab to her most sensitive area. Satavia gasped struggling under his wake; she hated being trapped by him.

Her eyes widen the moment he touched her, she felt his hand only able to bite her bottom lip holding in a moan to the best of her ability. "Noo. Get off me!" She pushed with so much force, then without hesitation she cocked her fist back catch the large male square in the jaw with all her might. That did it, seeing this force actually stagger backwards giving her room to move. Venge felt blood run down the side of his left eye giving the woman a look that most feared.

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