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Speechless is the way you make me feel
speechless is the way that you reveal
just how much you mean
just how much I fiend
to be with you and to have your love
to be in you, were now making love

it starts out as a joke but there's no laughter
now im found on top of you shortly thereafter
I roll you over now your on top
we both know were not gonna stop

you remove my shirt and I remove yours
you remove my fears and there are no tears
we both want this thats sure and true
we both loose our jeans on the floor they flew

now were found in this intimant moment
there is no doubt of each others intent
the air is cold I can tell from your chills
but your quicky warmed from my body, im thrilled

I slide my self into your quivering pozition
you stare at me awaiting my disposition
we close our eyes your breath flutters like my heart
taking this moment slowly, were now thinking smart

your arched back in a swaying devotion
my starched neck kissing you in motion
your chest, your breast
lips to your hips
your sweat is sweet
your legs to your feet
wrapped around, kissing me sweetly
panting "I love you" and calling me "sweetie"

running your nails down my back in pleasure
running my hands up your thigh, wishing this moment forever
its finally happening your finally mine
im dedicating my self to you for all of time
beads of perspiration roll across your body
a love I couldn't have foreseen from anybody

the time finally came, this is reality
my love to you now found in sexuality
baby, this feeling, never could be conceived
until I found you, now I finally believe
were gonna be together forever I can feel it
the only better feeling is how you sit
over my body your figure rocking
my toes curl, cracking and locking

the feelings overwhelming its just too much to pin
the chills I can see through the bumps in your skin
its going to be soon I can see it in your eye
im about to explode, the tightening in my thigh
you gasp, close your eyes, your hands reach for the sky

I roll forward as I can't hold these emotions any longer
but you pin me down "not yet" in this moment your stronger
your eyes tear of water, but your not crying
your filled with love, our hearts no longer dying

im amazed at how easily I slide inside
bringing me to this natural high
alas we finally come to that time
your ready, shaking, tense and fine
then you let go in convulsions and collapse over me
and its in this moment that I know were free
this is truely how it was meant to be
now were spent, exhausted, and holding eachother
lying nude, in love, and no care for the covers

because your mine, im yours, this was our first time
surely we'll feel this way again, romance through rhyme.

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