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Special Delivery


Dear Readers,

One of my first submissions here. I've been writing for a while, this is an old story and I thought I'd post it first along with others that are on their way. Love to get feedback.

Enjoy :)


Take Me Home.

"See ya guys." Clara said as she walked out of the pizza shop.

"Hey you need a ride home?" asked James, one of the cute, young pizza drivers, as he caught up to her.

After work Clara liked to walk home, but the June summer air was cool and it was past midnight. She smiled at James in gratitude and told him she'd appreciate the lift home.

Perfect. James was so excited that his plan was going as planned. He had been in love with Clara for months now, only working at the pizzeria to be close to her. He lost count of how many times he had asked her out, but she said she thought of him as a brother or really close friend. That would change, he promised himself. Thinking about what he was going to do to the beautiful Clara, his cock instantly started to harden.

"I have one more delivery and then I'll drop you off at home," James promised.

"That's fine James, don't worry about me. I just appreciate the ride home," Clara said, unwittingly flashing the smile that drove James up the wall with desire.

As she settled back in her seat James let his lusty stare glide over her. A beautiful face with a light, creamy complexion, shadowed by her dark curtain of silky hair. She had a fantastic figure. She was far from boney, which was how James liked his women. Ripe hips that James could hold onto as he thrust into her sweet pussy. Nice sized breasts that were the perfect amount for his hands and mouth.

She was only 19, starting her summer break from college and working to get some extra money. James had been about to quit the week that she applied. While she was on break from college, he had graduated. He was 24, earned his degree in engineering and had a good job that started in the fall. However, when he had thought to give his two weeks notice, she walked in. He fell then and there. It wasn't a question that he would have her, in his life, and in his bed.

Clara did notice that they had left the city and were in a remote country area. All of a sudden a huge mansion loomed in front of them. James drove up the driveway and the gates closed behind them quietly, stealthily. He pulled up to the front door and turned to her.

Clara was in awe of the beautiful house, "I can't believe that someone living here would order pizza! But I guess no one can resist ours." She sent him an impish grin and wink that made his groin tighten and internally moan.

When James just sat there looking at her, she got nervous. Clara looked behind her to find the pizzas for him so that she could get home quicker. What the hell, she thought, where is the food? "Um... James did you forget something... like the food?" She was joking around and thought it was funny that he had forgotten the delivery.

He just continued to stare at her. Clara started to get anxious again and wondered what he was up to. He was so hot, she thought. 6'5 with a muscular build and made her want to run her hands all over his body. He had piercing blue eyes that she could stare into forever. But she knew he wasn't for her. James was too serious and grown up for her.

She felt bad because she knew he had a crush on her, but she didn't want to get into a relationship right now. She found out from her previous boyfriend that since they were in a "relationship" he expected sex. He didn't know that she was actually saving herself for marriage. Well, that had ended that and she knew she couldn't have a relationship with James because he'd expect her to get intimate with him, too. Clara knew he also wanted something permanent and to settle down, but she definitely wasn't ready for that either.

"There was no order placed here," James said, shaking Clara out of her thoughts.

No, she didn't hear correctly... did he say... "What do you mean? Well, why are we here then?" Bad feelings started to course through her.

James licked his lips and stared at her, "It's my house. It's going to now be yours too. Our home." He couldn't wait to get her into their bed.

"What the... James, look, that's really sweet but I need to go to my home, back in the city..." She trailed off as he started to chuckle.

James got out of the truck and came around to help her out. He opened the door and pulled her resistant body out of the car. Closing the door and pressing her up against the side of the truck he said "You're never going back to that apartment. Actually, you no longer even own it. I already called your landlord and told him this was your last month. He said that was fine, that he had a couple that was interested in moving in. I had your things moved here and he said they were going to move in during the next couple of days. Problem solved." He grinned down at her triumphantly, having successfully trapped her with him.

Clara stared at him in horror... how dare he do this? What gave him the right to meddle in her life? He wasn't a part of it!

His eyes suddenly turned cold and he tightened his grip on her. Shock had made her accidentally speak out loud and what she had said pissed him off.

Shaking her, James said in a low, deadly voice, "You had better believe I am a fucking part of your life. You are mine Clara. I had every right to "meddle", you belong to me! Mine! I'm tired of your bullshit excuses about why you can't date me. You'll stay here with me because I want you to. Understand? Play time is over, Clara!" Before she could say anything, his mouth swooped down and crushed his lips against hers in their first kiss. It was a mixture of anger, madness, love, obsession, and punishment.

He tasted so good, and even though he was rough, she moaned into his mouth. Hearing her mewling cries made embarrassment wash through her. She tried to push him away, moved her head from side to side trying to dislodge his lips.

This just made him angrier. He tunneled his hands through her hair and held her still. Plundering her mouth with his tongue until he got his fill of her.

Pulling back he whispered, "You taste so damn good Clara. I wonder how good you taste here." Sliding his fingers downer her body, her started to rub her pussy through her shorts.

"Get. Off. Me.!" She shouted. Clara stared bucking and thrashing, trying to throw him off her.

Picking her up, he carried her like she weighed nothing and took the steps two at a time. Opening the door, he didn't stop and pause for her to get a chance to look around and get her bearings.

Strolling down a hallway, James held her closer to his chest to lessen her struggles. She was screaming that he put her down, threatening bodily harm to him when he let her go. Amusement crept into his eyes as he listened to her tire herself out.

By the time they got to his personal wing in the house, Clara had stopped struggling and was biding her time, waiting for her chance to escape.

Stepping into his master bedroom, James put Clara down. She immediately crossed to the other side of the room, moving as far away from his as possible. James locked the door and then turned to her.

"Come here Clara."

"Let me go home James, I swear I won't tell anyone what you were going to do."

He shook his head. "Come here Clara. Now. Now, or it will be worse for you."

Slowly she inched further away, "James please, what do you want from me? I never did anything to you! Just let me go home," she pleaded.

Stalking her across the room, he was suddenly on her. Picking her up and throwing her onto the bed he settled himself on top of her before she could roll off.

Immediately, she started throwing her arms and caught him in the chin. Grabbing her wrists he pulled them over her head and tightened his hands around them brutally. He tore her shirt off leaving her in a lacy white bra. Reaching over to the side table he pulled two silk ties from the drawer. Tying her wrists wide and to each bed post he leapt off the bed and admired his handiwork.

"James, please don't do this. If you care for me you'd let me go." Her eyes pleaded with him to let her go, but he couldn't, she was imbedded into his skin. She was as essential as breathing, and he would fuck her until she felt the same about him.

"You're so beautiful Clara. Beautiful. And your mine! No one will ever touch you again like I am going to Clara. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you will forget about any bastard you had before me." Hearing this Clara started to softly cry. "No tears, love. I'll make it so good for you baby, and you won't want to leave me. We're going to be together forever. You're not leaving me Clara! Ever!"

"You sick bastard. My family will come looking for me and then you'll be arrested! I hope you enjoy this because you'll regret it." She glared at him. "I hate you."

All of a sudden James was there and the back of his hand collided with her cheek. For a second she couldn't think or say anything. Hit for the first time, and hard, by a man. Anger, hurt, and fear swirled in her eyes when she looked at him for an explanation.

"Never say that again. You don't hate me. Even if you aren't ready to admit that you love me, don't ever say that. It's not something you are allowed to say and if you do you will be punished." His chest was heaving in his anger.

"I...I'm sorry James. But please just let me go... I swear I won't tell anyone..."

"Shhh, baby. You aren't going anywhere." He set a knee on the bed quickly ripped off her shorts and tied her ankles to the bedpost at the end of the bed in a spread-eagle pose. "And as for anyone coming to look for you, that won't happen. Two weeks ago, I put my two weeks notice in, and faked one for you. Your last day was today. I told them you didn't want them to say goodbye to you, that it would be too hard, so it was kept from you." Stepping back he took his own clothes off. He took a minute to stare at his Clara in only bikini underwear and a bra. "You told me you don't talk to your family, remember? So there's no one Clara, no one in the world to come here and try to take you away from me. You are mine. Mine to do whatever I wish to, forever."

James couldn't take his eyes off of his Clara. He bent down and took her mouth with his, tasting her as he unsnapped her bra's front clasp and let her breasts fill his hands. He let his lips trail down her neck to fall on her breasts like a starving man. He nipped, suckled, and pulled at one of her nipples with his teeth, while one of his hands plucked and rolled her other nipple.

Clara's head swam in a haze of lust and denial... No, no this isn't happening. It shouldn't feel this good! She didn't even notice as his one free hands traveled over her smooth stomach to push her panties aside and slip a finger into her, feeling her wet cunt tighten around his finger.

Moaning, she let out these little mewling sounds that drove him crazy. "James... please..." She was sobbing that he stop, crying out at his touch and begging him to never stop. Inserting another finger, James gently tried to stretch her to get her ready for him.

James was on his knees, between her spread thighs and wanted more, all of her. "God you feel so damn good baby. I'm going to eat you up Clara." With that he threw her legs over his shoulders and speared her cunt with his tongue. After tongue-fucking her for a few minutes he bit into her clit, making her buck beneath his mouth.

"Pleeease, James. I can't do this." Clara was panting, tossing her head from side to side, trying to not feel the pleasure that he was giving her.

All of a sudden she exploded and could only keep her eyes shut tight and silently gasp for air.

"You're so wet for me Clara. I'm going to slip right in." James crawled up her body until he was covering her completely. Clara snapped out of the afterglow and started struggling against her bonds even harder than before.

Eyes so wide open that they looked like they took up her whole face she begged, "No James. I'm saving myself for someone that I love and who loves me. I wanted to wait until marriage. Don't take this from me." She tried to buck up and get him off of her. "I won't let you do this to me!" She shouted struggling and moving her hips, until she realized that she was rubbing herself against his cock and making him even hotter for her.

Holding his huge cock to her cunt, he said, "You. Are. Mine. As soon as I'm sure that you can be trusted to not run away or do something stupid, I am going to marry you. We're a forever thing Clara and you are never allowed to deny me." With that he started to push his cock into her.

Oh my god, she thought, he's going to rip me in half. Clara didn't think she could take all of him, but he still thrust into her until he met her thin barrier. "Mine" he growled and plunged through, making her cry out in pain. The tears felt like they'd never stop, couldn't be forced to stop.

He's too big... it hurts..., oh my god, was all Clara could think.

"Please..." she whimpered.

"What baby, what do you need?"

"Please... stop. It hurts." She looked up at him with such hope that he would.

With a bark of strained laughter he bent he head and licked one of her tears. "No Clara, I won't stop. I'll never stop."

Looking down at her, James thought he was the luckiest man in the world. Under him was his beautiful Clara, offering him the most precious gift she could give him. He loved and hated her mixed expression of pain and pleasure, loved being her first.

"Come, Clara. Let me feel you come with me." He reared up and started stroking her clit in rhythm with his thrusts. Each thrust got longer, harder, and faster.

Clara was gasping, crying out hoarsely. Before she knew it she was imploding and her climax burst inside of her. She felt James cum in her and each load felt like another thrust.

James fell on top of Clara and held her in his arms while they lie there trying to breathe. He leaned forward and got her out of her bonds, tunneling his hands through her hair. James stared down at Clara for a long time until he bent down and kissed her, relieved when she cautiously responded back.

"You know what this means now don't you Clara. I won't let you go. You belong to me. I love you and won't let you leave me. Choose Clara, the easy way or the hard way."

"James..." Clara was confused. She thought he'd rape her, which he did, but she thought he'd be brutal and uncaring. He had hurt her, but that had been unavoidable. James had given her intense pleasure, loved her and wasn't going to let her go. Her feelings were so jumbled that she actually felt that she liked him, maybe even... loved him!

"Choose, baby." He started rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb. "You're mine either way. I don't want to hurt or punish you, but I will if you defy me and try to leave. I won't let you. Choose Clara." He bent his head down and took her nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue back and forth. James wanted her so badly that he thought that he could keep her against her will. But he wasn't sure that he could do that if she really couldn't learn to love and want him.

"You..." she whispered it so low that James almost didn't catch it.

"What did you say Clara?" He glanced up, feeling hopeful, but stilled played with her, switching nipples.

A little stronger, louder she said, "You. I choose you." She closed her eyes and let the pleasure that his teasing brought her wash over her.

Looking up sharply he asked, "Why. Why are you freely choosing me?" He was afraid of her answer, but needed it, almost as much as he needed her.

"Because..." She was silent for a few minutes her head turned away from his. Turning to look at him, he saw something he had only dreamed he'd see. With a watery smile she said "Because, I love you James. Probably have since I started working at that dumb pizza shop. I just wish you could have asked me out in a more traditional way."

"Oh but Clara, I wanted so much more than to date you. You're going to marry me tomorrow, before you change you mind on me. This is your new home Clara. Our home. I want to start my life with you. Starting now. Marry me Clara, and make my life worth living." He looked at her with such love and adoration that she wondered why she had never seen it before.

"Yes, James. I love you. Yes" She was laughing and crying, wrapping her arms around his neck, ready to start her life with this handsome man.

"And you're quitting that job. No wife of mine will work when she can be home tending to my needs." He wiggled his eyebrows and swooped down for another kiss, both of them glad that he had taken her home.

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