tagRomanceSpeeding Ch. 01

Speeding Ch. 01


Kendall Mathison was going to be late. Again. Calculating the time from the stop light on Aspen, she was fifteen minutes away from her brother's law firm. Of course, she was supposed to be there in five minutes. Kyle was going to be pissy. Awesome. As soon as the light turned green, she stomped on the accelerator, throwing her red BMW into the stream of traffic as quickly as possible. She sped down the road, weaving through traffic until she saw the lights in her rear view mirror. Well shit, now she was really going to be late.

Reid Caufield didn't really have to pull the Beemer over. He was off-duty, headed home, but driving like a bat out of hell through the heart of Aylesford bothered him. The driver smoothly guided the car to the shoulder as he followed. When he approached, an amazing looking woman leaned out the window, license and registration in hand.

"Guess I don't need to tell you why I stopped you," he said, noting her eyes were an interesting shade of aqua when she pushed her sunglasses into her dark hair.

"I'm sorry. I was... am... late for an appointment," the beauty explained.

A hair or nail appointment, no doubt, he thought as he took her paperwork. A woman wasn't that gorgeous without work, and driving a forty-thousand dollar car drove that home. He nearly chuckled at his pun.

"I'll just borrow these a minute, and be right back with your ticket."

Taking note of his name, she asked, "Officer Caufield? Will this take long? That appointment.... My brother will beat me if I miss it."

"Your brother is violent?"

"Oh, no! He's a lawyer. I mean, he's an attorney." She said the last word with deliberate inflection. "He thinks he's responsible for me."

"Not your first offense, then?"

She blushed before answering. "I... let's say I was something of a trouble-maker." She let out a little laugh, "I had to balance out Mr. Stick-in-the-ass." As soon as she'd said it, her hand flew up to cover her mouth, her blush deepening. "I shouldn't have said that."

Thoroughly enjoying this woman, Reid asked the question that he guessed had a different answer than he first thought. "What kind of appointment are you late for?"

"Kyle wants me to join his team as an investigator. My degree is in journalism. I love uncovering a story, but I don't know if investigating for a law-firm is the right fit."

Now that he wasn't as pissed about her speeding through traffic, he was intrigued by her story. He finally walked to his car, and looked at her license. Kendall Mathison, age twenty-four, even looked good in a DMV photo. 914 Mulberry Lane. The registration was telling as well. Kyle Mathison, the brother. His address was also listed as 914 Mulberry. Hmm, she lived with her brother, but she was plenty old enough. Unnerved by his wayward thought, he wrote her ticket.

Officer Caufield was gone for a few minutes, and Kendall could finally breathe. The man was making her head mushy. She had always had a bit of a fascination- oh, let's face it- an obsession with men in uniform and Officer Caufield lived up to the obsession perfectly. She'd guess he was at least six feet tall with a chiseled jaw and thick, dark hair. It was also obvious the man spent time in the gym. Yum. She just wished he would take his sunglasses off, she was dying to know if his eyes were blue or green.

She sat patiently while Officer Caufield wrote her up. It wasn't like she didn't deserve the ticket. Kyle would just have to deal with it. He'd bought her a red car for heaven's sake. Brilliant idea Counselor Mathison, buy little sister a sporty red car. She was sputtering with laughter when Officer Hottie approached.

"Care to let me in on the joke?"

"My brother bought this car for me. He was insistent he put it in his name to save on insurance, but he bought me, the lead-foot in case you hadn't noticed, a sporty red car. And he prides himself on being brilliant."

"You could always just slow down," Reid answered, a smile on his lips.

"I could.... But I will be late for something else and give in." She shrugged at his raised eyebrow, "Hey, at least I'm honest."

Honesty, a refreshing quality in a woman. She was beautiful, honest, witty and intelligent. He really should've left that train of thought in the cruiser. Somehow his mouth engaged before his brain could stop him, and he found himself saying, "Kendall, would you like to go out to dinner?"

Holy shit. "Yes, when?"

"Is tonight too soon?"

"Tonight is fine, but I need you to do two things for me first."

"All right, but you still have to pay your ticket."

She almost said, "Duh" but stopped herself. "Of course. No, I need to know your first name and I'd like to see your face."

"Reid. Reid Caufield at your service," he said as he pulled his sunglasses off, revealing a face even more gorgeous than she'd first thought. His eyes were a deep sapphire blue. She was in trouble.

A smile tipped her full lips as she thanked him. Damn he hoped he'd be at her service. Pulling a woman over wasn't his usual way to ask her out. It'd been so long since Amy, he didn't really remember his usual way to ask a woman out, but Kendall was magnetic. "Seven tonight? I'll pick you up."

Right, he had her address now. "Seven is perfect. Now, to the dragon's lair."


Kyle was pacing around the office when Kendall finally walked in. She didn't even have time to prepare herself before he started in on her.

"Kendall, what am I going to do with you? You're nearly an hour late."

It was thirty-eight minutes, but she didn't dare point that out. "I had an... unexpected stop."

He quirked a sandy brow over a hazel eye in question. He didn't need to open his mouth to make her feel like she was a child again.

"I was stopped for speeding." At Kyle's scoff, she rushed on, "I was trying to get here on time. I have a date tonight now, though, so it wasn't all bad."

"You were speeding, got pulled over and now you have a date? Really, Kendall, you're sleeping your way out of trouble now? Lovely."

"No, it isn't like that. I still have to pay the ticket. Reid made sure to point that out before he asked me to dinner."

He pinned her with such a derisive look, she nearly burst into tears. Why was Kyle so demanding and so disappointed in everything she did? He had always been able to make her feel an inch tall without even saying a word. She knew she should be grateful he had stepped in to raise her, but it was getting harder every day. As he stared her down, she wished she hadn't come back to Aylesford.

"He was so taken by your beauty he just had to ask you out, is that it? You think he won't hold it over you?"

Her hands were curled into such tight fists, she wasn't sure she hadn't drawn blood. "I was speeding, and deserved a ticket. He doesn't have anything to hold over me, and even if he did, he's not you. You have held your delay to college and your scholarship loss over me almost my entire life. Have you ever stopped to think maybe everyone isn't like you?" She threw the papers she'd been holding on the floor, ground the heel of her boot into them. "I will find my own way. I don't care how much this job pays, how wonderful this firm is, or how disappointed you are. I will never give you the right to be the boss of me again." Nearly spitting on the application she had tossed, she turned and stomped out the door, making sure to slam it as hard as she could. It may be juvenile, but it felt good to slam a door.

Making the dramatic exit was one thing. Following it through was something else entirely. She left the car Kyle had purchased and registered in his name for her in the Jamieson, Trenton, Parker & White lot, and walked into the heart of downtown hoping for a sign. She didn't know if she was hoping for a "Help Wanted" sign or a sign from God, but right now she'd take either. She sure as hell couldn't go home without a job, or a plan, or something. Her degree wouldn't be much help unless Lois Finnegan had expanded the Aylesford Tribune in the last few years. So she walked.

Kyle had always been so driven. He knew he wanted to be a lawyer from the time he was fourteen and had pursued that goal with such single-minded passion, she had been proud of him. She loved him, and she would be forever grateful for him coming home to Aylesford to take care of her after their parents plane had crashed into the Atlantic, but she had to strike out on her own. She knew she hadn't been easy to deal with, and she understood his resentment to a point. To become a surrogate parent to a sulky twelve year old sister when he'd just started at UVA had to have been hard. She sighed. She had been difficult, terrible even, but it had been twelve years since their parent's death and she'd cleaned up her act a long time ago. She had worked hard, and now had a bachelor's degree. Granted, she couldn't use it for much here, but she had gone to Washington and Lee on partial scholarship, and graduated with honors. That had to mean something, didn't it?

She was very nearly stomping down Oak Street, lost in thought and memories and she almost missed it. Her calling. Okay, that might be a tad melodramatic, but there it was. Taylored Jewels. She and Taylor had been friends since elementary school, unfortunately losing touch when Taylor went to California to study gemology and jewelry making. Kendall was hoping Taylor Jamieson was her answered prayer.

Smoothing her wrinkled khaki linen skirt, she took a deep breath and pushed open the cut glass door. Inside, she found a beautifully appointed shop decorated with wood, glass, and stone, with framed designs that looked to be hand painted on the wall. Tay had done nicely for herself. Shrugging off the feeling of inadequacy, she waved away the sales associate and wandered the store. In one case was a collection of colored stones in ornate settings, in another were engagement mountings of every variety. She was mesmerized by a particularly intricate diamond engagement ring when she heard her name.

"Kendall Mathison!" Taylor exclaimed. "Shopping for an engagement ring?"

Laughing, Kendall looked up from the case to see her childhood friend all grown up. Taylor's red hair was pulled into a sleek twist, her make-up was perfect and a slate blue skirt suit- a very tailored, beautifully made skirt suit- adorned her body. Always a pretty girl, Taylor Jamieson was a stunning woman.

Abruptly straightening from her crouch, Kendall replied, "Oh, no, although this is gorgeous. And my lord, you look amazing."

A blush crept into the jewelry designer's face. "This is my commercial look. I'm normally not so clean and shiny around here. I look perfect-ish today until you look at my hands." She held up the appendages in question, showing the calluses, burns and perpetual polishing compound of a working jeweler.

Grinning, Kendall affirmed her original assessment before taking in and blowing out a bracing breath. "Do you happen to be hiring?"

Taylor looked toward the ceiling for a moment, tapping a finger against her chin. "How are you with sales and merchandising? And, what do you know about jewelry?"

"I adore jewelry, and am willing to learn anything. I worked in a bridal shop in Buena Vista when I was at W&L. My degree is in journalism, but I minored in theater, so I have set decoration and costume design experience as well. Taylor, I know it's a thin resume, but I just can't let Kyle support me anymore."

Taylor's delicate eyebrows knitted together with her puzzled look, "Why did you come back to Aylesford if you can't let Kyle take care of you anymore? I would love to help, and I think we might be able to work something out, but why aren't you writing somewhere? You always wanted to write." She took Kendall's right hand in both of hers, "I so wish we had stayed in touch."

Enjoying the warmth and caring emanating from her friend, Kendall replied, "California is far away." She shook her head before continuing, "Kyle said he thought I would be an asset to his team and being the glutton for punishment I am, I ran home. I thought he saw value in me and my work; instead, it was just another way to control me."

Understanding dawned on the redhead's face. "Be here at nine tomorrow morning, Kendall. We'll sit down and figure everything out then."

"Thank you! I promise you won't regret this, Tay," she gushed before she turned to walk out the door.


After her tirade in Kyle's office, Kendall wasn't excited to head home. Although her luck had been good in the late afternoon, she wasn't holding her breath it would hold out any longer. Despite Kyle, she'd hopefully found a job with a good friend, and she had a date in a short while. Smiling, she walked in the door.

Less than two seconds after crossing the threshold, the smile slid off her face. Not only was Kyle home, he'd brought backup. Shit.

"Where have you been?" He demanded. "Do you know how worried I've been? Your car was at my office and you were gone. I almost called the police."

Instead of pointing out the police wouldn't help because she was an adult and she'd only been gone four hours, she said the only thing she could. "I'm sorry you were worried."

"Where were you?"

"Does it really matter?"

"You bet your ass it does, you didn't answer your phone."

"I was downtown. My phone was dead, but I didn't expect you would call me. I left my car, because really it's your car isn't it? I walked off some steam, stopped for coffee, caught up with Taylor Jamieson and got a job. Do you really care?"

"He's always worried about you. Afraid you and your antics will land you in trouble. Again," Nichole was quick to interject. Oh, how Kendall disliked Nichole McClaren. Three years older than Kendall, she was almost finished with law school, never had a hair out of place, and had Kyle wrapped around her French manicured finger. She knew that given the choice, Kyle would choose the paralegal over herself. But why was Nichole here now, and why were a few hours such a big deal?

"My antics?" Kendall rounded on the blonde. "Kyle hasn't even begun to see my antics. My life is my own now, and I plan to live it." She planted herself inches away from the Barbie-doll, "Why the fuck are you even here?"

"Kendall Renee Mathison! You will not disrespect Nichole that way."

At the admonishment, Kendall began to laugh. "I am not a kid anymore. My full name is not scary, brother dear. But, really, why is she here?"

Before he could answer her question, or she could call out his full name in retribution, the doorbell chimed. Cursing the god of timing, she turned to her brother, "It's seven and my date is here. Why don't you go cross-examine him? I need to freshen up."

Kyle stood rooted to the spot for a long moment before turning toward the door. Pasting on a smile, he unlocked it.

Reid had listened to the majority of the argument while standing on the porch. From what he heard, Kendall was tired of her controlling brother, the brother's girlfriend was a bitch, and Kendall was working somewhere other than the law firm. Tucking the information away, he was smiling when the door swung open.

"You're here for Kendall?" Kyle did nothing to cover the disbelief in his voice.

"I am. Reid Caufield," he introduced with an outstretched hand.

Kyle accepted his hand, introducing himself in kind and openly looking him up and down. "I believe we've been on opposing sides of a couple cases, Officer Caufield."

"A defense attorney, then?" Kendall said her brother was an attorney, but hadn't said what type or which firm.

"I'm an associate at Jamieson, Trenton, Parker and White."

Aha. That was why Mathison looked familiar. "I just met your sister today. Where have you been hiding her?"

"She was down at Washington and Lee." He gave Reid another long up and down look. "She's only twenty-four."

Controlling, yet protective older brother. "A few years is hardly a problem."

He gestured with his arm, ushering Reid in the door before continuing, "I'd say there's quite an age difference."

Shaking his head, Reid told him, "Not too much. I don't think it bothers Kendall, and she's the one who matters, right?"

Kyle just let out a "humf" sound and stalked in, encircling a petite blonde in his arms. Reid had just sat down on an ottoman when Kendall walked out of what he assumed was a bathroom. Wow. He thought she was beautiful in the car earlier today, but he hadn't seen the whole package. The flared jeans hugged a world-class ass, the silky blue halter top showed off mouthwatering curves leaving her back bare, and her long chocolate curls framed her drop-dead face. He felt his jeans tighten, and he prayed he could control himself.

Holy shit. She remembered Officer Reid Caufield as hot, but damn. Although she had a thing for uniforms, out of uniform the man was still burning her alive in lovingly worn jeans and a white dress shirt. She felt herself slicken, her heartbeat speed up, and knew she was done-for. It was going to be difficult getting through dinner without mounting the man.


Dinner was Mexican. Fajitas were her favorite, and as they assembled and devoured them, the conversation flowed. She learned Reid had two brothers. Ryder and his wife Madelyn owned a restaurant in Ashford, Mimosa, and Reece and his fiancee Cassandra were currently in Atlanta.

"So, how does the oldest brother hold out on the marriage thing?"

He trailed his hand down her bare back as he answered, brushing the sensitive spot above the waistband of her jeans, "I haven't found the right woman yet." He grinned as he watched her nipples come to attention with his touch, and nearly moaned as she slid her hand up his thigh.

Her hand had crept up his thigh over the course of the meal, and now she was avidly running her fingers over his hard length through his jeans. Unable to resist, he leaned over and captured her mouth with his own. Changing the angle, he deepened the kiss, pulling Kendall as close to him as possible. They had to get out of there before he untied that top and got them both arrested.

"God, Reid, take me home."


"Your home. I need you."

He pulled back from her to look into her stormy eyes. "We've only just met." God, how those words were hard to say.

She reached up to kiss him again, thrusting her tongue in his mouth. She deepened the kiss, claiming him, coming up only to say, "Don't say no."

He had tried to be a gentleman, but no man was that honorable. Tossing a fifty on the table, Reid picked Kendall up, wrapping her mile long legs around his waist, and walked them out of the restaurant. He carried her easily, never releasing her mouth for more than a breath, until he reached his truck.

If she hadn't been wearing pants tonight, she was sure she'd already by full of Reid's cock. As it was, she'd soaked through her jeans. Never, never had she wanted a man with such a vengeance. She needed him like she needed air, and she couldn't wait. She slid her hand into his jeans, wrapping her hand around the largest cock she'd ever handled. Holy mother. "I'm on the pill, Reid. Please, I can't wait, just take me here."

He couldn't stop himself. He unbuttoned her low-rise jeans, unzipping them to find her waxed pussy just beneath. The last of his tenuous hold on resistance fled when he slid his fingers around that hot, wet, bare pussy. He stripped one pant leg off her, driving two fingers into her as he did. As he filled her with his fingers, she freed his cock from the confines of his own pants and boxers, all the while fondling him to the point of breaking. Wasting no time, he pulled his fingers from her and replaced them with his cock, driving into her like a mad man up against the side of his truck in a public parking lot.

Holy shit, the man was huge. As he fucked her with long, deep strokes, she only wanted harder, faster and told him as much. He drove into her again and again, harder and harder, faster and faster as she urged him on, until she broke into a massive screaming orgasm, her muscles clamping on him like a vise. He couldn't hold out a moment longer and poured into her as she continued to spasm.

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