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Spelling Relief VANESSA


My job as a limousine driver in greater Los Angeles has put me in contact with a number of well known personalities. Our company has a reputation for excellence and discretion and is therefore very popular with celebrities and such. While most of this contact is of a professional nature, occasionally circumstances have become more intimate, resulting in some exciting sexual encounters. I don't claim this happens every time I get behind the wheel but I don't see much sense writing about the ones "that got away". I would rather make known the tales of the tails I've known.

For example, there was the time I was hired to transport Vanessa Williams for the evening. The assignment started out much as any other. I picked up picked her up about 6:30 and drove her to a local country club for a charity function. I wasn't too surprised that she was going unaccompanied. After all, I am a huge Lakers fan, and I knew that her husband, Lakers forward Rick Fox, was on an East Coast road trip for and had been for over a week.

As it happened, I had driven Miss Williams on a number of previous occasions and she was unlike many others I had driven. Typically my limousine passengers prefer to pretend the car is operated by a robot, allowing them to ignore my presence. However, she was very down to earth and had no problem with talking to the "help". The fact that she made an exception to this pattern raised her to the level of decent person in my mind. She had even told me to call her Vanessa; however since I wasn't comfortable being so informal and stuck with "Miss Williams".

Tonight was no different. She kept the intercom open during the trip and we talked throughout the ride, not focusing on any particular topic, just passing the time. She seemed distracted but kept up her end of the conversation. Soon enough we reached the country club and she went inside while I waited with the car.

About three hours later, the event ended and she was back in the car. However, instead of ordering me to take her home, she asked me to head up Mulholland Drive and take a scenic drive through the hills above Los Angeles. It was a clear night (for L.A.) and I didn't think too much of the request.

We cruised for about a half hour before she asked me to pull over into a dirt area that served as temporary parking for people wanting to park and enjoy the view. I opened the door for her and she walked over to the low stone wall that marked the edge of the overlook.

After a few minutes, she asked if I could bring her jacket from the car. I brought it over and draped it across her shoulders. She smiled as she thanked me and asked me to stay with her, that the view was too nice for one person. A few minutes, she sat down on the wall and patted the space next to her.

"Come sit next to me, Henry. I've got nobody to go home to tonight and I feel like talking to someone."

I did as she asked and we began to relax and tell each other stories about the different things we had seen and heard during our days in La-La land. Now she insisted I call her "Vanessa" and I found that I was comfortable doing so. I passed on a few stories about some of the things that had happened in my limousine, but carefully edited them to avoid giving away any names. She talked about the attitudes she had to deal with after losing her Miss America crown and how hard it had been to redirect her career afterwards.

After a time, her voice grew sad and she began to talk about how difficult it was to have her husband on the road so much. She spoke more freely than I would have expected and was quite frank as she explained that her husband wasn't into sex during the season, fearing it would sap his strength. I told her that I had heard that was a common practice among some athletes, particularly boxers.

Then she astounded me by confessing that her husband preferred straight sex when they did get together. She had only been able to convince him to perform cunnilingus a few times in the six months they had been married, and he never allowed her to give him head. She wasn't shy about making it plain that she wasn't too happy about the situation.

I was debating whether I should risk my job by pressing the issue or if I should let her continue to lead the conversation when Vanessa dropped her hand down to my thigh and rubbed my upper leg as she continued speaking. "Enough about me. What about you, Henry? I don't imagine spending your evenings working does much for your love life."

She had a point. As much as I liked my job, it definitely had its drawbacks. I admitted to her that my hours of work did restrict even the opportunity to meet anyone, never mind establish any kind of relationship.

"Well, aren't we a pair," she commented. "I can't get enough of what I want from my man, while you have all the best qualities of a man and can't find an opportunity to show them off."

Her hand had been rubbing my leg the last few minutes and the contact, along with the conversation, had gotten me hard. I was just about ready to start telling her how much I love to eat pussy when she took the final step and made me an offer I wasn't about to refuse.

"I don't sleep around, Henry. In fact, I prefer oral sex to fucking. How about it? You take care of me, I take care of you. Nobody talks. What happens between us, stays between us. Deal?"

Of course, I told her that sounded great to me. I knew she was horny, but she still caught me by surprise when she moved her hand to my hard-on and began rubbing it through my pants. Her fingers actually started to pull down the zipper of my pants and I had to grab them to stop her. As much as I wanted her to suck my dick, I didn't want to be interrupted and suggested we go somewhere a little more private. We were only about fifteen minutes drive from the small apartment I rent in Universal City so I suggested we go there. She was very open to the idea and we just about ran back to the car.

She rode next to me in the front seat this time, squeezing herself up against me during the ride. Her hand continued to rub my stiff cock through the fabric of my pants and telling me how much she wanted it in her mouth. I actually ran a stop sign in my eagerness to get home and still consider myself lucky I didn't get us in an accident

Her hands were all over me and by the time I parked at my house, she had my necktie off and my shirt unbuttoned. Even as we walked up the stairs to my place, she was pulling my shirt off me. I was amazed at how eager she was and my dick grew even stiffer with anticipation. I fumbled briefly with my door key, taking several attempts to get it open.

Once inside, she dropped to her knees and pushed me back against the door. Her hands were at my waist pulling my belt open and yanking my trousers down to my knees. She quickly found my erection and gave a delighted chuckle as it burst free from my boxers. I was a little embarrassed at how much pre-cum was already dripping from the tip, but she didn't seem to care at all.

Her tongue flashed out and circled the mushroom head of my dick, catching the drippings and bringing them into her mouth. She continued this for several moments, until my cock head was slick with her saliva. Then she licked her own lips until they glistened the same way. She closed her mouth, pursed her lips so the slick surface was exposed, and began rubbing my cock head back and forth across her lips. I had never had this done before and was amazed at the sensation. The spit let things rub together smoothly, but there was enough friction to stimulate my hard-on. I was trying very hard not to cum but this unique approach quickly brought me to orgasm. I groaned deeply as my cock shot 8 or 9 spurts of cum onto her lips and face.

I was worried that she would be angry and began to make excuses for cumming so soon. Vanessa, however, was delighted. Apparently her goal had been to bring me off quickly to allow more time before my next orgasm. She licked herself clean where she could. What she couldn't reach with her tongue, she wiped up with her fingers and fed to herself that way. In the meantime, I stumbled into the living room and removed my clothes completely.

Vanessa followed close behind and pushed me down on the sofa. Once she finished snacking on the cum that had shot on her face, she returned her attention to my cock. She licked the remaining cum from the tip, then took the head in her mouth. She began to suck gently and I found that, rather that losing my erection, I was swelling up to full size. She slid her tongue down the underside and began licking and sucking my balls.

She took each of them into her mouth in turn, gently sucking them as if she were sucking a cock. Then she would let them sit on her lips while she laved them with her tongue. She planted several soft kisses on each one, then began to lick the back of my scrotum, close to my asshole. No one had ever done this for me and I was amazed at how good it felt. All this attention had made my cock return to full erection and now she turned her efforts towards keeping it that way.

She ran her tongue along the underside of my cock, starting at the base and continuing to the head. She began to flick her tongue back and forth across the sensitive area on the underside of my prick, right below the mushroom cap. This was a more normal target for oral stimulation and it felt as good as it ever had. Pre-cum began oozing from my dick and she swiped her tongue to collect it and add it to the moisture her spit had created.

Now Vanessa began to suck me into her mouth, her tongue roaming along whatever portion was inside her. She would let my cock slide out, almost to the point where it would flop free, before sucking it back in again. Each time she took a little more inside, until finally the entire length was sliding past her lips each time she bobbed her head. One of her hands slid down to lightly squeeze my balls, almost as if she were milking them. In fact, that may have been exactly her intention. Five minutes of this deep throat action and I was moaning softly, ready to shoot again. She began to use her other hand on the lower half of my cock, jerking me off as she sucked the upper half. This took me to the edge and a minute later I was again blasting cum, this time directly into her mouth. She continued to suck strongly until she had taken it all, then licked what little remained off the tip of my dick.

I was amazed at how quickly she had brought me to successive orgasms. If her husband only knew what he was missing. Not only did she love sucking cock, she was world class. While I sat back and let myself recover a little bit, she undressed herself. She was wearing only a tiny pair of French cut panties and she looked as sweet as any woman I had ever seen. She peeled off the panties and moved to sit beside me.

"Now it's my turn," Vanessa said with a happy grin, spreading her legs wide and sliding down so her ass was halfway off the sofa. I was happy to return the favor and knelt on the floor between her legs. Her pussy was already glistening with moisture and she was breathing in quick shallow pants, eager for her arousal to be satisfied. Her thighs were actually trembling slightly in anticipation.

I began by planting a number of light kisses on the inside of her thighs, then on her cunt itself. Then I extended my tongue and licked from the bottom of her slit to the top, circling the hard bud of her clit when I reached it. She moaned and her hips made an involuntary bucking motion, pushing her cunt up towards my face. I licked back down the slit and let my tongue works its way past the entrance and into her wet hole.

She cried out for me to bring her off quickly and I responded by returning my mouth to her clit. I sucked it gently, feeling it pulse inside my mouth. My tongue began to make circles around the erect nub, growing smaller with each circuit. The motion turned into a simple lashing of her hot spot and she began thrashing on the sofa, gasping out words of encouragement as her pussy began to flow with juice.

"Oh, yeah, baby, eat me good. Eat my pussy, baby! That's it, right there, lick it, and lick it. C'mon baby, make me cum! Make me cum! Use that tongue baby!"

She was wiggling around so much I had to press my hands down on her thighs to avoid losing contact with her clit. I started sucking harder and her gasps turned to moans. She was rapidly approaching orgasm and I redoubled my efforts, eager to bring her to the same release I had enjoyed. Suddenly she cried out my name and began shuddering as spasms wracked her, using her hands to hold my face to her pussy.

I let her clit slide from my mouth and moved my head down to lap at the moisture running from her cunt. I gave a few gentle pulls on her labia with my lips and shoved my tongue as deeply inside her as was possible. Vanessa squealed with pleasure and pulled her legs up to rest them on my shoulders. I continued to fuck her with my tongue, occasionally licking the length of her pussy before returning to probe the tight wet hole.

About ten minutes of this and she began to move towards a second orgasm. Her thighs joined her hands in holding my mouth to her cunt and the smell of pussy juice filled my nostrils. Her voice was begging as she got hotter and wetter.

"Please make me cum, baby. Give me another one. Fuck my cunt with your tongue! Don't stop it, baby. Make me cum. Make it good. C'mon, baby, c'mon. Make...me...cummmmmmmmmmmm!"

The final syllable turned into a moan as she pushed her hips up into my face and started shaking. Her orgasm lasted longer this time and she moaned and gasped the entire time. Finally her body stopped quivering and she relaxed her thighs, allowing me to pull my head back slightly.

I stayed between her legs, licking the pussy juice from her thighs as she recovered. Her legs dropped from my shoulders and she lay with her legs spread, seemingly unaware of anything around her. I wondered if we were done and debated as to what I should do next.

Finally I decided to take the initiative and I ran my finger along the edge of her pussy lips. She groaned in pleasure and I let the tip of my finger gently circle her clit. Her legs spread wider and I guessed she wanted more. I slid my finger down her cunt and slowly pushed it inside. Slowly at first, then gaining speed each minute, I finger fucked her steadily for about five minutes.

At one point I glanced up and saw that Vanessa had her tits cupped in her hand, squeezing and pinching the nipples. Her mouth was open and her tongue was out, licking her lips. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be very intent on the sensations running through her body.

Juices continued to flow from her and my hand became very wet. I added a second finger and lightly flicked her clit with my tongue. She was humming deeply in time with each penetration of my fingers and I realized she was soon going to cum again. I continued like this for a few more minutes and suddenly she began to cry out.

"Oh fuck. Come on Henry, make me cum again. Please don't stop. I'm so close, so close. Fuck me with those fingers. Fuck me, fuck me!"

She babbled on like this until suddenly her entire body tensed up and she yelled out as yet another orgasm burst upon her.

"Fuck, yesssss, I'm cuuuummmming. Yessssss. Oh, damn, I'm cuuuummming!"

Her voice broke down into a combination of laughing and sobbing. Her body began to move again and she was wiggling around so much that my fingers slipped from her pussy. Finally she stopped moving and curled up in a ball on the sofa. I wasn't sure if she was asleep but her deep steady breathing indicated to me that the best thing to do was leave her alone until she was ready to come back to the here and now.

I took the opportunity to get myself some water and used the stereo remote to turn on some soft jazz music. My jaw was slightly sore and when I glanced at the clock, I realized that we had been giving each other head for over an hour. I found myself grinning at the thought. I had never seen a woman so reactive to oral sex and my cock stirred slightly as the memories passed through my head.

Another ten minutes passed before Vanessa stirred slightly and asked me for some water. She sat up on the sofa and sipped at the cool liquid while I wet a towel with warm water and wiped her thighs and pussy clean. She pulled my head down to hers and kissed me firmly. I thought she was beginning to say good night, but to my surprise she asked me if I was ready for more.

"Fancy some 69, Henry? I think I'm hornier than when we started."

Rather than respond with words I simply laid on my back on the floor. She stood with her feet on either side of my head and lowered herself onto my face. I squeezed the cheeks of her ass together and let my lips find her pussy. The urgency of our earlier activities was gone and we took our time, slowly licking and kissing each other.

I wasn't sure if I would even be able to cum again, but I became quickly erect as her lips and tongue explored my cock. Rather than suck my erection, she was content to stimulate me with teasing swipes of her tongue, never lingering at any one area for long. She would lick the head steadily for a minute or two, then switch to kissing my balls or licking the underside of my dick.

I took her lead and did much the same thing. From soft kisses on the outer lips, to deep probes of her cunt, then soft sucking of her clit. We let things build slowly, trying to bring each other close but not over the edge.

The teasing nature of our activities became too much for her. Her hips began to jerk and she kept moving so as to keep my mouth as close to clit as possible. She was the first to cum, forcing herself down onto my face as her body shook with pleasure. Vanessa moaned as she came and ignored my hard-on as her pussy began to pour juices down on my face. I continued to suck her clit until her moaning and groaning ceased.

She rolled off me onto her back, pulling me along with her so that I was now on top. I continued eating her with the same slow pattern we had evolved before. She on the other, began to suck my cock in earnest. My position on top of her was ideal for driving my cock into her mouth and she took my length completely into her throat.

The excitement this created within me was too intense to remain patient and I became more aggressive in eating her. I took the hard bud of her clit into my mouth and let it slide out, grazing my teeth as it did so. Then I sucked it back inside again and whipped my tongue across it as hard and as fast as I could. Her hips bucked upward against my mouth and I could hear her grunting around my dick, which was still buried in her throat.

Vanessa started shaking again, and her deep sucking of my cock became even more frantic. I in turn sucked and licked her clit even harder. Finally her legs squeezed together again, trapping my head tightly between them. She used her tongue to push my cock from her mouth and started crying out as her orgasm took her.

"Yessssss, yessssss. Suck on my cunt. Make me cum again. Do it, Henry, Suck my cunt. Yesssss. Make my pussy cummmmmmmmmmmmmm."

The last syllable rose from her in a half scream as she came again. The same mixture of sobs and laughs I had heard earlier spilled from her throat and her thighs squeezed my head even tighter. I was briefly afraid I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, but the pressure of her thighs released and she lay on the floor, panting heavily.

I took several deep breaths myself and lifted myself off her. She grabbed my cock as I did so and protested that I hadn't cum yet. I told her I wasn't sure I would be able to, as twice a night was usually about all I was good for. I explained it was just the way men were built and it wasn't anything she should feel responsible for.

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