Spice Ch. 01


Jodie knew she was dreaming. The feeling was so odd, but the situation so familiar. Her brain was drifting awake, and soon she knew her body would make itself known, pressed hard into the mattress like a dead weight.

But for now she would enjoy the dream.

She often awoke with this stream of images and memories tickling her mind. Their first kiss. It always started with the gentle gust of breeze that tossed her hair across her face as they stared out across the water. The lock gently whipped at her cheek and landed over her eye.

The date hadn't gone too well, but she was so physically attracted to him that it didn't totally matter. His finger scooped the hair away and he leant in close, his lips hovering next to hers, making her make the final journey.

The tension was palpable, the breath from his nostrils teasing her skin; this was something she'd wanted for weeks, and now it was only her that was stopping it.

And now the fucking alarm.

It pierced through the dream and tore it asunder with such brutality she woke up swearing out loud. Her fist banged in to the clock, making it bounce on the bedside table.

Jodie sank back into her pillow and stared at the window to the side of the bed. His gentle snoring annoyed her. The alarm never roused him. And here she was, the fading memory of their first kiss disappearing, before the sun was even peeking through the shades.

She didn't want to look at the time, and she didn't need to. David would be up soon. Reluctantly, she pulled her hand out from under the bedclothes and scooped the dried up sleep from her eyes. Her mouth was dry, so she craned her neck and bought a glass to her lips, quenching the thirst with deep gulps.

As she plonked the glass back down, it clinked against her wedding band. She thumbed at it, trying to roll it around her finger like she used to. It had been a while since it moved like that, moulded now as it was to the shape of her finger and tight against the layer of fat she had put on.

Jodie wasn't overweight, nor even plump, but she was no longer the skinny thing she used to be. Sure, it made her tits a little more impressive, and she enjoyed her cleavage now, but she didn't like struggling to fit in to her favourite outfits. She could lose a few pounds for sure.

This train of thought was depressing her, so she let her mind wander back to the dream. She licked her lips at the memory. She had pushed them on to his with such wanton eagerness he had recoiled a little. Her tongue immediately pushed into his mouth and began dancing with his as she felt his arms pulling her tight, felt her tits pressing into his solid chest, and allowed him to push his groin into her.

His cock had felt so huge that first time, poking at her with such solid arousal through his pants. And the kiss was only making it harder, she could feel it.

They hadn't kissed like that for years now. Maybe not since David had been born.

She missed it.

The pillow pressed into her cheek as she turned her head to look at Jake. Her eyes traced his jaw, a shape she always enjoyed. The snoring wasn't so attractive though. But she did want him. She always did when she awoke from that dream.

Rolling on to her side, she snaked her hand under the duvet and stroked her fingers across his abdomen. He didn't stir, and even though the tone of his muscles was less taut, she could still feel their shape. Her stroke changed direction and descended down to find his cock.

It was half swollen, like it always was in the morning. It felt so hot as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and slowly pumped at it. Even in his sleep it responded to her touch and soon she had it how she wanted it -- fully hard and upright.

She ducked her head under the covers and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She loved how swollen it felt as she rolled it around her cheeks and tongue, letting it out with a slurp. The fat flesh of her tongue found his shaft and glided up its length, before she engulfed his tip and swirled at it with her tongue.

He moaned in his sleep.

Shame they didn't have more time.

She sat up in the bed, letting her tits fall free from the covers. The cold morning air made her nipples stand on end, and she looked down at them in the dark. They were as swollen as he was; his prick making a tent next to her.

With as much noise as possible, she tugged open the bed side drawer and pulled out the tube of lube. There was never enough time in the morning to get her juices flowing, so she squeezed a generous heap into her hand and reached between her legs to apply it. It was cold, and she hissed slightly, more to make the noise than anything else.

Jake was coming out of his sleep, she could tell.

Soon the lube was warmer, and she had coated herself generously. In one move, she yanked the covers away from Jake's chest, revealing his rock hard cock and swung her leg over his hips. His eyes opened, just as she pressed down on to his shaft, trapping it between her and his belly.

He managed a smile as she rocked her hips, stroking herself along his prick, letting the solid shape find her clit. Her eyes closed slightly and she let out a moan, her hair falling forward. It didn't feel as good now it was shorter, and she couldn't hide behind it as she straddled him, waiting for him to stroke it away and hold it back.

But his cock felt nice rubbing in to her and she needed it inside now.

She reached down and gripped it, feeding it past her lips and let her weight push it all the way in. Her muscles stretched to accommodate it, and she let him hear the moan -- though not loud enough to wake David.

She loved the way he reached out and held her hips at this moment. His hands were so warm and firm, and urged her to begin fucking him. Her own hands pushed into his taut chest and she felt her tits swinging a little with each thrust. They used to be too small to do that, and she actually liked how it felt these days.

He swore through a whisper, and annoyance panged at her. He was going to come much sooner than she wanted. For fuck's sake, she thought, before leaning down to push her mouth toward his. The kiss would be so empty and mechanical, but it was better than nothing. As her mouth hovered near his, he arched his back and turned away, and she felt his cock swell inside then twitch, feeling his hot spunk fill her up.

It was nice, but not nearly enough.

She rolled off him and on to her back, letting the cold air tickle her slightly sweating skin. Jake lay beside her catching his breath, and she let the arousal fade, knowing there was no time now to have her fun.

"Morning," he whispered, then let out a long rumbling fart.

With a silent sigh, she twisted off the mattress and padded her way into the bathroom. The harsh light made her eyes ache as it lit up the cold stark room. She mopped herself up, and brushed her teeth, swilling her mouth out with a final spit and staring at herself in the long bathroom mirror.

She bounced on her toes and watched her tits sway a little, then swivelled her hips and looked at her ass. She didn't like the cellulite, and gave herself a light chastising spank. Those few pounds would have to go.

By the time Jodie emerged from the bathroom, tugging her robe around her waist, Jake was on his feet and barged past her. He sounded like a race horse as he emptied his bladder, and she could still hear it as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

It was never David's alarm that woke him, it was his father's pissing.

Jodie began to gather everything together on the table for breakfast, got a pot of coffee on the go, and fussed about waiting for them to join her.

Predictably it was David who appeared first, his feet scraping on the floor in his bunny slippers, eyes bleary and pyjamas crumpled. He slumped himself into a chair and pushed his face in to the empty cereal bowl.

It was cute, even now, and it always made Jodie smile. He wasn't trying to be funny, he just liked the cold china on his skin, almost needed it to finally wake him up.

And then it did.

He sat bolt up right, and articulated the first thought that formed in his mind.

"It's my birthday next week," he beamed.

Jodie nodded, sipping her coffee and staring at him over the lip of the mug.

"I reckon being eight means I'm getting a new DS," he shrugged.

Christ, was he eight? That meant it would be their tenth anniversary the following week. The realisation perked her up slightly. They'd promised themselves a treat for it, and Jake would be planning something as a surprise, she knew it.

"We-ell?" David's voice rolled, intruding in to her thoughts.

"We'll see," she smiled and swallowed back the dregs deeply.

Jake swept through the room, grabbing a piece of toast and jamming it between his teeth. He was nearly out of the door before he stopped and turned back. Without a word, he removed the toast and planted a dry, meaningless kiss on her cheek, before ruffling David's hair and leaving.

Jodie sighed.

The dream was gone.

Only reality remained.

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