Spice Ch. 04


Jodie felt stupid. And self-conscious. And stupid. It was bad enough she was wearing tight lycra shorts, let alone wearing them in public, on her own lawn, as her neighbour made her bend and stretch in to such ludicrously unflattering shapes and postures.

At that moment, she was bent down, trying to touch her toes, as her enormous butt stuck up in the air above her. And her pendulous tits swung inelegantly in her ill-fitting sports bra. Why did they seem so oversized and flabby in sports wear?

It didn't help that there was a red-headed stick bending beside her, with an ass so tight it looked like it was vacuum packed.


She'd deliberately chosen that top too probably, to show her tits were perkier and her belly flatter.

"Having fun?" Liberty asked with a broad grin as she straightened up and pushed her breasts proudly out in front of her.


"Lovin' it," Jodie lied.

"A few more minutes, then we'll start."


This was the most exercise Jodie had done in years. She was already working up a mild sweat and she only ever got this breathless when Jake was fucking her.

But at least THAT was fun.

"Great," she said through a plastered on grin.

Jeez Louise last night was a good fuck though.

Almost good enough to forgive him for the lack of a kiss.


It wasn't enough to stop her dreaming about it all again though. And she'd slept through the alarm, so there was no time for some dawn fun either. She'd been running around all morning with chores, and shopping and school runs, and now she needed to stop from thinking too much about it.

The thumping in her ears and the juddering jolts through her shins as her feet smacked into the sidewalk was nothing to the sharp stinging pain in her lungs.

They'd run half a block.

Liberty, with her sarcastically bouncing ponytail stopped and jogged on the spot again, waiting and smiling as she did so.

Jodie wheezed past her, and vowed not to stop once.

Then she stopped.

Her lungs wouldn't let her go any further. But Liberty took her arm and slowly walked her along, spouting some inane tripe about keeping the blood flowing. The agony was interminable, as they switched between a brisk walk and a slow jog, turning corners and heading down unfamiliar side-streets.

Jodie dismissed Libby's asinine comments about a second wind as nothing more than bullshit, but when it finally kicked in, things became a little more bearable, and by the time they came to a halt back on her lawn, Jodie's brain was already trying to convince her it had been fun.

And with delicious timing, her sprinklers kicked in and drenched them in a refreshing ice cold shower of water. The cotton of her top began to cling tightly to her skin as the goose bumps rose. She looked over at Libby, noting how sheer it made her top and how big and red her nipples looked trapped beneath it.

Jodie looked down to see her own, so brown, with such swollen areolas and poking cheekily through the drenched material.

When she looked back up, she saw Libby's big grin again, and couldn't help returning it. She wasn't sure if it was a smile because she'd been caught looking at herself, or a smile of triumph that she'd actually managed to not die.

"At least we can skip the shower," Libby giggled as she whipped her hair free from the pony tail and let the water streak through her curled copper locks.

Nonetheless, Jodie excused herself and headed straight for the bathroom. She looked up at the shower head as it threw a warm curtain of moisture around her, wondering if she should unclip it and use it for something less cleansing.

The memory of Jake's hips smacking into her ass made her reach up to it tentatively. Her fingers snaked round the shaft, and she couldn't help remember the feeling of his cock as she gripped it tighter.

It came free from its holder and she bought it down, letting it massage her chest. The feeling of it against her nipples immediately made them pucker and swell, and as she teased the tingling spray down her abdomen, she wondered if standing up to do this might be a bad idea.

As she began to descend in to a more prone and safe position, the hose reached its full length and nearly yanked the shower head free from her grip.

The ferocity of her loudly barked "shit" surprised her.

The damn thing wouldn't reach. And the way her knees went wobbly when she came with Jake told her it'd be best not to try this standing up.


Now she was even more aroused and frustrated.

She tugged on a robe and headed downstairs. Before she knew what she was doing, she'd logged in to her chat room and started scanning the list of names in there to find Fred.

When she saw it, she hurriedly tapped out a message that gave him her messenger address, and waited impatiently for him to add her.

Jodie was absolutely amazed at what she was doing, and even more shocked at herself when she immediately told him how horny she was. He hadn't even said hello.

"Me too honey," came his response.

But then the adrenaline gave way to reality, and she found herself pulling her robe tighter around her chest. The demure nature of the move was more like her, and she began to try and dial it all back.

"Actually," she typed, "I think I'm just annoyed that we had such a good fuck last night, and he still didn't kiss me."

The cursor blinked for well over a minute, and she hoped she'd dampened his ardour.

"Well," then another line, "I know I found it hard to kiss my wife when I came home from seeing my lover."

Jodie almost yelped. Her chest tightened and it took her a moment to catch her breath as her stomach began to turn in knots.

"Talking of things that are hard ..."

She swore at him out loud, and typed something to head him off. "You used to come home from screwing your lover to make love to your wife?"

"Yes," he admitted, "all the time."

Then, after a moment, his next line appeared. "Still do."

Oh my God. A thousand thoughts danced for attention in her mind, and a dozen questions tried to formulate themselves into something coherent. As her fingers hovered over the keyboard, she attempted to wrangle them a little, but an odd looking message appeared in a different colour font.

"Fred wants to share his webcam with you. Accept. Decline."

She moved the cursor to 'decline' but for whatever reason, she didn't click it. Instead she typed the three letters for "be right back", and paced in to the kitchen.

Her feet moved her round the counter a few times as her mind did nothing to help her clarify her thoughts. It was just too much. She wanted to think about something else.

So she strode back to the laptop and quickly clicked 'accept'.

A new window opened and a loading logo swished and swirled for an eternity, making her regret the decision and worry about what she was about to see.

So, when his friendly looking face appeared and he gave a little self-conscious wave, she actually let out a relieved laugh. There was no sound, and she didn't have her camera on, so she typed a hello.

With a little smirk, he adjusted his gaze down to his keyboard, and she waited for his message to come through. "Still horny?"

She wasn't, but at least it would keep her mind occupied.

"Yes," she replied.

"Wanna see how horny I am?"

She swallowed, and bit gently on her lower lip, feeling as coy as the first time she saw one. She'd been sitting with her friend after college, and she wanted to be more than friends. The kiss had been nervous, and he'd immediately pulled away and started undoing his jeans. Before she knew it, he had his cock out and was asking her how it looked.

She'd left and barely spoken to him again. For years men had been a little more subtle ... until the Internet came along.

She'd deliberately avoided this exact situation, but for now, in this moment, she had no idea why.


With a broad grin, Fred readjusted the position of his camera, and by the time he'd framed it, she could see the shape of his cock trapped in his pants. It had a sweeping curve to it, and looked pretty impressive straining against the cotton. What's more, the bulge of his balls was deeply alluring.

His hand rest on the shape of it, and slowly began to massage at it, his fingers pressing the material tighter around the shape to show it off some more.

Jodie sighed a little and felt herself licking her lips. She settled back into her seat and pretended she wasn't allowing her robe to slowly fall open.

"Show me," she whispered into the air, then realised he couldn't hear her.

She was about to lean forward and type it when his fingers began to unfasten the buttons of his fly, then disappeared inside. She imagined they were working around the tip under his shorts.

All pretence gone, she opened her robe and let it fall out around her, feeling the cool air teasing her warm skin. Her thighs parted of their own accord, and she placed the flat of her hand on her breastbone, and left the other resting on top of her leg.

Over the next minute or so, Fred removed his pants and let her watch him playing with it beneath his underwear. It looked bigger now, and she was certain she wanted to see it standing proud, his fingers gripping it firmly at the base.

Her clit was calling out for some attention, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Instead, she sat forward and instructed him to take off his shorts.

Fred's fingers hooked over the waistband and he slowly pulled them down, taking his shaft with them until it could go no further and sprang free.

Jodie gasped.

His uncut cock was bigger than any she had ever seen. Not so much the length, which was long enough, but the girth. Fred's fingers didn't even reach around its width as he held it proudly in his fist.

He must have typed something with his free hand because a message appeared. "I want you to finger yourself."

She didn't respond, and hoped her silence would be enough to convince him of her acquiescence. More than anything now, she wanted to see him pumping it for her, and he didn't make her wait long.

His fist went to work, tossing and bouncing his deliciously swollen balls around beneath it. She watched intently, noting how he pleasured himself, stopping every now and then to spider his fingers over his tip, before grabbing it again and pumping it harder.

And then he came, his thick white spunk oozing down his cock and fist.

Before she could tell him to play with it for her, the video disappeared and Fred went offline.

"Asshole," she almost laughed.


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