I had an unexpected day off work. Problems at a couple of worksites had left me with nothing to do so I thought I'd take a day off and enjoy a long weekend.

About ten I wandered down to the local shop and grabbed the paper and was strolling home when I ran into a young woman with a problem that gave me a chance to show off my intrepid heroism.

A couple of doors down live this young couple. He's a jerk but she's a stunner. What the hell she sees in him is beyond me. What he sees in her hits you in the eye every time she walks out the door. I won't bother to describe her. I'll just say she's got a couple of outstanding points in her favour.

I was just passing their place when Teresa came bolting out the front door in a panic. She was dressed in this flirty skirt and a boob tube that I considered to be failing in its duty. I was under the impression that a boob tube was supposed to contain a woman's breasts.

She spotted me and the next thing is she's all over me with "Andy, you've got to help me. It's enormous. Come and get rid of it."

My first thought was that she hadn't seen it yet, so how did she know how big it was, but then I realised that she was waving towards the house.

"Problem, Teresa?" I asked casually.

"Yes. Don't just stand there. Come on." She was pushing me towards the house as she spoke. I figured if she was that desperate for me, all I could do would be to go along quietly.

So I go with Teresa to her house and we went inside. As soon as we were in the house Teresa went all coy, hiding behind me and indicating the general direction of the kitchen. Intrigued, I went in.

It looked like a normal kitchen to me. Neat and tidy and quite well designed. I looked around and couldn't see any real problem so I turned to Teresa with a little shrug.

She was pointing upwards so I looked up and immediately spotted her problem. There was a wolf spider on the roof. Now these little beasties can grow quite large and, when you add in the sprawl of their hairy legs, they look quite formidable. Teresa's little pet wasn't the smallest I'd ever seen. Not by a long shot.

However, as I said, intrepid heroism to the rescue. I rolled up my newspaper, jumped and swatted, and managed to knock it to the floor. Before it had a chance to right itself I smacked it again with my handy club, stunning the brute. A swift kick to the head to keep it quiet and then I grabbed it by a pair of its hairy legs and dragged it to the back door and pushed it down the steps.

Now Teresa was all smiles. It would appear that she hated spiders.

"I absolutely hate spiders," she said. "I was bitten once and my hand was swollen for a week. Now I'm just a coward when I find one."

I laughed it off. No big deal.

"It was to me," Teresa said with a big smile. "I can't thank you enough."

"Of course you can," I said. "I'll be quite happy to just accept the traditional hero's reward."

Teresa looked blank for a moment, then seemed to twig.

She gave me a woman's patented 'men are all the same' look and smiled.

"A hero's kiss," she said with a smile, putting hands to heart and feigning a swoon.

"Actually, I don't think any heroes I've heard of would have been content with a kiss," I told her, "so if you'd care to lean forward over the counter..." I trailed off suggestively.

That time she got it and looked slightly shocked at the suggestion. Also, I thought, a little intrigued.

Before Teresa had a chance to think it through and knock me back, I was gently turning her towards the kitchen counter. She leaned onto it slightly, looking at me with a slightly startled expression. I lifted the back of her dress up and hooked my thumbs around her panties.

Looking at her as she watched me, I was silently daring her to object as I slowly pulled her panties down. Not far, but enough to reveal the playing field.

I started slowly rubbing Teresa's bottom, my hand wandering around and down, hovering close to her pussy but always wandering away at the last moment. While I was doing this, Teresa and I were both staring at each other, wondering which of us would be the first to flinch.

I started dropping my hand lower, rubbing against Teresa's inner thighs, but still not touching her love mound. My fingers were rubbing and teasing all around it, just not touching it. Yet.

I could hear Teresa breathing faster and her face was flushing. Her expression had changed from 'will he and what will I do if he does' to 'why hasn't he', and expectation was bright in her eyes.

Without her even realising it her decision had been made. She was now just waiting for the starter's pistol.

My hand finally closed upon her mound and Teresa gasped, instinctively pushing herself against my hand. While I held her cupped with one hand, my other came up and tugged at the side of her boob tube. Teresa reacted by reaching for it and lifting it up and over her head, releasing those beautiful boobs of hers. With those in the game I didn't waste any time but pounced on them, weighing them and squeezing. It was a matter of moments to ensure both nipples were standing proud from those soft mounds.

Not satisfied I now moved to undo her skirt, letting it drop, and at the same time I finished pushing Teresa's panties down to her ankles, letting her step out of them.

Standing behind her I let down my zip, moving it noisily so that Teresa could hear it and know what I was doing. Letting my erection loose I now told Teresa to turn around.

"I want to see you," I told her as she slowly moved to face me. Once she had turned I blatantly ran my eyes over her figure, showing my appreciation. She in turn ran her eyes down to where I was exposed, but I couldn't tell if her look was admiration or trepidation. She knew exactly what I was about to do to her.

Foreplay with her pussy had been minor. I suspected that she was probably wet but my erection didn't care. Another time I might take longer, letting everything build slowly, but this time I just wanted her and I wanted her now.

I was about to take hold of myself, spread Teresa's lips and take her, when I saw the signs of nervousness gathering. So I change tactics slightly, giving control to Teresa.

I put Teresa's hand on my cock, and quietly told her to put it in her. She held it firmly for a moment, and then guided it down between her legs until it was pressing against her slit and the puckered inner lips that were pouting out. Her other hand reached between her legs and parted her lips slightly, letting her guide my cock into position where it would slide smoothly up into her.

Feeling my cock starting to enter her I leaned into her, giving it extra drive. At the same time my hands closed over her breasts and my lips fastened onto hers.

Teresa accepted me, cautiously at first, letting me move slowly into her while she stood compliant. Then as I settled fully into her she started to move against me, twisting slightly, getting used to the fullness that was now part of her.

Then we both paused, seeming satisfied with what we'd achieved. I started pressing harder against Teresa and she reciprocated. We relaxed and came together again. Slowly we built up a smooth pattern, surging back and forth.

Teresa was breathing harshly now, gasping as she drove her hips forward, meeting and greeting me. It seemed she wasn't satisfied and wanted to be closer, because she lifted one leg and wound it around mine, trying to draw me to her. A little jump and her other leg was around me, Teresa hanging on tightly while her pussy settled firmly against me.

Pushing Teresa's bottom against the counter to give purchase, I hammered her. No finesse was required, just a straightforward meeting of loins, both of determined to please ourselves and each other.

How long we stood there taking and giving I have no idea. It couldn't have been too long. The frantic mating we were doing couldn't have stood it. I couldn't stand it. I exploded, gasping, against Teresa, venting myself into her.

Afterwards I couldn't be sure if she had a climax or not, but the smug look on her face strongly suggested she did.

Teresa didn't even bother to dress again while I was there. She led me to the front door, still nude, a deliberate and provocative sway to her bottom. Damn it all, I was wanting her again, and I hadn't even left the house yet. I gave her a quick hard kiss and departed.

Now if I could just find some way to train spiders to enter her house at will.

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