Spider Sluts!


The Dark Cloud knew she was there though, he had known from the moment she showed up across the street. And as Rhino continued to anally plough into Spiderman's sweet wife he exerted his mind control further over the Cat. He commanded her to lift the window and enter the room. She obeyed automatically. The others stared at her appearance as she peeled off her skin tight outfit and peeled it off her pneumatic body. She really had a great figure, cat burglary was obviously good exercise for keeping in shape. Mary Jane did not seem to notice Felecia's sexy entrance however, she was too busy accommodating that mammoth in her ass right then. At The Dark Cloud's mental bidding the naked (except for her dinky little face mask) began to play with herself while watching MJ's anal reaming. While one hand fondled a large boob and squeezed a bullet like nipple the other felt between her thighs at her glistening, shaven sex and fingered herself. The camera turned to capture that scene as well as MJ's.

Then the Rhino started to grunt loudly and with a guttural growl he came, flooding Mary Jane's asshole with his cum and at the mental command of Dark Cloud her pulled out and moved to her other end and the red head took him straight from her ass into her mouth to clean him off. With that underway The Black Cat moved towards them dropped to her knees and got her pretty face in between Mary Jane's ass cheeks and started to lick the Rhino's cum straight from MJ's ass. Feeling Felecia's tongue at her asshole made Mary Jane shake with pleasure and she sucked Rhino's shrinking dick clean of all its juices. Felicia was mentally stronger than the red head and on some level her brain knew this was wrong but she couldn't stop herself and she literally sucked the cum from her asshole before crawling round to MJ's face and slobbering her in a long, cum and saliva packed French kiss. Then she started to lick the stray cum from MJ's face.

The five Villains looked to their Director for guidance as to what would happen next, The Black Cat's appearance and unexpected surprise.

The Dark Cloud left the camera on his slurping, leading ladies and addressed his male cast.

"If any of you have got any more to cum then you should do it now, look at that target, two Spider Sluts for the price of one! If not then you can clear off before the others get here."

Both Kraven and Electro had more give and they masturbated themselves in front of the girls before shooting their loads over both girls waiting, smiling faces. The cum splattered all over their faces and the two girls took turns to lick it off their faces before kissing again and passing the cum from one mouth to the other.

"Perfect!" announced the Director. " You five can either take off now or hang around for the next scene, it's up to you."

All five Super Villains stayed and were witness to a Spider Slut bukkake!

One by one various men arrived at the room. They were dressed in the costumes of some of Spiderman's greatest enemies, but were not actually them, the real ones being either dead, incarcerated or unavailable. Still the effect would be sufficient for The Dark Cloud's plan – the humiliation of Spiderman.

One by one a litany of costumed rogues entered the room and wanked off before spraying their cum all over the increasing messy babes. The Green Goblin was first up, then the Hobgoblin, the Jack O'Lantern. The Kingpin was next. Sandman, Hydroman and Scarecrow all went together. By this stage Mary Jane's red hair was streaked with white and Felecia's eyes were gumming up, her mask a particular target. The men kept coming, A Doctor Octopus (complete with metal arms that squirted cum-like liquid over them), A Venom, Lizard, Chameleon, Scorpion and finally Mysterio. By the time they were done Mary Jane and the Black Cat were totally coated in cum and the message had been made quite clearly. And effectively.

The Dark Cloud could easily have hurt or killed both women but after the guys had left he let them shower and leave, altering their minds so that they were barely aware of their actions that afternoon.


The Daily Bugle broke the story in sensationalist fashion:


The story was accompanied with a number of edited pictures clearly showing the action from the tape that had been leaked to the media through J. Jonah Jameson's flagship title. Of course JJJ took great pleasure breaking the story. His long running hatred of Spiderman and his sense of betrayal and fury when he was unveiled as Peter Parker was public knowledge. Revealing this ultimate humiliation of his nemesis was his greatest moment. He didn't care how the tape came to arrive in his office once he had watched it.

Oh and watching it had been no hardship. He had taken himself away to his dark room, locked the door and jerked himself off at the slutty antics of Mary Jane Parker.

"How did moron lie Parker ever pull a hot bitch like that?" he ruminated as he wanked.

His assistant Robbie had tried to stop Jonah breaking the story but that had been a thankless task. Then when he realised Jonah's extent of coverage he had tried to curb it but with little success. And Jonah had gone overboard in his coverage. The story with tens of lurid pictures was splashed from page 1 through to 10. The headlines were inflammatory and the stories verging on libellous towards MJ and peter but the pictures overrode all those considerations. The story even ended with a cut out voucher that would earn the reader $5 off the DVD when it was released in just seven days at all good (and some not so good) adult stores.

Reading the story that morning various people felt various emotions.

The Dark Cloud chuckled at how over the top Jameson had been in his editorial, almost sermonising about the morals of young people these days.

Felecia Hardy was distraught at her part in the plan, with the mind control no longer in place she could remember all the things she had done and knowing she had not been in control of her thoughts or actions did not help her.

Mary Jane Parker was inconsolable. She could not look at peter or Aunt May and nothing they could say or do could get through to her.

Peter Parker was livid. He tried so hard not to blame his wife (or Felecia for that matter) but he could not quite manage to believe they had not been, on some level, willing participants. Not that he could let MJ know he was thinking like that. He was also livid at the Villains he saw in the pictures and read of their participation. He would make them all pay. But right then he only had one person he could take his fury out on and he was soon swinging his way, furiously, towards the offices of the Daily Bugle.


J. Jonah Jameson was locked in his office watching the porn tape for the umpteenth time.

"Damn that red head is hot! What I wouldn't give to have a go at those titties of her! Eh?! What the Hell!!!!"

The newspaper Editor's consternation was caused by the arrival through his window of none other than the spectacular Spiderman himself!

"Jamieson I want a word with you!"

Bellowed an out of control web slinger.

The newspaper editor was shocked at this intrusion and stood up and blustered an angry accusation but all at once his mouth went silent. Spiderman too seemed to freeze mid gesture and into the editorial office walked The Dark Cloud and following him, wearing nothing but a leather dog collar that was connected to a leash Dark Cloud held was Mary Jane, on her hands and knees like a dog.

"Hmmm, impressive Parker, your mental strength is really very good for a mere mortal. Unfortunately as hard as you try you cannot prevent my mind control."

The Supervillain was careful with Spiderman but still managed to enter his mind and make him pliant to his every demand while at the same time totally conscious of what was going on and powerless to prevent his actions and words. Jerking the leash in his hand he got MJ's attention.

"On the table whore! Legs wide open."

Mary Jane obeyed without hesitation, rising to her feet, clearing a space on Jamieson's desk and getting on it face first, her naked buttocks facing both her husband and the editor of the Bugle. It was a hell of a sight and a hell of an invitation that The Dark Cloud then made.

"Jamieson, you shall fuck this bitch across your desk. Make it rough and hard, she will like it, treat her like the piece of shit whore she is. Parker, I want you to take that insignificant little thing you've got between your legs out and I want you to masturbate while you watch your biggest detractor in the city satisfy your wife in a way you have never been able to. When he is done, when he has shot his cum deep in your wife's cunt you will crawl over there and suck his dick clean then suck his cum from your wife's pussy. And all the while I will be standing here filming the action on my camcorder. Begin!"

In his mind Peter Parker heard all these instructions and was appalled. What kind of sick freak was this guy? He was horrified but had the small consolation of knowing that if he, Spiderman, was seemingly powerless to stop him then his wife would have had no chance. But right then that was scant consolation as he took out his own cock and began playing with it as Jonah dropped his trousers to reveal a hard cock of his own pointing straight between Mary Jane's legs. Of all the terrible things he had endured over the years this was right up there. He felt so helpless, so hopeless, his super powers of no use to him here and now as he and those close to him were used as puppets by this sick, twisted bastard. The more his mind strained to break the hold that was being exerted on him the weaker he became and he felt like crying as the uselessness of his efforts became apparent. He was jerking his dick, fondling it and squeezing it to full hardness despite desperately not wanting to do so.

Over at the desk Mary Jane Parker had her legs wide open, her neatly trimmed pussy glistening with arousal as the newspaper editor approached her. The Dark Cloud chuckled to himself as he filmed the three of them, the husband pathetically wanking himself while his enemy and his hot wife did the dirty deed. He could not wait to release this particular tape, could hardly contain his glee at the though of all Spiderman's allies and foes seeing this tape, even his Aunt May. What a fucking rush it was ruining these goodie two shoes' pathetic little lives. And the best thing about it all? The twerp Parker knew what was going on and was powerless to stop it and every villain he faced from now on would know it and would know what an insatiable slut he was married to.

Peter still tried to mentally break the hold on him and ironically enough he came nearest to it at the sight of Jamieson dropping his trousers and thrusting his hard cock into MJ. And oh boy did JJJ thrust, he, under mental orders, really started to fuck the sexy red head hard and she was already gasping and squealing at his powerful efforts.

Unseen behind his mask a tear slipped from Peter's eye as he watched his wife wrap her calves around JJJ's waist and draw him further into her.

"C'mon Tiger fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Hearing her call that old bastard Tiger was like a dagger to Peter's heart. That was her name for him, her special name, always had been. Yet it seemed to have triggered off something inside him and he felt that surge from his balls and knew he was about to cum. His heart sunk as he filled his hand with his own cum while watching the back view of J. Jonah Jamieson's hairy ass pounding back and forth into his wife's wet pussy. The Dark Cloud was pulling the strings here and he smiled as he watched Parker's free hand cup and fill with sperm, his next mental command was for Spiderman to lift up his mask to expose his mouth and then have him lap up his own semen as he continued to be a voyeur to his wife's hard fucking.

The Super Villain triggered JJJ into cumming too, wanting to get to Spiderman's final denouement as quickly as possible. Jamieson started grunting like a boar while MJ started squealing like a pig and they both came at the same time in a mega orgasm that neither could have ever imagined possible. The Dark Cloud captured it all on film as JJJ withdrew his dick and then sent the mental command to Spiderman that saw him drop to his knees, crawl across the office until his head was between his wife's thighs and he began to lick their mixed juices from her hot, wet hole. If that wasn't bad enough he then commanded his to turn around and suck JJJ's shrivelled dick before exiting the scene and then allowing all three participants to have control of their mental faculties again.

As they slowly came too MJ lifted herself onto her elbows to look at her super hero husband on her knees with the old man's cock between his lips and cum spilled on his Spiderman suit. The men were apoplectic with rage and indignation (though secretly Jonah was pretty proud of pumping a hottie like MJ).

Within a week every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe was aware of the tape and had seen Spiderman's ultimate humiliation. The wall crawler would never be the same again.

As for The Dark Cloud, he had already moved on and had a new target in mind, Sue Storm, he had always felt would make quite the Super Villain prostitute and he was just the guy to pimp her out....

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