Spiked 11-15


“What are you thinking about, luv?” Spike pulled Willow onto his lap, brushing stray pieces of hair from her face.


“Don’t try to fob me off with a ‘nothing’, pet. I know how you think, know when you’re upset. Now tell me what’s goin’ on in that head of yours.”

She sighed. “Spike.”

“Yes. . .?’

“No, I’m thinking about Spike.”

Spike smirked. “Thinking about me?” His hand slid seductively up her thigh. “What exactly were you thinking about me?”

Willow smacked his hand. “The other Spike.”

Spike scowled. “Why the hell are you thinkin’ about that bloody sod?”

“I wonder what he’s up to. He seemed so lonely.”

“Well, that may be. . .but you’re not keeping him company!”

“I didn’t say I wanted to keep him company. I’m just curious.” Spike still continued to pout, his lower lip protruded a bit. She leaned over to nibble on it, sucking it in her mouth. He made a sound that was akin to a purr as she opened his mouth with her tongue and kissed him throughly. She then pressed her forehead to his. “One Spike is all I need in my life.”

Spike was pacified but still insatiable. “Why don’t we go upstairs and you can make it up to me properly?”

Willow smirked. He was putty in her hands. She stood up and tossed him a impish smile before she darted for the stairs. “Last one to the bedroom has to be on the bottom!”

“You’re on, pet!” He raced after her, but not too fast. Spike loved being on the bottom.


Spike could hardly contain himself. He paced the floor, glancing at her every now and then. But Willow slept soundly in the big wrought iron bed. So trusting and innocent, free of nightmares and cares about the world. A bare arm clutched the covers to her body. She lay on her side, her chest rising and falling in at an even pace. Her small white hand was tucked under chin, artless as any child. But the body of a woman lay under the flimsy covering . Spike’s fingertips itched, looking wasn’t enough. He wanted to touch Willow too. His hands longed to acquaint themselves with the silkiness waves of her crimson hair. His fingers wanted to glide over the creamy perfection of her smooth skin. Spike wanted to touch his tongue to the small cinnamon freckles that dotted her body. It was bloody well driving him insane.

She was so close to him, yet so far away. It didn’t help that he had carnal knowledge of the other Willow. He knew what pleasures awaited him when she gave in to him. And she would. It was only a matter of time. In his a mind a wicked voice urged him on. Telling him to ease his torment. With shaking legs, he made his way to her bedside. Spike sat down carefully, his hands twisting in the coverlet that shielded her body from his eyes.

Willow’s eyes fluttered open, unfocused from sleeping. She blinked a few times, frowning at the light. She saw Spike sitting there and gasped. She discreetly pulled the cover back from her chest to gaze down. She was dressed in a pale green nightgown. “Did you-“

”No, I didn’t, pet.” She looked relieved. “One of the female minions did.” He was a little offended. “I don’t take advantage of girls who’ve passed out.” Well, thought about it but didn’t do it.

“But abducting them and holding them against their will is okay?” She tugged the cover, wanting to cover her throat up as well but Spike’s hold on the fabric made it impossible.

She had a point, time for a subject change. “Hungry?”

She grimaced. She couldn’t stomach food right now. “No. Where’s Giles?”

“Downstairs.” Her eyes widened. “ Don’t worry, he’s just got a few bumps and bruises. He’s no worse for the wear. For now.”

“For now?!? You’re mean you’re going to hurt him later?”

Spike let out an exasperated sigh, the Watcher was something he didn’t want to talk about. “Let’s discuss something else, alright?”

“No, I find that subject fascinating.”

Spike stood on his feet, crossing his arms. Willow quickly pulled the cover up to her chin. She was a fiery little thing and he loved that she wasn’t just giving in to him, but he had to make something clear. “And around here, pet, I’m the boss and we play by my rules. If you don’t something unfortunate might happen.”

Willow shuddered. That was obviously a threat, if she didn’t cooperate he’d kill Giles. She lowered her eyes. “I understand.”

“Good girl.” He said, sitting back down on the bed. His hand rested on her blanket-covered thigh. It slowly trailed up the length of her body, across her belly, between her breasts, and up to her fingers which clenched the blanket. “Why are you so afraid? Don’t you know why I brought you here?”

“N-no.” His fingers began to gently pry the blanket away. He pressed soft kisses on them as he did so. Willow had no choice but to let him peel it from her body.

Now, she was lying before him draped only in the flimsy satin nightgown which outlined her body . “So beautiful.” He crooned. His hand shook as he placed his fingers on her collarbone and traced the surface before it lowered to the neck line of her nightgown. He slipped a hand inside. “I don’t want to hurt you, Willow. I only want to bring you pleasure.”

“No!” Willow cried, but her body betrayed her, heated to his touch. Lay open to his hands. She knew she should move, fight him. But her muscles were warmed, her limbs were too heavy to move. It as if his touch made her weaken.

“Don’t tell me no.” His cool hand cupped a breast, causing the nipple to harden. “I can feel your heart beat picking up, your starting to breath faster, and your blood is making your skin flush. You want this as much as I want to give it to you.” he brought his mouth down to hers, brushing against the tightly sealed lips. Silently urging her to invite him in.

“I-I--“ She opened her mouth to protest and his tongue snaked out to outline her lips, teasing them. His fingers still continued to gently knead her breast, wringing a moan from her. It was if he already knew her body, knew just where to touch her.

“Master?” A man’s voice called. There was a note of panic in it.

Spike snarled, demon face coming to the fore. He turned around to face the impudent minion. “What the hell are you doing here? I said I wasn’t supposed to be disturbed! Do you understand?” He shielded Willow from the minion’s view with his body.

“The Watcher is awake, he got loose from his bonds and he’s starting to make trouble.” Xander said.

Spike took a deep and calming but unnecessary breath. “Can’t you bloody sods do anything on your own?”

Xander shook his head. “He’s already dusted two of us. We have trapped him downstairs for the most part, but–“

“Fine, I’ll go downstairs and take care of this.” Spike removed his hand from Willow’s breast. Then stood up, gazing at her hungrily. “I’ll be back son.”

“Please don’t hurt him!” Willow cried.

A slow smile spread across his handsome face. “What would his life be worth to you, pet?”

“Anything.” She promised rashly. She didn’t want Giles hurt because of her.

“Anything?” The vampire’s mind flashed with a dozen images of what ‘anything’ could encompass. His nostril flared.

“Anything.” Willow said in small voice.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, pet.” He pulled the cover back over her body. “Stay in bed, I’ll be up soon.”

Spike turned to his minion. “Stay with her!” He strode out the door and she heard a key turn in the lock.

“X-Xander?” Willow sat upright in the bed.

“It’s me alright. You okay, Wills?”

“Why do you care?” She said bitterly.

“I do care.” Xander sat down on a chair beside the bed. “What a vampire was like before he was turned determines what he’s like once he’s a vampire.”

“So, you’re saying that you aren’t all that bad?”


Willow rolled her eyes. “Then we can add kidnaping and killing to your list of hobbies? Because before you were turned, you only collected comic books and liked playing video games. All in all I’d say you’ve changed, Xander.”

“I. . .for the most part, I am a demon, Willow. But I remember you. Remember what you meant to me. He pointed to the doorway Spike had left through. “ I also hate that guy. Do you know I’ve been a minion hanging around the Sunnydale for quite a while and he has never noticed me? Came across me the other night and. . .Wham! I can’t get rid of the guy, he asks me all sorts of questions about you. Talks about you constantly. I think he’s in love with you.”

“No, you mean he’s fixated on me, there’s a big difference.”

“You don’t think love is a fixation of sorts? It just so happens that when you are in love the other person is also fixated on you.” Xander said, looking at her carefully.

Great, now he’s making sense. “I still don’t feel anything for him.” Willow crossed her arms over her chest. “I really did used to care about you, though.”

“I know.” Xander said softly. “ I really cared about you too. Still do.”

Willow looked at him hopefully. “Then help me escape.”

“He’d never do that, luv. He knows I ‘d be forced to dust him.” Spike drawled, walking into the room with a self-assured stride.

“You can go now.” He said to Xander, not looking away from Willow.

Xander opened his mouth to protest when Willow shook her head ‘no’. He was no match for Spike in a physical contest. She might have made an ally that she could use to her advantage later and she needed him undusty. And maybe, just maybe there was some Xander left in him somewhere. Some vein of goodness that hadn’t been tapped out. “It’s okay, Xander.” The young vampire left, sending one searching look at the both of them before he closed the door.

“Alone again.” Spike said. He sat down on the bed beside her. “Let’s define ‘anything’.”


“He has to be stopped!” Willow shouted.

“Why?” Spike said as he watched the two would-be lovers in the pale orb that Willow held.

“Because he ‘s going to force himself on her!” She smacked his chest. “I thought you were more of a gentleman.”

“I am. He’s not. Besides, she doesn’t look that upset.” He looked at the bewildered pleasure on that world’s Willow as the vampire pressed his mouth to her neck and gently nipped. “Why don’t we try a game like that, pet? I could ‘kidnap’ you and then–“

”Focus!” She said.

“Fine, I’m focused. What do you want to do about it?”

“I’m going there and I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind!”

Spike scowled, he could imagine how his counterpart would react to that. Two Willows defying him with snapping green eyes and blazing red hair, identical flushes on their pale cheeks. “I’m coming with you!” He declared. “Wanker’d probably try to keep you both.”

“And you are such a paragon of virtue?”

“Can’t be helped, pet, she’s you. I find you completely irresistible.”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have a way with words? Now, let’s go before he mauls her.” Willow hurriedly ran to her magickal supplies.


“It feels good, doesn’t it? Just let yourself relax. That’s a girl.” Spike brought her fingertips to his mouth to kiss them and suck them into his mouth.

“How did you know? How did you know that I’d–“

He pulled one wet digit from the cool chamber of his mouth. “That you’d like this?” He smiled smugly at her hasty nod. “Because I know your body, every delectable inch of it. “ He brought his hand to her satin clad hip. “I know that you have a small brown birthmark there.” Willow gasped and he continued. Spike cupped her right breast through the gown. “There’s a large freckle on the underside of this breast.”

A flash of light illuminated the room. “That’s enough Willow body geography!”

“Bloody hell!” Spike 2 turned to see the other world’s Willow standing there with her hands on her hips, looking very angry. Behind her stood the other Spike. He smirked at them both. “Well, did you miss me, pet? How about a kiss? I know I wouldn’t mind one.”

Willow pulled a crossbow from behind her back. “How about getting the hell away from me?” He frowned. “I mean her!”

Willow looked around Spike 2's form to see her almost identical twin and another Spike standing there. She looked from them to Spike 2 and back again. “Did you drug me?” Then, her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out.


Willow 2 woke up with a start. She was still in Spike 2's bed, still clothed in a nightgown. The two Spikes appeared to be arguing furiously. The other Willow was pacing, she stopped when she saw her twin had woken up. “Are you okay?” She asked with concern, walking over to sit on the bed.

“Yes, I-I’m fine. But what’s going on?”

“Are you familiar with the term ‘Hellmouth’?”

“Yes, Mr. Giles explained it to me.”

“Good. Did you work with Buffy, too?” Willow asked curious about her other self. Maybe she could take a few short cuts in explaining things if that was the case.

“No.” She thought a moment. “Giles said she was a Slayer, though. Did you know her?”

“We were the best of friends.” Willow said, sadness in her voice. She sighed. “But, back to the matter at hand. Good, so you know what a Hellmouth is. Strange things happen on it.”

“Like vampires and demons?” She looked meaningfully at the two Spikes were still arguing.

“Yes.” Willow said dryly. “Well, we -- the other Spike and myself, are from another Sunnydale.”

“Oh, another Sunnydale.” Willow 2 frowned. “And you are. . .together?”

“Yes, we are.”

“But he’s a demon.” Willow 2 said in a hushed voice.

Willow patted the other’s girl hand and smiled fondly, lost in a memory. “Yes, he is.”

Willow 2 scowled. “What’s wrong with you?”


“Trust me on this.” Spike blew a ring of smoke. “Kidnaping never works when it comes to human women.”

“It doesn’t?” Spike 2 looked disappointed. “ Humans have no sense of romance?”

“Fraid not.” He bent forward and spoke in a conspiratorial. “They don’t even like to be tortured.”

“They’re missing a lot of fun if you ask me.”

Spike shrugged. “They have strange ways.” He looked at Willow. “But sometimes they’re not all that bad.”

“Well, I think it my plan was working justfine until you showed up!”

“No, it wasn’t, mate. Trust me on that. You know I kidnapped my Willow once , too.”

“See? It does work. She’s with you now.”

“No, it doesn’t work. I nearly ate her.”

“Stupid sod.”

“ I know.”

“How did you two know what I was doing anyway?”

“Willow and I were watchin’ you two in a glass orb of hers and she got right mad. You’re lucky she didn’t turn you into a toad or something.” Spike winced.

Spike 2 smiled slyly. “Tell you what, mate. Why don’t you go on home and work things out with both Willows.”

“Over my dead body!”

Spike 2 grinned. “Bit late for that, mate.”

Spike scowled. “Hands off my Willow.” He cast a speculative look at the bed where the two Willows were talking. “ But I say its high time you shared with me, I shared my Willow with you.”

“Never gonna happen, mate.”


“I think you’re crazy.” Willow 2 insisted. “ I don’t care how good he is at. . .at. . .things.” She gulped. Who knew what would’ve happened if their counterparts hadn’t shown up? What would it have felt like to. . .back to business. “Did you know he has Giles downstairs?”

“Goddess! I forgot about Giles.” Willow exclaimed.

“Yes, he tried to make an escape attempt and Spike ‘stopped’ him.”

Willow got to her feet and stomped over to Spike 2 angrily. Without thinking she delivered a stinging slap to his cheek. “You are such a. . .Errrr! I can’t think of something awful enough to call you! You’re just. . .just. . a bad, bad, bad vampire.” she finished lamely.

“Ooh foreplay! Knew you missed me.” Spike 2 quirked an eyebrow at her and patted his leg. “Sit on my lap and give me a proper kiss hello, pet.”

“Stop that!” Spike shouted angrily.

Willow rolled her eyes. tugged on Spike 2's hand. “Let’s go, you’re coming with me.”

The vampire chuckled. “Want me all to yourself, eh? You’re an eager little thing.”

Willow had reached the limit of her patience. She picked him up off his feet by magick, letting him hover two feet in the air. “ No, what I am is starting to get cranky. And believe me, you don’t want that .”

“Of course not, pet.” Spike 2 said, relaxing when she lowered him to his feet.

“Let’s go get Giles.”

He dutifully obeyed her. Sure is beautiful when she’s angry. Spike 2 cast a look at Willow 2 before he left. “I’ll be right back, luv.” He glared at the other Spike. “You keep your hands to yourself.” The two of them exited the room.

Willow 2 sat huddled on the bed looking forlorn. It tore at Spike, stirring his protective instincts. “How are you holding up, pet?”

“I’m okay I guess.” She sighed. “This day just can’t get any weirder.”

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you. When you do, it usually does get much weirder.”

Willow 2 chuckled, disarmed by his humor. “ Can I ask you some questions?” Spike nodded. “You and the other me are really together?”

“Absolutely.” Spike got to his feet and sat at the end of her bed. She tensed but she didn’t move away. “I’m in love with her.”

“I thought demons couldn’t love.”

“Most of ‘em can’t. Me and the other Spike are special blokes though.” Spike wanted the two of them get together. He knew how much he loved Willow, he wanted the other Spike to feel that kind of love. “Why don’t you give him a chance? ”

“Because he kills people? He probably wants to kill me, make me into another demon.”

Spike laughed, he really doubted Spike 2 wanted another encounter with Vamp Willow. “No, I don’t think he wants to make you a vampire, pet.”

She tilted her head to the side. “Do you kill people still?”

“Can’t. Have a chip.” She frowned. “Long story, pet. Let’s just say that it prevents me from killing.”

“ Willow is okay with the fact that you used to kill?” “You might say I’m doing penance for my many sins, fighting the good fight and that rot. ” Spike said gruffly. It was obvious to her that he enjoyed what he was doing but couldn’t admit it.

“And you really love her?”

“More than unlife itself.”

“Hmmm, the other you fell in love with the other me when he visited you.” Willow took a deep breath. Say that five times fast! “He must want a replacement.”

“No, luv, he doesn’t’.” Spike reached over and cupped her chin. “He loves you, Willow Rosenberg, in all your forms. Its your soul that Spike finds so attractive.”

“Are you saying that you love me too?”

Spike winked at the blushing girl.“What’s not to love?”


“I’m so sorry, Giles.” Willow breathed as she untied him and gingerly checked over his wounds. Thankfully, they were minor.

“Quite alright.” Giles said with quiet self-control. He rose to his feet and rubbed his wrists, they were raw from the ropes he’d been bound with. He looked at this girl. She wasn’t the same person, somehow he knew that. This one had power. She was able to get Spike to release him, he almost seemed fearful of her. “Where do you come from, my dear? I’d like the whole story.”

“I’ll tell you all about it, I promise.” She turned to glare at Spike 2 who was still furious about all the dust on his carpet. She’d dusted all of Spike’s minions with a fireball. “Serves you right, you undead bully.”

“Did you have to dust them all?”

“I left one.” Willow pointed to Xander, who stood quaking by the glass doors.

“That git doesn’t count, he’s pretty much useless.”

“Your lucky I left you that much. “ She regarded her old friend. “I just couldn’t dust Xander.” Then she turned to look at Spike 2. “Actually it had nothing to do with you.”

“Don’t push me, little girl.”

“Thicken!” The air around the vampire solidified. Willow had created a force field, leaving him blocked in a cube of space. “Wanna finish that threat, Mr. Big and Bad?”

Spike 2 growled. “No! Now will you let me out?” She did so and he trudged upstairs behind her and the Watcher.

That evening, the Watcher returned home very confused by the encounter but with a great deal of material for entries in his Watcher’s diary. He had left Willow 2 in the company of her other self and the two vampires. He’d seen what the girl could do and knew she would defend herself against Spike 2 if need be. Giles knew the other Spike was ‘chipped’ and therefore harmless.

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