tagNonHumanSplit in Time Ch. 05

Split in Time Ch. 05


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned beforehand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi Everyone

Sorry about the lengthy delay with this chapter, I've received a lot of very angry emails demanding as to when the next chapter would be out. I would like to take this time to remind everyone that although my editor and I are dedicated to getting these chapters out as soon as possible we also work full time and have other obligations which take up our free time. Your eagerness for my stories is what keeps me writing but sometimes shit happens and it causes delays.

That being said, here is chapter 5 and we are furiously working on chapter 6 and I hope you enjoy it. As is my norm, thanks go to Kittyhawk for editing this chapter and to you the reader for reading it.

All feedback is welcome and if you have any questions feel free to ask but please include an email so that I can get back to you.

Have fun and enjoy.

Chapter 5

Amy yawned, as she stretched before she ticked another two names off of her list of names, a week and a half since she had started and she was already two thirds of the way through the names on the list with the help of her Kin. Rhun had managed to get the Vampire masters to agree to come, which would have been the hardest group to convince to come as they preferred to think that they were above every other race. However, once they were here she was sure she would be able to get them to agree to almost anything she suggested. The Fae hadn't even let Cleopatra open her mouth before agreeing to come, they could sense the winds of change coming and knew they were needed to instrument those changes. The Elementals were just as eager as, being trapped in the middle of the madness, not quite human, not quite Other they were in more danger now than during the witch trials of the 1800's. The only group which was hesitant about this were the Centaurs; they had agreed to come but didn't promise they would get involved.

She walked into the kitchen courtyard which had quickly become the socialising area. The children played between their lessons or helped preparing food. Several paused when they spotted Amy then raced to hug her, they didn't often see her during the day as she was often off getting people to agree to come to the gathering. So when they did they flocked around her, since meeting her; their lives had changed and she would always have a special place in their hearts.

"Amy." Several called as she hugged them back.

"Guys... come on she obviously wants a break don't crowd her." Sally said with a slightly scolding tone. "Come I need help peeling potatoes for dinner." She told them and they reluctantly broke away from Amy and moved over to Sally.

"It was okay Sally..." Amy begun.

"No... you have been barely here, only stopping for meals or naps since Sasha's adoption. Go relax... the kids will leave you be." Sally argued.

"You remind me of Bastion you freak." Amy said slightly amused, Sally just smiled taking the statement as a compliment.

A massive black wolf walked into the sitting area, a small teenager on his back. "That was fun." The girl said as she slipped off his back.

"Guys... if you want to ride I'll take you to the horses, Ghost is not a toy." Rhun said and many jumped to their feet and followed him out. Ghost went and curled around Katie who was working on fixing some clothes. He lapped at her neck and she groaned as she leant back into his body.

Amy smiled and walked a little away, there was a big oak with several sturdy branches that she had been eyeing. She shifted and climbed the tree, finding a good branch she draped herself over it, beams of light warmed her as she drifted to sleep. Dayita had seen her slightly frazzled self and said that she should go home and nap, that she wasn't taking care of herself and that she needed a breather.

Her beast had agreed and now that she was here in her beast form it was easy to finally relax as the beast didn't care about all the things Amy worried about. It thought in simple terms, if it needed to eat it ate, if it needed to sleep it slept, if it needed to fight it would fight and if it wanted company it would seek it out. It cared little for humans and their silly ways and often wondered why it's other half even bothered, let the humans destroy themselves and let nature regain the land stolen and destroyed by humans.

Humans are important, Amy told the beast having followed its thoughts.

The big cat just yawned, according to who and why? Everything they touch they destroy.

Without them, you would not exist, we would not exist and not all humans destroy everything they touch. Some want peace. Amy argued.

When I see it, I may believe it. The big cat closed its eyes. Now shut up, that sun feels delightful and I want to nap.


Alanna walked up to the base of the tree an hour later, and went to call out to her mother. A hand clamped over mouth, but a moment before she reacted she recognised Tarval's scent and relaxed. He leant down to whisper into her ear, "let her sleep and relax." He bent his knees, wrapped his spare arm around her hips and lifted her, carrying her off using one of the lesser doors from the courtyard. She didn't fight or struggle against his manhandling as she knew he wouldn't hurt her. He lifted her higher so that he could whisper into her ear again.

"I want some alone time with you." He said as walked them through the temple and towards her room. He had escorted her there enough times that he could find her room in his sleep. He removed the hand from her mouth to open her door. Walking in he kicked the door closed behind him.

"Are you going to put me down now?" She asked a little breathlessly.

"Depends... are you going to attack me?" He asked, he had caught her by surprise once before and the moment he released her she had turned and sent him flying.

"What kind of attack?" She asked, "Because there are different types of attacks." She said a little teasingly.

He went still as his mind started to race, "Enlighten me." He asked with a husky voice.

"I could beat you up, or I could do something more..." She let her voice trail away. They had agreed to take things slowly, she had only just gotten out of a really bad situation and he wanted her completely comfortable with him before he even attempted to kiss her. She had agreed thinking at the time that she needed it. Her Wolf was all for binding him to her now as she saw the other women's appreciative looks when they saw him. However, she also knew that she had to help her mother and if she were to mate Tarval then she wouldn't be able to leave him to do what she had to since the gathering was quickly approaching.

"Put me down," She told him and he gently let her take her feet. She turned around and stepped close to him, his arms went around her loosely as her hands rested on his hips.

"So... more sensual... what does that mean?" He asked, his heart beating a little faster. She stood on her tip-toes and tilted her head up offering her lips to him. He groaned as he watched her moisten her lips moments before he captured her lips with his. She whimpered for a moment and he went to pull away but her arms were suddenly like steel bands around his neck, crushing her lips to his preventing his escape.

He wrapped his arms more firmly around her, lifting her in the process. As he cradled her against his chest, her legs wrapped around his waist moments before he teased her lips open with his tongue. His head spun, this was their first kiss and it would be imprinted in his mind for the rest of time. He started to move, wanting to press her up against something. Her back made contact with a wall a little too firmly, expelling her breath with a whoosh.

"Sorry..." he mumbled before he captured her lips again, she groaned her response to his apology as her fingers threaded into his hair, she needed him closer, she needed to taste him. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue over his lips which he opened to admit her. He growled gently between her lips as his hand tugged on her shirt, seeking the soft skin he dreamed about. His blood began to boil as his hand came in contact with her skin, he tore his lips from hers and rested his forehead against hers as he panted.

"We should stop..." He said although stopping was the last thing on his mind, he had been dreaming of her ever since he met her and the dreams had only gotten stronger after Amy showed them her world, their love. When he had first been sucked into the portal and spat out here he had wondered why, the gods had left him alone since the creation of the Nephalim, they had let him live his life completely free of their requests. But his puzzling as to why he was here quickly turned to understanding, his mind had become completely focused on the woman in his arms and he knew he was here for her. The gods had known that he needed her and had brought him here to be with her.

"We should... but we won't." She replied before her lips started to run down his neck, his scent was making her head reel and her sex cream. Goddess of the moon she needed him so much.

He quivered, "We can't..." he said stress and need clearly in his voice, her rubbing against him wasn't helping the raging desire that was coursing through him. He felt as if everything in his being was screaming 'TAKE HER' at him.

"We can... I just won't bite..." she ran her lips back up his neck until she found his pulse point; she licked at it and got a quiver in reaction which pleased her.

He pulled away to keep her distracting lips from his skin for a few moments. "Do you think your wolf will stay out of this... at least until the gathering?" He was painfully aware of his need for her but he knew that they couldn't mate, not before the gathering. It would hurt them too much if they had to separate for any length of time.

He hadn't been idle in his time here, between training Alanna and getting to know her he had been reading every book that Amy had given to Cass and Shannon once they were done with them. He needed to know everything he could about Alanna, about her people, her culture. He had learnt about how Were mated, how they formed a bond and how new mates couldn't be separated until they had their mating affirmed or it would physically hurt the pair. He knew they couldn't mate, not until the gathering; nothing would let him hurt her.

She closed her eyes and focused for a minute, going deep into her own mind. Her wolf was pacing, thinking about Tarval's words. The intelligent animal already knew why she couldn't bite him just yet but the need to have him in her den or her in his, the need to have her scent all over him was winning out on her need to claim him fully with her bite. The wolf gave Alanna a pointed look, she would let her human side have their mate until the gathering then she was biting him, nothing her human did would stop her. Walking deeper into their mind she left her human side in sole possession of their body.

Alanna opened her eyes, "She won't come anywhere near this until the gathering." She said before she started to attack Tarval's neck with kisses and gentle bites.

He groaned and stated to tug her shirt open needing to touch her skin more fully than before.

"Bed." She told him before she yanked her shirt off and started to undo the laces which held his shirt together in the front. He wrapped his arms firmly around her and carried her to her bed, carefully placing her down before following; he kept contact with her body to keep her need for him strong. He held himself off her for a moment to get at the ties under his wings which held the back of his shirt together. Her hands and lips explored his chest, her tongue snaking out to taste him as her hand played with the small amount of hair on his chest and the little trail of hair from his navel that ran into his pants.

She moaned as his taste exploded on her tongue, her tongue traced across the firm chest muscles until she came across his nipple. Her tongue circled it causing his breath to hitch then stall completely as she took the hard piece of flesh between her teeth and gently bit down. She didn't think, she was acting purely on instinct but somehow she knew that he would like that. She made a note to ask her mother if it were possible for memories to bleed across from other universes because she was also remembering that running a feather across his body would drive him insane.

He finally managed to tug his shirt off and tossed it at the nearest wall. He carefully pulled his sensitive skin from between her teeth then attacked her lips with his own. He groaned for a moment, just tasting her before he started to undo her bra, freeing her luscious breasts to his ravenous intentions. Her hands were not idle; she was busy undoing his belt and pants before her hand dived in and under his loincloth.

He stilled as her hand vainly tried to wrap around him and squeezed. "Alanna..." he said with a pleading tone, he could barely control himself as it was and he was dangerously close to attacking her. He didn't want to attack her and love her fast and furious, he wanted to pleasure her, make love to her and make their first time together special and different to anything she may have experienced before. Having a taste was simply not enough, he wanted her and her wolf to want him, to be around him and love him.

She released him with a quick, "Hurry up." He jerked out of her arms and in moments had his boots, socks and pants off. It took him several more moments to undo the ties to his loincloth as his eyes were completely focused on her peeling the skin tight jeans from her body. His mouth watered as his eyes focused on her covered delta. One of the knots he needed to free wouldn't come loose, in his frustration he snapped the tie and the two pieces of cloth fell away. Her eyes slowly ran over his body as she finished kicking off her shoes and jeans.

She licked her lips as her mind said mine... all mine. She thought she would be scared, it wasn't so long ago that she got out of a relationship where she was used as a living sex doll. However, getting to know Tarval, even before seeing her mother's memories, had shown her that not all men would see her like that. Now although a little nervous she needed him to show her how love should be.

His fingers hooked into the bands of her panties and slowly tugged them down her firm thighs. His eyes seemed to roam everywhere taking in her sensual curves, soft skin and lightly defined muscles, he loved this look on her, loved everything about her and the best thing was... she was his. He tugged her panties off and let his eyes feast on the woman who had played a big role in his dreams of late. Carefully joining her, as he didn't want to scare her, her arms reached out for him, a sign of welcome and trust.

He shifted, moving his body so that it was cradled by her thighs, the feel of her soft skin against his left him lost for words, he knew he would never grow tired of it. He kissed her gently as his fingers skimmed against her skin; it was taking all this control to be gentle. He slowly started to work his lips down her body pausing for a moment when he got to the twin globes which held a massive allure to him. He stared for a moment; they were flawless, just big enough for his large hand, firm with no hint of sag. He was drawn to the peaks which had hardened under his gaze.

He leant down and wrapped his lips around the nearest firm bud. She gasped as she felt the moist heat engulf her and arched her back needing more. He carefully shifted, using one arm to keep most of his weight from crushing her; he used the other to lavish more attention on its twin.

He felt pride as she squirmed under him, he had been afraid that she would tense up, that she would be so focused on the past, that she wouldn't be into feeling the present. After spending long minutes sucking and nibbling on the bud between his lips he swapped over to the other. Her squirming became more desperate but he was not going to give in to her needs just yet, he was going to love her slowly no matter how desperate she became.

After long minutes on the other straining bud he slowly moved his lips down. He snaked his tongue out and ran it across her skin, circling her navel before continuing down to her sex. He paused, hovering only centimetres from her, his eyes locked with hers as he took a deep breath, her arousal filled his nose making him even harder if that was possible.

He leant in keeping eye contact; he carefully parted her before snaking his tongue out and taking a long swipe of her core. She jumped and suddenly grabbed his hair refusing to let him go. Grinning he licked her again, this time slowly, swirling around finding every crevice and letting his tongue swipe across it. Dipping lower he slid his tongue into her depths causing her to curse and shake her head from side to side, tightening her thighs she refused to let him go, it felt so good.

"Please..." She whispered. Her need was driving her mad, she knew he wanted to learn her, but she needed more. Although they would have to come back to this... like later tonight.

He pulled away from her delicious core. "Please what?" He asked then licked his lips, cleaning away her juices.

"I need you in me." She told him.

"Like this?" Carefully sliding one of his fingers into her as he spoke.

"Yes..." She said arching her hips, "More..." she demanded. Smiling he added a second finger and at her prompt quickly a third. Growling a little in frustration, although his thrusting fingers were good she needed more. She started to tug on his hair, "No... more... I need your cock." She told him, already past the point of desperation and into hot burning need. Sliding his fingers from her warmth, he licked them for a moment, he had known what she meant before but he wanted to make sure was stretched and ready from him.

Slowly he slid his way up her body, licking and kissing as he went before he settled on top of her. He attacked her lips to distract her from what he was doing; he rubbed the head of his staff in her juices preparing for her as he didn't want to hurt her. She moaned into his lips and started stroking his skin. Pressing himself to her centre he carefully opened her for his possession. Breaking the kiss she panted as he slowly slid within her, he was so big but at the same time she knew they were meant to fit.

Wrapping her legs around his hips and thrust up, impaling herself further on him, he groaned and flexed his hips sliding deeper. She moaned and pulled herself closer as he sank deeper; they stopped moving when he finally pressed his full length within her. Pressing his sweating forehead against hers pleased that she could take him completely, if he could read her mind he would have seen the smug pride, they did fit, like two pieces of one perfect puzzle.

She nuzzled at his throat and started to roll her hips, urging him to start moving, needing his possession. Not needing much of a prompt he was soon slowly thrusting away, he was still resolved to love her slowly and he was going to do his best to stick to that. She moaned as his slow withdraw and thrusts slid against pleasure spots in her core. Her lips moved to his neck and nibbled at his throat before slowly working her way to his ear, "More."

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