tagNonHumanSplit in Time Ch. 06

Split in Time Ch. 06


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned beforehand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoy this chapter and I know I am going to get emails about the ending but it was just too good an opportunity to miss. I promise I will try to get chapter 7 out as soon as possible.

As normal thanks goes out to my editor and you the reader. All feedback is welcome.

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Ghan sighed as he watched the compound come into sight, it had taken more time than he wanted to strip down the caravan and burn the dead, the weather was both a boon and a hindrance to their work. Crystal released her sled and stood tall stretching. "I could eat a horse..." she admitted, "literally."

Ghan chuckled as untied his own sled, nothing would be damaged if it stayed out a little longer so he left it, others in the group also dropped whatever they had been dragging and trudged into the cave looking forward to hot food and comfortable beds.

They walked in and together took deep breaths, the scent of cooked food made tummies rumble and everyone followed their noses. Ghan glanced around as he shrugged out of his heavy coat, his eyes searching for Keira.

"Sit, we'll bring you food." Maddie ordered the weary workers.

Ghan grabbed her arm, "how is Keira?"

"She's fine, up and about; she just took dinner in to the human women. She'll be back soon, so sit and take a load off." Maddie told him with a shove.

Ghan chuckled and went to his usual table, Crystal took the seat across from him, shrugging out of her own coat, "if you wake me tomorrow I will hurt you." Crystal warned. Usually she didn't need much sleep but right now she felt she could sleep for a week.

Maddie walked over with dinner and started to put down plates of stew and bread. Keira joined them with a jug of cider and cups. Ghan rose from his chair and waited for Keira to sit. Keira grabbed Maddie before she walked off, "eat with us?" She asked and Maddie nodded. She went and got her dinner and another plate of bread and cheese before joining them.

Ghan poured everyone a drink and settled down to eat. Ghan and Crystal were tired so they talked little, listening as Maddie and Keira told them what they had missed while they had been away, with Ghan asking an occasional question. "How did you go with the pack?" He asked as he mopped the gravy from his plate with a piece of bread.

"Well, no problems I couldn't deal with, although before you turn in the elders would like to speak with you." She told him.

Maddie glanced at Keira, she knew what the elders wanted to talk to Ghan about but didn't know their decision, hell even Keira didn't know what they had decided.

Ghan groaned, "I just want to sleep, can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"They were adamant that they wanted to see you before you turned in." Keira told him firmly.

Ghan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "know what they want to talk to me about?"

Keira did know, but wasn't going to tell him because she simply didn't know what they had decided. She shook her head and turned to Crystal, "so you said you would tell me a story about burning a cave down?"

Crystal chuckled as Ghan stood a blush racing up his neck. "Perfect time to visit with the elders," he said getting out of there quickly.

Crystal turned to Keira, "about four hundred years ago..." Crystal began, "Ghan was without a pack at that time and was living in a cave like most Were. I went to visit him, so he was excited to see me and shifted, he jumped and bounced and knocked over an oil lamp which caught a rug, which spread to his bed all in the manner of seconds. He literally burnt his cave down because the fire moved to the support beams and the whole thing collapsed."

Keira and Maddie laughed.

Crystal waited for Ghan to completely leave the room and leant close to Keira, "what do the elders want to talk to him about?"

Keira leant closer and spoke very quietly, "I'm going to go into heat before my coming of age."

Crystal started to swear, that was all they needed, how was Ghan meant to go slow and build a relationship when all he can think of is fucking her brains out. "Crap, crap, crap." Crystal stood, "if the elders give him leave to mate you or decided against it nothing will stop him if you're giving off breeding hormones. I'll go and..."

Keira stopped her, "I may not have forgiven him for locking me up but he is my mate I won't fight his claim, my beast won't let me."

Crystal opened her mouth to tell Keira about Ghan giving her the collar and chain to do as she pleased with but thought better about it, it was for Ghan to say not her. "Just, try to keep your antics to your room, please." She begged.

Maddie and Keira chuckled.


Ghan walked into the council meeting room and sat in his chair; the elders walked in and took their seats. "What do you want to talk about," he asked as he scratched at the stubble growing on his face.

"Thank you for coming," a stately old woman said.

"Rosa, I am tired, can we cut with the niceties and just get to why you wanted to talk to me?" He said determined to get this over with quickly.

"Gabby came to us while you were away..." Rosa began.

"I didn't break the skin." Ghan defended.

"That wasn't why we needed to talk to you." Rosa said firmly, "Like I was saying. Gabby came in and told us that according to both hers and Keira's calculations she should be coming into her heat sometime within seven days."

Ghan's muscles tensed at the news, he was already at his limit, and her coming into heat... he wasn't going to be able to stop. "What is going to happen? Is she going into isolation or am I going into isolation." He asked.

"We've decided to forgo the age limit on Keira, six weeks we've agreed is close enough to nineteen and a moon." Ghan glanced for whoever had just spoken but his mind was so focused on the thought that he could finally make Keira his, to make love to her like he had wanted to since meeting her.

Ghan blinked, "Why now?"

"If she comes into heat we won't be able to stop you both, let alone try to keep you apart. Gabby and Grey both conceded that they have no idea how old she is and that she could be older." Blast explained.

"So I can mate her now?" He asked.

"Ghan before you run off, how soon until you start a secondary site?"

"We've scouted the site and as soon as the storms blow over we'll start work. The herds have just been moved closer so we have that settled." Ghan answered his mind still firmly on the fact that he could mate Keira. "Is that all?" He asked and got nods. "Goodnight." He said as he left the room, he almost ran back to his room. He opened the door but Keira wasn't there.

She is probably still in the mess. He thought to himself, which gives me time to get clean. He walked into the bathroom and ran a hot shower, scrubbing every inch of skin clean. Once clean he turned the taps off, hopped out and wrapped a towel around his hips. Wiping the mirror he checked his straight razor and got to work removing the beard he had been growing while he had been away.

He went back into his room and threw wood into the heater to bring the heat up; he then lit candles before turning off the main electric light leaving the room gently lit. Sitting he waited for Keira to come in.

He didn't have to wait long before Keira walked in and shut the door, "So, since you're here I assume the elders decided that six weeks was close enough."

He nodded but didn't move, although everything in his body was demanding him to take her.

Keira watched him from the door and frowned. "Interesting, I was told you would probably tear my clothes from my body and take me against the wall."

He shivered, "I want to but I am controlling myself. I have something to give you first." He tossed something small and metallic at her. Reaching up with her left hand she caught the object, turning her hand over, she opened her fingers to expose a key.

She turned baffled eyes to Ghan, "what's this for?"

He nodded to the table and to what was on it. Sitting neatly on the table was a heavy coil of chain, a well-made collar and three padlocks; it was the same collar, chain and padlocks that he had used to chain her up.

"Yours to do with as you please." He added.

"So I could chain you up if I wanted to." She stated.

He nodded, "if that is what you want I will submit."

"How long did you have me chained up for?" She asked.

"Two and a half weeks." He answered.

"That seems fair." She told him as she reached for the collar.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the cold metal was wrapped around his neck and locked in place. Opening his eyes he watched Keira as she attached the chain and then attached the chain to the loop in the wall in the exact spot he had attached it for her.

"Better?" He asked her.

She grinned, "I will be in two and a half weeks."

"I deserve it." He admitted.

"Yes you do." She agreed.

"Now that you have me where you want me what now?"

"I'm going to have a shower," she told him as she walked off, he groaned and lay back on the bed.

"Oh yeah... I deserve this." He said to himself, he stood and checked the fire, putting a few more logs on it. Kneeling he used a poker to stoke up the coals, he didn't hear the shower shut off or see Keira walk out wrapped only in a towel, he was so focused on making sure the room would stay warm.

"So will the fire go all night?" She asked and he turned, his eyes scanned over her partially naked body. Watching a bead of water roll down her body made him lick his lips, he wanted to lick it from her skin, to find every droplet before it disappeared into her towel.

"It should, are you going to tease me now?" He asked as his eyes again skimmed over her body.

"No, I may not have forgiven you for chaining me up but I do not deny that you are my mate."

Ghan stood and almost flew across the room to her, gathering her up in her arms he kissed her deeply for several long minutes. He tore his lips away and rested his forehead against hers. "Do you want this? Think about it because you have a choice, you can leave and I'll respect that."

"My cat won't let me walk away from you." She admitted.

"You can make her submit, push her further back into your mind, into the darkness." He told her.

"And force her to take over while I sleep?" she shook her head, "I know the hazards of trying to restrain your beast when they really want something and I think I would much rather be aware of our mating."

Smiling he licked her lips gently before taking them in another long drugging kiss, scooping her up he deposited her on their bed. He broke their kiss and panted, "Last chance," he warned as he rearranged the chain so that it was out of his way.

"If I hadn't wanted this I wouldn't have walked in." She told him.

He groaned and kissed her neck right on the spot he had picked for his mating bite, "this is where I am going to bite you, binding you to me forever." She quivered beneath him at his words; they triggered spasms of joy throughout her body.

He tugged her towel free; exposing her body to his ravenous gaze he growled in desire as he pressed his face to her skin and inhaled. He kissed her, before he slowly worked his way down to her breasts and started to worship her body.

Only when she started to squirm beneath him did he finally start his journey south. He gently bit just below her navel after circling it with his tongue for long moments and took a deep breath. All the blood in his body raced to his loins making him harder than ever, her scent had changed while he had been away and he was glad the elders had given him leave to mate her. If he had waken tomorrow with that scent in his nose nothing short of beheading would have stopped him, although even that would not have stopped him for very long. The need to have her, to make her his was so strong a drive that adding the scent of her heat to the mix was driving him insane. He had wanted to do this slowly but his instincts were screaming at him to take her.

"I don't know how long I can control myself." He told her honestly.

Her fingers tangled into her hair, "It's okay." She told him, her mother had been talking to her, explaining about what happened when a first mating happened during heat, even just what happened during heat. Gabby had explained that he might be a little rough but if she was patient she would quickly get enjoyment. It had been an uncomfortable conversation, but she was glad now that her mother had insisted.

He moved as if drawn by a cord to her heat, he parted the petals of her sex and stared at it for several moments. Slowly he leant down taking a deep breath; her scent filled his nose making his mouth water. His tongue snaked out and licked at her juices. Groaning as her taste tickled his senses, her taste with her heat hormones mixed in made it almost impossible to resist. He needed to have it on his tongue and so he started to attack with long swirling swipes and quick licks. Slowly he slid one finger into her, preparing her for him when he went to join their bodies.

He moaned as he started to move that finger while his tongue continued to move, slowly stretching her, in a few moments he added a second finger. Slowly he moved deeper into her core, to his second knuckle when he came across her maidenhead. He thought for a moment about breaking it but decided against it, he wanted to break her with his staff not his fingers. Withdrawing his fingers, he licking them clean slowly, savouring her taste, he wanted to bury his head into her sex and stay there for eternity but he needed to be within her. He crawled up her body, opening her legs wide to allow him to settle between her thighs. Growling he moved the chain again to keep it out of the way, he didn't ask her to remove it, knowing she would refuse as he had when she asked; he just had to live with it.

Looping an arm around her hips, he lifted her slightly before attacking her lips with his own as he pressed his staff to her core sliding it along her folds to help moisten the tip in preparation for taking her. She whimpered, her flavour was on his lips and she loved it, his tool ran across her clit causing her to shudder but she tensed when he found her entrance.

"Relax, if you tense up this will hurt more." He told her as he moved to her ear and gently bit it, "I'll make the pain worth it in the end. You'll barely remember it."

She nodded and did her best to relax as he kissed and nibbled at her throat and neck trying to distract her, he kept himself at her entrance ready to push into her and claim her the moment she wasn't expecting it. Gently he let her slide back onto the bed; he went with her slowly slipping into her. Tensing she cried out but he stopped her maidenhead still intact, only the head of his staff within her. Kissing her tears away he reached between their bodies to circle and play with her clit. She gasped as he started to build the sweet friction up, she couldn't stay still and slowly moved in little increments. He groaned and gritted his teeth, at her little motions, he wanted to slam completely into her tightness but he knew better, he had to take this slowly.

She tried to push against him but he kept swirling his finger building her excitement despite the pain, not knowing what she wanted anymore, relief from the stretching pain or the delight of his touch, she jerked up as he pushed down yet still his finger circled. Then almost suddenly she came around him as his fingers stroked her.

He growled as he felt her ripple around him, he couldn't take this anymore, he needed her and although it went against everything he had been doing when it came to her, he was going to take her. Pulling out he flipped her over, pulling her up onto her hands and knees. He slid back into her holding onto her hips even as she protested with a growl at the treatment of her body. Growling back at her, his hands tightened on her body to keep her from pulling away.

He started to pump into her, sinking more and more of his length within her, she grunted and panted through the slight pain of his rough thrusts. One of his hands cupped her sex and started to play with her clit again, hoping to bring her pleasure, she groaned as his thrusts became more demanding and deeper, much deeper, she felt herself flex around his body demanding more of what he was doing. She moved her body spreading her knees a little and squaring her arms so that she could thrust back against him, he had been right, her mother had been right, the pain had faded fast and now she was desperate for his possession.

He growled and pressed his face against her neck pressing his teeth against her skin, she tilted her head giving him more access. He groaned as he felt her start to ripple around him, she was close and as his need was tingling in his balls he knew he wasn't far behind. He redoubled his efforts on her clit wanting her to climax explosively with him.

She cried out as her world exploded, he growled and let loose with his own moment of bliss, he slammed into her each time he felt a surge of his seed shoot from his staff, he felt the last surge boil up and pressed deeply into her, he groaned as he felt the last surge flow into her. He then sunk his teeth into her neck drawing blood, his eyes rolled back as her blood slid against his tongue. Shifting a little, tearing deeper into the muscle, more blood poured into his mouth. He carefully relaxed his jaw and released his bite licking where his teeth had been to seal the wounds.

She panted and felt her muscles shake, he gently helped her lay down, going with her as he wasn't going to remove his body from hers for a while. He grunted as he realised they were both laying on a cold length of chain, he lifted her and tugged the chain out of the way before settling her back down on the thick mattress.

"Are you okay? How do you feel?" he asked several minutes later once he had recovered a little, he carefully licked some of the blood from her skin.

She just mumbled and shifted closer to his body, stretching a little before she started to purr, her brain was a little too relaxed to answer him.

"How long does your heat last?" He asked after several more minutes had passed.

It took her a moment to answer. "When I was human ma said my heat lasted five days."

He smiled. "Twelve days then, two weeks max..." He shifted drawing her closer and her wound tore open a little, he licked at it sealing it again, he suddenly felt a little guilty about biting as deep as he had. "Two weeks of constant sex." He said pleased, he would finally get to sate his lust and bind her to him completely, and if cubs were conceived... a bonus but if they weren't it didn't bother him, they had forever.

She blinked in surprise and he chuckled, "That was just the preliminaries, tomorrow when I can smell you without going near your sex, that's when the fun will start."

She moaned, she knew what he meant, Gabby might not be able to bear children but that didn't stop her from going into heat. Grey would go into a frenzy and wouldn't let her do even the smallest of things without his member lodged firmly within her unless it was to use the toilet.

She could still feel him hard and wanting within her body and knew tonight was going to be a long night and a long few weeks. Slipping from her depths, he rolled her onto her back and joined their bodies again in a smooth thrust.

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