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As my regular Saturday afternoon ladies doubles match was coming to a close, my frustration hit an all-time high. My partner for the match, Susie, hit an all-time high for unforced errors. At match point down, a high floater came her way at the net, an easy put away. No surprise, she framed it into the net. We lost, 6-2 6-1.


I did the obligatory handshake, and went into the lobby of the club. I stopped at the desk, and asked, "Is Julie available? I want to book a massage right now."

The desk clerk checked the computer, and said "She is not booked right now, I can get you right in."

"Great, I am hitting the shower, and I will go directly to the massage room."

The hot shower was somewhat relaxing, but I looked forward to Julie's expert treatment. She has been the club massage therapist for over a year, and I am a regular client. Just the massage is good, but she will occasionally provide what the men refer to as a "happy ending". I don't think she is gay, she is just very open minded. I really needed the kind of relaxation and relief she provides.

I went through the door from the Ladies Locker Room into the massage room, and Julie was waiting patiently. I climbed onto the massage table, face down, and she covered me partially with a towel.

She went right to work, starting at my neck and shoulders, and then to my upper back. She had only been at it a few minutes when she said "You seem especially tense and stressed today. What's wrong?"

I told her about my embarrassing loss on the courts, and I was obviously still angry about being partnered with a very poor player. She said "Well, we have to get the stress and anger out of you. I have an idea. I have just hired a new assistant, and I think that might be the answer."

I was puzzled by what she said, and I was silent. She went to the door of her adjoining office, and opened it and motioned to someone to come in. A tall young man walked in, dressed in the uniform that Julie wears, almost like hospital scrubs. He acted a little shy and nervous, and just remained standing by Julie's side.

"I don't know about this, Julie. I don't want a man doing me." She giggled at my poor choice of words, and said "I don't know what you mean by 'doing', but trust me on this. I have been training John to be a massage therapist, and he is an excellent student. I think his technique is just what you need."

Since I didn't object any further, she led him over to the side of the table and indicated that he should take over. I put my head back down and tried to relax. He started over, at my shoulders and neck, and down to the upper back. His hands were much larger and stronger than Julie's, and I began to think she was right. I felt the tension going out of me, and I let him work his magic.

Julie went over to a chair by the wall and sat down, as John moved down to my legs. He worked on both of my bare feet, and then up the calf and thigh of each leg. He was using some massage oil, and my tired tennis legs were enjoying his touch.

He lifted the towel off of my midsection, and began to work on my butt cheeks. It seemed a little too personal, but it felt good, and I know massage therapists see many people naked, so I thought why worry?

Then, without making a big deal out of it, as if it really was nothing out of the ordinary, he reached between my legs and began to expertly manipulate my clit.

I rose up on my elbows and said "Julie! I don't know about this!"

She said "Please just relax and let it happen. Believe me, it is just what you need." It did begin to arouse me, and I had been hoping that Julie would get me off, so I put my head back down and waited to see how it went.

Then there was a bigger surprise, he moved up and put the tip of his finger up against my anus.

"I don't know if I am comfortable with that!" I said loudly. Julie again spoke softly and said "Trust me, please!"

John began to push his middle finger into my asshole, slowly and carefully. I do like anal sex, and it felt good, but I was embarrassed. He did not just jam it in like some men,the inconsiderate brutes. He wiggled his finger a little, trying to find the way, and it slid in deeper. I adjusted my position so the angle was better, and his finger slid all the way in.

I guess that gave away the fact that I was becoming a willing participant. His hands are big and strong, as I said before, and his finger almost felt like a penis in me. I was becoming very aroused, and he could tell. He started to finger-fuck me, sliding his finger in and out of my asshole.

After a few minutes of that, he pulled his finger out and walked over to the chair where Julie was sitting. He stripped off the uniform scrubs, and stood facing Julie. His tight, hard butt was very nice. Then I realized that Julie was sucking his cock! Is that how this is going to end? Very weird!

I heard Julie say "I think it is hard enough. Go ahead."

He turned around to face me. He is a tall, lean, athletic young man, still in his mid-twenties. His muscular body and his hard, flat stomach were amazing. He could have been a model for Michelangelo, except for one thing. The Roman statues I have seen were all a little under-endowed. John had the largest penis I have ever seen. I don't go around measuring guy's cocks, but if six inches is average, he must have nine inches or more. It is straight as an arrow, with a perfect helmet head, pink and wet and glistening from Julie's mouth. As he walked back over to the table, it bobbed and swayed like a tree limb in the breeze.

I was having serious doubts about taking this meat-pole in me. It would be big for my vagina, and he was clearly more interested in my asshole. "Julie, I don't think so..."

She interrupted me, saying "He is trained for this. He will not hurt you. Let it happen!"

John didn't hesitate to wait for my permission. He climbed up on the table behind me. The massage table is narrow, so I kept my legs together to give him room to put his legs outside of mine. He carefully moved into position, kneeling right over me. His huge cock brushed up against my butt, and I thought about saying no again.

He took both of my hands, and placed them on my butt cheeks. He whispered "You will have to help me." I knew what he meant. It was made me blush, but I spread my butt open for him. He put the tip of his cock up against my anus, and just held it there for a moment or two. I held my breath, waiting to be penetrated, hoping that Julie's saliva would be enough lubrication. I was trembling with anticipation.

He started to push, and I felt the pressure build, until suddenly the head of his cock went into me. I yelped and flinched, and he just held it there. He was obviously going to be as gentle and considerate with his cock as he had been with his finger. When I caught my breath, he started to push it in slowly.

My asshole felt stretched to the limit, but it was not painful, not even uncomfortable. He knew what he was doing. Just a little at a time, he eased it into me. I looked over at Julie, and she had taken off her uniform and was sitting in the chair, with her hand between her legs.

He pushed deeper and deeper into me, and then he stopped and waited for a while. I reached back between my legs and lightly caressed his large ball-sack, and then I felt his penis, the part that wasn't in me yet. I guessed that he was about half-way in me. I encircled it with my thumb and forefinger, and stroked it. It was thick and rock-hard, and I grasped it and tried to push more of it into me, mostly as a signal to him that I wanted more.

He got the message, and started to push again. This time he gave it one continuous push. It slid in all the way, and his balls pressed up against my hot, wet pussy. He just held it there, breathing hard. I looked over at Julie again, and she was furiously finger-fucking herself. I tried to make eye contact, but she was staring intently right at the spot where his cock disappeared up my ass. Her eyes were burning brightly with lust.

John started to fuck me, not fast and furious, but with a steady, slow rhythm. My asshole was gripping his cock so tightly that he could only pull out and inch or two, and then slide back in. There is something about the head of a man's cock that excites me, and I could feel his way up in my stomach, farther than anything had ever been.

My hands fell down beside me, limp as a rag dolls. I had surrendered and was completely submissive, quietly accepting his cock thrusting in and out of me. Some seminal fluid must have oozed out of his cock, because there was now enough lubrication for him to go a little faster. Once when he thrusted into me he came up hard against my butt with a loud slap.

He murmured "Sorry" so I said "It's OK. Just fuck me. Make sure it is all the way in when you come."

My words were fuel for his fire, and he went to work. He was now fucking me with long, deep strokes, and the table shook a little. I looked over at Julie again, and she seemed to be in a trance, staring at his cock and playing with her pussy.

I reached back up and spread my butt again, to make sure he went all the way into me. I was hoping this would last forever, but I knew what was coming (no pun intended). His breathing changed, and I sensed him tense up. He gave one final, hard push, and pinned me to the table. He grunted and groaned, and I felt his cock pulse as spurt after spurt of semen squirted into me. I was in heaven.

I heard Julie squeal and grunt like a monkey as she had her own orgasm.

The room was quiet except for the heavy breathing of all three of us. John began to withdraw, almost as slowly as he put it in. I said "Wait! Don't take it out! Not yet!" He pushed it back into me, and collapsed on top of me. I squeezed his cock with my anus, and he moaned with pleasure. Since he reacted that way, I began squeezing it again and again, like I was milking his cock. I think a little more semen came out, but it was difficult to tell because there was so much of it in me.

When I was finally done playing, I said "You can pull it out now." He hadn't lost any of his erection, it was still hard as a rock. I clamped down on it as he withdrew, as if I was trying to suck the last drop of semen out of him. When the head popped out, a small river of cum ran down over my vaginal lips onto the table. He walked over to the chair, put on his uniform, and went into Julie's office. Not even a kiss goodbye.

Julie came over to the table and helped me turn over onto my back. I said "I have never felt so completely and thoroughly fucked!"

"Yes, he is amazing, isn't he? He joined the club several months ago to work out, and one day he came in to get a massage. Most men leave something on, but he didn't know that, so I made him strip completely down. I expected an athletic body, but the size of his tool shocked me! I gave him a massage, and then I sucked him off without even asking him if it was OK. I wanted him to come in my mouth, but when he did it almost choked me. I had to swallow fast, three or four mouthfuls!"

Tell me about it, I thought. I have a belly full of his love-juice right now. If Julie sucks him off all the time, I am surprised that she doesn't gain weight.

"He told me he was interested in becoming a massage therapist, and asked if I could teach him. I made a deal with him right there. I hired him with a small salary, and promised to train him. I had a plan. I know some of my clients want sex with the therapy, and I don't mind providing it. But I thought if I could introduce him to a select few who would appreciate and enjoy his gentle manner, and his long cock, it would be a good idea."

I began to wonder who else had enjoyed his treatment. I pictured some of the stuffy, aloof tennis ladies lying face down with his meat-pole up their ass. "Who else has seen him?"

Julie quickly said "I can't reveal that, just as I would never reveal your name to anyone. I do not want gossip flying around the club about this. It would ruin me."

I took that as reassurance and a warning, but she didn't have to worry about me. I would not be bragging to club members about what just happened.

I was curious if Julie would ever let me watch a session. She likes to watch, and it turns her on, she should understand. I could watch from her office, with the door slightly ajar. I would like to see one woman in particular. I call her the Ice Princess. I would love to see the expression on her face and the look in her eyes as he straddles her and pushes his salami up her asshole.

"I was careful about the women I brought him to, but a couple of them were not enjoyable to John, and he does not want to see them again. He is young and virile, and he would like to do more of the ladies, but I only bring him in about once a week. If he gets horny I let him practice on me." I bet you do, I thought. Training, right? I wonder how many quarts of his semen you have had pumped up your ass.

I blurted out "I hope he will want to have more sessions with me!"

She said "Don't worry, he will be looking forward to seeing you again. He was really turned on by you." She leaned down close to my face and whispered "You are the only one who was able to take it all!"

Oh great, the other prissy ladies squealed and begged him to stop half-way in, and then there is me with it all the way up my asshole and loving every inch of it! What a fuck-slut I am! That must be why he stopped about halfway. He thinks that is all anybody can take. I showed him!

Julie said "Just lay here and relax for a while. Take your time. I don 't have another appointment for an hour." She went into her office, leaving me alone.

I was still so hot and bothered that I reached down and stroked my clit. I think it took 15 or 20 seconds for wave after wave of orgasm to sweep over me. I touched my asshole, and it was still stretched open and slippery with his cum. My finger slid in without even trying. I bet his cock will slide in easier next time, too.

My stress and tension were all gone, and I felt calm and relaxed.

This is the best club in the world.

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