tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 16

Spreading Seeds Ch. 16


Chapter 16: Lenore Outdoors

It was getting real close to lunch time when I finally left the bath house and dropped off my shaving kit in the Kiva. Sarge was talking to someone in his alcove, "...and he says to me, 'Would this afternoon be too soon'." Not really wanting to talk to Sarge, I slipped in and out, putting my shaving kit in my desk and slipping my #11 jar in my shirt pocket.

The day was sunny and warm and I enjoyed nodding to the village folk that I passed along the way to the bunker. Lenore was sitting under a tree reading a book as I came up the path and waved at me. She got up bringing her book and met me on the path.

"Oh I thought you'd never get here." She said and she kissed me.

"I've been looking forward to this afternoon too." I said in absolute sincerity. She smiled and took my arm and we walked to the sunken entrance of Lenore's bunker.

When she shut the door I could hardly see and I reached for her and found her arm. "There you are, now don't get too far way." She kissed me and then put her arms around my neck and kissed me for a long time. Now there were a couple of small oil lanterns lit near the door but they threw off very little light. I participated in the kissing and let my instincts take their course. She was rubbing herself against me as she felt my erection.

She back away and said, "I made lunch already, I thought we'd eat outside."

"Outside? you have an outside?" I said inanely.

She took one of the oil lanterns off the wall and turned up the wick to give us a pool of light to walk in and she led me up the passageway to the stairs. This time we only went up one landing before turning and coming to a door on our left. Lenore said, "Now shield your eyes, it will be bright on the patio." She opened the door a crack and bright sunlight flooded the passageway. I squinted and shielded my eyes as she slowly opened the door then wrapped her arms around me. "We need to adjust our eyes but that doesn't mean we can't play."

So we squinted and backed down the passageway a little and I kissed her for a while. She was just starting to grind her hips when a voice called out, "Ms. Lenore?"

She looked over my shoulder and patted my cheek, "Yes dear," she answered and walked to the door with me by the hand.

"Me and Emily have finished the patio and skimmed the pool." A 14 year old said as she looked up at me coming through the door. She was dressed in Administration grey as was the 11 year old with her. They both held brooms and were dragging a small wagon with a small shovel in it.

"And just in time too, I brought Mr. Perkins for lunch. Go ahead and leave the wagon here with the brooms, and I'll look after them. If you hurry out the back way you can get to the dining hall before they run out of corn pudding."

The girls tossed their brooms into the wagon and were shifting into gear when Lenore put out her hands. "Wait, I'll give you some petit fours and she went to a cabinet and took out a plate with several small cookies. The girls each took one, "only one so as not to spoil you lunch now." Lenore said.

"Yes Ms. Lenore." The girls answered

Emily the younger one asked, "Ms, Lenore, you said we'd get salami?"

Lenore ruffled Emily's hair and put the cookies away and drew out a plate with sliced salami, "Only three pieces each and eat it slowly, that's the best way with good salami."

The girls each carefully took their three slices and said, "Thank you Ms. Lenore," and skipped off to the rear of the patio. By now my eyes had adjusted, the patio was a concrete courtyard about 30 meters square with ten meter walls. The north wall had been converted to a green house about five meters deep and three meters high. The green house was built with large glass panels and ran almost the whole width of the courtyard. In the center of the courtyard was a pool about five meters across. Three large and one small table were on the south side and each had a furled umbrella. Lenore took the Salami tray and a jug out of the cabinet. "Josh will you close the cooler for me?" Lenore asked.

"Sure," I looked at the cooler and saw it had the same thick door as the cooler in April's house. I closed and latched it and followed Lenore to the small table. Where she put up the umbrella then turned to me, "How do you like our patio."

"It's amazing I'd never even thought about something like this in Burney."

"Here," she said, "try some of my mint tea." She took the jug and poured the tea into a tall glass and handed it to me. She watched me take a sip and smiled at my reaction, "Like it?"

It was Minty and something else familiar, I wasn't sure what, but what surprised me is that it was cold. "Cold and refreshing," I said, "What's in it?"

She shook the jug and it rattled, "Mint, herbs and ice."

She poured herself a glass and took a sip, "Oh I forgot the cheese, sit Josh and I'll get it."

Lenore went to the cooler once more and returned with a platter of assorted cheeses and crackers and two plates. "I forgot the plates," she said as she sat the platter down and put the plates on the table. "Sit Josh and drink some more tea I have a jug in the cooler."

I moved a chair more into the shade and said, "You first my lady," and sat her in the chair then put mine close to hers and sat with our knees touching.

I raise my glass to her, "Lenore you are an amazing woman."

She laughed and drank her tea, "Try the salami and the cheeses."

I took three slices of salami and one of each kind of cheese and some crackers on to my plate and looked at her as I picked up one thin slice of salami and tasted it. It had a flavor very unlike the salami I knew in Davis but it was good and the cheese was too. I nodded to her. She finally took some herself and relaxed a little.

We talked a while and she said, "It's getting warm out here," and she started to unbutton her blouse. I just watched her and she smiled at me as she took off the blouse and underneath she had on, not the industrial strength bra she wore last night but a delicate and highly stressed creation that barely contained her nipples and pushed her breasts up and together to form soft mounds that tempted the eye and the hands. She hung her blouse on the back of her chair and turned to me, "Do you like my new halter?"

"Very lovely, but it's over shadowed by the contents," I said and sipped my tea.

She laughed and sipped her tea. She sat back and said, "I love it here so peaceful and private but so open. We have a party here about once a month in the summer. Once the sun goes down and it cools off a bit it is lovely out here. The girls make paper lanterns and we hang them on strings. The girls from the music class perform and we all dance, and then later after the kids are all in bed, we skinny dip in the pool, it's marvelous." She smiled and laughed, "Would you like to take a dip later?"

"Maybe after lunch. It's so nice out here. Much different than inside the bunker. I was surprised at the size of this place. From the outside I didn't think this was anything but a hillside, and last night it seemed we walked a long way into the bunker and then to find this in the middle of it all. I'm still amazed."

"Here," she said holding out the jug, "Let me top off your glass and I'll give you the cook's tour."

She filled both our glasses and took me by the hand to the pool. The pool was green with algae on the sides and had a stair way leading down to the bottom. "It really needs to be drained and cleaned for the summer; I was going to do that while I was off, but this handsome mule skinner distracted me,"

I smiled at her and hugged her then bent my head and kissed her. She put her arms around my neck and held the kiss for a while. I had to admit that kissing Lenore felt good, her lips were soft and large and she liked to suck my tongue. The halter left a lot of exposed skin and her skin was soft and smooth under my hand as I stroked her back and ribs. The problem was she was too short to make kissing standing up comfortable. She broke the kiss and laid her head on my chest.

"I think we better get back on the tour, Josh. This is too distracting."

I smiled at her and took her hand again, "Show me your greenhouse; it looks like you have a nice one."

"We built it about ten years ago so I could grow things that the Administration didn't want to have in their greenhouses up the hill. So I just grow specialty varieties." She said as she led me to the west corner of the courtyard. There was a door to the greenhouse and we entered. It was much warmer in the green house and it smelled of green growing things and was much more humid.

"We divided it into three sections," She said. "We wanted to be able to control pollenization."

I looked at the plants in the first section. There were a peppers growing, what much have been last years crop, but they still had fruit on them some of them red and some still green. A large bearing tomato plant sat in a tall tub, supported by a loose wicker framework. A large tray of small plants caught my eye and I looked closely at the tag on them, "#11," it said. "Are you growing this for June?" I asked.

"Well some of it," Lenore said, "She wanted some of my hybrid #11 for some of its special qualities."

"Oh," I said, "and what would those special qualities be?"

Lenore looked at me and hesitated for a second, smiled, "Well you know how regular Sativa makes you hungry?" She said grinning at me.

"Yes." I said.

"Well, Number 11 makes you hungry in a different way," She said as she caressed my cheek and made kissy faces at me.

"Oh Really!" I said, "Maybe we should try some. You know just to wet our, our appetites?"

Lenore smiled at me and said, "Oh my appetite is pretty wet already, but if you want to." She looked at me grinning.

"Sure, the Corps says we should try new things, just for the experience." I said

"Come with me I have some in the drying room," and she led me by the hand through the first greenhouse section into the second. There she opened the door back into the bunker proper. She left the door open so some light fell into the corridor and crossed the passageway which appeared to be two and a half meters wide, and she opened a door just opposite the one we came in. She looked over her shoulder at me as I stood in the open doorway, "You'll have to step out of the door, I don't have a lantern and it is dark in here."

I crossed the corridor and put my arms around her belly and pressed up to her back, "I'll just stay close shall I?"

She leaned back and smiled, "That's a good idea, you might get lost in the dark."

We entered the room and I couldn't tell how big it was. What little light came from the greenhouse was swallowed by the darkness on either side. Tall shelves containing liter sized jars seemed to fill what light came in. Lenore was hampered by my hanging on to her so I let her go and she counted the jars as she went deeper in to the dark.

"Ah, here it is." And she returned with one of the jars. "Come on and we'll get back into the light."

I closed the doors for her, as she had the tea glass in one hand the jar in the other, and we made our way back through the greenhouse and across the patio to the table.

"The jar needs to warm up in the sun," she said as sat the jar in the sun next to the table. "In the mean time I'll serve the next course.

Lenore put her glass down and kissed me then went to the cabinet Cooler and brought back a jug of her special mint tea, a deer antler and a small box.

I looked at her and the antler and back up to her, "What is this?"

"Pipe, Here try some cold tea. The jar top needs to warm a bit. I'm surprised you haven't removed your shirt, it's so hot today." She was smiling that eye twinkle style, and I steeled myself just a little, but I took off my shirt anyway and stood out in the sunshine.

"Beautiful out here," I said, "The air is so fresh and sun so warm."

Lenore brought me my freshly chilled mint tea and wrapped her arm around me turned her head and drank, I imitated her and drank a long draft, half a glass at least.

This tea was heavier, Lenore told me because it had steeped a little longer. But I pressed her to my chest and smiled at her. "Lenore you are an amazing woman."

"Oh, there may be a few tricks of mine you haven't seen yet." And smiled sweetly at me, and I kissed her.

She was right. One of her tricks was the secrete herbs in her tea. You guessed it, #11.

She drew back and said, "Gazpacho?"

I looked at her and said, "Gazpacho, what?"

She pulled me by the hand to the table and put her glass down. "Put your glass down and help me bring out the gazpacho tureen."

I put my glass down and followed her to the cooler. "What is gazpacho?"

She turned and said, "Wait and find out," and opened the cooler.

She backed away from the cooler and handed me a large bowl lined with ice and inside that another tureen, I guess, floating in the ice bath. She opened the lid on the inner tureen, "Gazpacho, cold tomato soup, onions, peppers and salt." She closed the lid and said, "Take it to the table and move the chairs into the shady side I'll bring the bowels and spoons."

We sat and Lenore ladled out about half a bowl for both of us. She smiled and handed me a silver soup spoon, "For you, and one for me!" and she giggled. "I hardly ever use silver but I thought you'd like it."

We ate the gazpacho and Lenore instructed me in the away to use the wide rim of the thin porcelain soup bowel. "You use the rim to catch the drip on the bottom of the spoon and dip your spoon like this." She dipped her spoon pushing away rather and scooping it toward her the lowered her spoon on the rim of the bowel. "See?"

I followed her example and tasted the soup. Cold and yet spicy and refreshing. "Lenore you are amazing. This is incredible." I saw her smile and she ate some more and I ate most of the bowl.

I reached to dip some more and she stopped my hand. "No let it rest a bit and we'll work up an appetite. The ice will keep it nice for at least an hour. Try the jar and see if the lid is warm enough?"

The lid came off in my hand so I took the jar to Lenore.

Lenore sat it on the table and moved her plate and bowel out of the way. She opened the small box she brought, turning the lid over and opened the jar. She reached in and took out a long full bud of Sativa, broke it in half and put one half back in the jar and closed it. She smiled at me, "Got to keep it moist." She crumbled the remaining bud into the lid of the box and took a small piece of very fine paper from the box and folded it in one hand holding it in a cup shape while she sprinkled the #11 along the length of the paper. When she had enough, she took both hands and rolled the paper into the long cylinder and licked the paper and twisted each end then she stuck out her tongue and licked the paper making it slightly wet. "There a perfect joint," and held it up for my inspection.

"Joint?" I asked and took it carefully, holding what seemed to be a fragile cylinder of damp paper.

Lenore smiled at me, "That's what they used to call them, in the old days, I don't know why. I did some research and Misty Lane made the paper so we could try out the old technology."

She took the joint and the deer antler and inserted the joint in a hole in the top side and the joint stuck upwards. She sat the antler back on the table. It was a section of antler and had three prongs upon which it sat. The main beam had been cut off and on each end was a wooden plug with a hole drilled into them. "I don't know how old this pipe is. My Granny left it to me in her collection of stuff. I couldn't figure out what it was for and so I was doing research on it and found out about 'Joints' and Misty made me some papers and it all came together."

She smiled and took a small lamp out of the box. The lamp had a short wind guard and Lenore turned a small lever on the side several times then moved another lever and a shower of sparks covered the wick for a second or two and a small blue tinged flame erupted from the wick.

I looked at her, "Amazing, I'd sure like to have one of those self lighting lamps. I've only got a fire bow and it takes a long time to make a fire with a bow."

"Maria made this for me, it cost me a whole jar of my #22 Hybrid and I had to give her a music box mechanism from Granny's stuff. She machined the flint holder and knurled the striker." Lenore took a small sliver of wood out of the box and lit it from the lamp, picked up the antler in her right hand and lit the joint while holding her index finger over the hole of one wooden plug and sucked on the other end. The joint started to glow and then she sucked harder and released her finger and took the hit. She handed me the pipe and I found the antler just fit my right hand.

I took a hit and handed her back the pipe, she exhaled and took a deep breath and let it out and took another hit. I exhaled and then took the pipe from her and she held my hand while she exhaled, saying, "Let it cool down a little."

I looked at the joint it had a long glowing section and the ash had built up on the end. I moved the pipe and blew that ash off the end and waited for the ember to cool a little then took another big hit and handed her back the pipe. She just sat the pipe down on its three prongs and smiled at me as I held the hit. "Like it?"

"Yeah it is not too harsh, although it might be better in a water bong. It hasn't hit me yet." I answered.

"Oh it is a little sneaky and comes on slowly. We only smoked half a joint so it shouldn't come on too strong. Would you like some more gazpacho?" She reached for the ladle.

"Certainly," I said.

She gave me half a bowl full and took the same for herself. Then snapped her fingers, "I forgot the main course," and she got up and went to the cooler. She returned with a plate with a large cut of cooked meat that had been sliced very thinly and decorated with green something's and grey green sage leaves.

"I hope you like cold broiled venison tenderloin?" she asked as she sat the plate between us and sat down.

I laughed at her, probably too much and said. "Lenore you are continually amazing. That is one of my favorite things."

She smiled at me and pulled my chin over and kissed me. "I told you I had a few more tricks."

When she kissed me I had the strangest feeling she had also kissed the end of my penis. My eye caught that her nipple had snuck out of the halter and was just on the edge of being half way out. I ran my finger on the edge of her areole. She let me, smiled watching me closely. I ran my hand over her warm chest and looked at her face while feeling the smooth skin of her cleavage very lightly with my fingertips making lazy circles on her breasts.

"Josh would you like to eat venison?" she was smiling and took my hand and kissed my fingertips.

I blinked and smiled, "You can be very distracting, Lenore. But I am starting to get very hungry."

She laughed for a couple of seconds and clapped her hands, "So am I. I thought we'd just put the slices of venison in the gazpacho and try it like that. It should be a good mix of flavors and textures. Here try the venison alone." She picked up a bite sized slice and laid it on my outstretched tongue.

It was medium rare and tender, It had been charred on the outside so there was a slight taste of char but the full flavor of venison in the center. I nodded and chewed tasting it slowly, savoring it. The Sativa was beginning to hit me and time began to stretch out and fold back on itself.

I grinned at her, "The #11 is catching up now."

"I know isn't it marvelous." She reached out and touched my naked chest and stroked me for a second, before she took some tongs and put some slices of venison in my Gazpacho in a fan shaped array and put a sprig of the green stuff on top.

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