tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 22

Spreading Seeds Ch. 22


Chapter 22: Revolutionary Spirits

I puttered around for a while changing the sheet on the massage table and getting fresh towels out and waiting for Able to forget about me and how Amelia had cried out and laughed to tease him.

I heard Sarge call for attention, "Your attention please, children's hours are over please remove yourselves if you are less than eighteen years of age." I heard a commotion as the teenies were cleared out by the older women.

"Your attention Please," Sarge's voice called again. "The Administration and the Village Council has declared the next 48 hours to be a holiday from the restrictions of the Fertility laws and the NorCal team has agreed to suspend our mutual restrictions for the same period.

We have in our midst several of our brothers from the barracks that have come to the bath house for the first time. In order to give them a guide into the customs and etiquette of the house I will assign an experienced man to each of our newly free brothers. I hope that they will find the experience as fulfilling as I do."

"So," I thought, "they wasted no time in getting to the good parts."

I opened the drapes and saw the room was filled, people who were standing, talking and laughing, a few looked out of place and lost. Able had his arm around Amelia and they were talking to the Wini, Sandy had left and Lauren and Astral were talking to Vera and an older Black Brother I had never met.

I walked up to Amelia's shoulder and nodded to Able. He smiled so I figured he had gotten over it. "How did you like the," I looked up at Able and over at Amelia, "Special Oriental Massage, Amelia." I asked.

She turned and smiled and stroked my cheek, and said calmly, "Able wanted to wash me but I told him I had to leave the oil on for a while longer, what do you think, Josh," and winked at me.

I looked at Able and then at Wini and said, "No that is extra virgin Davis olive oil," I took her hand and brought to my lips, "It should be licked off." And I licked her hand slowly. I looked up at Able and he was considering what I said. "Don't you think so Able; you like olive oil don't you?"

Wini slapped my arm, "Josh Perkins you are a wicked man," and laughed. I could see that she had considered it in her blushing.

Amelia looked at Able and smiled and kissed him. "No I think we should wash it off slowly, don't you Able?"

"Oh, and thoroughly, slowly and thoroughly," Able nodded.

"Shall we set the example then?" Amelia asked. Able just took her in his arms and kissed her long and firmly then they wandered off to the baths.

Wini watched them and laughed and turned to me. "Able almost got up and went in there a couple of times. What were you doing to her?"

I leaned over and whispered in Wini's ear, "Nothing really, she was just getting Able's attention."

Wini laughed and slapped me on the chest lightly, "Both of you are wicked, but he really likes my Amelia."

I turned and addressed Lauren and Astral, who was wearing her Bahia robes with her breasts out in plain view. Lauren wore hers with only one bare breast as a journeywoman of the Bahia. "Ladies good evening," I said and kissed Astral and stroked both her breasts lightly, then turned to Lauren and kissed her hand, "So glad you could make it, have you been waiting long."

Astral took my arm and smiled at me, "Proper edict when meeting a Bahia journeywoman's to kiss her on the cheek opposite her bare breast and cup her breast, Isn't that right Lauren?"

Lauren smiled shyly and nodded.

"Show me the proper way, I'm new to your ways." I said playing with Astral's laughing eyes.

Astral stepped up to Lauren and kissed her cheek and cupped her breast then stepped back a bit while teasing the nipple and pulling softly letting it slip through the fingers and twisting slightly. "There like that."

Astral stepped away and said, "You try, I'll coach you."

I smiled at Astral and then at Lauren. I stepped up to her very close. I wasn't much taller than Lauren and I looked into her eyes and smiled and pulled her chin up so her eyes were level with mine. I kissed her cheek and cupped her breast.

"No, No your hand," Astral pulled me back, "Your hand and your lips have to touch her at the same instant. It takes practice, Try Again!"

I stepped back and looked at Lauren and she smiled, "I think that you are almost getting the timing, Go a head try again."

I stepped up and kissed her cheek and cupped her breast and pulled back, teasing her nipple as Astral instructed me.

"Much better, much better, but you didn't tease the nipple, quite right. Did he Lauren?" Astral said smiling at her sister.

Lauren was smiling now very broadly said, "No he was too tentative." She took my hand and cupped it under her breast and looked me in the eye. "You pull the nipple and let it slide through the fingers while rolling it, like this." Her hand coached mine as she stared into my eyes as her fingers guided me in pinching her nipple and pulling while twisting it and feeling the soft flesh of it. "Like that," Lauren giggled, "Now try again."

I stepped back and looked at Lauren then stepped forward and kissed her cheek, my hand touched her breast an instant before my lips met her cheek. "No," I said, "the timing was off," and I started again. This time I got it right and Lauren gave me a little "Uhmm" as my fingers slipped off her nipple.

"Oh very good Josh, Don't you think so Auntie Vera?" Astral asked.

Lauren smiled at me and said, "Josh perhaps you would do it one more time, and add the greeting." She smiled coyly at me.

I glanced down at her nipple and it was now erect and long and firm. I stepped up and said, "Lauren De Soto, How very nice to see you tonight." I then stepped up and leaned down to kiss her cheek but she moved her mouth as my lips were about to met her cheek and kissed me on the lips. Her hand reached back in my hair and she held me to her. I had my fingers on her nipple and was pulling and twisting it gently. I kept that up until she released me, my fingers pinching and pulling the nipple out as I stepped back.

Lauren smiled and said, "Josh Perkins, It is my pleasure to be here."

Vera was smirking and said; Ok I'll buy the beer, but get one for Donald too. The sisters grinned and ran off to get the beer.

I put out my hand to Donald, "Hello I'm Josh Perkins."

He smiled at me and said, "Donald Black, I work at the bank with Vera."

I looked at Vera and she was smiling and looking at Donald, 'that way' so I asked her. "How long have you known Donald then Vera?"

"About three years, isn't it Donald?" Vera answered and put her hand on Donald's arm.

"Three years, two months and six days exactly," Donald said looking into her eyes.

They were ignoring me, I didn't mind. I said, "Well I congratulate you on your freedom, Donald. Are you enjoying yourself so far?"

Donald turned to me slowly, "Oh immensely, I have never been in the village at night and Vera promised to show me the village tomorrow. She said she was going to take me on a picnic out to the Oat fields so I could get a good look at the sky."

Vera looked at me and blushed, "Well Donald spends all his time in the Barracks or the Bank. I thought he could use a little sun."

I looked at Donald, he was about forty and pasty looking, as a man who spends all day indoors looking at the women around him and wondering if they felt as good as they looked, would be. He was short and slight He was balding slightly but he's eyes were shining when he looked at Vera.

She looked at him like a six year old with a large cookie. So happy to have it in her hands and yet reluctant to eat it because then she wouldn't have her cookie.

"Vera," I said, "I had Lauren on appointment, I should massage her first, can you wait a while, before I give you your massage?"

Vera never even looked at me but put her hand on Donald's hand and gripped it, "Ok she said, "I'll be here with Donald." She turned and looked at me and smiled, "We never have gotten this close before. I'll be fine, take all the time you need."

Lauren and Astral came back and handed out the beer. Astral, said, "Josh now that you have the greeting down perhaps you should work on your greeting for a New Bahia? It is a little more complicated but it will improve you social skills."

I looked out of the corner of my eye at her, "You just want me to pull your nipples, don't you?"

Astral grinned and nodded at her Auntie, "No, it will really help if you learned our customs, Like your RTA, we have our own customs to follow." She was laughing at me inside, had me cold and knew it.

I handed my beer to Donald and stepped up to her my hands just at her breasts, almost touching her lips and nipples and I looked at her and said, "Astral De Soto, my you are looking very pregnant this evening." Then I leaned down to kiss her while my hands cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples. She pulled me to her and kissed me firmly while I massaged her nipples and pulled them slightly. She held it for several moments and released me, but I kept kissing and teasing her nipples for another moment, before I stepped back, with a final tug on her nipples before letting them slide through my fingers.

Astral left her hand on my neck and said, "Josh, almost right try again and cup my breasts a little more firmly."

"No, let's let Donald try, he needs to practice the skills of a free man." I took the beer from his hands. "You try; I'll coach, now that I've mastered the technique."

"You mean touch her breasts?" Donald was shocked.

"And kiss her softly on the cheek," I said. "Try to get the timing right, your hands touch just as your lips meet her cheek, Right girls?"

Lauren nodded and Astral was still in shock at my suggestion. Vera was clutching her beer and holding back laughter.

Donald stood up and was just a little taller than Astral. He stepped up to her and reached out with his lips.

"No," I said, "Step a little closer to her." I said and pushed him up to Astral. "About like that. So you just have to lean slightly, and both hands on her breasts, cupping them. Lauren why don't you show him how to caress the nipple. You are such a good instructor."

Lauren put down her beer and took Donald's hand and smoothed it between hers, "You just cup her breast," and Lauren's hand guided Donald's hand to Astral breast. He was tentative. "Now turn your wrist in slightly, Yes that's it, now squeeze softly." Donald's fingers made shallow indentations on Astrals smooth breasts. "A little more firmly," Donald pressed harder,

"Now slowly slide your hand out to her nipple and grasp it softly in your fingers and pinch it slightly," Donald complied.

He pinched the nipple and pulled it as his hand slid away. "Like that?" His face was beaming as he looked at Lauren and Astral.

"Yes now try it with both breasts in your hands," I said, "Astral is a new Bahia and has both breasts exposed. She is expecting a touch on each of them."

Donald grinned at Astral, "Thank you ever so much for the lesson."

"Again, with both hands," I said. Donald stepped back and then looked over his shoulder at Vera. She nodded to him and smiled. Donald stepped up to Astral and said, "Ms De Soto, how very pregnant you look tonight," and leaned over and kissed her, his hands just touching as his lips met her cheek. He moved back slightly and his hands pulled her nipples out and twisted them just before he released them. Astral didn't move but her eyes were closed, a smile was on her face and she moaned a little as Donald's fingers pulled her nipples.

"Very good," I said and Lauren and Vera applauded him and he blushed and laughed.

"Now do Lauren," I said, "but just one hand for she is a journeywoman."

Donald looked down thinking and practiced the move with his eyes closed then he looked up very calmly and addressed Lauren, "Ms De Soto, How Lovely to see you this evening," and he moved in perfect timing and kissed her cheek and cupped her breast.

Lauren was much bigger breasted than Astral and as it filled his hand, he stopped and looked down and then up into Lauren's eyes and he got trapped by the softness of her breast, the smile on her face, the warmth in his palm and he froze for a second and just looked surprised. He blushed and stepped back and gathered himself again.

Lauren was smiling and calmly waiting, her nipple was erect and I really wanted to suck it, so softly.

Donald addressed her again, "Ms. Desoto how lovely you look this evening," and he made his move precisely and didn't hesitate to stroke her breast on the entry.

Lauren had moved her head and captured him with a hand behind his head. She kissed him tenderly and held him four or five beats then let him go. His fingers slid off her nipple in a perfect pull and twist and he just stared at Lauren.

"How lovely of you to notice me," Lauren said and grinned at him.

Donald laughed and looked at Vera and laughed again and turned and hugged me, then hugged Astral and Lauren, and laughed until he was crying. He was smiling through his tears, He shouted "Freedom!" and turned to Vera.

Vera had gotten up when he started laughing and stepped to him as he was crying. He stepped back a little and smiled "Vera De Soto How very, very lovely you look tonight. May I kiss you?"

"Yes but I'm not Bahia."

He shuffled his hands and looked at me, "What's the protocol?"

I looked at Vera and Donald and temporized, "That's easy you take her in one arm, your right. And bring her to your chest."

"Like this?" He took Vera in his arm and they were just touching their chests.

I nodded very wisely and said, "Now lean her back a little while you put your left hand behind her head, cupping it and supporting her with both arms and then look deep into her eyes and kiss her very softly."

He followed directions and Vera wrapped him in her arms and kissed him back. He held it for three beats before he stood her back up and released the kiss. They looked at each other smiling and Lauren pulled me away.

I stepped back to Donald and Vera and put my hands on their shoulders to get their attention. "Now I think if you practice that a few more times, and Donald try different variation of the address, Women like variety, right Vera?"

"Oh Josh should we be doing this right out in the open?" Vera said looking around her at the crowd.

"Look at it this way Vera, Donald needs to expand his education in matters bi-sexual and he needs a guide who will help him. I think that even if you aren't Bahia, you feel the obligation to make Donald comfortable in the situation where he has had no experience. You would be setting the example now for all the other women who are also wondering how to react to the releasing of the men. They are feeling just what you are feeling and need an example of a loving expression of what you and Donald are feeling." It was so convoluted she bought it and smiled at Donald and stroked his hair.

"I would be setting the example of a loving relationship?" She asked me somewhat skeptically.

"Sure," I said, " If you show the other women that is only civil to treat men with the same respect you treat your women friends You set the example rather that waiting for the Bahia to set one for you to follow."

She turned to me and said, "So I would be supporting the Revolution?" and smiled. She turned her head and looked in Donald's eyes," Can you support the Revolution Donald?"

"It freed me from slavery; I'll support it fully, if it will keep you in my arms." Donald kissed her and let her slide down to put her cheek on his chest. They were holding each other and smiling.

"Now Donald I'm going to massage Lauren and I'll be back and check on your progress, so 5 to 6 repetitions of Greeting and then let Vera show you how she tells if a man is irresistible. She is an expert at it."

Donald nodded and looked at Vera, "You agree, I hope?"

Vera looked at him and nodded. "Let us try it again from the approach shall we?"

I turned and led Lauren over to my massage parlor.

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