tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 27-28

Spreading Seeds Ch. 27-28


Chapter 27 - Aftermath

I wiped my face off and leaned over and blotted Lauren's pussy. I didn't rub because she was too enflamed. Her vagina still was open and I could see I had stretched her pretty well. Lauren moaned, "Oh Josh not so hard."

I got up on my feet and lifted Lauren into my arms and held her until she got her feet under her.

Astral was laughing and said, "I do a pretty good Rutting Sow."

I just smiled over Lauren's shoulder at her, "Astral I need to rest." The Puma and the Compliant Mare were enough to make me swear off women for three days at least.

Astral came up to me and rubbed my back, "But I squeal really well at the end and Lauren says it's very convincing."

"Only because you look like a sow," Lauren laughed.

I winced when Astral touched one of the scratches and she looked at my back. "Oh Lauren you've scared him for life," Astral said and kissed my scratches.

"I did not, Josh says it doesn't hurt a bit," replied Lauren and looked up in my face. "Tell her Josh."

"I said they hardly hurt, that is not the same as don't hurt," I looked at them both they were both smiling and rubbing me and I knew that could lead to things I couldn't accomplish in my present state. "Is the water hot enough for a bath?"

Astral tested the water and said, "Warm enough," and she opened the tap and drained a bucket full, then opened the supply tap and let the heater fill again. "Come on, I'll wash the puma sweat off you."

We washed and soaped each other and had to dry with only two towels. We took turns and got as dry as we could. Lauren led me back to her room and I found most of my clothes. I was missing a sock again, Lauren found it under the bed. I dressed and Lauren put on a light skirt and blouse, combed her hair out and grinned at me.

Lauren led me out into the front room and peeked thru the drapes into the other apartment. She smiled and opened the drapes. "I wanted to check to make sure Vera and Donald weren't in the front room all sweaty." Lauren laughed and led me into a small kitchen, from which the smell of bacon frying wafted out. Betty was in the kitchen and had the bacon frying and stirred a bowl.

"Good morning children," She said, "I heard some noise and figured the girls had brought a friend home." She smiled and pointed to a chair, "Sit Josh, Lauren, get him some tea it's in the kettle."

Lauren poured the tea and Betty took the bacon out of the skillet and poured eggs into the pan. "You like scrambled eggs, Josh?" She asked over her shoulder.

"I do ma'am," I said.

Astral came in and kissed her mom on the cheek and said, "Good Morning Mother, how come you're up so early?"

"Work," Betty said, "and I need you girls to come help me today. We're setting out the squash and bean seedlings today and we'll be short handed."

Oh Mom," Astral said, "They declared a holiday."

Betty laughed, "Only from the fertilization laws, not from work. I expect to loose a few women from exhaustion this morning so I volunteered you two and Reba to come help. Now Astral go wake up Reba and Lauren set the table. I don't know where Vera is, I heard her come in late just as I was falling asleep."

Lauren laughed and said, "I think she might be one of the exhausted ones this morning. Donald showed up last night at the Bath House and she was going to bring him home."

Betty turned around and looked at Lauren. "Donald, Donald Black?"

Lauren nodded, "Yes Donald Black. They left the bath house laughing and kissing. I presume they have been making the beast of two backs all night."

Betty plated the eggs and said, "I hope Vera is careful."

"Oh I think they will be alright. Genevieve Sweet and I gave them some instruction last night." I said.

Betty smiled at me, as she brought the food to the table, "That was nice of you, but I meant I hope she doesn't get pregnant."

"Why not?" I asked.

Betty looked at me, shook her head and sat down. "Josh do you know why we have all the Blacks in the village?"

"No, I hadn't thought about it. Why do you have so many Blacks?" I asked.

"It all started with Robert Black a long time ago. Have you heard of Robert Black, Josh?" Betty asked.

"Luis told us some about him, how he staged a revolt and issued the ultimatum. That's about all I know."

"Well have some eggs and take more bacon, you need your strength. Anyway it all started with him. He was a little crazy and caused a lot of trouble. If he had been a woman they would have hung him, but since he was a man they just locked him up. So the Blacks have always been a little crazy and the genetic fault propagated from him. After a few generations his craziness spread to others as he was used for breeding and now all the men carry his gene, and the women are all a little crazy too. Have you met any of the Black women?"

"A few," I said between mouthfuls of egg

"Notice anything strange about them?" Betty asked and dished herself some eggs and bacon.

"No can't say I have, they all seemed real nice."

"That's the medication; they give it to all of the Blacks to keep them on an even keel. They are all crazy as hell if they don't take it. So Lenore puts it in the food up at the barracks and the women all take it in the morning to be allowed to roam free. Without it they would run riot in a week or so."

"Really?" I said. "Maybe that's what April meant about letting them run free. I was at the lunch meeting and told April about it and she ran home to talk to June. April looked really frightened about the men being set free."

Astral and Reba came into the kitchen in a worn grey uniforms. Reba smiled at me and sat down, "So what are we talking about?" Reba asked.

Lauren smoothly said, "Josh knows Aunty April."

Reba smiled and said, "Aunty April is so clever. She told me that if the agreement is signed that she was going to build us a house like her and Aunty June's, and I'd get to have a room with a window!" Reba eyes sparkled at the thought of a window in her own room.

Betty laughed, "And I'd get to have a place to myself."

Reba looked at Lauren and asked, "What was all the growling about last night, you woke me up with it."

Lauren said, "Astral and I were working on a new play with Josh, weren't we?"

I nodded. "There was a pixy in it and a puma, I think we should adapt "The Pixie and The Puma" for the stage. Don't you Astral."

Reba's eyes got very big, "Oh Josh, I saw a puma last year on the Goat Trail. He was stalking some of my kids and I hit him with a good size stone with my sling and he jumped straight in the air, snarled at his flank, where I hit him, and ran off." She laughed.

Lauren smiled, "I think I heard that a little differently Reba, I heard..."

"It happened just like I said Lauren, you weren't there." Reba huffed.

"Eat your breakfast girls we go to work in five minutes. Lauren you can change while Astral and Reba do the dishes. I'm sorry to hurry you Josh, but seedlings just keep growing regardless of politics or people." Betty apologized.

"Betty, I have to check my oats in the eastern field today and look in on the Sunshine girls and my mules. My work never ends because of holidays either." I lied a little but it sounded good and we finished our breakfasts and I kissed each of the girls on the cheek.

When I went to kiss Betty, she turned her head and kissed my lips and smiled. "You been kissing all the De Soto women Josh, You have to kiss us all or none." She batted her eyes at me and said, "Come by for dinner next Thursday and I'll make you a surprise."

I kissed her again, "A surprise, what kind of surprise?"

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you but I think you'll like it."

"Betty De Soto," I gathered her in my arms, "I believe you," and I kissed her.

I made my way from the House of De Soto and went by the Kiva to get my saddle bags and notebook. The place reeked of sweat and sex. Bob was passed out snoring on the pedestal; Mike was pouring water over his head and moaning in the back. Sarge's drapes were open and he was lying on his bed face down still in his bathrobe. I threw a blanket over him and went to my alcove and got my gear and hat.

I saddled Barb and rode east relishing the day and the freedom from women. Barb was fresh and so I cantered her for a while and wished my balls didn't ache so. I slowed her down to a walk and she resented it, but I kept her in check and we enjoyed the sun and air.

I stopped by the mule pasture and Gloria came up to see Barb. Gloria was on her bay gelding and he was shining like Barb now. "Poncho looks pretty good now, Gloria."

She smiled, "Yeah, he cleans up real well doesn't he? After I got Barb in shape I started working on him and roached his mane. Now it doesn't lap on both sides."

"How are the mules?"

"Not bad, we have sixty shod since you got here. They're making mule shoes for the rest. The girls have got most of them broke to not be foot shy but some are real bastards about their feet. They feel good and put back on all the weight they lost. There is a couple you might want to look at though."

"Oh yes?"

"Yeah, they are across the creek, come on I'll show you."

I followed Gloria across the pasture and she led me through the trees to a creek ford and smaller pasture of tall grass that held two mules who looked up as we entered the pasture. "They seem to feel pretty good but they aren't putting on weight and I thought they might give what they've got to more mules, so I moved them away from the rest a few days ago."

I looked at the mules and they hadn't put on any weight at all. They moved pretty well as I rode around to find the inevitable fresh droppings and got off my horse and looked at them.

I kicked the turds and spread them out and saw the signs of worms. I looked up at Gloria, "We need to worm them. Keep them in one spot and bring hay to them. "You'll need to pick up all the turds in the area and put them in a pile, better yet in a hole then burn as much as you can.

"What pick up mule turds?" Gloria asked.

"If you don't the worms will spread to the others and then to your stock. It was a good thing you brought them over here when you did or you'd have to pick up all the turds in the big pasture." I smiled at her. "Get some manure forks and a wagon out there and it won't take too long, but be thorough, One pile not collected could let this out in to the rest of your stock."

Gloria didn't seem thrilled but told me she'd arrange the wagon tomorrow and she'd catch the mules and tie then up until I could get back with the worming medicine.

Chapter 28 Annie's questions

I rode out to the far oat pasture and saw smoke coming out to of the chimney of the stone Archers Cottage. The roof was on and the shutters were painted a bright blue. I looked at the oats; they were growing in bands where the irrigation was placed. Still the results weren't bad and the size of the field meant it looked like a good crop. I checked the soil moisture in a few places and noted some measurements.

I rode the field and went up to the archer cottage and smelled grilling meat. I knocked at the door and a young blond woman opened the door and said, "Hello," and smiled in the doorway.

"Good Morning, I'm Josh Perkins and ..."

"Oh, Oh Josh Perkins, Oh come in, I was cooking some lunch, do you like venison, it's all I have."

"And what is your name kind and generous lady?"

"Annie, I'm on duty really but the deer don't come down until after sundown. So I was going to eat and get some sleep." She turned and went in the cottage.

I followed Annie in. Inside was pretty rough. Bunks were in the four corners and a clay stove was on the back wall. She had a slab of venison on a board and was slicing it off with a skinning knife. "You'll have to set on a bunk, we got a table yesterday but we're looking for saplings to make chairs still."

The table was small and three legged, a good thing because the floor was fieldstone. Annie sat on a stool next to the hearth and tended the venison; I sat on a bunk and felt the sun shine through the open window on my back, a great day to be alive.

Annie turned the meat and turned to me, "Morgan is a good friend of mine Josh. She told me all about you."

"Really, what did she tell you about me?" I asked and took off my hat.

Annie blushed and laughed, "She said you were the gentlest person and so caring. She glows when she talks of you."

I smiled at Annie, "I like Morgan just fine. She has such an elegant manner about her."

"She shoots like that too. She draws and releases quick and smooth and she always hits her target," Annie said and turned back to the meat.

"Is Morgan an archer then?" I asked. I had never thought of her as an archer or even knew what she did.

"Oh yeah, she has the shift out in the west end and they get a lot more deer down there." Annie took a few pieces of meat out of the pan and put them on a plate, added more slices and put the pan on the fire. "Of course she is working on her masters and that makes her a little crazy some."

"What is she majoring in?" I asked.

"Industrial Engineering, it seems kind of silly to me. Our biggest industry is the paper mill and they don't care about her theories."

"Well maybe Burney will need Industrial Engineers after the trade picks up. We still haven't sent any goods back to Davis."

"Maybe," Annie said and turned the meat.

"What about you Annie, are you studying."

"I was studying Literature but I kind'a dropped out, it didn't seem relevant," She stopped and looked at me, "Until you and the team came and we found out that there is a larger world. Now I may go back to school."

"I just got a new book," I said smiling at her.

"Oh yes?"

"Lady Chatterley's Lover, Do you know it?"

Annie laughed and smiled at me. "Post World War One, England and the damaged man. Oh I've read it several times and it made me look for books on England." Annie laughed and poked the meat.

"I'm about halfway though it and it seems depressing to me."

"No it will pick up and starts to get more interesting. I know what you mean though. All that talk of coal mines and stratified social structures. But three hundred years ago the population pressure was just beginning to build up and the capitalists in that time refused to allow social change. It was kind of depressing to live then."

"That's that way it seems to me. The tale is interesting but it seems dark and cold. I like today a lot better, even without electricity."

Annie looked at me and smiled, "What do you like? The fact that we are free to love now while they were strapped in a combination of religious and social contracts that kept the lovers apart?"

I smiled at her and nodded. "I love the feel of women, the ideal that is woman."

Annie smiled and put the meat on the plate and put the pan off on the side, "I wonder about the feel of a man. I am waiting for Andre to finish his task. He taught me to shoot the bow. He touched me and had his arms around me and I felt, What Connie, in the book talked about, the feel of a man." She shivered and laughed.

"So you are waiting for Andre? It may take a long time for him to beg pardon from all the women."

Annie looked at me, "I know, I was thinking about it last night in the blind. But I want to feel his arms around me and kiss him and..." She smiled and brought the plate to the table. She sat on the opposite bunk, "I only have the one plate and no utensils. I'll cut the meat into pieces shall I?"

"Sure what ever you normally do. I'm flexible that way." I smiled at her. She smiled back and cut the meat into bite sized pieces.

She took a bite, smiled at me and offered me the plate. I took a bite and then another one and pushed the plate back to her, "It's your lunch," I said, "I don't want to starve you."

She laughed and looked at me, "Josh, do you think I'm pretty?"

I looked at her and smiled. I felt a bear in my future and I was not prepared to castrate another after the events of the last several days. "Annie, any man would think you lovely, if his heart was in the right place."

She smiled and looked at the plate and offered me a bite. She looked at me and shook her head, "That's what I thought. I'm just plain Annie, the girl one has to take as she is." She smiled at me a sad smile. "I suppose Andre will feel the same way." She looked at the plate and took a bite. She was looking down at the plate and sighed.

"Annie," I said, "You just need to brush your hair, take a bath and wear different clothes and you'd be a stunner. If you come to the bath house I'll do you hair and of course in the bath house you'd be naked and everyone could see how very lovely you are."

She smiled at me, ate her venison and passed me the plate.

She needed cheering up so I said, "Annie, all women feel they are plain when they are lonely. You are too beautiful to pout about it. You need to smile and be happy." I was trying to make her feel better about herself. She was in truth a plain woman, pretty but just. Her blond hair was mussed and pulled back in a pony tail. She had venison juice on her chin and she was dressed in grey twill.

"If my breasts were bigger and my hips smaller, Andre would notice me," She looked up at me and smiled, "Don't you think?"

"Andre will notice you if you just walk by him and smile. A man notices all women."

She smiled, "Morgan said you were so nice. You know Raule scared her so much. I'm afraid, you know, of getting too much and being too small like Morgan."

I thought about Morgan and how tight she was and how Raule had said she hurt his dick. "Morgan just needs to select a smaller partner. She is about normal for a virgin. It was too bad that the night of the party, we didn't see it coming or I would have taken her. I'm much much smaller than Raule. Then she wouldn't feel as she does. I feel it's my fault, I introduced her to Raule."

"What about Andre, is he as big as Raule?"

I looked at her face and saw she was excited a little and leaned toward me waiting for my answer. I thought about it and couldn't recall taking note of his prick. "I don't recall ever seeing his equipment."

"Nadine told Cheryl that he was enormous and she bled for an hour after he ..." She stopped, blushed and looked down at her plate.

"Well that happens but it is generally the hymen and I doubt that he is a woman killer." I smiled at her and laughed.

She grinned and finished her meal, wiped her chin on her hand and her hand on her pants. She looked up at me and asked, "What about the others? Who would you say a virgin like me should stay away from?"

"You mean besides Raule?" and laughed at her.

"Yes who would you suggest, you said you had the smallest one, maybe I should work my way up to Raule?"

I looked at her and saw the invitation, but had no belly for it. Not that she wasn't attractive enough, or deserving enough but I had been fucked every way but loose, and come to think of it Lenore was loose. "I'd have to examine you." I looked at her and she flinched a little and sat back and looked at me.

"Examine me?" She looked at me and thought about it. A smile crept over her face and she blushed and laughed, "How?"

"You asked me in so many words if your breasts were too small or your hips too big, now you ask, who wouldn't hurt you. Who would allow you to feel the touch of man as it was intended by Mother Goddess, tender, loving and perhaps gift of life? I'd have to look at you and feel you to tell you these things. I can not tell in the grey."

She looked at her uniform, then up at me and smiled, "Would you tell me the truth? I mean, how do I know you aren't like Andre, taking advantage of my innocence?"

I smiled at Annie and nodded, "Well put. Annie I have been ..." I looked at her and decided not to lie. "Well I'm scheduled for duty in a few days and I have to rest. I confess I'd like to see you naked. You are attractive and it would be my pleasure to see you. But I can not lie about this to you. It would do you no good and would damage our relationship, brief though it is." I smiled at her and she smiled back. "Morgan told you I was nice, I confess I am in my way. I'll tell you the truth."

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