tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 32

Spreading Seeds Ch. 32


Chapter 32 - Farewell

I opened my eyes and looked at Sarge. He grinned and said, "Time to get up Josh you've got a long ride this morning." His voice was soft and I was barely able to see him in the starlight from Lauren's window.

"Ok Sarge," I said, "I'll be up in a minute."

"Take your time Josh," he said with a little laugh, "It's two hours 'till sunrise."

"Thanks Sarge," I was still drowsy but I could feel Laurens warm naked body next me as she slept with one hand cupping my cock.

Sarge left the room and I turned over to look at Lauren. She was wrapped around me and still asleep. She felt marvelous, the softness of her breast against my chest and her leg on top of mine had me hard so I kissed her on the forehead. She didn't wake up but she moved a little closer and squeezed my cock.

I needed to pee but I just lay there and enjoyed the feel of Lauren next to me. There would be plenty of time for sleeping alone on the rocky ground wrapped in a blanket. Now was the time to enjoy a soft bed and an even softer bedmate. I kissed Lauren again on the lips and she responded by kissing me back and squeezing my cock.

Lauren opened her eyes, "Is it morning?"

"Almost, Sarge says it is two hours until sunrise."

Lauren snuggled against me, "You have to go soon, I don't want you to go Josh." She squeezed me again and kissed my cheek. "I know you have to but I don't like it."

"Lauren, there is nothing I'd like better than to stay here with you and go back to sleep, but duty calls." I rolled on to my side and put my arm around her, feeling the smooth skin of her back. She kissed me and pulled my hips against her, my stiff dick against her warm belly.

"Are you going to use that before you go?" Lauren asked and smiled at me.

I brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her softly, "Do you want me to use it?"

She laughed a little, "Yes Josh, I want to feel you inside me so I have a memory of you to keep me warm while you're gone."

I rolled her onto her back and ran my hand down her belly to her bush and took her temperature. Her pussy was hot and still a little juicy from our last coupling. The towel was still warm and she opened her legs for me to stroke her. She pressed against my hand and made little sounds of contentment as I fingered her and made it wetter.

"Are you going to fuck me or just play?" Lauren's voice was mocking and playful.

I kissed her and rolled on top of her. She spread her legs and lifted her knees a little. I licked my hand and lubed my dick with the saliva. I found her opening and pressed it to her slowly working it in. I was gentle and did it slowly.

"Mumm, that feel so nice," she said as my dick slipped and slide into her. Her hips came up to take me fully and her legs came up around my hips.

I was balls deep now and just held it to her letting her move and get comfortable. It felt so nice to have her pussy holding me and her arms around my neck. She was kissing my cheek and making soft sounds in my ear. She smelled a little rank, but then I did too. We had sweated more than a little last night, but, I didn't mind that. We began to stroke it in and out as she got wetter and hotter.

I didn't hold back at all. I just let it run and soon I was moving into a short stroke with a slow rhythm. She met my stroke and moaned in my ear as I filled her pussy. We did the old in and out for a moment and she was getting into it. Her hips became more demanding and so I lengthened the stroke a bit and gave her the long banana. Her arms pulled me harder to her and she began to go a little faster, so I sped up my stroke and started a soft meat slap.

"Oh Yes, Yes. Mumm. Fuck me good Josh," she gasped in my ear.

We rode that for a long time and I began to breathe harder in her ear.

"Oh, Oh!" she said and gripped me tighter to her breast as I started to work up a load to fill her. She was really juicy now and slick as my cock rammed her soft pussy. Her enthusiasm started to get to me and I could feel the boys getting ready. I didn't hold them back at all and soon felt the tingle on the tip of my dick that meant that they were about to appear.

When I jammed my hips against her and felt the surges begin, she held herself up to me an said, "Give it to me Josh, give me your hot sloppy cum Josh!"

I did and it felt good. I mean when a woman wants your seed and you can almost feel the sperm being welcomed into her womb, it is a most wonderful feeling. I spent myself into Laurens eager pussy and she held me grunting every time she felt me surge in her cunt.

"Oh Josh, Oh, that felt so good," Lauren held me tight her legs around me and her hips pressed up against me. I collapsed and was limp in her arms for a while and she kissed my neck and cheek as I gathered my breath.

She was moving a little, stroking me and reaching for her completion. Finally she gave up and relaxed a little but still held me inside her. "I can almost feel your sperm swimming up my cervix Josh. Oh, I hope they make it," Lauren held her hips up as I pulled out of her and backed down so I could look at her pussy.

Of course it was too dark to see but I put the pillow under her hips and ran my tongue around her lips and sucked her clit a little. She moaned and pulled my head down, her fingers in my hair and as my tongue stroked her clit she groaned and climaxed, her whole body quivering.

I licked her for a moment longer and kissed her vagina, my tongue dipping in and out of her hot hole as she moaned and held my face to her crotch.

I moved up beside her and kissed her cheek. She turned her head and let me kiss her.

"Oh Josh you're so nice. I love the way you lick." Lauren sighed, "I'm really going to miss you."

"Well I shouldn't be gone long, three, maybe four weeks at most. You'll know if you are pregnant by the time I get back. Who knows maybe we'll have a reason to celebrate when I get back?"

Lauren pulled the towel against her and said, "Let me up Josh, I have to pee."

"Oh shit Lauren, now you did it, I have to pee too." I rolled out of bed and grabbed my robe and put it on, helped Lauren with her robe and we both headed for the bath room.

I made it to the toilet just as my cock started to leak and sat down and let it out in a rush.

Lauren was dancing in front of me saying, "Oh damn I'm leaking and I don't think it's your sperm Josh, Hurry!" She danced a little more and then said, "Spread your legs and move back," She straddled my legs and pushed up against me and I felt hot piss cascade down my belly and over my balls as Lauren sighed, "Oh, oh I almost peed on the floor."

I opened her robe the rest of the way and pulled her up for a kiss. "You're peeing on me Lauren."

She kissed me and said, "It's your fault if you had let me pee first you wouldn't be wet now." She squirted out a little more hot urine onto my cock and balls.

In truth it felt pretty good, her hot fluids trickled off my balls, her breasts were against my chest, and lips on my cheek. I just held her close and massaged her ass. We were going to shower anyhow and a little girl piss never hurt. The smell was a little strong but I really couldn't say if it was mine or hers that smelled.

Someone had fired the water heater before we got here so Lauren sat on my lap and kissed me for a while as the water heated. She finally leaned back and asked, "What's the matter Josh, can't get it up?"

She was smiling at me and in the light from the hemp oil lamp she was beautiful, if a little messy. I brushed her hair back out of her face and kissed her. "Are you ready for it again Lauren? You're insatiable."

She laughed, "Isn't it fun though?"

I kissed her and played with her ass for a while and she kissed me back. I lifted her up and she put her legs around my waist as I stood up and let my cock come up out of the toilet and slap her on the ass. "There Miss Insatiable, you get your wish," I reached around her leg and guided it up to her pussy and she struggled down a little until I was in her a little and we played for a moment, at least until my arms started to tire so I set her ass on the sink and gave her the long stroke.

"Oh Josh, I was just teasing you really, I didn't really want to fuck again," Lauren said as she pulled my ass closer so I was deep as I could be, my cock rubbing her clit as I stroked in and out.

It was a good thing the water heater was fired up because my balls started to get cold from their golden shower. Lauren kept my cock warm while she climaxed and held me close for a while.

I backed away and she whimpered a little when the tip of my dick popped up and ran across her clit. She jerked back and groaned. "Oh Josh, I don't think I can take anymore."

I kissed her and said, "But Lauren, I'm still hard and I need to climax or my balls'll turn blue."

She laughed at me and put both hands on my cheeks, "They won't either, Josh. You can't fool me."

"You don't know Lauren. Have you ever frustrated a man before, I mean after you've stimulated him so well?"

She stood and kissed me, pressing her warm belly against my hard wet dick. "You know I haven't Josh, you're the only man I've ever had sex with. Get the water and I'll take care of your frustration."

I got a bucket of water and we started to bathe. Lauren was very attentive and washed my cock and balls really well, so well in fact that I almost came in her hand. She made me sit on a stool and washed my hair and then she sat on the stool and I washed her hair.

As I finished her hair she put a towel around her head and said, "Now come up in front of me and let me cure your blue balls."

I stood in front of her and as I dried myself off she licked my cock and then sucked me until I climaxed like a cannon. She sucked every drop down her throat and I almost fell down from the sheer thrill of the moment.

Lauren made sure my balls got dry before she stood and kissed me. I could taste the semen on her tongue and figured if she could swallow it I could take a taste. We went back to her room and dressed.

The smell of bacon frying had me hungry before we got into the kitchen where Sarge, Betty and Winnie were. Winnie laughed at me and said, "Now that Josh is here I'll go see if Amelia and Able are ready." Winnie got up and left the kitchen.

Sarge looked at me and smiled, "Well Josh we've only got a half hour for breakfast. Are your saddle bags packed?"

I looked at him grinning, "Sure are, Sarge. I just have to go by the Kiva and pick them up. I kind of figured I'd be pressed for time this morning."

Amelia and Able came in with Winnie and sat down. Betty smiled at Amelia and asked, "Did you get any sleep dear? You've got a long ride and you don't want to start tired."

Amelia laughed and kissed Able, then said, "I got enough."

Winnie laughed, "She was talking about sleep."

Amelia laughed and grinned at Winnie, "Oh that too."

Betty and Lauren started to handout the food and we all settled down to eat. Eggs and bacon, tea and biscuits all disappeared in a hurry as all of us were hungry.

The sun started to show in the window, Betty and Winnie kissed me good bye, picked up the dishes and put them in the sink.

Sarge, between Betty and Winnie, led the way down to the Kiva while Amelia and Able, carrying Amelia's saddle bags followed them in the breaking dawn. Lauren and I walked side by side behind them.

The Kiva was almost empty when we got there. Mike was sitting on the pedestal in his bathrobe, looking dazed and smiled at me when I went in to pick up my gear. I looked at him when I came out of my alcove, "See ya Mike," I called to him.

Mike laughed and fell over, passed out cold. "He must not be on duty today," I thought.

Lauren was waiting for me outside the Kiva. She took my bedroll from me, put my arm around her shoulder and walked with me to the Trading post.

Raule had the team helping him saddle and pack the mules. Gloria was there with Maria. Gloria was watching them pack the mules and seemed excited when she saw me. "Josh, Josh!" she called out, "I've got Barb all saddled and ready."

I walked over to where Gloria and Maria stood. "Hello Maria, Are you here to see Gloria off?"

Hi Josh," she said and looked at Lauren who was hanging on my arm. "I see you have your own escort." Maria came up close to me and kissed me. "I want you to take good care of Gloria on the trail, Josh. Promise me you will?"

I reached down, pulled Maria to me and kissed her, "I'll watch after Gloria, you just watch after the baby," I said and rubbed her swelling belly.

Maria smiled at me and kissed me again, "You take care of yourself too. A baby needs his father."

I hugged Maria and said, "I'll be back in three or four weeks. I want to see that combined harvester ready when I get back."

Maria looked at me and smiled, "I can't promise anything like that but we are making progress on it."

Lauren pulled my arm, "I've got Molly used to the noise Josh. She is doing real well now, at least in the shop."

I leaned down and kissed Lauren, "You wait here, I have to go see Raule and check the mules."

She let go of my arm, "Go ahead, how can I miss you if you won't go away?" She was smiling and waved as Gloria and I went to see how Raule and the team were packing the mules.

Gloria was almost dancing in her excitement. I looked at her and asked, "Are you ready for a long ride Gloria?"

She laughed at me, her eyes wide, "Oh yes Josh, I want to get moving. I want to see what is on the other side of the hill."

I laughed at her, "Just more hills, Gloria. We won't see anything much different from around here until we get to Topock. There is a big river there, bigger than you've ever seen."

Gloria smiled, "I can't wait!"

I grinned at her enthusiasm, "You'll be glad to see the river. If I know Sue, she'll be pushing us every day to make more miles. You'll be dog tired by the time we see the river."

I started checking the mule's harness and talked to Raule and Bob about the loads while Gloria followed me around and I pointed out the finer points of packing to her.

The sun was up by now and started to warm the morning. A crowd was gathering as women finished up their breakfasts and came down to see us off. Gloria led me over to where she had Barb and Poncho tethered. I checked out Barb and tightened her cinch, put my gear on her and checked her feet, then I checked out Poncho. Both the horses could feel the excitement and were alert and restless.

Sue and the Chief came out of the Post with Amelia and Linda. They all hugged and said their good-byes. The Chief came over to Gloria and I, smiled at Gloria and asked, "Are your ready for the grand adventure Ms. Bitterwater?" she asked with her hand on Gloria's shoulder.

Gloria looked up with a broad grin, "Yes ma'am. I've been ready since midnight."

The Chief smiled at her then looked at me, "You ready Josh?"

"I just need to get my carbine out of the arms room, Chief," I said.

She nodded, "Sarge is inside, you better go get it now. Sue is anxious to start."

I turned to Gloria, "Ms Bitterwater, please form the mules up into two strings of ten. You and I will lead the mules and let Sue, Amelia and Linda lead off. Raule will help you."

Gloria snapped to attention and saluted me, "Yes Sir, Josh sir," and ran off to see Raule.

The Chief shook my hand, "You watch out for her, Josh and get the team back here as soon as you can."

"Yes ma'am." I said and went into the post. Sarge was in the arms room when I got there. He grinned at me, "Good luck on the trail Josh. Sue is going to push it hard."

I said, "I know Sarge. It's her first time leading a team and if I know her she'll want everything by the book."

"Yeah, she will." Sarge helped me check out our possibles bags and made sure the powder horns were filled, while I gave our carbines a thorough inspection. I made sure that the bags had at least two fresh nipples and a nipple wrench for each gun. I had checked them both yesterday, but when you leave civilization you always double check.

Sarge carried Sue's gear out after locking the arms room and we walked out to the horses. I secured my gear and swung up into the saddle. Raule handed me the lead to my mule string and hung a bell on Barb's neck.

Gloria was already up and grinning at me. There was a crowd of 40-50 women standing along the road some waving and some sniffling, I saw April and June waving at me and I waved back as Sue swung up into her saddle and glanced back at me. I gave her the high sign and she saluted to the Chief and yelled out, "Forward, Ho," waving us forward at a walk.

Winnie and Betty were on either side of the road and Winnie hand me up a bundle, "Just some biscuits and bacon for your lunch. Come back soon." She stopped and looked up at Amelia and started to cry. Lauren was crying on Astral's shoulder and they both waved to me as I rode past them. Irene was standing in the trees a little ways off the crowd and waved to me. I blew her a kiss and waved back at her.

Once we were out of the well wishers Sue picked up the pace to a fast walk and we started the ride proper. Soon we were out beyond the western fields and Gloria was as still bubbling over.

I said to Gloria, "I'm going to get some sleep, Gloria. Holler if anything happens."

Gloria looked at me incredulously but nodded, "Okay Josh. I don't know how you can sleep on a horse though."

I laughed, "You'll get the hang of it before we're through. The trick is to not fall off." I pulled my hat down and closed my eyes. I had faith in Barb's ability to follow along behind Linda and the two pack horses she was dragging. There was still a road of sorts and we wouldn't get into any rough country for a couple of hours. I knew Gloria was too excited to miss anything important and I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. I dozed and let Barb rock me to sleep.


Dear Readers:

There will be a short pause as I finish off chapter 33. I appreciate your views and votes. Let me know if you like the shorter chapter or the longer Chapters like #10?

Jack Luis

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