tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 33

Spreading Seeds Ch. 33


Chapter 33 -- The Trip Begins

I let my eyes close and snoozed a little for a while, until Gloria called out, "Josh, wake up. Sue is making some hand signals."

I opened my eyes and tipped up my hat to see what Sue was doing. She was making the hand signal to shift into single file. The road had petered out and we were now approaching a trail. I pulled Barb to a halt and said, "Single File, Gloria," I said. "Go on ahead, I'll bring up the rear."

Gloria smiled at me and led her string on ahead. I let her mules pass and fell in behind them. I felt a little better and the sun was up pretty good now. It started to get hot so I pulled off my field coat and tied it behind me. Barb followed along with no need for my help and I glanced back and checked my string of mules out. They all appeared to be doing fine.

We followed the narrow valley along the river all day and broke out into the broader valley after a long day in the saddle. Sue picked a spot along side the river that was running shallow and broad now, to camp for the night. There was plenty of grass for the mules around and a nice grove of trees to place our camp.

The women and I unpacked the mules then Gloria and I picketed them in the grassy area near the camp while Sue, Amelia and Linda set up camp. By this time the sun was dipping low but we were set and had a supply of firewood for the night.

Linda and Sue prepared dinner and Gloria and I inspected the mule tack, making sure that everything was still alright. Amelia was looking at the map and making notes. I went over and looked over her shoulder.

Amelia smiled up at me, "We made good time, Josh. I was just looking at our route."

"Tomorrow will be a long day," I said and sat beside her. "We ought to reach Gallup to camp and we'll be in the saddle all day to do that. I'm hoping that the pasture will be good when we get there."

"Well," Amelia said, looking at the route that Sue had marked. "It looks like we'll have plenty of water on the way."

I smiled at her, "Amelia, all those water holes may be dry this time of year. But it shouldn't be too bad. It looks like this river is still running pretty well. There must be a lot of snow in the high country still."

Amelia folded the map and nodded. She smiled at me and said, "You know Josh, I'm excited to be going to Davis, but a little scared too and I'm already missing Burney."

I smiled at her and put my arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek, "Missing Burney or Able?"

Amelia blushed and patted my cheek. "Both, you'll tell him I'm sorry to have to go, but it's my duty. You'll tell him won't you?"

"I'll tell him, but he knows that already Amelia. I'll bet he is missing you already too. He always smiles at me when I mention your name. If he's mad or sad, I just say, 'Amelia is thinking about you,' and his face lights up and he always grins at the thought of you." I kissed her blushing cheek and got up to see what Linda was up to. Amelia was smiling at me as I stood.

"You tell him it's the same with me. Just thinking about him makes the day a little brighter," She said and looked off toward the east lost in thought.

I walked up to the campfire and Sue grinned at me, "Well we made good time thru the river today. I'll want an early start in the morning, Josh."

"Yes Ma'am, we can start a soon as we can see to saddle up. I figure an hour to pack the mules if we all work on it and we'll make good time tomorrow. It's all pretty open from here to Gallup."

Sue nodded, "Yeah that's what I'm hoping for. We'll see how the water holes are doing and it may give us a hint about the water situation in Arizona."

"It's going to be dry in Arizona," I said and squatted down next to Linda. She smiled at me.

Linda leaned over to me, "I'm going to be sore tomorrow. I haven't ridden this much in years."

I laughed, "You'll be saddle weary until you get to Davis, Linda. Today was easy and reasonable cool. I expect the trip across Arizona to be really hot so make sure you keep your hat pulled down." I tugged at the lip of her hat.

Linda stirred the stew she was making and said, "I hope... I mean..." She looked at me and then at Sue.

Sue took the skillet she was frying some chicken in and said, "It looks like the chicken is done. I'll sit it over here and let it cool until the stew is done." Sue put the chicken down and wandered off to see Amelia and Gloria who were talking and watching the stock graze.

Linda stood up and looked at me smiling. I stood and grinned at her.

She took my hand and led me to a log near the fire and sat down, pulling me down next to her. "You know when Amelia said that you would be coming with us, I got a little excited."

I took her hand in mine, "We haven't seen each other in five or six weeks Linda. I was happy to hear that you were making the trip," I said. "I kept looking for you to come back to the bath house but you never did, why not."

Linda's smooth beautiful face frowned a little, "Sorry Josh, I should have written you. After we had dinner that night, you know. Well, I got appointed to be Amelia's aid and they sent me out to Bunker 5 to prepare for the trip. I didn't have time to tell you," she smiled at me, looked down, "and I thought you'd be distracted by your mission."

I lifted her hand and kissed it, "I was kind'a but I wanted to see you again." I looked in her big green eyes and I thought I had gone to heaven.

She smiled at me and her eyes sparkled for a moment, then she blinked and looked down at her feet. "Well it looks like we won't be seeing each other for a long time now Josh."

I put my arm around her and gave her a squeeze, "We have the next week, Linda." I was thinking about it now. I needed a day or so to rebuild and there was a stretch of terrain we'd come to in a few days where we would have a short trek from one water hole to the next and we'd graze the mules for a day to get them fattened up for the push down to Topock. I was sure we could get a couple of hours alone then.

Linda kissed my cheek and put her head on my shoulder, "I'm missing you already, Josh." She laughed, "You know I'm pregnant don't you?"

I laughed and hugged her, "No, I didn't know. I knew it felt good, you know like it was going to take."

Linda kissed me, "I just know it will be a boy too. He'll be tall and handsome, probably blond and a little skinny like his dad." She pinched my ribs.

I laughed and kissed her, "That is good news. So you'll deliver in, what February? Good, you'll be in Davis and the hospital there is real good. They will take good care of you and the boy," I said with a grin. "Oh I hope it is a boy, Linda. You'll make a beautiful baby, I just know it."

She grinned at me and took my face in her hands and held me for a moment then ever so slowly drew me to her lips and kissed me softly but with real emotion. "Thank you, Josh. I was so nervous while I waited to see if I caught, but you came through for me and I love you for that."

I looked around and saw that Sue, Amelia and Gloria were looking at the map. I turned back to Linda and said, "I'm so happy for you, Linda, well, and for me too." I held her for a little while and stroked her back. I marveled at her even now, after having seen her naked and feeling her body as much as I had those two nights, she still felt wonderful. The feel of her under my hands once more made me a little randy. "Linda, you want to take a bath after dinner?"

She smiled at me and kissed me, "Yes, Josh. I'd like that. Did you bring your soap?"

I kissed her and grinned at her, "I am never without soap, Linda."

"Good!" She said and got up to check the stew. I stood and went to tell Sue, Gloria, and Amelia the news.

Gloria had her finger on the map and they were discussing the map symbols when I came up. "Linda is pregnant" I said.

Amelia looked up at me and asked, "Is it yours?"

Sue laughed and said, "I know Josh. She checked in over a week ago."

I looked at Amelia, "Yes it's mine. She says it's a boy too, although it might not be."

Amelia laughed and said, "Congratulations Josh."

"Thanks," I said, grinning like a fool.

Gloria smiled, "So how many have you got, Josh?"

Sue said, "He's at fourteen confirmed and two probable."

Gloria laughed, "Josh, I don't know how you have the time to grow your oats, but you seem to be sowing a few."

I pushed her hat down over her eyes and Linda called out, "Stew's done, come and get it."

We went to the fire and dished up our plates. Gloria and Linda and I sat leaning up against the log and Amelia and Sue sat across the fire pit from us.

We ate quickly for the most part. It was cooling off and the sun was going down. We were all hungry, two chickens and a pot of squash stew went down fast.

Linda, Gloria and I took the residue and the dishes back down the river for a long way before we buried the bones and left over stew in a shallow pit.

I said, "Never bury it too deep Gloria, but not too shallow either. This will attract the skunks and coon's and if you bury it too deep they may not find it and might wander up to our camp. If it is just right they will spend all night digging it up and be happy to stay away from the camp. The last thing we need is a skunk in camp."

Gloria laughed, "Yeah Milly and Susan scared a skunk and it was three days before anybody could stand to have them around."

Linda laughed, "I hadn't thought about skunks. Do you think there are skunks around?"

I smiled, "I think you always have to presume that there are. If it's just coons, well they'll spend all night here. But if there is a skunk, I'd just as soon keep them away from camp."

We took the plates, skillet and pot down to the river and scrubbed them with fine sand and water, Gloria said, "Why don't you guys check out the river, I'll finish up here and take this back to camp." Gloria was grinning at Linda when she said it.

Linda kissed her and said, "Gloria, I'll miss you too."

I took Linda's arm and we walked down river for a little ways until she leaned up against a cottonwood. I came up and kissed her softly then stepped back.

She smiled at me and began to unbutton her shirt. She smiled at me and said, "Shall we bathe?"

I grinned at her, "There appears to be a nice pool of water here" I hung our towels on a branch and sat to take off my boots. The ground was sandy and we were at the edge of a knee deep eddy in the river. There wasn't much current and the water was clear.

We hung our clothes on the brush and rinsed our socks out, wrung them well and hung them on the bushes.

The sun was setting and Linda's body appeared even more beautiful in the soft light. She was so tall and magnificent, I purposely stayed back to see her all. We splashed each other as we waded out into the stream and came together in the water.

She took my hand and said, "Are you going to use that soap?" She took the soap box out of my hand and opened it. She took out the new bar and tossed the box up on to the beach. She stepped back to me, dipping the soap, "You first," she said and pulled me close.

I felt her hands come around me and her breasts slowly pressed to my chest. I looked into those bottomless green eyes and felt the heat from her body.

"I love you Linda, I really do." I said as I pulled her head to my shoulder.

She just held me and kissed my ear. We stood like that for a moment then she pulled away and said, "The sun's going down Josh. Why don't you squat and I'll wash you."

I sat down in the water and lost my erection when the water hit my scrotum. The river wasn't too cold, not like a mountain stream. The valley was broad and the river was a myriad of separate streams the water warmed to well above freezing.

I stood up and she began to lather me up. She squatted and I poured water from my cupped hands on her shoulders. She got up with a shiver, "I don't think I need to wash my hair."

I took the soap from her and soaped up her breasts and belly first then slipped my hands around her and pulled her slippery body to mine. She was just the right height and we kissed and slithered against each other for a moment or, perhaps three or maybe five. I know that it was long enough for my erection to slide between her soapy legs and she stroked her slippery lips along the top of it for a lovely long time.

I pulled back and said, "Linda, I hate to change the mood but we're running out of daylight." She grinned at me and stepped back. I walked over and put the soap back in the box and came to her as she squatted and squealed as her warm vagina hit the cool water.

I rinsed her quickly and then squatted in the water for her to rinse me. By the time I was soap free my second erection had passed away.

We got out and began to dry ourselves. "Here," I said, "Let me dry your back."

She turned her back to me and I dried her back and hips and down between her legs. My hand may have lost the towel and found itself stroking her mound as she bent to allow me to split her lips with my finger.

Linda stood and said, "Now for your back." She took me in her arms and wrapped her towel over my shoulders and kissed me. Her hands massaged my back with the towel and she tossed it back over my shoulder and kept kissing me, her hands on my ass pulling my hips and strengthening erection against her. My hands found her breast and her soft warm fanny were dry, but needed a little rubbing to warm up some.

Linda was taking her time and enjoying herself. So was I but we had to get back to camp sometime and we were still naked in the lengthening shadows. My erection was hot against our bellies and she backed away and pulled it down to fit between her legs. I whimpered a little as her hand stroked me before she slipped it against her hot slit.

Linda moved her hips and let the tip of my cock rub against her damp lips, sliding them apart as she spread her legs a little. Now I could feel the crown rubbing against her soft inner lips and along the opening to her vagina, I dipped down a little with my knees and got the tip beginning to push against the opening of her vagina.

Linda went up on her tiptoes and tilted her hips and pressed my crown against her pit. I pressed a little harder and she made a move and it breached her opening.

She sighed and pressed forward on me and I pressed harder and then pulled back a little. I could feel the opening slipping over my glans and she whimpered, "Oh Yes, Josh, Yes."

By now the Sun was half way down, just like Linda was half way down on my dick. It was lovely and I stroked her long and slow driving it deeper with each stroke. Her clit was pressed against my pubic bone and she was humping me hard now. Her mouth eager at mine and her tongue danced with mine. Her slippery lips on each end of me caused me to realize that I had no weasels in play and I was a half a stroke from climaxing. I pulled away and let my cock slip up her belly and gasped.

"Oh Josh, no. Put it in Josh." Linda cried.

I kissed her and held her for a moment until I had myself under control. "Oh Linda, let's go get our bed rolls. I'll finish you off then."

She hugged me hard and made a wretched face at me, "All right Josh, but let's hurry."

We put our underwear in our pockets and slipped our shirts and pants back on. We carried our socks and wore our boots without them.

We got back to camp as Sue was rolling out her bed roll next to the fire. "Josh, I put Gloria on night watch first, she'll wake you in three hours then you get me up after your three hour shift. I'll take it until morning."

"What about me?" Linda asked.

Sue smiled at her, "You're on with Josh. You have to keep him awake and alert. Tomorrow you can stand watch by yourself."

"Right Sue," I replied and grabbed my bedroll and Linda's. "We'll be right over there, it's a warm night." I said and indicated a place on the other side of the logs from Sue and Amelia's bedrolls.

Sue just shook her head and grinned.

I had brought a few brush brooms to sweep the sand with and showed Linda how to make a reasonably comfortable sleeping place from the sandy soil. She helped me roll out the blanket rolls so they over lapped on the open sides just a bit. I hung my towel within easy reach. I sipped off my boots and got all the sand from between my toes.

Linda sat on her bedroll and did the same. She was grinning at me as she unbuttoned her shirt and leaned back on one elbow. "I haven't spent the night under the stars in a long time Josh," she said.

"No? Well it's been months for me too. I got a little used to sleeping in a soft bed." I folded my blankets back and slipped out of my pants and slid between my blankets.

Linda looked over the log, then slipped out of her pants and got under my blankets as much as she could and kissed me. I pulled her to me, opened my shirt and let our chests melt together.

We tried to be quiet but it was difficult after a little while. At first we just kissed and fondled each other. I slid down and sucked her nipples and she made muffled sounds as my tongue swirled over her areola and sucked at her nipples. Her hands in my hair stroked me and then grabbed my hair and pulled me to her breasts.

I slipped my hand between her legs and she began to moan. I rubbed her clit for a while and slowly slipped a finger into her and stroked her G-spot. She got louder and Amelia called out. "Linda, please keep it down a little."

"I'll try, but he's just so damned good at this. Uh, Un, ahhh!" Linda was having a hard time being quiet and so I crawled up and kissed her, muffling her moaning a little as I rubbed her G-spot with two fingers now.

Linda was humping my fingers and moaning in my mouth. I felt her pussy contract and she went over the edge a little. I pushed her on her back and slipped my cock between her legs. Her legs opened and wrapped themselves around my legs as I slipped my cock into position and began to penetrate her slippery center.

It took four or five strokes to get it fully seated in her and she pumped her hips slowly letting my full length slip and slide against her. I got my hands under her shoulders and my elbows under me and pulled back, she was groaning a little as she worked out her lust on my cock. I had ten or twelve weasels at play and long stroked her. "There that's better isn't it," I whispered in her ear.

She groaned in my ear and said, "God yes, Oh Josh." She was trying to be quiet but it felt so good, I could tell because it felt good from this end too. I mean it was like I hadn't just fucked Lauren twelve hours ago.

I was hard and hadn't even had any #11, yet I was sure I could fuck Linda until she was satisfied. Her hot tight pussy felt wonderful on my cock. I juggled the weasels around and stroked her with a hesitated half stroke. She kissed me and moaned in my mouth, her pussy began to slurp a little and I started the meat slap.

After this went on for some time Sue called out, "Josh, just finish her off so I can get some sleep."

I pulled my lips off Linda's mouth and as she moaned really loudly I said, "Yes Ma'am, I'm trying."

I kept up the meat slap and Linda climaxed screaming into my mouth as I tried to stifle her outcry. I felt her hips drive up against mine and I held her tight to me for a while until her hips relaxed and her arms slipped off my neck.

I reached out and pulled my towel down and put it under her hips, but I didn't pull out of her. Linda helped me get the towel under her and then when I started to stroke her to achieve my own completion she started to moan again. I muffled her UPP'ing with my mouth again. She put her hands on my hips and squeezed me softly as I drove her up passions hill again.

I tossed away all the weasels and cupped her breast in my hand massaging it and called forth the boys. They took their time coming out and I was sweating again before I felt the familiar tingle in my dick. My balls hurt as if I was turning them inside out as I surged. Linda pulled my hips to her and lifted her hips to catch my seed. I used her mouth to contain my grunts of pleasure and jammed my cock into her wet hot pussy.

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