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Spring Break '06


My name is Arthur - never Art, or Artie... just Arthur. My wife, Joy, and I teach at the same local college. Economics is my game, and I am probably in the minority but I think it's an exciting field, especially if you are as in love with numbers as I am. Joy teaches history, ancient history to be exact. As you would of guessed we are not two of the most exciting people in the world. The biggest celebration we had recently was when Joy made tenure. Now that was a party. We are both in our early fifties now, and we both keep in pretty good shape. Joy is a swimmer. She hits the pool on campus every morning. It's kind of like her little ritual. Plus everyone needs some alone time, and I am happy to say that it has kept her looking pretty fantastic for her age. Her blond hair has gone what I think is a very distinguished shade of silver. Please, just don't let her know that I used the word "distinguished". Her arms and shoulders are her best features if you ask me. Although she seems to really like her ass. Who am I to argue with a woman that likes her ass?

We got married when we were twenty-two, and although we talked about kids we could never quite fit it in to our lives. Our marriage hit a rough patch around the time she was going for tenure. That, combined with her getting ready to turn fifty really stressed her out. It seemed like nothing I did could please her and just pissed her off more. Finally Joy went to stay with her best friend Janel for a few weeks that spring. That was really a shitty time for me. I missed her terribly, but I knew she needed a break to clear her head. After spring break that year she showed up one day with her bags in her hands and tears in her eyes. She had missed me too much as well. We did a little counseling just to make sure things were getting better. I can honestly say the three years after that have been nearly perfect. Nearly.

Our anniversary was coming up so I decided to have her downstairs office redone for a present. I had picked out a very nice (expensive!) oak desk and a new leather chair. I kept the plans a secret. Obviously I was going to tell her before the work started - you can't have construction going on in your basement and NOT have your wife notice. I was going to take some pictures for a before and after presentation that I was going to give her at our anniversary dinner the next weekend to make sure she approved. I have pretty good taste so I thought (hoped) she would like it.

She was out one morning and I thought that would be a good time to do the "before" pictures with my digital camera. I was clicking away, trying to get as many different angles as I could when I accidentally bumped into a stack of my wife's opera CDs, sending them tumbling to the floor. Now I hate opera, which my wife knows all too well, but she loves it so I made sure I stacked them nice and neat where they had been. One of the cases had popped open and the CD had fallen out. I picked it up by the edges and started to put it back in the case when I noticed that the case already had a CD in it. It had been put back in the case the wrong way, the face being down and the side that the laser scans facing up. Thinking my wife had put it in backwards I popped it out and turned it over. It wasn't an opera CD. Written in marker on the front was: SRING BREAK '06. At first I thought it was some sort of dumb, teenager movie. What would she be doing with a dumbass sex romp movie? I asked myself. She hates those. I whirled around and stuck the DVD in the player.

What I saw confused me even more.

The picture was real shaky at first, and out of focus. I could hear loud music in the background and what sounded like teenagers yelling at each other.

"This is fucking awesome!" Someone yelled, obviously drunk.

"Dickhead... you don't know what the fuck you're doing. Give me that fucking thing, you fucking idiot." By the amount of swearing I could tell they weren't the brightest bunch. The camera got even more shaky as it was apparently passed from one person to the next. The new "cameraman" knew what he was doing though, as the picture came into perfect focus and stopped shaking so badly. It was worse than trying to watch the last 'Bourne' movie.

"See, right there is the focus... and right there is the image stabilization. You're going to make everyone sick the way you were doing it." Glad to hear this kid knew his stuff. I still couldn't figure out what this was all about or why my wife had it. Not only had it but had hidden it away.

I was just about to continue watching when I heard the garage door opening. Shit! I had lost track of time. I quickly ejected the disk and put it back in the case. Oops! I put it back face up instead of face down like it was. Now I was panicking as I popped it out again, dropped it on the floor, flipped it over and then stuck the real opera CD back over it. I had no clue where in the stack it had been and hopped my wife didn't either. I stuffed it somewhere in the middle and then got the hell out of there. My heart was actually racing and I had no idea why. I was in my own basement in my own house. Still...

I went upstairs, acting naturally of course, and found my wife in the kitchen. Sacks of groceries lined the counter.

"Need help?" I offered.

"Thanks, hon. You wouldn't believe how crowded it was at the store. Must be payday or something."

"Or something," I said as I started stacking the canned goods in the pantry. "Have you decided where you want to go for dinner next weekend?"

"Next weekend?" Her thoughts a thousand miles away.

"Yeah, next weekend. You know... a little something called our anniversary."

She stopped what she was doing, turned to me and started laughing. "Sorry! I don't know where my head is today. Of course I know it's our anniversary. That is always on my mind." I gave her a fake pouty look and she came over and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a quick kiss. She had to stretch because I'm nearly a head taller. My hands slowly slid down her back and around the tight little curves of her ass cheeks. Her jeans seemed to be molded around her backside. She gave me another quick kiss, then slapped me in the chest. "Time for that is later. Time for fixing dinner is now." She went back to work, leaving me with a considerable erection that didn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

I was about asleep that night when it occurred to me why the DVD had struck a nerve. Spring Break of that year was when Joy moved out for a few weeks. Now that I thought about it she did seem quite tan when she moved back in. A million different ideas raced through my head.

I had to see the rest of what was on that DVD.

I knew I wouldn't get anymore sleep that night so I slowly extracted myself from bed and crept downstairs to the basement. I pulled out the DVD and started watching. I fast forwarded past all the jiggly-cam work. When it got better I stopped. I watched for a few minutes but couldn't stand the inane chatter. The camera pulled back, showing several people so I stopped and watched. It appeared to be in some nice beach house. Where, I couldn't tell you. In the picture were several guys and several girls. "And everyone in Ann Arbor Michigan can suck my giant white dick, because we are in Cancun for spring break!!" One of them yelled. He was a tall, all American looking kid. Everyone in the room started whooping it up and hollering. Yep, it sounded exactly like the type to go to Michigan.

"Well let's see that giant white dick!" One of the girls yelled out. The guy acted like he was going to pull his shorts off, but then waved his finger at the camera.

"What? You think I'm going to show this big bastard for free?"

"Mark, you are such a pussy!" Someone else out of camera range yelled. A cute blond girl stumbled into the frame. She looked hammered.

"Been there, done that," she slurred. "And let me tell you, that white boy ain't lying." Her parents would of been so proud.

Mark merely crossed his arms and started bobbing his head. "I told ya'll! I told ya'll what I'm packin'. Chloe knows... don'tcha Chloe?"

"Oh yeah," the hammered girl agreed. Why on earth did my wife have this stupid video? There was a noise upstairs. As if on cue the basement door opened up. I froze like a deer in the headlights.

"Honey?" My wife called out. My mouth was dry with panic again.

"Yeah?" I croaked.

"What's going on?"

"Just couldn't sleep. Thought I would get a jump on the day."

"It's three-thirty in the morning. It's not even day yet. Come back to bed."

Dammit! "Alright. Be up in a sec." I told her. It seemed like the gods and my wife were conspiring to keep me from watching this DVD. I hit the eject button. I made sure everything was back in order before heading back up. I was able to eventually fall asleep that night. Eventually.

The next day at work I literally slapped my forehead during another particularly boring meeting. Of course! Just download the damn thing onto my computer.

I slipped out of work early that day and raced home. I knew my wife wouldn't get home until late afternoon so I had plenty of time to download it.

Why was I so obsessed with this? Just ask my wife. There had to be a very simple explanation for her having it and hiding it, right? Hiding it? Yes. I would have to say that it was hidden. Placed under a CD that I would never think about picking up and watching. She did hide it! I had to see the rest of it.

I copied the DVD to my computer's hard drive. As my wife uses my computer once in a while I then copied it to another disk and erased it from my computer. I marked it FOOTBALL, knowing that she would have no interest in it at all. I could now watch it at my leisure, which I did. And what I saw... I still don't know what to do.

I finally got a chance to watch the DVD the next day. My wife was doing her Saturday morning activities which usually took half a day, so I knew I would have several free hours to view it. After she left that morning I practically ran down to the basement office and started the DVD. I fast forwarded again to where the blond Chloe was talking about her tryst with Mark the wonder penis. There was just more annoying drunk frat talk and sexual conquest boasting. Ho-hum. Luckily the good cameraman stayed on the job. I did catch everyone's names though. In addition to Mark and drunk Chloe there was Vic, a beefy kid who hasn't missed too many Big Macs. Lisa, a cute as a button red head. Nomi, a tiny Asian girl, and Brent, a tall black guy. Our cameraman's name was Warren. Mark apparently was the "stud" of the group.

The DVD stopped when someone (Warren probably) stopped recording. It was blank for a second, the our adventure continued. It must of been the next day because they were outside at the beach. Chloe had sobered up and was a lot more coherent. She had the tiniest bikini covering what I had to admit was a fantastic body. Lisa, the red head, was a little more curvy, and Nomi's breasts looked almost non-existent. There was a lot of starting and stopping of the recording at random intervals. Alcohol was always present though. There was a ton of stupid chatter that comes with a group of drunken friends.

"Hey, don't get my fucking camera wet!"

"Fuck you. I'm running this show."

"That thing cost my parents a fortune."

"You spoiled dickhead." From what I gathered the camera belonged to Mark. Spoiled toys for spoiled boys.

"Here, check it out, check it out... over there." I heard Mark say. The camera swung around wildly.

"Where? Where?"

"We've got prime milf down by the water,"; Mark announced. The picture zoomed in on a pair of older women walking along the beach. There was no mistaking it. It was my wife's friend Janel in a blue one piece. She was more buxom than my wife, who happened to be walking right next to her. "Pretty fucking good, huh?"

"Fuck yeah," Brent said. "Goddamn, the brunette has some big ass tits too."

"Yeah, but the smaller one next to her is making my tent pole rise," Mark said. My wife did look pretty damn good in her bright yellow bikini. I had a brief swell of pride as these guys nearly thirty years her junior were entranced by her. "I'm going to go chat them up." Mark walked away from his group and made his way through the crowd down to Janel and Joy. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but the two older women were talking with him. He was making wild gestures with his hands. The two women seemed to be laughing. Then my wife raised her arm and started flexing her bicep for Mark. The young college kid then reached over and started squeezing it, testing how hard it was. I could easily read his lips as he mouthed 'Pretty fucking awesome' after that. He pointed up towards the rest of his friends. Joy and Janel just kind of looked at each other as if trying to decide what to do. Finally they nodded and started following Mark

"Oh shit! He fucking did it. Here they come," Warren told the others.

"Like I told you last night, that mutherfucker is smooth." This from Chloe.

When the three finally arrived Mark introduced my wife and Janel to everyone.

"Wow," Joy said, "you guys came a long way I hear. And all in the same car?"

"Yeah, it was tight in that van. We had to grease each other up before sliding in." My wife laughed at that.

Mark held up two beers. "Here you go ladies, as promised." The women accepted the bottles and took a long pull on them.

"Thanks. It is hot out here," Janel said.

"Yeah, thanks for sharing," Joy added.

"Where are you two lovelies from?" Mark asked.

"The Midwest, like you. Illinois." Joy went on to inform them that she worked at a college and decided to do as college kids do for a change and head south for spring break. No mention of our troubles at home at the time though. Those beers were quickly downed and as quickly replaced with two more. They just kind of shot the breeze for a while. Finally the older women informed the kids that they had to take off. The guys tried to convince them to stay, but they had other plans.

"Well what are you two doing tonight? You can swing by our house later. It has a hot tub, jacuzzi, and an open bar! It's nothing special, but we call it dump." My wife burst out laughing at Mark's joke. Yeah, he was smooth.

"Nice of you to offer, but I'm afraid we would be a drag on your party."

"Fuck - I mean hell no. What were you saying earlier about doing as college kids do? This is what college kids do! C'mon." All the others chimed in, begging the women to come over.

Laughing, Janel held out her hands to make them stop. "Okay, okay! We will try to make it."

"Try really, really hard," Mark said. "Besides, Professor Moore here can tutor me on ancient history."

"Okay, just as long as you don't call me professor. There are no professors on spring break. Call me Joy."

"Deal," Brent said.

"I tell ya... ain't no professors look like you where I come from." This from Vic. Nice touch. My wife seemed to blush a little. Either that or too much sun.

"Where is your place?" Janel asked. Warren swung the camera around and got a good shot of a very nice beach house perched right above them.

"Isn't it awesome?" Nomi put in. "It belongs to Mark's parents"

"Well, time share actually," Mark clarified. While these conversations were going on Warren had been surreptitiously panning the camera up and down Janel and my wife's bodies. Wow. She did look incredible. The kids had good taste. Wait! These little bastards were eyeing my wife on a beach during spring break while I had been at home pacing the floor during all hours of the night, upset from our fight.

Finally Janel and Joy left down the beach. Warren didn't miss the opportunity to zoom in on my wife's ass. "Man, look at this." Warren handed the camera to Mark.

"Fuck me!" Mark exclaimed. "I don't know how old the little one is, but that's the ass of a twenty-six year old for sure."

"Fuck yeah it is," Brent agreed.

"I hope mine stays tight like that," Chloe added. The picture went dark again. When it came back up everyone was back in the beach house, sitting around sucking down bottles of bud. Warren was behind the camera again.

"You think they'll show?" Brent just shrugged. Mark gave the camera a big thumbs up. "Yeah, they'll show. I'll put my money on it. They'll show, and then I'll show."

"Would you put your dick on it?" Everyone howled at this. "I always put my dick on everything... eventually."

The taping stops.

When it comes back on it is noticeably darker out. All the kids have changed. Well, if you call putting on different color t-shirts really changing. There was the sound of the doorbell in the background

"That's them. I'll bet anything it's them. Mark rushed to the door and looked through the peephole. He turned to the camera, smiled a big toothy smile, and did his thumbs up again. He pulled the door open, allowing Joy and Janel to enter.

"Oh, the camera again. You guys love that thing, don't you?" Janel said when she walked into the living room.

Both women looked pretty damn good. They both had tans and were wearing some kind of tropical looking skirts. Janel had a tight t-shirt on that did nothing to hide her assets. In fact I wondered if she wore such a tight shirt because of where they were going that night. My wife couldn't match Janel in the cleavage department, so her tank didn't seem to flaunt as much.

Warren gave the women a "tour" of what was a very nice beach house. Somewhere along the way they had been handed a couple of beers and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Every so often the filming would stop, then start up again. I didn't know what was happening during those moments the camera was off. I couldn't decide if it was worse knowing or not knowing. Reality is one thing; imagination will kick you in the ass every time.

The clock on the bottom of the screen said it was 10:45, which is usually the time my wife goes to bed. I don't know how much she drank, but she definitely didn't look tired. Then Chloe said: "Hey! Let's play truth or dare." Everyone thought this was a great idea.

"As long as it's X-rated," my wife said. Everyone burst out laughing at this.

"Well, well, well... looks like we've got a perv in our midst," Mark joked. "So much the better."

"Hey, it's spring break after all!" Joy shouted. More hoots and howls.

Mark started off (of course). He chose my wife (again, of course). "Okay, Joy, we'll go with the easiest. Last time you had sex?"

Joy was doing the mental calculations in her head. "I would say about six weeks ago."

"Holy crap, Joy! That long?" Janel asked. "Really." My wife asserted. It was my wife's turn now. "Okay, Mark, let's turn the tables... When was the last time you had sex?" Mark did the mental calculation thing my wife had."I would say about eight hours ago. Chloe, what time did we do it today?"

"About two o'clock. Then two-thirty... then three..." Again more laughter.

"Mark, I'm impressed," Joy said.

"You want to be impressed wait until you see it!" Chloe said back. My wife blushed when Mark made a face unzipping motion.

"I believe you!" Joy said, putting her hands over her eyes.

"Okay, back to the game. Nomi, last time you blew someone?" The conversation was getting more crude.

"Three days. You should know, Mark, it was your dick I was sucking." Each question became more explicit than the last, as did the answers. They seemed to be trying to out do each other. Joy and Janel were staying right with them.

Vic pulled out a joint and lit it up. "Now this is going good!" He held it to my wife. "I dare you to take a hit. She wasn't too enthusiastic. "How about a truth?" Joy pleaded. Vic thought for a moment. "Okay, truth. Do you want to see Mark's dick?"

"Gimme that joint," She said. This totally tore the crowd up. Vic handed it over. Joy asked how to do it. Vic gave her a demonstration and soon my wife was sucking on the joint like a pro. "Wow... makes your head spin." She looked over to Janel. "Janel, truth or dare. Do you want to see Mark's dick?" It was Janel's turn to be embarrassed. She held her hand out for the joint. Both older women were now toking back and forth.

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