tagSci-Fi & FantasySpy Games Ch. 07

Spy Games Ch. 07

bythe proffesor©

The equipment room always smells the same. It always smells like the oil used to lubricate the actions in the firearms. It's no different as Amber and I get our gear together. We are going on the same mission, with two different agendas.

I am going after Shannan, the assassin now called Jade. I have to bring her back, see if there is any good left in her. And to make amends for helping her condemn herself to that life.

Amber is going because it's her duty. She wants the Karwa organization taken down. Jade is not the objective. If we get her back fine, if not, she is just a casualty of war.

We are dressed in all black fatigues. Even in the loose pants, her ass is unbelievable.

We load up with our weapons and make out way to the back of the tarmac. Karen Peters, the Agency director of operations is waiting for us.

Karen is a cute girl, hardly the kind of woman you would imagine in charge of a major covert agency.

Amber and I salute. Karen gives us the specifications on the Karwa compound. We load on to a large plane and are airborne within 10 minutes.

What Amber and I are unaware of is the large explosion that rocks our own secret hideaway not 10 minutes after we had departed.

Through the smoke and chaos, the three of you walk in, shoulder to shoulder. You are in the middle, flanked on your left by Phoenix and on your right by Azure.

The three of you spread death and destruction, killing 10 men before you have even entered the hallway.

One attacker gets the jump on you, but Azure is able to get a shot off, the man's head exploding, your face getting a shower of his blood. Azure walks to you and commences to lick the blood from your face, your tongue finding hers as you exchange the coppery liquid, unconcerned with the bullets flying around you.

You break from your kiss. You run your hands through Azure's newly cut hair, trimmed now with blue tips, "time for that later."

With that, you continue your assault. All lay waist except for four. Two men and two women now sit against a wall, bound by the hands. This was by design. You wanted them alive, untouched so that your precision and brutality would be on display.

"Let's see," you say, pacing in front of the captives. "We should have Karen Peters, Steven Youth and Ryan Lasardo. Correct?"

None of them respond. "Good, the silent treatment. This means we can have some fun."

"Peters, where are they?"

"Who?" she responds.

"Ok, let me rephrase."

"Keep one of the boys alive a while," Phoenix asks, almost begging.

"Not a problem love." You and Phoenix take a pause to tenderly as you brush lips, licking the outside of each other's pink mouths tenderly.

You wonder to yourself if either of these guys feel aroused, seeing this sight, even though they know they will not live to see tomorrow.

A few of the other, lower members of the Karwa group move into the hallway.

You beckon to a few of the drones to bring the three prisoners into a small, medical examining room.

You walk up to a examine table, not unlike the one in the chamber at Karwa.

You lean against it and a rush of memories shoot through you, even for a second. You have been in this room before. You dismiss the feeling for simple déjà vu and get to the task at hand.

"Get her up there," you tell two of your men.

The three of your femme fatales gather around the table.

"Get her clothes off," you command in an eerily calm voice.

Azure pulls a butterfly knife free from her ankle. Flipping it around her hand and wrist, it comes to rest with the razor sharp blade shimmering in the light.

You pull a pair of surgical gloves onto your wrists, letting the rubber snap back in an audible pop, just for drama's sake.

Azure takes the knife and splits Karen's outfit down the center, revealing pale, lightly freckled skin. Her breasts are small, with cute little freckles on the top of the cleavage. Soon the bra too is splayed, revealing tiny, bright red nipples. Like a surgeon, the panties are too removed from the deputy director, her full mound of pubic hair covering a soft, full pussy.

You walk over to the counter and retrieve a full bottle of lubricant. You douse her in it, so that her skin is glistening in it. You and Phoenix run your hands over her body, pulling at her nipples and running your hands through her now matted pubic hair.

You lean over and kiss her, and to your surprise, she kisses you back. You suck her tongue into your mouth and, without warning, bite it, drawing a bit of blood.

"Pleasure and pain are similar feelings, Karen. There is a fine line. And I thought you and I could walk it together. Unless of course, you wanted to tell me what I need to know?"

Karen says nothing. Not that you expected her to.

With her lack of response, she cries out as Phoenix roughly grabs and twists her nipple.

You then run your gloved hand down her slick, oily body. It glides effortlessly down her stomach, to the nest of black hair. Gently you run your hand through it, using your thumb to occasionally massage her clit. You see her body relax, beginning to sway her hips with the motion of your thumb on her button. With no warning, you jerk up, pulling bits of hair with the motion.

"Like I said, not much difference between pleasure and pain."

You look at Karen, the sweat pooling off her body, rising above the oil and forming beads upon it.

"Anything you want to tell me?"

No answer. At this final indignation, part of you wickedly laughs. You have more than a few tricks up your sleeve.

You take your hand, joining your fingertips together, making it tight, like a cone.

The oil from her body has run down her legs, her pussy wet, dripping.

Slowly, your hands push through the delicate folds of her cunt, pushing up past your knuckles. You smile to yourself as you feel her pussy tighten around your hand. You hand pushes into her womb, up to your wrist.

You notice your cohorts holding her down, Karen resisting, not from pain, but from pleasure. You further push into her hot, wet pussy. Slowly, your fingers curl on each other, making a fist. You hear her grunt as she exhales, the stimulation forcing an immediate orgasm from within her.

"As I said, pleasure and pain are symbiotic."

With that, you begin thrusting, slowly in and out of her. Tears run down her eyes, as she sobs from the conflicting feeling running through her body.

With one violent motion, you pull your fist from her, causing a small amount of blood to seep from her vagina. Karen passes out from the reaming of her pussy.

You slowly raise your fingers to your lips, delighting in the taste of her pussy and her fear. You look at the two men.

"Whose next?"

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