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Spying On My Neighbor


Spying On My Slut Neighbor

Quite by accident I found myself in an interesting situation. A friend and I were working on a short film for our film class. It was supposed to be a spoof on the whole Dr. Frankenstein thing. My house had this tower with windows on all sides. I guess it was kind of a star gazing room or what ever. We decided it would make a perfect place for our "Lab". We gathered items and to make our lab and waited for a stormy night. We did not have to wait long.

A huge lightning storm came through our town the next week and we were ready. We had all kinds of household chemicals in beakers and fake "Lab" items to make it all the more realistic. We were in the middle of a scene when I felt this strange tingling, and then I hear this huge explosion. The next thing I know my friend is shaking me and screaming my name. Come to find out the tower was struck by lightning while he was filming me. My friend was standing on the stairs and got thrown done the rest of the flight to the level below, but I was knocked out and across the small tower room breaking the table with our fake lab equipment on it. We both got checked out at the hospital and we were both fine. He went home with his parents who met us at the hospital, and I went home for bed.

I awoke the next morning with the worst headache I've ever had. I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom and was shaving in the mirror. On of the hairs or something must have tickled my nose because I had to sneeze, so I turned away from the mirror. I sneezed and turned back toward the mirror, freezing in my tracks. There was nothing in the mirror, just the wall behind me. Confused, I stepped backwards until the pajama pants I was wearing came into view walking on their own. I rubbed my eyes and then ran to the full-length mirror in my room where sure enough, the only thing in the reflection was my pajama pants. I was invisible!

How could this be? All I could think of was that the mixture of the lightning and all the household chemicals did it. At first I didn't know what to do, and then I remembered what triggered it. I found some items around my room and tried to tickle my nose, but to no avail. I got annoyed so I decided to just hit myself in the nose. Whack! That did it. My eyes were watering and I could feel a sneeze coming on. Sure enough I sneezed; and then quick turned to look in the mirror. There I was, just like nothing happened.

I spent the next week finding out that I could make myself sneeze many different ways. Every time I did I would either disappear or reappear. I don't know why sneezing does it or even why I go invisible, but I knew better than to tell anyone. I needed to keep this so secret that no one would ever know. I had so many ideas of how to abuse this, my head was spinning. The only question was…What's first?

The only limitation was I had to be naked to be completely invisible. It's not like I could just go invisible anywhere because my clothes were still visible. I practiced sneaking around the house perfecting my ways of being as quiet as possible.

Then it hit me, if I had to be somewhere close to my clothes, I would just leave my stuff at my house and go around the neighborhood. I soon learned that our female neighbor was the one to watch. I could stand right outside people's windows with my face inches from the glass and they couldn't see me. Most people did stupid stuff when they thought no one was watching, like dance and sing to music, or pick their nose and stuff, but our neighbor was something completely different. I would often see her reading dirty magazines in her living room rubbing herself through her pants or watching dirty movies. The draw back was if she was watching movies she was out sight from my current vantage point. I needed to get in there, but how?

I figured it out the next day. I was in my house and looked over into our neighbor's yard. She had just gotten home and was bringing in her hanging plants she put out the night before. The back door to her house was wide open. That's it, I'll wait for the next time she waters her plants and make my move.

A week went by and I watched the back yard ever day to see if the plants were out there, then one day I saw them. They were hanging there just like the previous week. I watched for my neighbor to come home and quickly stripped and forced myself to sneeze. Everything was set. I ran out the back door and over to my neighbor's back door waiting for her. Sure enough, she parked the car got out, and entered the house through the front door. It seemed like eternity before I saw her walking through the house heading for the back door. I'm sure it was just seconds, and she was just setting her purse and keys and stuff down before she brought the plants in.

She opened the back door with me standing just a couple feet away from it. She was totally oblivious to me. She brought the first plant in and came back out to grab the second. That's when I made my move. I quickly, but quietly, entered the house and did a quick walk through of the first floor to familiarize myself with the layout. Soon I herd her shut the door and make her way back into the house. I fled to a corner of the living room, waiting. She came walking through the living room and as she passed me I followed, a few feet behind.

I followed her to her bed room upstairs where she turned on some music and began to remove her work clothes. I was frozen! There I was standing completely naked a few feet from a beautiful woman who was undressing in front of me, completely unaware of my presence. I never took too much time looking at her before but her body was exactly what I liked. She removed her blouse and bra freeing the two most beautiful tits I had ever seen. She then removed her dress pants and threw everything in a hamper in the corner. 'Damn' I thought to myself. Why won't she remove her panties? She then walked across the hall and into the bathroom. 'Yes!!!' was all I could think. She walked over to the toilet and lifted the lid. Turning around she was facing me just a few feet from her and started to lower her panties as she sat on the toilet. A large sigh escaped her lips and then I heard it. She was pissing right there in front of me. I was so hard I had to start stroking myself to give myself some relief. When she had finished peeing she opened her legs to wipe and I realized that she had completely shaved her pussy hair bald. She reached around flushed the toilet and stood. I almost fell backwards as I got out of her way. I quickly stood up and leaned against the wall so she wouldn't walk right into me. The bad part was that I had to pull my rock hard cock down so she didn't hit it as she walked by. It hurt so much that when I released it, the damn thing bounced back up and hit my stomach. She stopped and turned around looking at the toilet as it finished it's flushing. She must have thought it was just the sounds of the toilet. I was safe.

She threw on a t-shirt and then I followed her down to the kitchen where she started to cook some food. I knew I wasn't going to miss much with her cooking and all, so I decided to use this time to search the house.

I started in her bedroom where I found all kinds of items that kept my mind wandering and my cock hard. I found some small vibrators and dildos in her night stand along with some lube. I could just picture her using these on herself. In the nightstand on the other side of the bed I found dirty magazines. They weren't the normal magazines though, like I had at home. They were all pretty hardcore. Some of the magazines were all about anal sex, some about bondage and some about all kinds of other fetishes. 'She really is a slut', I thought to myself. I was so excited. I wanted to know all of her dirty little secrets without her knowing.

I looked in her closet where I found the typical stuff; shoes, clothes, etc… Then just as I was about to leave the walk-in closet I noticed a plain box. I pulled it out and couldn't believe my eyes. There were all kinds of sex toys for all types of things. Some I didn't even know what they were for. There was a really long fat dildo. It was almost the size of my wrist around and it was about a foot long. There were but plus, anal beads, lubes, feathers, vibrators, vibrating eggs, all kinds of stuff. I closed the box and put it exactly where it had been.

I looked in the bathroom and found more items. I discovered a waterproof vibrator in the shower, and an enema bag and hose in a drawer. I don't know what excited me more, the thought that she had all of this stuff, or the fact that I was finding it all without her knowledge. Both I figured. All I knew is I need to cum so bad it wasn't funny.

I went back downstairs to find her sitting on the couch eating her dinner. She was watching some stupid reality TV show. I sat on the floor and waited for her next move. Once she was done eating she got up and placed her dishes in the kitchen then returned to the living room. She walked over to her DVDs and started going through them. She picked out a movie and I thought my night was about to get really slow. The menu came up and I realized it was a porn. I was amazed. She kept her porn out with the rest of her movies in the living room. It turned out to be a pretty hardcore movie. She jumped to a scene and leaned back on the couch throwing one leg over the arm. As the scene opened she started to rub her bald pussy very gently. I moved to a position in front of her, but where I could still see the movie if I turned my head. By the sounds they were already going at it on the screen and she started to finger herself with her right hand. First one then two, then three, then all four of her fingers were working in and out of her now sloppy cunt. Her left hand fondled her breasts and also helped to pull her pussy open to get even deeper with her right hand. I could see her right thumb rubbing her clit while her fingers pounded in and out of her gaping hole. My neighbor was in ecstasy fingering herself to this movie. I turned to see what she was watching and there was a girl riding a guy in the cowgirl position but I realized his cock as up her ass, not in her pussy. She was riding him like there was no tomorrow. She slowed her strokes and then came almost all of the way off of his cock so just the head was in her ass. There she was squatting over this guy with just his cock head in her ass, then all of a sudden I see her start to piss all over this guy with his cock still in her ass. She is moaning and my neighbor is going crazy slamming her fingers into her loose cunt hole. She slows her fingering and pulls her hand out of her pussy, licking her fingers clean. I almost came right there. As the guy and the girl on the screen are changing positions my neighbor reaches under the couch and pulls out a huge dildo and a string of anal beads. She starts to suck on the anal beads while the guy is slowly inserting his cock back into the girl's ass on the screen. The girl on the screen is on her hands and knees and the guy is starting out slow so he doesn't shoot his load right away. Something I was very close to doing myself. I couldn't even touch myself at this point. I would have soaked her carpet from the slightest touch. I look back at my neighbor and she is now inserting the anal beads onto her little asshole. One by one they disappear into her little anus. Soon all of the beads are in and she grabs the dildo. It's about nine inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter. She licks the head to get it wet and then starts to slide the tip in and out of her beautiful pussy. The guy on the screen is now pumping his cock into the girl's ass with more force. My neighbor is now slamming the dildo in and out of her cunt with an almost scary force. All of a sudden I see her start to slow down and then concentrate while the dildo goes slowly in and out of her sloppy pussy. I then see her little anus start to blossom like a flower. Then I see one of the anal beads slowly plop out of her ass. As soon as it is out of her ass and just hanging there with the rest still inside, she is back to pounding the shit out of her used cunt with the huge dildo. She does this once every minute, one by one. Until there is just one left inside her anus. On the screen the guy is pulling his dick out of the used asshole of the girl and her ass doesn't even close. It just sits there gaping open asking for more. The guy starts to jack off into her ass and is soon shooting a huge load of cum directly into her gaping ass. As soon as he is done he rams his cock back into the girl's ass and starts to fuck her slowly. The girl is rubbing her clit really fast and then the guy stops fucking her and slides all of the way into her. He is moaning from the pleasure and you can see his cock isn't as hard as it was. Shortly after he gets all of the way into her ass she starts to moan and rub her pussy even harder. She is cumming really hard and he is just enjoying the feeling of her ass twitching on his cock. He slowly pulls his cock out of her ass and this time her anus closes as he exits. She stands up and then squats over a big bowl on the floor. She starts to rub her pussy again then uses both hands to pull her pussy open. I then see a huge rush of water running out of her ass and into the bowl. I realize that after the guy came into her ass he put his cock back in and then pissed into her ass. My neighbor is going wild watching this and is now trying to push the last bead out of her ass while she slams the dildo in her pussy repeatedly. It won't come out because of the force and speed of her dildoing. She pulls the huge dildo from her pussy and it is followed by a gigantic string of pussy juice that runs out of her used cunt and down over her anus as the last bead plops out. She slams the dildo back in and is soon cumming and screaming to an explosive orgasm. The girl on the screen is now finishing emptying her ass of the liquid and we can see the cum floating in the bowl of piss that just came from her ass. My neighbor slumps down into the couch and tries to catch her breath.

I make my way through the house and quietly let myself out the back door. As soon as I am out the door I jack off so fast I would think that I would rip my cock off if I had not shot the biggest load of my life on the third stroke. I will definitely have to do this again! I wonder to myself what other fun stuff does my neighbor do to herself, and what other places can I utilize my new found trait.

Thank you,


If you liked this story please let me know. I don't care much about my ratings, but I look forward to feedback.

Thank you!

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