tagFetishSpying On My Neighbor Ch. 03

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 03


As I awoke in the morning, I thought of all of the things I had done with my new gift. I thought briefly that maybe by staying invisible so often might have adverse affects on my body.

"Screw it" I thought to myself.

If this was somehow bad for my body, I didn't care. Even if this would eventually lead to death, I was going to die happy!

Right then I made a decision. I was going to do more than watch. Somehow I was going to fuck my neighbor. I had absolutely no idea how, but I knew that I had to have her. I wanted to feast upon all of her perverted holes, and more!

I had breakfast and went up to some windows that faced my neighbor's house. She was nowhere in site and her car was not in the driveway. I'll have to pass my time trying to figure out a way to get inside my neighbor...

It was Saturday and most of my family was gone so I decided to watch some TV and relax. My thoughts were always on her beautiful tits and body. No matter what I watched it could not take my mind off of her. I settled on a movie that was kind of a love story/action adventure. In the movie a man was sending anonymous love letters to a woman who just seemed to swoon over the mystery of it all.

"THAT'S IT" I shouted, and broke the silence in my house.

I would mail her something that would make her want to meet me. But what could I send... I thought about it long and hard for a while and decided on a letter telling her that I was a person from a nearby neighborhood and one night out jogging I caught a glimpse of her naked body, as she was walking around her house, through a window as I passed by. I told her how beautiful she was and that I had started to watch her masturbate through her windows. I included some of the things I had seen her do so she knew I was telling the truth. I said that finding people of similar kinks is so hard to do. I told her that if she wanted to meet me to write a big "Y" in lipstick on her back sunroom glass door tonight, and if she did not want to meet, to do nothing, and I would never bother her again. I knew the second statement was false, but she didn't know that. I told her that if she did want to meet, more instructions would come.

I placed the letter in a self adhering blank envelope and placed it in her mailbox, joining the rest of her mail, when I thought no one was looking. I went back to my house to wait patiently. I watched her house all afternoon and must have fallen asleep. When I awoke, it was early evening. I quickly looked through my window, across my neighbor's yard, and saw her car sitting in the driveway.

I quickly stripped my clothes off, sneezed myself invisible, and ran out of the house. I ran to the back door of my neighbor's house and saw absolutely nothing. My mind started to go wild... I started to have way too many thoughts way too fast...

"What if she didn't pick up her mail".

"What if she didn't read her mail right away, and just set it aside".

"What if she thought it was a joke".

"What if she really didn't want to meet".

"What if...."

Than I realized I could just go check the mailbox and look in her windows to see if she had gotten the mail, and if so, has even opened it. I was invisible, I could snoop all I wanted, and the other neighbors wouldn't see me.

The mailbox was empty, and looking through a window in her living room I saw her reading my letter. My heart immediately slowed down what seemed like half of the speed it was beating at. I tried to read her expression on her face, but she was blank. She must have just gotten to the part about me looking in her windows, because she quickly lowered the letter and started looking toward every window in sight to see if she was being watched. She even walked over to the two closest ones, of which I was at the second. She peered out the window, just inches from my face, looking around her yard. She walked back into her living room and sat down on the couch to finish the letter. Now her face was showing emotion. She would look shocked, then puzzled, and then I don't know what... She put the letter down and seemed to be deep in thought.

Was it me or were her nipples getting hard. Then I got my answer. She closed her eyes and started to fondle her perfect tits with one hand and the other dropped to her crotch to rub her pussy through her pants. I started to get hard from the show, and just as fast as she started to molest her body she stopped, got up and went upstairs. I ran to the front door to see if I could sneak in and found it locked. As I ran to the back door I saw her walking through the house. I thought she had gone upstairs to masturbate, but I guess not. As I got to the back of the house she was walking into the sunroom. She opened the back door and stepped out into her backyard a few steps. Squinting her eyes, she looked around. It was almost completely dark out now and a little hard to see into the shadows. She then turned around and closed the backdoor standing outside. From her pocket to my utter enjoyment she produced a tube of lipstick and proceeded to write a big "Y" on the glass door. She re-entered the house and went upstairs.

I didn't know what to do, my plan only went this far. I had not thought the rest of the plan out. It all happened so fast, I wasn't sure how to proceed. Here is a woman who likes to masturbate to extreme hardcore videos, and she wants to meet me to most likely have sex. I was only in high school, if I walked up to her she would most likely laugh at me. I needed to figure something out. Just then it came to me. She doesn't need to "see me" to have sex with her...

I walked up to the back door just to give it a try and found it unlocked. Did she do that on purpose? Did she want to meet me tonight? My letter said I would follow up with more instructions if I saw the "Y" on the door. If she wanted instructions, I would give her instructions.

I crept into the house, and found some paper in one of her kitchen drawers. I tore the pepper into smaller pieces and started writing out instructions. Once I was complete I crept upstairs to find her in the shower. She was washing herself and shaving her pussy. I placed the first note on the floor of the bathroom so when she got out of the shower she would see it right away. I then placed the rest of the notes where they should go. I had her going on a pseudo wild goose-chase.

Soon I heard the water stop and the shower door open. I heard a gasp as she saw the paper on the floor with her first instruction. I'm sure she was amazed at how someone could place the note without her seeing them. She picked up the note and read it.

"Do not put any clothes on. Go into your bedroom and open your nightstand."

She quickly shot into her bedroom and opened her nightstand to find another piece of paper...

"I want you to get yourself ready for me. Take out the biggest plug you can fit in your ass and work it all of the way in, then play with your pussy to your first orgasm of the night. Once complete turn this note over."

She opened a different drawer and pulled out a plug I had not seen before. It was larger than I thought it would be. There is no way she is going to get that up her hot ass.

She covered the plug in lube and then worked some into her ass to get everything nice and slippery. Soon she started working the plug into her ass. It started out as if it wasn't going to be an issue getting it in, but once she got about three quarters of the way in, it just seemed to not fit. She was rubbing her pussy and slowly working this monster plug into her perfect ass. I was rock hard on the other side of the room slowly stroking my cock. She was very determined to get this plug in. Obviously she didn't want to disappoint me, even thought she had no idea who I was and that I was currently watching her.

Soon she stood up and moved everything off of the top of her nightstand. She then placed the plug on top of the nightstand at the very edge of the corner. She then backed her but up to it facing away with a leg on either side of the corner. She then slowly lowered herself down onto the plug so she was slowly impaling herself on it. It was a beautiful sight, my gorgeous neighbor rubbing her now sopping pussy, while trying to jam a huge plug into her tight ass.

Slowly she lowered herself as more and more of the plug disappeared. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and pain now as the plug stretched her ass to the limit and her hand fingered her hungry hole for all she was worth. Soon I saw her body jerk a little and I knew that the plug had just popped into her ass. She screamed and her fingers became a blur as I heard the sloshing of her pussy. I then noticed that she seemed to be dripping a good amount of liquid on the floor. Did she actually just squirt a little? Wow, I had heard of it, but never seen it in person or even on tape for that matter. I almost came on the spot, but quickly released my cock.

She turned the note over and read the other side...

"Go to your sock drawer and open it."

She proceeded to her sock drawer walking a little funny. Inside she found another set of instructions...

"Take out one of your knee length socks and place it around your head as a blindfold. Once blindfolded, climb onto the bed on all fours with your ass high in the air and you're your face and shoulders on the bed."

Even without the blindfold she couldn't see me, but she didn't know that. She quickly followed the instructions and was in position in no time.

I walked up to the edge of the bed and tapped the bottom of the plug with my finger. She screamed in shock and fright jumping from the touch.

"Shhhhh" I said to her. I didn't want her to hear my voice yet in case she figured out who I was.

I started caressing her ass cheeks and she seemed to calm down, but I could feel her shaking. I'm not sure if it was from excitement or from fear, maybe both. All I knew was that she was letting me do this and there was no way I was going to stop.

The heat I was feeling coming from her lower body was immense. I slid my hand lower and started to rub her thigh. The look of my hand on her body was strange. I was still invisible and you could see her skin being depressed from my touch, but could not see my hand. Working back up and in I reached her sloppy pussy just as she started to push back to make sure I made contact. First I slid one finger into her cunt as a soft moan escaped from her muffled mouth. As I inserted it I could see her lips part and her pussy open up as my invisible finger entered her. Much like a glass dildo, I had seen in a movie, but much better. I worked my finger in and out, but from what I had seen other times I knew she could take a lot more. I removed my finger then added a second, then a third.

I was plunging three fingers into her hot wet slit while twisting back and forth with every plunge, making her lips pull into her pussy, then back out. Soon I added my pinky and placed my thumb over the bottom of the plug in her ass. Every time I drove my four fingers into her cunt my thumb would push on the plug. She was moaning now almost a non-stop sound. Her cunt was gaping open from my four fingers and because of the state of my body I could see all of the way into her deep hole. Harder and harder I plunged my hand into her until she came in a screaming orgasm that seemed to last forever. Just as I had seen before she squirted a little fluid onto my hand as I rammed it into her.

Once she started to calm down I slowly removed my hand from her pussy. She stayed in the same position, just breathing heavily. I walked around the side of the bed and started to caress her hanging breasts. A slow exhale left her lips as I leaned over her to whisper in her ear.

"Push the plug out slowly" I hissed into her ear hoping that she would not recognized my voice if I spoke low enough.

I walked back around to the bottom of the bed, slowly rubbing my cock, as she stated to push the plug out. Little by little her anus bloomed and flared out as the plug slowly slid out of her ass. This was so hot. I felt like I was in a dream. She seemed to be slowing down at the widest point either to give me a better show or because it was difficult to expel. Either way I loved what I was seeing!

Finally the plug was past the widest point and it quickly slid out of her anus with a plop and then landed on the bed. I moved the plug and got onto the bed behind her. Her anus didn't close all of the way after the huge plug left and it looked so inviting, I just had to have it.

I got behind her and placed the head of my cock against her ass hole. I heard her moan in anticipation of what was coming next. I could see the head of my cock pushing the hole open just slightly as I applied pressure. This was a very strange sight indeed. It looked like her ass was just opening up for no reason asking for my cock, but it was already there. I grabbed her by the back of her neck for leverage and in one thrust buried myself as deep as I could into her ass. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt and her moan said how much she was going to enjoy this.

I started Pounding into her ass with no regard for anything else in the world except this beautiful anal ring stretched around my cock. The view was incredible as I plowed in and out of her ass I could see the skin pull out and then push back in with every thrust. Invisible Sodomy was going to be my new favorite hobby.

My neighbor started screaming in one orgasm after another. Her body was thrashing and I could see her blindfold was starting to come off. Her wonderful anus on my cock, twitching ass muscles and screaming orgasms were too much. I felt my balls tighten and then the rush. Soon ropes of cum were shooting into her ass as I came harder than I ever had in my life. I moaned, but kept pounding. She must have turned her head when she heard me moan and now the blindfold was off.

Her eyes went wide and she screamed then passed out. I just kept slowly sliding my cock in and out of her limp body. The feeling was amazing. Her ass stayed in the air because of the position she was in. I started to get soft and knew I was not going to be able to fuck her ass anymore once I was limp. I pushed in as deep as I cold and stayed there enjoying the feeling.

Then it hit me. Just like clockwork. My body wanted to clean out my pipes... I needed to take a piss. I might never get this chance again, so I decided to go for it and tried to relax. Soon I could feel it moving through my body and then out the tip of my cock into her ass. It wasn't much but a good thirty seconds worth or so. She started to wake up from the new feeling in her body. I quickly pulled out and her ass snapped shut. I shot to the corner of the room and she quickly sat up looking around and holding her stomach.

She then ran into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Letting everything escape into the water below, she shocked me by starting to rub her pussy and moan. Soon she was done getting rid of everything and was rubbing and fingering her sloppy pussy in a blur. She came almost right away moaning and closing her eyes. She slumped down and closed her eyes relaxing.

She made her way to the bedroom looking around with a puzzled look on her face. She put the plug away and started getting ready for bed. I made my way downstairs and wrote her one last note, and left it on the kitchen table...

"I hope you enjoyed yourself, I know I did. You are great. I think we can have a lot of fun together. Just in case you are confused, I can turn myself invisible. I know this sounds like a cheap B-movie, but trust me, it is true. If you want proof, go to the mall tomorrow to the Lingerie store at 12:00. Wear a skirt and no panties."



If you liked this story please let me know. I don't care much about my ratings, but I look forward to feedback.

Thank you!

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