tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 04

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 04


Friday morning assembly drew slowly to a close. Mr. Beattie, the headmaster of St. Mary's slowly rolled off the list of upcoming events. Jane tried in vain to suppress a yawn and Shona did her best not to laugh at her friend. Jane had had a late night. It had been almost 3am when she'd finally sneaked back to their room. Shona suspected that her friend had spent the evening with Matt but they had both been too tired to do more than give each other a quick goodnight kiss before Jane had peeled herself out of her clothes and climbed into bed. No doubt Jane would tell her all about it tonight, unless they were both otherwise occupied Shona hastily amended to herself.

Mr. Beattie droned on and on. Both girls were suddenly jerked fully awake when they heard him mention their names. "Miss Fraser and Miss Jones are excused from classes this morning," he said looking in their direction, "They will report to my office at 9:30, immediately after registration, for a special duty. He dismissed the girls and they started to make their way out of the assembly hall.

"Wonder what the old codger wants us to do this time," said Jane to her friend.

"Beats me," said Shona with a shrug. "I had to do his filing for him yesterday so it can't be that."

The girls laughed, they had both endured Mr. Beattie's 'punishment' for various misdemeanours in the past.

"You never told me about that," said Jane, smiling.

"How could I?" replied Shona. "I was too knackered to talk about anything by the time you made it back this morning."

Jane laughed. "True enough," she said, "so what did you do this time?"

"The Battle-axe," Shona was referring to Mrs. Carlisle, their house mistress, "caught me with the top two buttons of my blouse undone. Said I was immodestly dressed." Jane laughed again. "Still I was lucky," continued Shona, "all hell would have broken out if she'd found me a few minutes earlier having a fag with the cleaners."

"Quite right too," said Jane with mock piety, "it's a disgusting habit!"

"Yeah right!" said Shona, "Doesn't stop you from scrounging 'em off me when the mood takes you. I should make you buy your own."

Jane laughed, it was probably Shona's favourite complaint. Jane hardly ever smoked and it was always Shona, who'd been smoking since they were both thirteen, who supplied her with her occasional fix. She hadn't really scrounged that many over the years but it didn't stop Shona from moaning about it.

At the stroke of 9:30 the friends arrived at the door of Mr. Beattie's office. Shona raised her hand to knock on the door. "Hold on a mo," said Jane hitching her skirt up so that the hem was well above her knees. Shona looked at her. Jane shrugged. "You know how much he likes it," she said in a voice full of mock innocence. Shona laughed. She adjusted her own skirt slightly then rapped on the door.

"Come in," came Mr. Beattie's voice from the other side. Shona pushed the door open and the girls stepped into the headmaster's office.

"Ah girls, come in come in," he said effusively, "I'd like you to meet Mr. Peters and his associate, Mr. Brown." He nodded in the direction of the two men who had stood up as the girls had entered the room. "These two gentlemen are from the States," continued Mr. Beattie. "Mr. Brown intends to send his daughter to our school next term and I thought I might impose on you both to show these gentlemen around."

The first man offered Jane his hand. "Mr. Peters, this is Miss Jones," he said indicating Jane, "and her fellow head girl, Miss Fraser. Girls this is Mr. Peters," and he nodded to the man who had just shaken hands with Jane, "and Mr. Brown."

Shona shook hands with them both. "Pleased to meet you," she said demurely. She was almost certain that she had caught Mr. Peters looking speculatively at Jane and so she flashed a smile at Mr. Brown.

"Well then girls," said Mr. Beattie, "please don't keep our guests waiting. I'm sure I can rely on you both to show these two gentlemen all that St. Mary's has to offer."

The girls stepped out into the corridor. Shona suppressed a giggle as she noticed the exaggerated sway of Jane's hips. Jane turned, put her hands on her hips and winked at Shona, "This way please, gentlemen," she said with just a hint of mischief in her voice.

"We needn't be so formal," said Mr. Peters. He was tall, about 6'2", good looking in a rough sort of way. His dark hair was receding slightly. Shona guessed that he was in his late thirties or early forties. "My name is Gerry," he said, "and this," pointing to his companion, "is Bob." Bob was shorter, about 5'10" and stockily built. His hair was lightly touched with grey, yet he appeared to be younger, if only slightly, than Gerry.

"Well," said Jane, "if it's first names you want, I'm Jane and this is Shona."

Bob nodded his head in acknowledgement, "Jane, Shona, it's a pleasure," he said.

"The pleasure's ours," said Shona, "Now if you'd like to follow us...," she turned and began to walk ahead with a slightly suggestive sway of her hips.

Shona could feel Bob's eyes on her, mentally undressing her, as she lead the way. Jane was keeping up a running commentary as the girl's showed their guests around. She was flirting outrageously with Gerry and it was clear he was responding in kind. Almost by default, Shona was forced to direct her attentions towards Bob.

By the time the tour ended almost an hour later, the girls knew they had the men in their grasp. The flirting had become more and more direct and by the time they'd returned to the door of the headmaster's office the girls had managed to imply, without ever saying so outright, that they would be willing to provide their guests with further hospitality of a more intimate nature. For their part, Gerry and Bob seemed to be more than willing to take the girls up on their tacit offer.

Shona went to knock on the office door. To her surprise Bob put out his hand to stop her. "Look girls," he said, "Gerry and I fly back to The States tomorrow. We'd like to thank you properly for the time you've spent with us. We're staying at the Four Towers, why don't you two come by for dinner this evening? If you're allowed out, of course."

Shona exchanged glances with Jane. Jane flashed the men a knowing smile. "Sure," she said, "sounds great, doesn't it?" she asked, giving Shona a wink.

"Yeah," replied Shona, "What time?"

"About six thirty?" asked Bob.

"Great," said Jane.

"Good," replied Bob, "we'll see you both there. Until this evening then?"

The girls exchanged a knowing glance. "OK," they said in unison.

The girls arrived at the hotel about ten minutes early. Jane had managed to wheedle a late pass from Mr. Beattie courtesy of a little extra filing. There was very little that St. Mary's Headmaster wouldn't grant the girls for a flash of thigh between their knickers and stocking tops.

They stepped through the door and into the bar area. Gerry and Bob were waiting for them. "Drink?" asked Gerry.

"Sure," said Jane, "dry white wine with soda."


"Vodka and coke," replied Shona as she dug her cigarettes from her pocket and lifted one to her lips. Bob offered her a light. "Thanks," she said as she drew the first mouthful of smoke into her lungs.

"This way," said Gerry, beckoning towards the dining room door once the girls had their drinks, "our table's waiting." He slipped his arm around Jane's waist and led her towards the table. Bob smiled as he did the same to Shona.

The meal was accompanied by a constant stream of light-hearted banter and not so subtle flirting. Shona quickly lost count of the number of times Bob's hand slipped below the table to stroke her thigh. The conversation around the table became increasingly frank as they moved steadily from starter to main course and on to dessert. Gerry and Bob kept the girls' glasses filled. Jane felt a warm glow from the alcohol spread through her. She wasn't particularly surprised when she felt Gerry's hand take hers under table. She was even less surprised when he guided her hand to his lap.

Shona accepted a light from Bob. She looked across the table to Jane as she drew a mouthful of smoke into her lungs. "Suppose you want one too?" she said archly to her friend.

Jane smiled. "If you're offering," she said.

Shona threw the packet across the table. Jane removed a cigarette and placed it between her lips. Picking Bob's lighter from the table, she lit up. Sitting back, she blew the smoke out through her lips. She had wriggled her free hand inside Gerry's trousers and was absently stroking his rapidly swelling member through the material of his briefs.

Bob's hand had been working its way further up Shona's thigh as the meal progressed. It slid up under the hem of her dress, his fingers slowly working their way inexorably towards her mound. Shona moaned softly as the tip of one finger brushed against her moist folds. Bob hesitated when he realised that she was wearing no knickers. "Do you like what you've found?" purred Shona softly.

"Fuck, you're a hot little bitch, aren't you," growled Bob quietly as he drove his fingers into the folds of Shona's pussy.

"Yes I am," she whispered into his ear as she wriggled against him.

Jane looked over at her friend and smiled. Things, it seemed, were progressing as planned. Taking another pull on her cigarette she turned to Gerry. "I think you need a little help with this," she said coyly. Before he could reply Jane slid off her seat and knelt before him. He opened his legs and she moved between them as she effortlessly extracted his cock from it's confinement. It was long and reasonably thick. It wasn't the biggest Jane had had but it would do nicely. She licked her lips the ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft. Gerry moaned as she flicked her tongue around the head and over the slit.

At the other end of the table, Shona had released Bob's cock and was working her lips up and down his shaft. His fingers were still buried in her cunt and he twisted them back and forth inside her as she bobbed her head up and down. She squeezed his balls as she took the tip of his cock deep into the back of her throat, smiling inwardly as she heard him gasp.

Jane's head bobbed backwards and forwards. Gerry's prick slid in and out between her lips. "Quite the little cocksucker, aren't you?" he sighed, twisting his fingers in her long blonde tresses. Jane took him deep into her mouth. Then, as she worked her lips back to the tip, she let her teeth drag lightly along the length of his shaft. "Oh fuck, that's good," groaned Gerry as his hips began to thrust.

Shona was on her knees in front of Bob. He had his hands on her head and was stabbing his prick in and out of her mouth, forcing it in as deep as it would go. As he fucked her mouth, Shona pumped two fingers in and out of her cunt. Her thumb pressed against her clit. Dragging a fingernail over the ridge of skin that ran from his balls to his arsehole, she heard him moan as he began to thrust even harder.

Jane varied her pace, slow, fast then slow again. She could taste Gerry's rich, salty pre-cum as it began ooze from the slit. She took as much of his prick into her mouth as she could and worked her fingers around the remainder of his shaft. She broke the suction to come up for a breather, but continued to drive him wild by tickling the tip of her tongue on the underside of his helmet as she looked up and gave Gerry a smile while playfully batting her baby blue eyes, an act that she knew drove all the men she had been with crazy. Her nose rubbed against the underside of his cock as Jane moved her lips down to kiss and suck on each of his balls.

Jane pursed her lip-gloss covered lips tight around his cock just below his helmet, her cheeks sucked in from the power of her suction as her tongue rolled around and around the sensitive head of his cock. Her free hand cupped and squeezed his balls. They felt full and heavy. Jane employed all her skills to bring Gerry quickly to boiling point and hold him there.

Shona's body trembled as the first ripples of her climax spread through her. Bob mercilessly drove the head of his cock deep into the back of her throat. Pre-cum wept copiously from the slit. "You like that, huh?" remarked Bob as he noticed Shona's high state of arousal. He took a tighter grip of her hair and thrust his prick even more forcefully into her mouth. "Get ready!" he cried, "I'm gonna cum in your sweet little fuckin' mouth!" His breathing deepened. Lost in the grip of her own climax, Shona barely noticed. With her fingers buried in her cunt and her clit throbbing to the pressure of her thumb, it was all she could do to keep a constant suction on his cock.

"Oh fuck! Jesus H... oooohhh!" exclaimed Bob as his cock erupted. Jet after jet of hot, sticky cum spewed from the slit into Shona's mouth. Having been lost in a world of her own sensations, his explosion brought her back to reality and she had to swallow rapidly to avoid choking as his seed flooded her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly as more and more sperm pumped from Bob's cock. It was only as his flow subsided and Shona used her fingers to milk the last remaining drops from his dick that she realised that, amazingly, she hadn't spilled a drop.

With his cock drained, Bob sat back with his eyes closed, breathing heavily. Shona sat back up on her seat, knocked back the remains of her drink, lit up a cigarette and sat back to watch the climax of her friend's performance.

Gerry was moaning loudly as Jane held him on the brink. She slid her lips back until only the tip of his cock remained in her mouth. Humming softly as she sucked, her fingers slid rapidly up and down his shaft. His hands were on Jane's head with his fingers entwined in her hair, pulling and pushing her head, fucking her mouth with no remorse about filling her mouth and staining her angelic looks with his hot cum. "Oh Jane," he groaned, "I can't hold on, I ca...." Jane felt his cock begin to twitch. The head expanded in her mouth. She let her jaw go slack just as the first jet of sperm shot into her mouth. Jane let his thick cum pool on her tongue, savouring its rich taste, before swallowing it down hungrily. His seed spurted from his cock like a fountain, filling her mouth again and again. Jane swallowed it all, using her fingers to squeeze the last drops from his rapidly diminishing prick.

Reluctantly, Jane finally let his cock slip from between her lips. Taking her seat, she smiled across at Shona who sucked absently on her cigarette as she watched.

Bob was the first to recover. "I think, maybe, we should head upstairs," he said.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. "If you like," replied Jane coyly.

The girls waited patiently with Bob as Gerry straightened his trousers. "I think my room's closer, Bob said as he ushered them towards the door. The girls made their way along the corridor to the lift. Gerry and Bob followed behind.

Bob's room was on the second floor. Once inside, the girls sat down on the edge of the bed. "Well," said Jane, what would you like us to do now?"

"Well now," drawled Bob, "why don't you girls give us something to watch while Gerry and I catch our breath?"

"Oh yeah?" replied Shona, "You got anything particular in mind?"

Bob turned to Gerry. "I thought a little girl on girl action would do the trick, Whaddya think, Gerry?" he asked.

"Sounds good to me." relied Gerry.

"I'd a feeling you were going to say that," said Shona. "So Jane," she said turning to her friend and running her fingers through her long blonde hair, "shall we indulge these two gentlemen?"

Jane smiled back, her finger traced the curve of Shona's breast through her dress. "I suppose we could," she said huskily. With that she leaned forward, her lips pressed against Shona's and the two friends shared a lingeringly passionate kiss.

Bob began to rummage in his case. Digging out a camcorder he smiled as he said, "Hope you girls don't mind. This'd make a great souvenir of our visit."

"I don't mind," said Shona, breaking away from Jane.

"Me neither," said Jane, "Just as long as we get a copy too."

"Sure thing," said Bob as he snapped the camcorder onto a tripod and pointed it at the girls. "Action!" he called. The girls laughed then turned their attentions back towards each other.

As their lips pressed together their hands lovingly caressed each others' bodies. Shona began to push the straps of Jane's dress down over her shoulders. Jane sighed as her friend began to gently nibble her neck and shoulders. Her hands moved round to Shona's back and began to tug on the zip of her roommate's dress.

The girls stood up, kicked off their shoes and began to slowly ease each other out of their dresses, revealing their firm young bodies to the appreciative comments of Gerry and Bob. Neither girl was wearing underwear and in only a matter of moments they were posing naked for the camera. "So much for the strip show," said Bob with a shrug before returning his attention to filming the girls.

Jane stuck her tongue out. "Quit complaining," she teased.

Shona and Jane turned round, their backs to Bob and Gerry. Leaning forward, they supported themselves against the bed and wriggled their bums suggestively, spreading their legs to reveal their pussies to the camera. The kissed again. Jane began to stroke Shona's bum. Shona did the same to Jane. Inch by inch they guided their fingers towards each others' pussies. They gasped in unison as their fingers found their respective targets.

"Fuck, you girls are something!" exclaimed Bob as focused close up on the girls' wet pussies.

Shona and Jane sat down on the bed. Shona raised her fingers to Jane's lips. Jane opened her mouth and proceeded to suck and lick her juices from her friend's fingers. Shona grasped Jane's hand and raised it to her mouth. "Mmm," she murmured as savoured the taste of her own juices on Jane's fingers.

They kissed again. Their hands caressed each others' breasts. Shona dipped her head and sucked one of Jane's nipples into her mouth. "Oooh," sighed Jane as her friend's tongue flicked the tip of her nipple. "God, that's good," she purred.

Shona sat back and Jane began to squeeze and caress her breasts. Leaning forward, she swirled her tongue in a circular motion over Shona's firm, large breasts, covering them with a warm film of saliva. "Yes!" cried Shona, "Oh yes! Suck my tits!" Squeezing them together, Jane fastened her lips around Shona's right nipple. She bit down softly, eliciting a gasp of pain filled pleasure.

Shona felt a growing desire as her friend sucked, licked, squeezed and caressed her breasts. She pushed Jane away. Smiling, Jane lay down and stretched out on the bed. Shona turned round and positioned herself, one leg on either side of Jane's head. She lowered her pussy onto her friend's mouth. Jane's tongue flicked out and dipped between Shona's moist labia. "Oh yesss!" moaned Shona as she felt her friend's tongue dart in and out of her cunt. "Mmmm," she murmured as she leaned forward, bringing her mouth closer to the soft blonde curls of Jane's pussy.

Jane wriggled as Shona closed her lips around her clit. Shona hummed softly, flicking the tip of Jane's clit with her tongue. Jane responded by sucking her friend's clit into her mouth.

The friends sucked and licked each others' throbbing clits, surrendering themselves to the sensations. "Time to get in on the action," said Bob as he locked the camcorder in place and climbed onto the bed behind Shona. He grabbed her hips and entered her with a single powerful thrust. His cock plunged into her pussy. Jane stuck her tongue out. His shaft slid over its tip as it pounded in and out of her roommate's cunt.

"C'mon Gerry," said Bob, "get up here and do her from the other end." Without hesitating, Gerry climbed onto the bed in front of Shona and presented his prick to her mouth.

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