tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 11

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 11


With the score tied at two each, the first half drew towards a close. It was a chilly afternoon and Jane shivered on the substitutes' bench, silently cursing herself for picking up a slight ankle knock in the last game which had got her dropped from the starting line up. Beside her, Amanda started to peel off her tracksuit bottoms. "I'm going to do some stretches to warm up," she said to Jane, "care to join me?"

"Good idea," said Jane, who immediately began wriggling out of her own tracksuit. She lowered her voice and turned to Amanda. "Between you and me," she said in a hushed tone, "I'm in danger of freezing my arse off if I sit here any longer."

Amanda laughed. "So?" she enquired as they made their way to the edge of the pitch, "Did you have fun on Wednesday evening?"

Jane threw Amanda a puzzled glance. "Meaning what?" she asked nervously.

"With Mr. Reid, after I left," replied Amanda, "It was pretty obvious what your intentions were. He'd have probably had you there on the kitchen table if I hadn't been there." Jane flushed slightly, Amanda had seemed oblivious to her far from subtle flirting with their maths teacher. "Maths certainly isn't the only thing he's good at," Amanda continued, giving Jane a knowing wink.

"You don't mean..." Jane began to ask.

Amanda laughed. "Oh yes. There's only two of us on the Wednesday group, you'll take it up to three. The other girl frequently doesn't show up so after my lesson, I'm usually able to show him how grateful I am for his help." She shrugged then continued, "If you're going to be a regular at these sessions, we'll have to work out a system for sharing him."

"But what about his wife?" asked Jane.

"Oh we work around her," Amanda admitted. "She's a nurse and frequently works nights." She smiled and giggled briefly, an evil glint in her eye. "We almost got caught a few weeks ago," she said, "His wife came back for some papers she'd forgotten. He was doing me in one of his daughter's outfits. I had to lock myself in the bathroom until she left.

"No!" gasped Jane in astonishment. She had never guessed that Amanda a darker side, she always seemed so quiet and sensible.

"Oh yes," Amanda continued, "He was just about to blow his load when we heard the front door open. There was just enough time for him to pull his dick out of my arse and tuck it away while I made a dash for it. Thank God she didn't have to go into their daughter's room. My clothes lying discarded on the floor would have taken some explaining."

Jane and Amanda both looked stunning in their hockey skirts and tight tracksuit tops. Jane had her long blonde hair, parted in the middle and tied back. Her tracksuit top was tight, fitting her shapely body like a glove. Amanda was almost as tall as Jane, her figure, whist not quite as shapely, was still impressive; slender yet with flowing curves. Her short brown hair was thick and wavy. Her face was quite attractive, but not as sweet and innocent looking as Jane's.

The tracksuit tops that they wore were tight, ending just at their waists, so that when either of them lifted their arms, their flat stomachs were visible. They were all white except for two thin red stripes running down the sides and down the sleeves. The red letters "St. Mary's", about four inches high, ran across their chest. Their skirts were red, with twelve inverted white pleats and were extremely short, ending just below the crotch They showed off the girls' long, shapely, tanned legs. Their white hockey pants were tantalisingly on display whenever one of the girls bent over. White knee socks with red-and-white hockey shoes completed their strip.

The girls began to do their stretching exercises, bending over, touching their toes, sitting on the grass with their legs spread apart to stretch the muscles, as they talked. "Don't look now, Jane," said Amanda, "but there's about ten men watching us right now."

"Really?" said Jane, pretending not to notice.

"Oh, yeah. One guy even has a camera with a big lens," Amanda added.

"Guess they want a show, huh?" asked Jane.

"Of course," replied Amanda,."That's why they come out here. Most of them don't even have kids in our school. They just want to get turned on by us."

"You think?" asked Jane, laughing.

"You bet. Most of those guys don't care about this games. They just want to imagine screwing us," stated Amanda in a matter of fact tone. Jane laughed. She was developing a new found respect for her team-mate. "You want to give 'em a show today?" She asked.

"Sure," Amanda answered, smiling "Why not?"

The two girls continued stretching, exaggerating their movements, making them slowly. Jane stood up and bent over, stretching her hamstrings. Facing away from the supporters, she proudly displayed her magnificent rear end, clad in the white hockey pants, to the stares of the men in the audience. "Hey, Jane," said Amanda softly. "That guy with the camera is taking your picture." Jane grinned. It thrilled her to tease the guys like this.

Amanda lay on her back, facing the supporters. She raised her knees high in the air, then spread her legs slowly and brought them together again, displaying her crotch to the watching men. "I think that's enough for now," she laughed as she stood up.

Jane looked round and saw Mr. Fitzgerald, their coach. He was staring directly at her.

"Maybe we should do a little more," Jane said as she winked at Mr. Fitzgerald. "All right," said Amanda, grinning mischievously.

Jane and Amanda went out of their way to make the routine as sexy as possible. Stretching and lunging vigorously, their short hockey skirts flashing white from the pleats as they bounced up and down, their white pants flashing from beneath the hem.

In the stands, the men were having a field day with these two young women blatantly showing their bodies off for them. Jane looked up and saw Mr. Fitzgerald beckon her over.

"Yes, Mr. Fitzgerald?" Jane asked sweetly.

"Meet me at the back entrance of the store at half-time," he said.

"But Mr. Fitzgerald, I'll only have ten minutes," she answered with an artfully contrived expression of innocence on her face.

"Please, Jane?" he begged.

Jane laughed. She found Mr. Fitzgerald extremely attractive. His soft, South African accent sounded so sexy. He also had the largest cock that Jane had ever been fucked with. "All right," she said brightly, "but it will have to be quick."

"I understand," he said and with that, he turned and walked back towards the team bench.

"What was that all about?" asked Amanda.

Jane smiled, "Mr. Fitzgerald wants me to meet him at the store for a couple of minutes," Jane explained.

"Oh! And why would he want to do that?" Amanda inquired further.

Jane blushed.

"You're not screwing him too?!" Amanda asked, a bit loudly.

"Shhhhh!" Jane reprimanded, nodding at the same time.

"Really? You lucky cow! He's gorgeous" said Amanda, more quietly this time.

"Yes, he is," Jane agreed, "He's also got a the biggest cock I've ever seen!"

"Stop it!" demanded, Amanda, "You're getting me wet just thinking about it!"

Laughing, Jane smiled warmly at her friend. The half-time whistle blew. "I have to go, Amanda," she said, starting to walk off.

Amanda smiled back at her. "Have fun," she said, "Maybe I can have him next time."

Jane walked briskly toward the equipment store's rear entrance, her red hockey skirt swishing from side to side, flashing its twelve white pleats. When she got to the door she looked around to see if anyone was looking then knocked. Mr. Fitzgerald opened the door, and she quickly stepped inside, closing and locking it behind her.

"Thanks for coming, Jane," said Mr. Fitzgerald.

"I've only have a few minutes," she reminded him.

"I know," he said, "It's just that watching that show the pair of you put on turned me on so much that I just had to have you. You really know how to get men going." He put his arms around her, pressed his lips tightly against hers, and pulled her tightly against him. The twelve white pleats of her red hockey skirt fanned out as he reached underneath and squeezed her firm arse through her pants. "Put your hands on the sink," Mr. Fitzgerald instructed.

Jane obliged, turning around, bending over and grasping the edge of the sink. As she looked over her shoulder, he flipped her tiny skirt over her waist. "Spread your legs," he ordered. She did so, and Mr. Fitzgerald grabbed the leg band of her pants. They were tight on her bum, but he managed to pull the gusset aside, exposing her wet muffin.

Mr. Fitzgerald knelt down. "Ohhhh!" Jane cried as she felt his tongue slip between her moist lower lips from behind.

"Fuck, your cunt tastes good, Jane" he said before pressing forward and darting his tongue in and out of her tight tunnel.

Leaning against the sink, Jane unzipped her tracksuit top, pulled up the front of her jersey, pushed her bra aside and began to play with her tits as her teacher ate her pussy. "Oh fuck!" she cried as she felt him push one then two fingers into her. He pumped them in and out as his tongue lashed over her clit. "Ohhh yesss!" she moaned as a familiar warmth began to spread over her.

Jane bucked her hips back, forcing her teacher's fingers deeper into her cunt as her clit slid against his tongue. Se felt a well lubricated fingertip press against her arsehole. "Aaaaah, mmmmm," she sighed as she felt it press into her, brushing aside the resistance of her tight rear entrance. Her climax approached quickly as Mr. Fitzgerald finger fucked her arse and pussy, his tongue flicking rapidly over her throbbing clit.

The walls of Jane's pussy began to pulse around Mr. Fitzgerald's fingers. Spasms of pleasure shook her body. "Oh Mr. Fitzgerald! Oh yes!" she wailed as her orgasm broke over her, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm... Ooooooohhhhh!"

Mr. Fitzgerald stood up. He pulled the gusset of Jane's hockey pants aside once more and rubbed the head of his large cock up and down her slit, covering it with her juices.

"Don't you want me to take them off?" Jane asked.

"No, Jane," he answered. "I'm going fuck you in your knickers. You're going to have my cum dribbling into them as you run around the pitch." Positioning the head at the entrance of her tunnel, he grabbed her hips and pushed his prick into her pussy from behind.

"Oooffff!" Jane groaned, as he entered her.

Mr. Fitzgerald moved his hands up to Jane's waist and began moving her back and forth as his cock plunged in and out of her hot pussy.

Jane caught her reflection in a mirror. She looked so naughty as she leant over the sink in her hockey strip, her jersey pulled up high with her large breasts spilling out of her bra, her red skirt with the white pleats piled up over her waist, her white pants stretched aside for his cock and her white knee socks and red and white sports shoes spread wide apart for balance.

Mr. Fitzgerald fucked her hard from behind. Her long blonde hair bounced as he slammed his cock in and out with powerful strokes.

"Mr. Fitzgerald, this is so naughty..." Jane purred. "Fucking me in my hockey strip like this..." She could feel the friction of her pants stretched tight across her clit and she savoured the sensations. Mr. Fitzgerald's cock stretched her cunt as drove it in and out. Her clit throbbed as the wet, cotton gusset of her pants rubbed against it.

Mr. Fitzgerald reached forward, grabbing Jane's tits as he worked his cock in and out, over and over again. "Yessssss!" Jane cried as he squeezed her nipples between his strong fingers. She felt her womb contract. Once again her body began to shake."Oh, God! Oh Fuck! I'm cumming again!!" she moaned.

Jane bit her lip to keep from screaming, distantly aware that she might be overheard. She was overcome with a warm rush of sensations that swept through her body.

Mr. Fitzgerald groaned. "I'm going to cum, too!" he exclaimed.

"Yes!" Jane urged, "Cum in my pussy! I want to feel your cum deep inside me!"

Mr. Fitzgerald lunged forward, stabbing his cock deep into Jane's cunt. He grimaced as his cock released its tension, filling her pussy with its load of hot cum. Still thrusting as he came, his cum spurted deep into her pussy, sending shivers through her body. "Mmmm," Jane sighed contentedly as she felt his thick, sticky sperm flood her cunt.

Finally, Mr. Fitzgerald slowed to a stop and pulled his dripping prick out of her. Jane's hockey pants snapped loudly back into place. Jane turned round and dropped to her knees. Taking his cock in one hand she worked her tongue over his dick, licking away every trace of his cum and her juices. When the shaft was clean, she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked, using her fingers to squeeze the last drops of his cum into her hungry mouth. When, at last, she was finished, Jane stood up and her skirt fell back into place. She looked at her watch."I have to get back now!" she gasped, suddenly remembering the game.

Mr. Fitzgerald laughed as he tucked his flagging but still impressive member back into his shorts. "Thanks, Jane," he sighed.

Jane smiled, opened the door slowly, saw that nobody was around, and quickly ran back to the to side of the pitch. The second half was just about to get under way, the teams were already returning to the field. By the time she rejoined Amanda the crotch of her tight pants was soaked with Mr. Fitzgerald's cum.

"So? How was it?" asked Amanda, teasing her.

"Pretty good, as quickies go," Jane answered with a simle.

Amanda laughed and looked her over. "Well, Jane," she said," you look just fine. Except for some of his cum on your legs," she added with a giggle.

Jane could feel her teacher's cum as it slowly ran down her thighs onto her white knee socks. She hadn't seen Mr. Fitzgerald return to the game and was slightly surprised when he approached them. "Right girls," he said cheerfully, "I'm sending the two of you on." He turned and made his to the edge of the pitch, signalling his intended substitutions to the referee.

"This promises to be moderately uncomfortable," Jane said as she and Amanda shed their tracksuit tops.

"C'mon," Amanda said, laughing at her friend's discomfort, "we'd better not keep them waiting."

Jane shrugged and shook her head ruefully. Her cum soaked pants clung to her uncomfortably as she ran to take her place on the pitch.

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