tagNovels and NovellasSt. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 16

St. Mary's 6th Form Sluts Ch. 16


"Do we really have too?" complained Matt as Jane grabbed his arm, tugging him in the direction of the shop door.

"Last one, promise," said Jane sweetly as she kissed her boyfriend's cheek.

"I thought you'd already decided what you're wearing to the end of School party, anyway?" Matt sighed with a resigned shrug.

"Well, yes, I have," agreed Jane, "but I might see something else I like. You want me to look nice for you don't you?" she pleaded in a little girl voice, her long eyelashes fluttering over her deep blue eyes.

"OK," replied Matt, giving up, "but I still think it's a waste of time, you've got loads of outfits that you hardly ever wear as it is."

"C'mon," said Jane, "stop wasting time. You'll be more than adequately rewarded for your patience, don't you worry," she added, giving her boyfriend a mischievous wink.

Inside the shop, Matt groaned to himself as Jane quickly lost herself in the aisles. "What do you think of this one?" she asked, suddenly emerging in front of him holding a short black dress in front of her.

"It looks OK," Matt said, trying to sound agreeable, "although I can't really tell when you're just holding it."

Jane laughed. "I could always crumple it up and toss it on the floor," she said coyly, "since that's where you seem to prefer my clothes anyway." Matt smiled, he couldn't deny his girlfriend's claim. "Here, hold this while I see if there's anything else I like," Jane said, handing him the dress.

Matt followed behind Jane as she walked from aisle to aisle, stopping frequently to look at dresses. Occasionally she'd hand one to Matt to carry while she went to look for something else.

After about twenty minutes, Jane decided that she'd seen enough. "I just want a quick look at the underwear," she said, giving her boyfriend a wicked little smile.

Humming happily to herself, it took Jane about five minutes to decide on two matching bra and thong sets. The first bra was black with lacy half cups, the second was a white plunge front that she knew would show off her cleavage to good effect. "Right," she announced suddenly, "let's find the changing rooms."

Matt followed Jane into the corridor with its row of cubicles. As Jane selected the one at the far end of the corridor, Matt sat down to wait on one of the seats. The cubicle door stopped about six inches from the floor and Matt smiled to himself as he caught a glimpse of his girlfriend's clothes falling, item by item, to land on the cubicle's softly carpeted floor.

"What do you think?" asked Jane a few moments later, opening the cubicle door and displaying herself for Matt. She was wearing a red dress, low cut at the front and with the hem of the skirt only reaching to mid thigh. It clung to Jane's body as she ran her hands over it, smoothing it into place.

"It's nice," agreed Matt as Jane turned around, wriggling her bum suggestively.

"Hmmm," replied Jane thoughtfully, "I'm not sure. I think I'll like the black one better," she added as she closed the cubicle door again.

Jane re-emerged a few minutes later. She didn't even need to ask Matt what he thought, the look on his face and the sudden deepening of his breathing told Jane that the dress was a hit. The low cut front strained to confine her large breasts. The high hemmed skirt, split at the side to reveal a generous amount of thigh, would have only just concealed her knickers had she been wearing any.

Jane smiled. She knew she looked good in this dress. As she gave Matt a twill, the soft fabric rubbed against her nipples, sending a thrill through her body. "I take it it meets with your approval?" she asked her boyfriend as she struck a provocative pose in front of him.

"Too right it does," agreed Matt.

Jane smiled. "You'll like the next one even more!" she said with a naughty glint in her eye.

Back inside the cubicle, Jane purred quietly to herself as she slipped out of the dress. Her body tingled as the dress fell to the floor, brushing against her skin. She quickly tried on both of the bras, checking her appearance in the cubicle's full length mirror. She was already too wet to risk trying on either of the thongs.

Admiring the way the white bra showed off her cleavage, Jane smiled and nodded to herself as she ran her hands over her full, firm breasts, deciding that she would buy both sets of underwear. She tossed the skimpy white thong onto the floor then reached behind her to unhook the bra, letting it fall to the ground.

"Are you ready for this?" she called out.

"Sure," came her boyfriend's reply, slightly muffled by the cubicle door.

"Ta dah!" announced Jane boldly as she threw open the door, pleased at her boyfriend's surprised reaction at seeing her naked body standing before him.

"J... Jane! What... What the..." Matt stammered, unable to take his eyes off his girlfriend's perfect body.

"You always like my clothes best when they're pilled on the floor," Jane said, smiling coyly, "so there you are." She paused briefly, running her hands over her body, cupping and squeezing her large breasts. "Well..." she purred seductively, "are you coming to take a closer look or do I have to come out there and drag you in here?"

Dumbstruck, Matt got to his feet. He stepped quickly into the cubicle, closing and latching the door behind him. Jane's lips were on his at once. He moaned quietly as he felt Jane's hand rub against his crotch, giving his growing bulge a squeeze. "Looks like you really like this outfit," Jane teased then pressed her lips firmly against his once more, opening her mouth to let his tongue explore inside.

With their lips pressed together, Jane felt a fire in her pussy as Matt's hands caressed and squeezed her breasts. Sliding one hand inside his jeans, she gripped his thick shaft, rubbing her fingers along its length, its stiffness adding to her arousal.

Her desire quickly became unbearable. Jane broke from her boyfriend's embrace. Sitting down on the narrow ledge on the cubicle's back wall, she opened her legs wide. The lips of her smooth, hairless pussy glistened with her juices. "Eat me!" she demanded quietly, "I want to feel your mouth on my pussy. I want your tongue on my clit and I want it now!"

Matt knelt down quickly between Jane's legs. Leaning forward, he inhaled the scent of his girlfriend's pussy. "Yessssss!" Jane moaned as Matt's tongue slipped between lips, lightly grazing her clit. Matt pressed forward, his tongue exploring the folds of his girlfriend's pussy. "Fuck, you taste good, Jane," he said in a low voice.

Jane bit her bottom lip to suppress a moan as her clit throbbed. Cupping her breasts in her hands, a shiver ran up Jane's spine as she teased her nipples, pinching them between her thumb and fingers, pulling them as Matt's tongue darted in and out of her cunt. "Mmmmmm," she purred softly, feeling the walls of her pussy begin to contract.

Matt sucked Jane's clit between his lips, humming as he flicked his tongue over its tip. Jane had to draw on all of her willpower to stop her from crying out as the sensations inside her grew. The need to stay quiet added to Jane's increasing tension as the need for release built inside her.

Jane's hips began to rock back and forth as Matt slipped two fingers into her cunt, twisting them around inside her as his tongue lashed her clit. Jane reached down with one hand, digging her fingers into Matt's hair, pulling him more firmly against her pussy. She fucked her boyfriend's fingers, gripping them inside her as her climax approached. Matt felt Jane's body stiffen, the thrusting of her hips becoming more and more violent as she tried to deny her body's need.

With two fingers inside his girlfriend's cunt, Matt pressed another against Jane's arse. The pressure against her tight rear hole pushed Jane over the edge. Her body heaved and shuddered as she came. Her juices flooded from her cunt, coating Matt's fingers as he pumped them in and out of her quivering muffin. "Ooooooooh!" she moaned, oblivious to her surroundings as her orgasm gripped her. Forcing her mound against her boyfriend's mouth she let herself be carried away as the sensations washed over her.

Unable to endure any more, Jane pushed Matt away. "Fuck me!!" she begged, "I want your cock in my pussy!" As Matt stood up and undid his jeans, Jane turned round. Supporting herself on the ledge she pushed her bum in the air, spreading her legs wide. Matt slid the head of his cock up and down Jane's wet slit, coating it in her juices. "Ooooohhhh yessssss!" Jane sighed as he entered her with a single thrust and began to pump in and out. "Oh Matt!" Jane moaned, pushing her hips back to meet him on the deepest point of his thrust, "Your cock is soooo hard. It feels sooooo big inside me!"

Still half aware of her surroundings, Jane tried her best to stifle her cries of pleasure to half whimpers and moans. The powerful thrusts of her boyfriend's cock made her task difficult. Her hands had nothing to grip on to and her fingers merely left greasy marks on the full length mirror in front of her as they slipped down its polished surface. The small confines of the cubicle and its design meant they had to be careful to prevent their actions from sending vibrations to the other cubicles on either side. At any moment, someone could look down through the six inch gap at the bottom of the cubicle and see Matt's jeans around his ankles and Jane's feet in front of his, revealing the couple's illicit lovemaking.

Looking into the full length mirror in front of her, Jane could see her boyfriend's cock as it split her lips and slid into her cunt, her juices glistening on his shaft as he worked it in and out. "Play with my tits!" she demanded as she thrust her hips back and forth in a counter beat to Matt's strokes.

As he pumped his cock in and out of his girlfriend's hot, wet muffin, Matt reached forward to comply with Jane's demand. Squeezing her firm globes he rolled her nipples with his thumbs.

"Fuck yessssss!" Jane groaned, taking advantage of the opportunity at an intake of breath. She kept her voice low, allowing herself a small compromise between the need to express her growing pleasure and the need to not be overheard. "Fuck me Matt! Fuck me hard!" she demanded quietly. Matt increased his pace in response to Jane's urging. His thighs slapped against the upthrust cheeks of Jane's arse as he fucked her. The walls of her cunt gripped his cock. Matt could feel Jane's trembling transmit itself along his shaft as he brought her to the verge of her second climax with his cock.

The danger of being caught fucking in a public place where they shouldn't be fucking had always been an added turn on for Jane and this time was no exception. As the young couple gave themselves to their pleasure the casual events of an everyday shopping centre were being carried out all around them by people ignorant of their actions. Because of Jane's suppressed cries, reduced to heavy breathing, pants and quiet moans, the normal voices of other people, some of whom Jane distantly recognised as belonging to girls from school, could be heard as they went about their Saturday afternoon business. The far ranging questions of the 'how does my bum look in this?' and 'what do you think?' type and the silent requirements of the customers kept the cubicles on either side of Jane and Matt occupied by a steady flow of humanity, all unaware of what, separated only by a few centimetres of panelling, was happening beside them.

The awareness of all that was go on around them served only to increase Jane's arousal to further heights. "Oh... Ohhhh... Ooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she moaned as spasms ripped through her womb. "Oh Matt!!!!" she moaned, "I want to feel your cum inside my pussy."

Matt gripped Jane's hips, pulling his girlfriend towards him as he pounded his cock into her cunt. "C'mon big boy!" Jane urged, "Give it to me! Give me your cum!" Matt felt his balls tighten. Jane felt his cock pulse inside her cunt. Breathing hard, he stabbed his cock deep into her pussy as it erupted, his cum boiling out in thick jets. "Oh yessss!"purred Jane, "Fill me, Matt! Fill me with you cum!"

Matt's hips surged again and again as he pumped his seed into his girlfriend's trembling body. As the tension drained from his groin he felt his legs weaken. His cock slipped from Jane's pussy as he slumped against the cubicle wall. With his breath coming in painful gasps, Matt closed his eyes. He sighed as he felt Jane's lips close around his shaft. Jane purred contentedly as she sucked the last drops of Matt's cum into her mouth before licking her juices from his shaft.

After a short pause to recover, Jane began to get dressed as Matt pulled up his boxer shorts and jeans. Gathering up the dresses and handing the underwear to Matt, Jane opened the door and cautiously peeked around the edge. "C'mon! Quickly!" she urged, grabbing her boyfriend's hand, "the coast's clear." Tentatively, Matt followed er out of the cubicle and into the corridor, noting in passing that the neighbouring cubicle was now occupied. He followed, bemused, as Jane made her way back through the aisles, returning the dresses to their stands.

"Aren't you buying either of those?" he asked in an exasperated tone.

Jane gave him a naughty smile. "No," she said with aplomb. "I'm buying the bras and knickers but I think I liked the outfit we saw in the first shop the best. If we hurry, we should just be able to nip back and get it and still be in time to meet Shona and Craig for lunch.

"Women!" Matt groaned under his breath, shaking his head in despair as, still carrying the underwear, he followed Jane to the cash desk.

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