tagIncest/TabooSt. Mary's Girls: Close Relations

St. Mary's Girls: Close Relations


Shona exhaled with a sigh, a trail of smoke escaping from between her lips as she idly lounged in the sun. In a few weeks time she would be jetting off for a month in the sun with her friends, Sandra, Amanda and Jane. On their return, the four friends would begin studying for their degrees at University. At home, on her parents' farm in Ireland, Shona missed having her friends nearby. More than that, she missed her boyfriend, Craig.

Alone in the house with both her parents at work and her younger sister, Niamh, spending the summer working as an au pair in France, nothing would have made Shona happier than to have been able spend the hot summer's afternoon with Craig, together in some secluded spot, fucking each other senseless. She had recently spent a whole week doing just that when Craig had come to visit before starting his summer placement. That had been almost a month ago and, since then, Shona had endured the most prolonged period of abstinence since she had lost her virginity at fourteen, almost five years before.

Since Craig had flown back to England, the only sexual gratification that Shona had enjoyed had been that which she had provided for herself and that, she reflected bitterly, had done little to relieve her pent up frustration. Before flying out on holiday with her friends, Shona would spend a week with Craig in England. Counting the days until she would be with him again, Shona allowed herself to smile as it occurred to her that, by the time she saw Craig again, she would be so worked up that's she'd be ready to jump on him the moment they met in the airport arrivals lounge. She strongly suspected that she wouldn't be able to wait for the hour long drive from the airport to Craig's home to be completed before feeling her boyfriend inside her again.

Thinking about Craig as she lay in the heat of the early afternoon sun, Shona found her thoughts becoming increasingly erotic. Reaching for the bottle of sun cream that lay on the ground beside her lounger, she poured a small amount on to the palm of one hand. The sticky, white cream was warm from being exposed to the sun's rays. It took very little imagination in Shona's aroused state for her to imagine it was something else entirely as she rubbed her hands together.

"Oooooohhhh, mmmmmm," she purred as her hands slid over her breasts. Closing her eyes, she imagined Craig leaning over her, his hand still pumping his thick cock, having just spent his load over her breasts. She could feel herself getting wetter as she rubbed the thick cream into her skin. Pinching her nipples with her fingers, Shona moaned with pleasure, her back arching sinuously against the sun lounger as she imagined hands, other than her own, playing with her breasts.

A series of images flashed through Shona's mind she became increasingly aroused. A host of faces, both male and female, paraded themselves before her in her imagination. People she had had sex with mingled with those she had fantasised about as her hands slid over her breasts.

Without being aware of how it happened, Shona found one of her hands inside the front of her bikini bottom, her fingers stroking her wet lower lips. She squirmed on the lounger, visualising the men who had fucked her, the women who had feasted on her pussy. In her imagination, the finger teasing her clit transformed itself into Jane's tongue, licking her tenderly as only her best friend knew how to. She slid two fingers into her cunt. They became Craig's cock, pumping in and out, stretching her as he plunged deep inside.

"Oh... Ohhhhhh fuck!" Shona gasped as she drove herself onwards, the warm glow inside her rivalling the heat of the sun on her body. Feeling her body begin to tremble, she plunged her fingers deeper into her cunt, twisting them around inside her. "Oh Craig!" she moaned, no longer able to determine between reality and imagination, "Fuck me... fuck me.... FUCK MEEEE!!!!"

Shona's body heaved as she came, an intensely powerful orgasm ripping through her. Her fingers still pumped in and out of her cunt as she let the sensations consume her. She came again and again, her climax peaking over and over, combining with the afternoon heat to drain her strength.

Exhausted, Shona finally let her orgasm dissipate. Far from satisfying her, the cataclysmic release only added to her sense of frustration. Shona knew that she wouldn't be able to wait until she saw Craig again to feel a cock inside her, giving her the fucking she craved so badly.

Always highly sexed, Shona was, once again, grateful that in Craig, she had a boyfriend who could not only turn her inside out, satisfying her in ways that no one else, not even Jane, could but could accept the fact that she had needs and desires that no one person alone could fulfil. Openly bisexual, Shona would have been hard pressed to remember exactly how many people she had shared her body with in the three years that she had been Craig's girlfriend. In her final year of school alone, she had had sex with somewhere in the region of forty different men and at least a dozen women. Of all the girls in school, only Jane had managed to carve as many notches on her headboard as Shona, Even their friends, Amanda and Sandra, neither of whom stinted in bestowing their favours when the mood or occasion took them, couldn't come close to matching the exploits of the two former St. Mary's head girls. Never one to be called a hypocrite, Shona was well aware and fully accepted that Craig had enjoyed his full share of other girls, including Jane, in the time that they had been a couple. They both enjoyed sex, especially with each other, but theirs was a relationship built on more than just sex. Exclusivity on either part was neither expected nor practised. Jealousy was unknown.

With a sigh, Shona realised that she needed to go inside and cool off for a bit. She slipped her light, summer dress over her body and made her way indoors. In the kitchen, she stopped at the fridge to get herself a cold drink. Reaching into the cupboard for a glass, she quickly poured herself an orange juice.

Looking out of the window, Shona was surprised to see a car pull up outside the house. She watched as a young couple got out of the car and began to walk up the path. The man was tall, well built and appeared to be in his early twenties. The girl was stunningly attractive, tall, with a generous figure and had striking long, curly red hair. As she watched the couple walk up the path towards the house, Shona realised that there was something familiar about them, nagging at the back of her mind.

The doorbell rang. Shona opened the front door. "Hi, Shona," the man said then, seeing her slightly puzzled expression asked, "It is Shona, isn't it?"

"Y... yes," Shona stammered, "How did..." The question died on her lips as she realised that the tall, extremely good looking man standing in front of her was her cousin, Brendan. She experienced another jolt as she recognised his companion as his sister, Bernadette. "Brendan? Bernie?" she exclaimed, hugging her cousins, "what... I mean, how... I, I can't believe it. I didn't recognise either of you," she admitted.

Brendan laughed. "Well, it has been almost six years, so I guess I'll forgive you," he said.

Still slightly dazed, Shona led Brendan and Bernadette into the house. When she and her sister Niamh had been children, the four cousins had often played together, spending their summers together, either on Shona's parents' farm or at her aunt and uncle's in Kilkenny. Brendan was two years older than Shona, his sister, Bernadette was six months younger than her. Brendan and Bernadette had emigrated with their parents to New Zealand when Shona was thirteen and this was the first time that she had seen either of them since.

In the kitchen, Shona fixed cold drinks for them all before leading her cousins to the garden. "I can't believe your folks never told you we were coming," Brendan said as he sat down at the patio table, "they've known for a couple of months," he added.

"They probably wanted to surprise me," Shona said. "Come to think of it, mum seemed pretty relieved when I didn't want to go into town with her this morning," she added wryly.

As they sat and chatted, reliving memories and filling each other in on the past six years, Shona couldn't keep herself from staring at her cousins. Brendan had always been tall and it was no surprise that he had grown up to be an extremely good looking young man. In the first flush of adolescence, Shona had had a crush on her slightly older cousin that had, just before he and his family emigrated, led to some fairly serious fumbling. Bernadette, however, was a different matter. When Shona had last seen her she had been an awkward teenager; skinny, spotty, wearing thick glasses and possessing very little self confidence. That she had, over the intervening years, transformed into a strikingly beautiful young woman defied all explanation.

Lost in her thoughts, Shona shook her head, aware that the conversation had dried up. She caught Brendan's gaze and smiled, realising that he was appraising himself of the differences between the generously curved and attractive young woman that sat in front of him and the body of the girl he had known six years earlier. A covert glance in the direction of his groin confirmed to Shona that Brendan approved of the differences.

"So how long are you staying?" Shona found herself asking.

"Not sure," replied Brendan, "Bernie's got a place at Oxford starting in a few weeks so we'll have to head over and sort out somewhere for her to stay. As for me, I've no fixed plans at the moment," he added with a smile.

Further conversation was spared as Shona's mother, returning from work, walked out into the garden. "Brendan, Bernie," she said warmly, "we weren't expecting you until later."

"Our flight got in early and we made good time on the way from the airport," Brendan explained. "It appears that some of you weren't expecting us at all," he added nodding towards Shona, "did you forget to tell Shona we were coming, Aunt Helen?"

Helen laughed as she hugged her niece and nephew. "I thought it would be a nice surprise for her," she said, "Shona's been as miserable as sin since she came home from school, haven't you dear?"

Shona shrugged. "If you say so, mum. Knowing that Brendan and Bernie were coming might have cheered me up though. At least I'd've had something to look forward to," she said diffidently.

---*****--- Shona woke late the next morning. The sun, already high in the sky, shone through the gap between the curtains. Shona's mouth was dry, her head was slightly fuzzy, she knew she'd had too much to drink the night before. Shona's father had returned from work a little after 6pm. The family had had their evening meal outside on the patio, enjoying the warmth of the summer's evening. The wine had flowed freely and Shona and her cousins had sat up chatting and drinking until the early hours of the morning, long after her parents had retired to their beds.

Pushing back the covers, Shona got out of bed, stretching sinuously as she walked towards the window. Peeking out past the curtains, Shona felt the sun's heat on her face. Already mid morning, the day promised to be even hotter than the day before.

Shona smiled as she caught sight of Brendan, stretched out on a lounger. Dressed only in a tight pair of what looked like cycling shorts, Shona drank in the sight of his tanned, fit, well muscled body. She showered quickly and dressed in a revealingly skimpy bikini. Wrapping a pale blue, translucent sarong around her hips and pulling on a baggy t-shirt, Shona headed downstairs for some breakfast.

Feeling decidedly more human for having showered and eaten, Shona headed out to the garden. "Hiya!" she said brightly as she stepped out on to the porch, "Where is everyone?"

Brendan looked up. His eyes lingered momentarily on Shona before he answered. "Your Da's over at the Brennan's Farm, helping them round up the sheep for market. Bernie went into town with your mum," he said. With just the slightest hint of mischief in his voice, he added, "That just leaves the two of us to amuse ourselves."

I guess it does," Shona replied coyly as she walked over to the lounger beside Brendan's and sat down. She slipped out of her t-shirt, smiling to herself as she noticed her cousin's glance as he settled himself back on his lounger. Undoing her sarong and letting it slip to the ground, Shona adjusted her sunglasses and lay back. She reached for the bottle of sun cream that lay by her seat. Pouring a generous amount onto her hands, she began to rub it into her legs, arms and stomach. "Can't be too careful!" she said, seeing the slightly quizzical expression on Brendan's face, "I burn far too easily!" she added.

"I wasn't really thinking about that," Brendan replied with a shrug.

"Oh? And just what were you thinking about?" Shona enquired, raising one eyebrow.

"I was just wondering if you planned taking anything else off," Brendan admitted, his gaze lingering pointedly on Shona's large, firm breasts.

Shona laughed. "What these?" she asked coyly, staring down at her bosom, "It's not as if you haven't seen them before," she added with a wicked sparkle in her eye, reaching behind her back to undo the clasp that held her strapless bikini top in place.

l "True," replied Brendan, smiling as Shona's breasts emerged from their scant confinement, "but there's a helluva lot more there than there was then."

"I should hope so too!" Shona replied a little indignantly, "It has been six years after all. I'd be more than a little upset if all I had now were the fried eggs I had then."

"They were hardly that," Brendan said. "Even back then you were big for your age. Yours were the first tits I ever sucked."

Shona grinned as she cast her mind back to that earlier time. "I remember," she said, "I made you beg me before I'd let you. Not that I ever intended not to let you," she admitted. "I also remember that you were the first guy that I ever made have an accident," Shona added with a wicked grin.

Brendan groaned at the memory. "You've no idea how uncomfortable it was having to walk home after you'd made me shoot my load in my pants."

"Well, if you knew you were about to cum you should have warned me. It's not as if I knew it was going to happen so quickly," Shona teased.

"True enough," Brendan admitted, "and to be honest, I remember I didn't want you to stop. Besides, it was as much a surprise to me, it always took me much longer whenever I did it myself." They both laughed, settling back on their loungers to enjoy the sun.

As the morning progressed towards noon, Brendan and Shona, chatted freely as they soaked up the summer sun. Their conversation was frank and open. Hearing Brendan describe some of the experiences that he had had caused Shona's pussy to moisten. Recounting some, but by no means all of her own adventures added to the sensations. Her arousal increased even further when she allowed Brendan to rub some sun cream on to her back. His strong hands were strangely tender as he worked the cream into her skin. Her desire climbed still higher when she got her chance to repay the favour. It took a supreme effort on Shona's part to keep her hands under control and not to let them wander all over her cousin's hard, firmly muscled body.

After another half an hour, Shona realised that she was getting hungry. "Did Bernie or mum say what time they'd be back?" she enquired.

"Uh, hmmm, not until mid-afternoon at the earliest," Brendan replied.

"Well, why don't we get some lunch then, if it's still as hot, head down to the lake for a dip?" she asked, trying to make the suggestion sound casual.

"Sounds like a great idea to me!" Brendan replied with an enquiring grin.

After a quick but filling lunch of freshly baked bread and cheese, Shona quickly gathered up some towels as Brendan cleared the tables. "Should I bring some trunks?" he asked with a wicked grin.

Shona smiled, a mischievous, glint in her eye. "Only if you feel you have too," she replied. "I don't mind. I've seen enough men's bits to have a pretty good idea as to what you look like, and I'm almost certain a good looking bloke like you is sufficiently familiar enough with women that my body won't be too much of a surprise to you. Besides which, you've been staring at my tits every chance you've had all morning," she added coyly.

Brendan grinned. "Guilty as charged, I can't deny it," he admitted. "Can I help it if my favourite cousin has a fantastic body that turns any man who sees it into a dribbling wretch?"

"Typical bloody, male," Shona said with a smile. "Just one glimpse of female skin and all their blood drains to their groins. C'mon, let's go."

It was a twenty minute walk through the fields to the lake. Because of the heat, Shona had left her t-shirt behind but had her bikini top back on. The tight top pushed her large breasts together, revealing a deep cleavage. Her sarong clung to her firm hips that swung gracefully from side to side as she walked. She smiled each time she caught her cousin staring appreciatively at her body.

The thin strip of woodland that bordered the lake sheltered them slightly from the sun's burning rays. After an all too brief respite, they stepped back out into the full midday glare as they reached the lake shore. "Here we are, then," Shona said lightly as she dropped her bag to the ground and started to unpack the towels. Lying them out flat on the ground, Shona's nimble fingers undid her sarong. Brendan watched as it slipped down her long, slender legs to her feet. Shona reached behind her back to unclasp her bikini top once more. As she tossed the scrap of material to the ground, she caught Brendan's hungry gaze. "What're you staring at?" she asked. "It's not as if you haven't seen them before," she added archly.

"True enough," Brendan admitted, "but when a woman with cracking tits insists on waving them in front of you, a poor, defenceless male like me can't help but stare at them."

Shona laughed and smiled back as she hitched her thumbs into the waist of her bikini briefs. "Well," she said, "are you just going to stand there ogling or are you going to get those off and join me in the water?"

Brendan laughed and began to hitch off his shorts. As he stood naked in front of her, Shona felt a strange longing inside her as she saw her cousin's cock for the first time. "My, my," she said, licking her lips, "I never knew you were such a big boy. I guess I was wrong, you were able to surprise me after all!" Somehow, Shona managed to avert her gaze. "C'mon," she said, "I'll race you." With her long brown hair, streaming behind her, Shona ran to the water's edge.

Brendan watched as Shona sliced into the water, his eyes glued to the perfect peach of her backside as it slipped below the water. Shaking his head, he ran into the water to join her.

He caught up with her in a few strokes. Laughing, Shona splashed him, causing him to flinch away. "Bitch," he laughed, grabbing Shona's shoulders and forcing her under the surface.

"Bastard!" Shona spluttered as she came to the surface, her long, dark brown tresses clinging to her face.

"Yup," replied Brendan, "I thought you knew that already. Race you to the other side," he said, launching himself with a powerful push against the lake bed.

"You're on!" Shona replied with a grin, following him only a stroke behind.

The pair sported together in the cool waters of the lake for almost half an hour before dragging themselves out onto their towels at the water's edge to bask in the afternoon heat. Shona started to rub sun cream into her body. Brendan watched as her hands slid over her large, breasts, her nipples still crinkled and stiff from the coolness of the water.

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