tagGroup SexSt Mary's Girls: Housewarming Party

St Mary's Girls: Housewarming Party


The party was in full swing. Alcohol flowed freely and loud music blasted from the stereo. Shona stopped to give Jane a quick peck on the cheek as she made her way through to the kitchen to pick up another tray of savouries. Jane smiled and gave her friend and flatmate's bum a playful squeeze. "I'm not looking forward to cleaning the mess up after tonight," she said with a small laugh, "I'm just glad we haven't got the new carpets in yet."

On her return to the living room, Shona had to fight her way to the edge of the room to put her tray down on the table. The room was filled with people dancing, drinking and talking loudly. The air in the room was thick with smoke, not all of it tobacco smoke, Shona noticed as she breathed in the dense atmosphere. Helping herself to another drink from the table, Shona set off in search of one of the joints that someone, somewhere was smoking.

The search didn't take long. The increasing strength of the rich, telltale odour led Shona to the far corner of the room where she found Sandra and Amanda sitting cross legged on the floor with one of Shona and Jane's fellow students, Dave Williams. "I hope that's not what I think it is," said Shona, trying to sound threatening as she bore down on her friends.

"Oh?" replied Amanda, noting the poorly disguised smile on her friend's face, "And why's that then?"

"Because," responded Shona, giving up her pretence of anger and smiling broadly, "if it is what I think it is then, as hostess, I should have been invited to join you."

"Well now that you're here then..." said Amanda, smiling as she raised the smouldering joint to Shona.

"You're much too kind," replied Shona as she reached out to take the proffered joint from between her friend's fingers.

Shona raised the joint to her mouth and, placing the end between her lips, inhaled deeply. The rich smoke stung the back of her throat making her cough sharply. "Fuck! That's strong!" she gasped as her friends laughed at her discomfort, "You might have warned me!" she complained in a hoarse voice.

"What? And spoil the surprise?" replied Sandra as she helped herself to the packet of chocolate biscuits that lay on the floor at her feet,

"Bitch!" said Shona, sticking her tongue out at her friend before inhaling another lung full of the rich smoke. She held it inside for a few seconds then slowly exhaled. "Aaaahhh!" she sighed as joined Sandra, Amanda and Dave on the floor, "That's good," she said before proceeding to take another long pull on the joint.

Shona quickly felt the drug begin to take effect. She watched with curiosity as Dave extracted some cigarette papers from his pocket and began to roll another. Dave caught Shona watching him and shrugged. "That one won't last long between the four of us," he said with a smile. Shona simply smiled as warm, relaxed feeling of detachment spread over her.

"And just what's going on here?" came an indignant voice. Shona snapped out of her reverie in time to hear Sandra say, "Oh Hi Jane! Fancy some?"

"Sure, why not?" Jane replied, taking the second joint from Sandra and inhaling deeply. "Bloody hell!! Fuck!!" she gasped as the unexpectedly strong smoke caught in her throat making her eyes water.

Her friends laughed. "Funny," said Sandra, "Shona said much the same thing.

"It's the first time I've known either of those two to have trouble swallowing something," added Amanda, giggling.

"Yeah, yeah!" retorted Jane, "Very funny! Ha fucking ha!" Realising how sharp her reply had been, Jane smiled quickly to take the sting out of her words before raising the joint to her lips and inhaling again.

Jane took two more long pulls before passing the joint on to Amanda. "Can't stay," she said brightly, "I've promised Lars and Connor a guided tour."

Shona smiled up at her friend. "Oh yes?" she drawled, "And is your bedroom the first, last or only stop on this tour?"

"I'm not even going to dignify that vicious slur on my character with an answer," replied Jane with feigned indignation. "You of all people, Miss Fraser, shouldn't need to ask," she added with a knowing wink as she turned and made her way back into the milling throng in the middle of the room.

"It's good to see Jane enjoying herself," said Amanda to Shona, "she really took it hard when she and split up."

"They'd been together for almost six years," replied Shona, "so it was only to be expected."

"Is your Craig coming tonight?" enquired Amanda.

"I'm not sure," replied Shona, "he said he'd try, but it's a long way for him to come, especially since we saw each other last weekend."

"I guess it must keep things interesting, only seeing each other every couple of weeks," Amanda said, giving her friend a knowing look.

Shona laughed. "I almost never make my first couple of lectures on the Monday morning after we've been together," she admitted with a dreamy smile, accepting the joint from Dave as it came round to her once again.

"This is the kitchen," said Jane opening the door to give Lars and Connor the briefest glimpse. Connor had his hands on Jane's waist and was nuzzling her neck as Jane attempted to keep up her commentary. "The bathroom's over there," she continued, not letting Connor's attentions distract her, "and that's the door to Shona's room."

"C'mon Jane," purred Lars seductively in her ear. His English was perfect but he spoke with a thick Norwegian accent. "It's your room we want to see, not Shona's"

"Not yet, anyway! But maybe she'll give us another tour once Jane's finished," remarked Connor. Jane kicked him playfully on the shin. "Ow!" he exclaimed.

Lars laughed at his friend's discomfort. "So is this your door here, Jane?" he asked as he reached out to grasp the handle.

"Nah! I sleep in the bath," she replied sarcastically. Then, noting the puzzled look on his face, she laughed. "Yes it's my room," she said, rising up on tiptoe to plant a reassuring kiss on his cheek. When, after a few moments, nobody had made any further moves, Jane asked in an exasperated tone, "Well, are we going in or do we stay out here in the hall all night?"

"OK," replied Lars, smiling as he pushed the door open. Jane led the two men into her room and quickly closed the door behind her. Almost at once, two strong pairs of hands began to explore her body, pulling at her clothes. Jane felt Connor's mouth close on hers. Her hands began tugging at his belt as Lars' hands slid up under her blouse to caress her large, firm breasts. "I'm going to enjoy this," Jane purred softly to herself as she surrendered herself to the touch of her two lovers.

Jane felt Connor's fingers begin to undo the buttons of her blouse. At the same time, Lars reached down to undo her jeans. Hitching his thumbs into the waistband, Lars slowly pushed them down over the top of Jane's shapely hips.

With her blouse undone, Connor leaned forward and buried his face between Jane's breasts. Lars pulled her jeans down to her ankles. As Jane stepped out of them he began to kiss his way up the back of her legs.

Jane clutched the back of Connor's head, pulling him towards her as his tongue flicked over her breasts. "Yessss! she breathed hoarsely as his lips fastened tightly around one nipple and sucked it deep into the warm confines of his mouth, his tongue flicking over the erect tip. Jane felt Lars' hands tugging at her knickers, pulling them down over her firm arse. She let them be removed then spread her legs slightly as Lars ran his tongue up their insides, working its way inexorably towards her hot, wet snatch.

"Oooooh!" Jane moaned as she felt Lars' tongue flick over her moist lower lips. She held on tight to Connor, supporting herself against him, pulling him even more firmly against her breasts as Lars' tongue began its exploration of her pussy. "Oh fuck, yes! she gasped as Connor sucked on her tits, squeezing them at the same time with his strong fingers.

Jane's hands undid Connor's jeans. She pushed them and his boxer shorts down over his hips. She felt him sigh as she took his thick rod in her hands and began to stoke it. Her knees were weakening in response to the attention of Lars' tongue. Lars lapped at Jane's pussy, savouring the rich taste of her juices as they flowed into his mouth.

Jane's fingers caressed Connor's cock as his lips pressed firmly against hers, his tongue exploring her mouth. Lars feasted on her pussy, sending electrifying bolts of pleasure through Jane's body. Consumed with desire, Jane broke from Connor's embrace and pushed him towards her bed. As he sat down on the edge of the bed, Jane knelt before him. She took his cock in her hands and began to rub it as Lars positioned himself beneath her and renewed his assault on her pussy with his mouth.

Jane leaned forward and ran her tongue up the underside of Connor's shaft. "Oh yesss!" he groaned, his fingers entwining in her long, blonde hair as her tongue flicked over his swollen knob. Below her, Lars worked two fingers into her hot, wet tunnel and began to thrust them in and out as his tongue lapped at her clit.

"Oooooohhhhh!!" Jane moaned then leaned forward, taking the head of Connor's cock into the back of her mouth.

"Yessss!" sighed Connor as Jane began to suck on his rod, her lips sliding up and down his shaft.

With Connor's cock in her mouth and Lars' fingers in her cunt, Jane felt her body begin to stiffen. She allowed the sensations to banish the pain and sadness that she’d felt since splitting up with Matt. Her clit throbbed as Lars flicked it rapidly with his tongue. Her approaching climax caused her to suck harder on Connor's cock.

Suddenly, Jane's body began to shake. "Oh God YESSS!"! she cried as Connor's cock slipped from between her lips. Lars' tongue beat against her clit sending pulses of electricity coursing through her body. "Oh yes, fuck me!" Jane moaned, "I need to feel a cock in my pussy!"

Connor got up and made his way behind Jane. Lars slid up from beneath her, taking Connor's place on the edge of the bed. "Yesss!" cried Jane as Connor grabbed her hips and stabbed his prick into her cunt, entering her with a single, powerful thrust. "Oh fuck, that's good!" she moaned as he began to slide in and out, his thick rod stretching the walls of her cunt.

Jane leaned forward. Lars' long, thin cock bobbed in front of her face. She grasped it tightly with one hand and fed it into her mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft until his knob pressed against the back of her throat. Jane squeezed his balls with her free hand as her head bobbed up and down, gently dragging her teeth along his rod.

Connor's thick cock plunged in and out of Jane's cunt, stretching her as it drove into her warm, wet depths. His hips slapped against her arse as he thrust into her with long, hard strokes. Connor's surging thrusts drove Jane forward, forcing her to take even more of Lars' prick into her mouth.

Groaning with pleasure as his knob slid along the lid of Jane's hungry mouth, Lars leaned forward to play with her breasts. A warm tingling feeling spread through her body as his fingers teased her stiff nipples. In response to the increased stimulation Jane sucked even harder on Lars' cock, savouring the rich salty taste of his pre-cum as it started to ooze from his slit.

With her cunt stretched tightly around Connor's thick shaft and Lars' cock sliding over her tongue as he thrust between her lips, Jane reached back between her legs to play with her clit. Lightening bolts of pleasure flashed through her as her fingers stroked and teased her sensitive bulb. Contractions gripped her pussy and womb as a second powerful climax approached.

Jane tried to relax, to prolong the excruciating pleasure of her impending release. The thudding beat of the music from the front room intruded on her awareness. Unconsciously, Jane found herself moving in time to the music’s rhythm as she surrendered herself to her sensations. The walls of her pussy tightened reflexively around Connor's cock. He began to groan, thrusting harder as the contracting walls of Jane's cunt milked his cock. "Oh fuck!"! he moaned, breathing hard, "Oh shit! Oh fuck! I'm cumming... I'm cum... oooooooh!"

Jane felt his cock explode inside her, flooding her pussy with his hot fluid. The jets of cum pumping into her pushed Jane over the edge. She let Lars' cock slip from between her lips. "Oooooohhhhh ffuuuucccckkkkk yessssss!" she cried as she furiously rubbed her throbbing clit. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh yesss!" she moaned, her body bucking wildly, her cunt still impaled on Connor's thick rod.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, Connor's cock slipped from Jane's cunt. As Connor slumped, spent, to the floor Lars moved to take his place behind Jane. Entering her with a single thrust, he began to pump in and out. Lars cock was longer than Connor's but it was also thinner. Jane's cunt, so recently stretched by Connor's thick tool and flooded with a mixture of her juices and his cum offered Lars almost no resistance as he plunged in and out. "I can't feel you, Jane," he complained, "I want to fuck your sweet, tight ass instead!"

"Oh yes!!!!" Jane cried, "Fuck my arse," she pleaded, desperate to feel Lars' cock more fully inside her.

Without any further prompting, Lars pulled his cock from Jane's wet and well fucked pussy and pressed the head against her rear entrance. "Oh fuck, that's so tight!" he gasped as he pushed his cock against the resistance of Jane's arsehole and began to slip into her back passage.

"Mmmmmm," Jane murmured, biting her lower lip as Lars slowly sank all nine inches of his long, slender rod into her bowels.

As Lars began to thrust in and out, Connor moved round in front of Jane. Rocking backwards and forwards in time to Lars' thrusts, Jane reached forward and began to lick Connor's cock clean. "Mmmmm," she sighed, savouring the rich taste of her juices combined with his cum. "Ooooooh, aaahhhhhhhh, mmmmmm," she purred as Lars pounded his long hard rod in and out of her arse, his balls slapping against her enflamed lower lips with every stroke.

Jane licked and sucked Connor's cock clean as Lars fucked her arse with powerful strokes, sawing his cock in and out of her tight rear hole. His hips slapped against her upthrust cheeks as he repeatedly plunged his cock into her.

Having sucked the last drops of cum from Connor's flagging cock, Jane concentrated on her own pleasure. Reaching back between her legs, her fingers found her clit once again. "Ooooohh, mmmm!" she gasped as she began to rub her sensitive bulb. Lars continued to work his cock into her back passage, slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts. Rubbing ands flicking her swollen clit with her fingertips, Jane felt the first stirrings of her impending climax. "Ooooh yessss!" she moaned as the sensations began to slowly mount inside her. "Suck my tits, Connor! Suck my tits!" she commanded as the pressure inside her body mounted.

"Ooohh Jane! Ohhhh fuck!" gasped Lars, "Your ass is so fuckin' hot."

"Mmmmm, fuck my arse, Lars! Fuck it hard," replied Jane dreamily. "Ooooh yesssss! she exclaimed as she felt Connor's lips fasten on her left nipple, his tongue flicking across its swollen tip.

Jane felt her body tighten as her orgasm approached. "Fuck me Lars!" she demanded, "Ohhh fuck me harder!" Lars, breathing hard, responded, stabbing his cock deep into Jane's back passage with increased force. Connor licked and sucked Jane's tits, cupping and squeezing them with his hands at the same time. Jane's fingers blurred as she frigged herself furiously, driving herself on to her inevitable thundering climax.

Suddenly, the sensations became too much for Jane to bear. "Ohhhhh fuck!" she cried, her back arcing as her body began to shake uncontrollably. She thrust her hips back, impaling her arse on Lars' cock, feeling his pubic hair tickle the sensitive flesh of her stretched rear entrance.

Lars began to moan. "Oh fuck, Jane!" he cried, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ooooooooh ffuuucccckkkkk!" Jane felt his cock begin to jerk inside her arse. Gripping her hips, he thrust hard, burying his cock up to the root in her arsehole. "Oooooohhhhh, aaaaahhhhh!" he gasped as his cock erupted, disgorging its load of hot, sticky cum into her bowels.

"Yessssssss! Oh fuck yesssssssss!" Jane cried, cumming hard, surrendering herself to her most powerful climax of the evening. Lars continued to thrust, pumping more and more of his seed into her back passage.

Finally, unable to take any more, Jane slumped forward and lay, her body still wracked with the convulsions of her orgasm, on the floor. Lars' cock slipped from her arse as she fell forward. Seconds later she felt herself being held by two strong pairs of arms. Jane turned, first to Lars then to Connor, kissing each of them lingeringly in turn. "Thanks guys," she said softly, "You've no idea how much I needed that." Holding her still trembling body tightly and kissing her face and neck tenderly, neither of her lovers said anything in reply. Jane felt content and secure, lying in the arms of her lovers. She closed her eyes and savoured the afterglow of her passions.

In the lounge, Shona was feeling increasingly stoned. Having danced for a while with Amanda and Dave, they had returned and rejoined Sandra in the corner. After another joint had done the rounds, Shona was felling particularly mellow.

"Shit!" exclaimed Sandra suddenly.

"What?" asked Amanda before being consumed by a giggling fit.

"Oh fuck, look at the time!" continued Sandra, "I'm meant to be meeting Martin in twenty minutes." She stood up and shook her head. "I have to dash. I'll be back in a bit, ok?"

"Sure," replied Shona, waving her friend away, "See you later."

Sandra disappeared into the crowd. Shona became increasingly aware of the warmth of Amanda's body as she leaned against her. Almost automatically, Shona responded by leaning harder against her friend. She was slightly surprised, but pleasantly so, when she felt Amanda's hand gently but very definitely begin to stroke her thigh. "Mmmm, that's nice," she purred, turning to face her friend.

"Good," replied Amanda, "I thought so too!"

"What you girls up to?" asked Dave, feeling a little left out.

"Oh nothing much," replied Shona, smiling invitingly at Amanda. Amanda nodded, accepting the unspoken invitation. Shona yawned and stretched, arching her back sinuously. "I don't know about you," she said, "but I could do with lying down for a bit."

"Hmmmm," murmured Amanda in reply, "now you come to mention it, that seems like a bloody good idea." She smiled at Shona, running her fingers further up the inside of her friend's thigh. "What about Dave?" she asked.

"Hmmmm, dunno," replied Shona. She turned to Dave. "How about it?" she asked, "Care to join us and maybe give our backs a rub down?"

Dave glanced from Shona to Amanda, studying the expressions on their faces. "You want that?" he asked.

"Sure, why not?" replied Shona, "if Amanda doesn't have any objections."

"What?!" exclaimed Amanda, "Are you kidding? Dave's back rubs are the best!"

"Well that's it settled then," replied Shona, smiling coyly. She stood up and nodded in the direction of the door. "Coming?" she enquired

Dave and Amanda got to their feet and followed Shona towards the door. "Hmmm," murmured Amanda enquiringly when they reached the hall. "I wonder what's keeping Jane?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"No you don't!" replied Shona, tilting her head in the direction of Jane's bedroom door, "You know exactly what's keeping Jane," she added, rocking her hips suggestively, to accompany the sound of the loud moaning that could be heard coming from inside her room. The two friends laughed as Shona ushered them into her bedroom.

Entering the room, Dave watched entranced, feeling himself stiffen as the two girls shared an increasingly passionate kiss. While Shona had never made any secret of her bisexuality he had never known Amanda to show any preference for other girls. With the exception of Jane and Shona herself, Amanda had always been the most cock hungry woman he'd ever known. While their relationship remained strictly that of very good friends, Amanda wasn't really the girlfriend type, Dave had spent many an exhausting evening trying to satisfy her insatiable desire in the two years he'd known her. Now his two friends, Shona, tall and generously curved and Amanda, equally tall but slender, were entwined in each other's arms, kissing and caressing with increasing passion.

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