tagLoving WivesStacy's Coming Out Party

Stacy's Coming Out Party


It's eight o'clock on a warm June morning here in New York. While my exhausted wife is sleeping soundly, I'm sitting at the desk in our hotel room writing an account of last night while the lurid details are still fresh in my mind.

I fly to The City nearly every month. A couple of times each year my beautiful wife accompanies me. Let me introduce you to Stacy because this is really about her. She has a stunningly beautiful face framed with long dark brown hair. On perfectly-shaped legs she stands five eight and weighs a trim 120 pounds. She could have been as successful as any super model but instead she chose marriage, children and making an ideal home for us in the suburbs.

As we cuddled in the afterglow of making love the night we arrived, she surprised me by asking, "Bob, for years I've wondered if you ever think about making love to other women?"

I confessed, "Sometimes I do. How about you Stace, do you ever think about sleeping with other men?"

"Oh, not really," was her careful response.

You should know that when Stacy crawled into our honeymoon bed nearly twenty years ago she was a virgin. But, from that first night she has been the most passionate, multi-orgasmic completely giving lover imaginable. My cock size and endurance are average. I knew that Stacy's potential sexual appetite was not. Even though our lovemaking was always incredible, I felt certain Stacy had never climbed the sexual peaks she was capable of reaching. So, as you might expect, I had many secret dreams about her and her as yet unleashed sexuality. For some reason I decided that this was the moment to share a fantasy, one that had become an obsession. Cautiously, I said, "Honey, its not the thought of sleeping with other women that makes me hot. Do you want me to tell you what does?"

With child-like eagerness she begged, "Yes! Tell me!"

With some trepidation, I said, "Well, here goes then, I would love to watch or hear about you fucking guys with huge cocks."

She seemed confused for a minute then laughed and said, "Oh, I get it, you're kidding."

"I'm absolutely serious," I assured her.

The next morning with her sleepy head nestled on my shoulder, she whispered in her sexy voice, "Honey, I could never sleep with a man I didn't love."

"What on earth does love have to do with sex?" I challenged. "Look, It would make me hot as hell if you fucked other men! If it's okay with me what's wrong with it?"

Later, as I was tying my tie she pressed her naked breasts against my back, put her arms around me and said, "Honey, I would never risk losing you. I bet that if I ever slept with another man you'd divorce me, take the kids and hate me forever."

"Hardly, I'd walk around with a giant hard-on from just thinking about it." "Well then, think about it," she teased.

"I promise I will if you promise you will."

"I promise," she said seriously as she kissed me goodbye.

When I returned that evening, I waited to see if she would pick our conversation up where it was left off. I didn't wait long.

"I've been thinking honey, I wouldn't know how to go about seducing some guy." "Oh God Stacy! Does that mean you're going to do it?"

"I don't know if I actually can," she said with real concern.

"If you do Stace, whether I'm there to watch or if you tell me all about it later, I can promise I'll love you for it!"

"Really? Are you sure?" she asked seriously. "Trudy believes that men want their wives to be a ladies in public and whores in the bedroom. Is that what you want me to be?"

"Trudy's right! I want you to be my whore honey." For emphsais I added, "I honestly do!"

"Bob, for all the years we've been married, I thought I was being exactly the kind of woman you wanted me to be. Now, you tell me you want me to be just the opposite. How can I be both?"

"Think about it honey, we're a thousand miles from home, you can do anything! Only you and I will know about it." After a few minutes of silence I asked, "What do you feel like doing tonight?"

"Oh, you'll probably think it's a stupid idea . . . I'd love to do something we've never done before, like . . . oh, maybe see a really dirty movie.

"I think that's great!"

She spent a long time bathing and carefully shaving her long legs and underarms. I noticed that for the first time she had carefully trimmed and shaped her pubic hair into a tiny arrowhead pointing the way to her hidden treasure. She teasingly spread her legs to show me that the lips were now as bare as a baby's. At the dressing table she put her long glossy hair in rollers and a few minutes later brushed it out into a new wild and sexy style. Her lipstick, eye shadow, makeup and the fragrance of her perfume were noticeably heavier than ever before. Over her radiant naked body she slipped a black silk dress of mid-thigh length that she had bought that day as a surprise for me. The way the skimpy frock was cut in the front and back made it impossible for her to wear a bra but with her full firm breasts she didn't need one. And, for the first time, no panties. New, black sky-high, "fuck-me" heels completed her attire.

"Do I look like your fantasy slut?" She wanted to know as she struck a sexy pose with her hand on her hip.

"My god Stace! You'll give every man who sees you an instant erection."

"I thought that was the idea," she said.

Ten minutes later, we stepped out of a taxi at the corner of 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. Stacy was excited by this seedy, foreign world. We walked along until we came to a theater whose brightly illuminated marquee displayed "Salt & Pepper! White Chicks, Black Dudes." "I think this is the one!" she said with enthusiasm.

On the screen inside the squalid dark theater we saw a very pretty blonde sitting on the enormous penis of a black man. Stacy gasped and squirmed in her seat when she saw the juices from the blonde glistening on the shaft of her black lover each time she lifted herself. Then, the camera pulled back and we saw that three more black men were in the room, each stroking a huge cock waiting his turn. Stacy whispered excitedly, "My God Bob, I've never seen anything like that! Do you think this only happens in the movies?" When I reached under her dress she parted her legs opening herself to my hand. During the next hour, Stacy's eyes were riveted to the screen as two other pretty white women enthusiastically welcomed a parade of huge cocks, all of them black. Stacy came several times herself covering my sticky fingers with her juices.

In the lobby she breathlessly exclaimed, "That was the most exciting thing I've ever seen! But, I doubt that I could ever do what those women did."

"Why not?" I wanted to know.

"I just don't think I could honey! You know that I've never been with another man." Then, she poked me in the ribs and whispered playfully, "Why honey, I don't even know a black man and I doubt that my little pussy could take a penis as enormous as the ones in the film."

"Sure it can! To tell you the truth, I would love it if you did everything that the women in the film did. Let me ask you flat out Stace, would you like to fuck a black man?"

"I never thought about it before but the girls in the film sure loved it."

"God! This is really turning me on. I'd really like it if you did."

"Then, I'll try. But, fat chance we'll meet one before we fly home."

"If we do, will you?"

"Are you sure you want me too?" was her coy question

"I'm sure!" I said thinking that this was most likely playful bantering.

A shiny black Lincoln Town Car with dark tinted windows was parked in front of the theater. Leaning against it with his arms folded across his chest was a tall muscular black man with a shaved head and several thick gold chains around his neck. Before we could walk away he called out to me, "Hey man that's sure some purty lady ya got there! Whatcha doin down here, slummin?"

At home Stacy would have ignored him and walked on by. But, she stopped, smiled and said, "We came down to see a movie."

"Didja like the black on white baby?"

"Very much!" was Stacy's honest reply.

"Well now, ya from outa town?"

"We're here on business," I explained.

"Can I give ya a lift back to yer hotel?" he asked.

"Thanks, that'd be great." I was amazed that Stacy was actually flirting with this black pimp and wondered if this meant that she was going to keep the promise she made a few minutes before?

He held open the rear door and as Stacy climbed in she had to know that his eyes were fixed on her legs and ass as her dress rode up revealing her luscious thighs to his gaze.

As he pulled into traffic he said, "I'm Tyronne, I guess my line a work ain't no secret. You could say I'm sorta n agent fer real purty ladies. That bother ya?"

"Not at all and we're Bob and Stacy," my unusually friendly wife volunteered.

"In my kinda work, ya get to know people real real good. I got me a feelin bout you folks."

"And what's that?" I asked him.

"Well, now let's see, yer from outa town, come down here see a fuck film, pardon my language, a dirty movie with black dudes and white chicks. Yer lady's dressed real real sexy. Yer lookin for some action, right?"

Stacy was holding my hand and communicating the way married couples do with hand squeezes. I knew she was very embarrassed by his comments, nevertheless, she answered him before I could. "You should know that this is the first time I've ever dressed like this and that was my first porno film."

"Wow, that's cool baby! So, what's special bout tonight?" he wanted to know.

Again, it was this new braver Stacy who candidly explained, "Oh, we were talking last night and Bob told me a sexy fantasy he has about me. Tonight, we thought it might be kind of exciting to do something different, so here we are."

"Whatchaa got planned fer tonight?"

"We were just going to walk back to the hotel, maybe stop for a drink," I said.

Just a few blocks from the hotel he turned onto a dark, nearly deserted side street and backed into a parking place. As he turned around to face us he folded his big arms on the back of the driver's seat. Stacy had to know that he had a great view up her legs all the way to where they stopped. Tyronne looked into her big blue eyes and said, "Darlin, it wasn't no accident I was there on the street when ya came outta the theatere. I'd been waitin for ya. See, down here, everyone keeps their eyes open fer special ladies. They know if they find me a purty lady they can make money. Well, a dude from the theater called me on my cell phone and said, "better get here fast, there's a drop-dead gorgeous white chick," that's exactly what he said, "gettin hot n bothered watchin all the big black cocks." When ya walked outa the theater gliding towards me like a model on a runway, I thought I musta died an gone to heaven. Baby, yer the mos beautiful thing I ever seen. Ya got class and yer soo sooo sexy."

"So Bob, let me guess yer big fantasy bout Stacy, Okay?" He paused for a moment then said, "I bet ya wanna see purty Stacy's here get balled by a big black buck." In the dim interior of the big car, I could tell that Stacy's face was flushed as this black pimp guessed my secret wish for her. She squeezed my hand even tighter. "Lottsa guys get off watchin their wives get fucked, fucked hard." Turning to Stacy he asked, "Well sweet thing, whadda think bout Bob's fantasy?"

I saw that her nipples were nearly poking through the black material. Her voice was barely audible as she softly said, "I'm not sure. But that's not all, before we left the hotel, he told me he wanted me to be a" . . . she looked over at me and asked, "should I tell him?"

"Might as well, we've gone this far," I said with resignation.

Tyronne interrupted and said, "let me guess again. I bet Bob wants ya to be a whore for a night. Right? That's why yer dressed like that, that's why yer sitting here in my car lettin me talk like this. Stacy, when I saw ya I just knew ya was ripe for the pickin."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked him.

"Honey, it means you is ready for some major fuck . . ., sorry some hot action. And, I'm just the man to fix ya up. Bob, I feel like a fuckin chauffeur sittin up here by myself, do ya mind if I sit back there with you guys?" Tyronne asked.

"It's your car, I don't mind if Stacy doesn't."

"Oh God, I guess It's okay," she said.

"Better yet Bob, might be kinda crowded, what say we trade places? Take it anyway ya wanna."

Without saying a word, I just got out of the car. I couldn't look Stacy in the eye. In a flash, he was in the back seat with her. Now I was the one looking over the front seat at the couple in the back. Tyronne pressed tight against my wife's hip and confidently dropped his arm around her shoulders. I heard her gasp for breath as his other hand tilted her chin up. He gazed into her eyes and slowly lowered his thick lips to hers which were invitingly moist and parted. "Ummm" . . . she caught her breath as the long wet kiss began. In no time, she was wriggling on the seat. Her arms went around his neck.

It looked as if my fantasy was unfolding before my eyes. He gently rubbed her very sensitive full breasts. At first, his fingers and palms were separated from her flesh only by the thin cloth. Then, he lowered the little straps baring her breasts as he touched her hot skin. He spent several minutes rubbing, rolling and tweaking the stiffening nipples, before he leaned over and suckled them like a nursing baby as she caressed his head like a Madonna.

"Let me ask ya summthin honey," he said to Stacy, "ya every fuck a black man.?"

"No, I never have," she answered breathlessly then explained, "Tyronne, before this goes any further, you've got to understand . . .I've never been to bed with anybody but Bob."

"Whoa baby, you've just gotta be shittin me!"

"I swear its the God's truth."

"Well then sweet thing, don't ya think its about time ya did. Stacy, what say we make Bob's dream come true?"

She turned to me and obviously very nervous asked, "What do you think Bob?"

"The idea excites the hell of me! But, hon it's one hundred percent up to you." To keep things moving Tyronne asked, "Well Stacy, are yer toenails the same hot red ya got on your purty fingers?"

"Yes, Tyronne, my toenails are painted the same shade as my fingernails."

"Let me see honey," he requested.

She scooted back, leaned into the corner, slipped off her left shoe and placed her bare foot on the seat. With her right foot still on the floor her legs were spread wantonly and her most private place was now completely exposed to the eyes of a stranger. He took her narrow elegant foot in his big black hands, rubbed it kissed it, licked her sole, instep and on to her pretty toes leaving a trail of his saliva. Then, he took them in his mouth and sucked them. "Tastes like sugar baby," he said licking his lips.

Stacy sighed and twisted in her seat. With her dress now above her pussy as he gazed up her leg past her calf, knees and thighs to the juncture of her legs he could easily see the hairless dew covered lips and the pink wet flesh surrounding her opening. He looked at her pussy and said, "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, can I touch it?" She closed her eyes, submissively looked away and scooted down making her more accessible. I found it hard to breathe, my heart was pounding as she spread her legs even further for his black hand, like she had for mine in the theater. His middle finger parted her wet, hairless lips and softly rubbed the sensitive tissue. "Oh sweet baby, yer really wet. Bob, that's bout the wettest pussy I ever touched." She was breathing raggedly as she welcomed his long thick finger into her moist vagina.

As it went in past the knuckle, she sighed and, moaned, "ahh . . . aah . . . oh, Oh God!" as she reached a powerful climax. He added a second finger and continued pounding in and out of her clasping cunt. She seemed a little embarrassed but thrilled when he withdrew his wet fingers and sucked them into his mouth. "My little darlin you taste just as sweet as I knew ya would."

The copious secretions from her body covered her vagina and pillowy ass cheeks.

Then, knowing what was coming next with concern she said, "Tyronne, after the movie, I told Bob, oh, this is so embarrassing, anyway I told him that my . . . that I didn't think I could take a penis inside me as big as those I saw in the movie . . . are you . . .?"

"Oh you sweet thing, even though yer real tight, yer so hot n wet I promise ya won hav no trouble, no trouble at all. You hung Bob?" he asked me.

"About average."

"Well then, that'll make it real special for her. She'll love every extra inch." When he pulled down his pants and his big black cock sprung loose, he seemed to be bigger than any of the men we saw in the movie. Probably nine inches and very thick. "Ya can touch it honey," he invited. Tentatively, her hands left his neck and went to his throbbing cock. She began to caress, the penis of this man who would be her second lover. He moaned as she leaned over, opened her mouth wide and took the first cock, other than mine of course, into her moist mouth. After a while, I sensed by his movements and the sounds he emitted that he was about to cum and she decided that she didn't want him to cum in her warm, wet mouth, but in her steamy pussy. "Better take off that little dress honey. I got me a feelin this could get messy."

She stripped it off, handed it to me and kicked off her other shoe. Naked and obviously ready, she rolled on her back parted her legs and bending her knees formed an inviting cradle of hot flesh for him. He positioned his huge dripping cock-head between the lips of her soaking vagina and said, "you put it in baby." She grasped the throbbing shaft and aimed it at her wet opening, then he slowly pushed forward.

"Oh, wait, you're too big! Oh shit! Oh . . . oh! . . .aaah, it's going in . . . Oh!" "Be easy," she begged him, which I remembered were the very same words she said to me that first time on our honeymoon. She was gasping for breath, moaning, groaning and sighing as he penetrated deeper. She reached for my hand squeezed it tightly digging her nails into my palm. "Is it all in?" she asked Tyronne.

"Almost baby, hang in there."

"Oh, it hurts! I don't think I can take anymore, no, no . . . oh, yes I can . . . more, aah, aah." This is it! I thought as she lifted her ass off the seat and thrust upward to meet him until their pubic hair joined and their pelvic bones were separated only by two thin layers of skin smashed together. His cock was being gripped by her moist, tissue-covered cunt muscles that had experience gripping only one size and shape of cock, mine.

Stacy looked at me with lust in her eyes and asked, "aaah, is is this what, oh . . . is this what you dreamed of seeing? Do you like . . . Oh God! . . . do you like watching this big black, oh, oh . .. . big cock fuck me?"

I just nodded, I couldn't speak.

Finally after several minutes of masterfully altering his pace; first hard, fast power fucking, then slow and tender lovemaking. After what seemed like a long time during which Stacy seemed to be experiencing a constant climax, Tyronne eventually broke a long kiss, stiffened, shuddered and let out a loud "oooohhh, fuck baby, I'm gonna shoot it in ya here it comes"! With that annoucement he emptied his load of semen deep in her swampy vagina. They lay still for several minutes. He said, "I been inside lotsa women but honey no cunt ever sucked my cream outa me like yours just did. Yer just the hottest thing I ever fucked." Then, he handed her some tissues and said, "better clean up honey."

When his softening cock was withdrawn, Stacy starred wantonly at me kept her legs spread wide to let me get a lewd look at her gapping cunt oozing his semen that was pooling on the black leather seat. After she cleaned up she slipped on her dress and stepped into her shoes. Because her newly unleashed passion was very obviously not yet fully quenched she said, "Tyronne, come back to the hotel with us and we'll have a great party, okay?"

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