tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStacy's New Hobby

Stacy's New Hobby

byJake Marlow©

When Stacy and I met back in college, she was on the cross-country team and while I didn't play any sports, I did hit the gym several times a week and kept in good shape. We were a living picture of the all-American couple. I'm 6'2" and have blonde hair, which I keep rather short, and blue eyes and Stacy is 5'4", with thick blonde hair that reaches between her shoulders when it's not up in a ponytail. She'd always been lean back in school and once she graduated and wasn't running as much she did put on a couple pounds, but she was still healthy and it looked good on her. I think she was almost too lean back in school. School ended, I started my own contracting business and Stacy went to work as a teacher and then in a couple more years she became pregnant with our son Kyle. Everyone told us how perfect our child would be and it made me feel funny. It's not like Stacy and I are trying to populate the Earth with the Master Race.

Stacy put on some pounds during her pregnancy and I know she wasn't happy when they didn't just melt off. She did not go back to work and as a stay-at-home mom she didn't have much opportunity to get out and exercise, which is why I was encouraging when she wanted to start hitting the gym a few nights a week. I'd always told her I was perfectly happy with her after the baby, but I'll admit, part of me looked forward to seeing her go back to a size five. Three nights a week I stayed home with the baby and Stacy went to the gym and in less than a month she was seeing results. I asked what she was doing and she told me it was just a bunch of cardio, but she was also toning up, which meant more than aerobics classes. She did not get her runner's lean body back, which pleased me. Childbirth had some permanent effects on her body, leaving Stacy with fuller hips, a rounder butt and breasts that were at least a cup size larger. I now had the best of both worlds!

After a couple months Stacy had lost nearly twenty pounds and wanted to celebrate, so we got a sitter and planned a night out. Also, I bought her a slinky new dress to show off her hot new bod. Stacy was very appreciative and we were all over each other like horny teenagers all night. Our sex life had improved since she'd started going to the gym, but that night was incredible. Stacy peeled off the dress, doing an impressive little striptease, to show off some new lingerie she'd bought for the occasion. When we made love, Stacy was on top, something she'd been a bit shy to do in the past, and even encouraged me to take her from behind. Sex with my wife had always been great, but now it was something special and I wondered if she'd hit that mythical sexual peak I'd always heard so much about. She is approaching thirty.

Afterward, we lay in each other's arms, sweaty and spent and I had to ask, "Honey, don't think I don't love it, but I've got to wonder what's gotten into you. Ever since you started going to the gym you've been a lot more sexual."

Stacy smiled and kept circling a manicured fingernail around my nipple. I think she wanted to go for round three. "Maybe I'm just more comfortable with my body now that I'm getting back in shape."

"I guess that's it." I said, still doubtful. I know they say if someone is having an affair their sexual behavior changes, but I couldn't see Stacy doing that. She could have met someone at the gym, but no, I trusted my wife completely.

She leaned over and took a glass of water from the bedside. Her skin is usually a smooth, creamy white, but it was still flushed from our lovemaking. Her nipples were even a few shades darker that their usual light strawberry color. Not only are they colored like pale strawberries, they even puff out from her breasts like the fruit as well. Admiring Stacy's body made things stir and I thought she might be getting around three after all. I tried to picture another man touching those perky breasts and I just couldn't. No way.

"There is something I haven't told you, but only because I didn't know how you'd feel about it." Her fiery green eyes met mine with a sudden seriousness. "It's nothing bad."

"Okay, so tell me. I'm a reasonable guy." I am, but I felt apprehension creeping up from my stomach like icy fingers.

"I've been taking classes at the gym that I haven't told you about. They've made me feel like a whole new woman, sexy and daring."

"You've always been sexy, honey."

"I know you think so and I've always known I was pretty, but I've always been kind of modest, you know that. And I've always had a hard time seeing myself as sexy. So when Caryn suggested this class I told her no way, but she convinced me."

Ah, Caryn, part of it made sense now. Caryn was a friend of Stacy's from the school and she was a bit of a wild child. I thought she'd calmed down since she'd met her fiancé, but perhaps not. "So what did Caryn get you into?"

"We've been taking striptease classes together at the gym. It's a real workout, it's not just shaking our booty."

"Though there is some of that?" I asked.

Stacy smiled slyly. "Yes, there's some of that." She peeled back the sheet and climbed on top of me. I could feel her wetness pressed against my stomach and she reached back, helping my already stiffening cock grow even harder.

"How many girls are in this class?" I slowly moved my hands up her tummy and cupped her breasts from underneath so my thumbs could lightly caress her nipples, making Stacy shutter. She loves having her nipples played with and they seem even more sensitive since she had the baby.

"About twenty. Do you like thinking about all of us in there doing our routines?"

I nodded, leaning forward and kissing her stomach. It was salty from earlier, but I liked it. I licked my way up toward her chest while flicking her nipples now instead of just gently circling them. Stacy gasped and gripped my cock tighter. She was rubbing her pussy into my stomach now too. "Do you guys really strip?" The thought of all those women, probably professionals and wives and even mothers like Stacy dancing and stripping was intoxicating. I'd love to be a fly on that wall.

"Yeah, we all get naked and then we roll around on the mats, touching each other and kissing," she said breathlessly and gave me a solid squeeze. That was all I needed. I wanted to be inside her that second. I took her by the hips and scooted her back. Stacy got the idea and rose up while guiding my cock to her pussy. "And sometimes we even have the jocks from the local high school watching us," she added and then moaned as she sank down onto me.

Stacy was impaled on my eight inches in one shot and I heard her squish as she surrounded me. She leaned forward and I sucked hard on one of her nipples while she rocked back and forth on me. I gripped her newly hard ass and pulled her down on me while I thrust upward, bringing our bodies grinding together. Stacy arched her back and stared up at the ceiling, crying out my name. She pushed me back on the bed and I couldn't lick and suck her breasts anymore, but she placed a hand on my stomach for balance and rode me hard. I could feel the tight muscles in her thighs and watched as she flexed her entire body on top of me. Not only that, she was using the muscles in her pussy too. Stacy gripped my cock inside her while she moved up and down. As she moved faster and faster I watched her breasts bouncing and the passion on her face and I thought my wife was the hottest goddamn woman alive. She was up there at least fifteen minutes before she started crying out loudly and her motions became erratic. She's always lost control like that when she cums. It's like Stacy can't make her body work right anymore because of the pleasure overload. I held onto her while she went limp like a rag doll and kept fucking her up and down on me until I was moaning her name and cumming right along with her. I buried my cock deep inside Stacy and kept it there until everything was drained from my balls.

Blonde hair was plastered to Stacy's face and she pulled it back as she rolled over and sighed deeply. She sucked in great lungfuls of air and I watched her chest rise and fall. She caught me looking at her and smiled.

"You didn't really believe me about the last part, did you?" She asked.

"About the touching and the high school boys? No, but it's nice to think about."

"Perv," Stacy said with a laugh. "The part about the jocks is true. The kids from the high school football team use the gym and we've seen them peeking in the window to see what we're up to."

"Really? Do you girls put on a good show for them?"

"It is kind of flattering that they want to look, I guess. But don't worry, no clothes really come off in class. Some of the others bring a men's shirt to strip out of, but we're in our workout stuff underneath."

"Now you're ruining it for me!"

"I'm glad you don't think it's weird." Stacy said, some apprehension back in her voice. "I didn't know how you'd feel about it."

I leaned over and kissed her forehead. "I love you, Stacy. It's not like you took a job giving lap dances. There's no audience, it's just you and a bunch of other girls in a room practicing stripping. It's kind of hot, not something for me to be mad about." There were the high school boys, but who cared about that. When I was sixteen I probably would have been doing the same thing. I know if Mrs. McCauley from down the street had been doing it I would have broken my neck to get a peek. And call me crazy, but I kind of liked the idea that those boys were checking Stacy out and getting horny. That's right guys, I've got a hot chick for a wife!

"I guess I was just silly to worry."

"Plus, it's had its benefits, so I say dance to your heart's content. I just have one question. When do I get a show?"

"I knew that was coming." Stacy laughed and climbed out of bed. Stark naked, she started toward the bathroom and then stopped in the doorway and wiggled her ass and arched her back and showed me some moves. "I don't know," she said seductively. "I guess when you put a strippers' pole in."

My eyes widened. Damn Stacy was sexy. "If that's an offer..."

"I guess we'll see," she teased and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

A few days later as I was leaving for work and Stacy was feeding the baby I casually mentioned that I'd ordered the supplies to build a stripper pole in the basement. I hadn't, but I wanted to see her reaction. Seeing my wife doing one of the routines she'd learned in class had been on my mind ever since the other night when she revealed she was doing it.

"Good, I guess I'm going to have to get some extra practice in then. I want to make sure I put on a good show." Stacy said with a wink. I tried to read her, but I still couldn't tell if she was serious. Well, I thought, the only way to find out was to call her bluff.

I own a construction firm, so designing the pole and getting the materials was no problem at all. However I found when I drew up a simple set of plans that getting it in place by myself was going to be a pain in the ass. I could have asked Stacy to help, but she's not the handiest person in the world and besides I was hoping to just sort of spring it on her. I decided to give my pal Bobby a call. We've known each other since high school and he works for me as a foreman now. I knew I'd have to take ribbing from him about the project, but I also knew he could keep his mouth shut. I didn't want it getting around at work that my wife was doing stripteases in our basement.

"Sure I can help you with that, Dan, but when I get my free show?" Bobby joked.

"Hey, man, that's up to Stacy. Just make sure you bring plenty of ones."

"I've always thought she had a tiger caged in there somewhere. It's about time she let it out."

"Hey, baby steps. I don't think she's ready to hit the stage at Scores yet."

The plan was to install a removable pole in our finished basement, which serves as a TV room and playroom. I cut a square out of the carpet, which I could put back, and installed a bolted down platform. The problem was the drop ceiling and anchoring the pole at the top. We accomplished that by temporarily removing several tiles and bracketing it into the joist. When I was satisfied that the pole was solidly anchored we were finished.

Bobby and I were sitting in the basement having a couple beers after we cleaned up when I heard the door at the top of the stairs open. Shit. Stacy was supposed to be at her mother's with the baby until dinnertime, but she was home early. When she reached the bottom of the stairs her eyes fixed on the pole and she stopped dead. I tried to figure out what she was thinking, but her face was blank.

"Is that what I think it is?" Stacy asked slowly. Her eyes flicked from the pole, to me, to Bobby, to the pole again and back to me.

"What do you think it is?" I asked.

"We're turning the house into a fire station." Bobby joked.

Stacy walked over to the pole and gave it a solid tug and it didn't budge. She held on with both hands and spun around it once with her feet on the floor, her long blonde hair whirling around. "Hmm, seems sturdy enough." She looked up at the ceiling. "Looks like there's enough clearance."

"Clearance for what?" Bobby asked innocently.

"I can't believe you told him about this."

"I needed an extra pair of hands," I told her. "Besides, you know we can trust Bobby." I could see Stacy was red. I guess telling her husband she was practicing stripteases was one thing, but having other people find out was another matter entirely. Honestly, if she hadn't been early she'd never have known Bobby helped me and everything would have been fine.

"You'll be keeping those hands to yourself for a while now." She bent over Bobby and poked him in the chest and said, "You'd better keep this to yourself."

He wiggled his eyebrows and said, "My silence can be bought."

"And what is the price?" Her posture relaxed and I could tell she was playing with him now. "You don't expect me to give you some kind of lap dance or something, do you?"

Bobby's eyes shot quickly to me and then back to Stacy. I think he felt put on the spot. Fortunately we'd known each other for so long that he knew I wouldn't mind his playing a little back. I could trust he knew where the line was. "Nah, I think that might be a little much, but watching you take a twirl around the pole would be nice."

"I could do that right now."

Stacy stepped back to the pole and grasped it tightly, closing her eyes. She hoisted herself up and gave another spin, but this time she hooked a leg around it and spun off the ground with her arm out wide. Stacy held herself by the thighs and spread out both her arms. Although she was in jeans and a pink sweater with a turtleneck under it she moved pretty freely. I was very impressed. She kept on the pole, and off the floor, and blew Bobby a kiss.

"Is that what you had in mind?" She asked.

"Sort of," he mumbled. I could tell my friend was very impressed as well. This was certainly a side of my wife he'd never seen before. Hell, I'd only barely seen it myself.

"But with less clothing, right?"

"Something like that." He looked at me again, but I shrugged.

"Don't look at me, man. This is her thing." I wanted to see how far Stacy was willing to take her tease. I knew her real, shy self had to kick in at some point.

Stacy let herself down from the pole and came to stand between us. We had a couch and a recliner down there and Bobby was on the couch. Her top had come up just a little and her jeans were all pulled up into her crotch, which made them hug her ass very nicely. "What am I going to do with you boys? I guess I'm going to have to dance, but I swear Bobby, if anyone ever hears about this hobby I'm going to neuter you."

I was shocked. Surely Stacy hadn't just agreed to do a striptease for my best friend. That wasn't quite what I'd had in mind when I put the pole in. She had to be kidding. She could barely admit to me that she'd been doing it in a gym, taking nothing off, with a bunch of other women, there's no way she was going to strip in front of anyone other than me. Hell, Stacy hardly even wears two-piece swimsuits anymore. I decided it was time to end this.

"C'mon on, honey, enough is enough. You can't tease poor Bobby so much. He might actually call your bluff."

"Who says it's a bluff?" She had her arms crossed and was staring at me.

"Like you're really going to dance and undress in front of Bobby? Don't be silly."

"Are you saying I couldn't? I thought you liked the idea of me being wilder?"

"Guys..." Bobby interjected.

"I do, but that's not the point. I'm not saying you couldn't. I'm saying you wouldn't."

Stacy looked unsure, but defiant. This wasn't really an argument. Stacy was feeling challenged. She'd never liked being told she couldn't do something, even something silly like this. "Why wouldn't I? Because I'm too uptight? Maybe I'm not anymore."


"Okay, I'm sorry, you would, you could. You can put an ad in the yellow pages and start doing bachelor parties."

"Now you're being patronizing. You don't have the confidence in me."

Was this about my confidence in her? I swear I will never understand women. She was right, I didn't think she would, but that wasn't anything bad. "I'm just saying it's not you."

"It is too," she insisted, although I saw doubt in her eyes.

"Maybe I should leave..." Bobby said, moving to get up.

"Stay where you are," Stacy ordered.

I should have just given in, I should have said, you're right, I'm sorry, but did I? Of course not. Why? Because I'm as silly as Stacy. That's why we work so well together. "Okay, if it will make you feel better I'll put some music on right now and you can strip."

"I'm, uh, not ready. I can't do it in this." Stacy stammered.

And then I made a fatal mistake. I smirked. I couldn't just leave it alone.

"After dinner I can be ready. Bobby, you're staying for dinner and then after the baby is down I will get ready."

"I, uhm, really, Stacy, you don't have to. I was just kidding around."

"I want to, Bobby. I want to show Dan just how sexy of a woman he's married to."

Now my back was up too. I wasn't getting her out of this mess. "Sounds like a great plan. We can order in so you don't have to cook."

"Good. I'll have to go through our CDs and find some good music."


Stacy turned on her heel and went upstairs while Bobby stared helplessly at me.

"What's going on, man?" Bobby asked.

"Stacy's acting crazy, but don't worry, there's no way she'll go through with it."

"Are you sure? She seems pretty serious to me."

"Come on, you've known Stacy almost as long as I have. Do you think she'd do it?"

"No, not really, but she also hates backing down. She might do it just to spite you."

"Maybe, but I don't see it."

"So what if she does?" Bobby asked, insistent and I knew what he was worried about.

"Hey, if she does it, then she does it. I guess you get a better night than you thought and don't worry I won't be pissed at you. This doesn't have anything to do with you. If you're really uncomfortable you can leave and avoid it."

Bobby shook his head. "If Stacy's willing to strip in front of me and you're going to sit there and let her do it, I'm not going to miss out. I think I've even got a bunch of singles in my wallet." He was smiling.

"Don't get too excited there, boyo. I'm drawing the line at lap dances. "

We ordered dinner in, but Stacy didn't eat with us. She dashed down for a piece of pizza, wearing a heavy terrycloth robe and then disappeared back upstairs. I was forbidden from going up there to check on her and see if she was really getting ready. After I fed the baby and went to put him to bed, Stacy closed our bedroom door so I couldn't see in. I went back to the living room and watched some college ball with Bobby.

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