tagLoving WivesStag Fill-in Ch. 5

Stag Fill-in Ch. 5


Saturday morning I got up early, showered and shaved myself clean. I liked the way it felt. In the afternoon, I packed my 'stag' outfit and hid it in the garage. Then I went inside and began looking for an excuse to fight with my husband. Any number of excuses were available: the laundry wasn't done; the house was a mess; he wasn't paying enough attention to me; he was paying too much attention to me. It really didn't matter: I was skillful at seizing some small indignity and using it to maneuver him into a fight. By 9:00 o'clock I was sitting next to Frank in his car.

He gave me the run down. My show was to begin at 9:30. I was to perform for a group of about 15 guys in a private room in a local strip joint. I was to dance suggestively for about 10 minutes but keep my clothes on. Then I was to invite the groom to come on stage. I was to let him strip me and touch me anywhere he wanted. I was to pretend that I was wildly excited, then suck him off and let him come on me. That was my first extra. I was then to beg him to eat me out and, if he wanted to, I was to let him. That was my second extra. I was then to beg him to fuck me and, if he wanted to, I was to get a condom on him and let him do me. That was my third extra. None of the others were to touch me. If things got out of hand, Frank would be there to help me. If all went according to plan, I would earn $1,500 and be out of there by 11:00 o'clock. He had me scribble my name on a contract.

Frank then took me into the club and introduced me to the owner. "New girl?" he asked.

"First timer … and faithfully married … till tonight," replied Frank, lifting my hand to show him the ring. "Double bonus," said the owner, adding as he walked into the bar, "triple if that bit about being faithful is true."

I wondered about the owner's comment. Was I really getting paid what I was worth? Frank led me down a corridor to the party room. He opened the door and called to the best man. He came out, introduced himself, and said, "Very nice to meet you. I really liked your pictures, but you look even better in the flesh."

Then he took me by the waist, pulled me close to him and opened the door. To a chorus of whistles he led me into the room and introduced me to the groom's friends. They all wanted to kiss me on the cheek, and some tried to get cheekier than that, but when I objected, Frank was there to remind them of the deal. Their names escaped me. They really didn't matter, except for the groom: Vito. A swarthy well-built, good-looking young Italian, he was maybe 22 years of age.

Frank poured me a stiff drink, which I downed in one gulp. Then the lights were dimmed and I stepped onto the stage and into the spotlight. I began to dance. I was nervous at first, but as I danced more and more suggestively I heard the catcalls grow. I felt excited, but I also felt afraid. I had done something like this only once before – when I still in high school, young, and naïve and unable to hold my liquor -and it had not turned out so well. This time, though, I had Frank with me and I knew he had business interests to protect.

At one point in my dance, although still fully clothed, I lay down, spread my legs and played with myself. This clearly aroused the guys, and I felt hands touching my ankles. Frank did nothing, though, so I assumed it was Vito. Then I got up onto my knees and hands and crawled around the stage like a bitch in heat, letting the guys get a good look down my loosened blouse. More hands reached out to touch me, but still Frank did nothing. I decided that if they got too intimate I would call for Frank's help, but otherwise I would just play along. Anyway, just as it was so many years ago, the caresses of these strange men were helping to build a fire in my loins.

I decided it was time to call Vito on stage. First he took me in his arms and gave me a long, wet kiss. I moaned for effect. The guys all whistled. Then Vito turned me around so that I faced the audience. We stood there rocking, in sync with the music. He reached around me, caressed my torso, then he began to slowly unbutton my blouse. The catcalls got louder, reaching a crescendo when my blouse fell open and my bra was on full display. He then slid his hands down to my skirt, which he unzipped. It fell to the floor and I stood there, Vito's arms around me, dressed only in my bra, panties, stocking and pumps.

He had me turn my head around to kiss him. I reached up with my arms to caress his head. Doing so caused me breasts to rise seductively on my chest. I felt him reach behind me and unclasp my bra. It now hung loosely around my tits. His brought his hands forward and let his fingers trace the outline of the bra. Each time he did so he pushed the bra up a little, revealing more and more of my boobs until, at last, he slipped his hands underneath and cupped me. A moment later my bra was gone completely. He then cupped my breasts with his hands and massaged them gently. I moaned. I did it for effect, but I also did it because I was really getting turned on. The audience had grown quieter, mesmerized at the spectacle.

Then, I felt him move his left hand to my belly, fingers dancing again, but lower this time toward my panties. First he slipped one finger under the waistband and then two. I did not object. By now I was wet with lust. But instead of pushing on, he turned his attentions back to my left breast. Frank saw this as an opportunity, moved to the stage, and told Vito to hold out he hand. Frank then poured oil onto Vito's fingers. Vito then brought his hand back to my breast and, grasping my nipple lightly between thumb and forefinger and pulling, softly and slowly. The boys in the audience watched as my nipple slipped tantalizingly through his fingers. He did it again … and again. I was moaning loudly now. "Open your legs, he commanded. I parted them. He took that as a signal to slip his whole hand into my panties. His fingers made contact for the first time with my clit. The pleasure was so intense that I felt weak in the knees.

Parting my legs a little more, I let him touch me like that for a moment. Then with my left hand I clasped his wrist and tried to stop him. I don't know why, but I did. Unsure of what to do next, Vito withdrew his fingers from my clit, but kept his hand inside my panties. He then removed his right hand from my breast and let it drift down to my hip, forcing my panties down enough so that everyone in the room could see that my pussy had been shaved. "Look into my eyes," he commanded. I did. "You look so beautiful when you're excited," he said. The fingers of his left hand again found their way to my stiff and swollen clit. Again I felt my knees buckle. Again my legs parted. Again I let him play with me like that in front of his friends.

This time I let him play until I felt my legs beginning to quiver. Looking deep into his eyes I whispered, "I shouldn't be doing this," but I no longer had any desire to pull away. Instead, I let my panties drop to the floor and kissed Vito hungrily while he played with me. He got me so excited that my legs became too wobbly to support me. He then laid me down and told me to bring myself off with my fingers. To the delight of everyone in the room, with writhing hips, I did so both easily and loudly.

Resting on my back, fingers still in my snatch, I struggled to gather my wits. By this time someone had place a chair on stage. Vito had removed his clothes and was sitting down. "Want a taste of this?" he said, pointing at his cock. It was a whale of a thing. I growled and, like a bitch in heat, crawled over to him on my hands and knees. On the way I grabbed the lotion and poured some onto Vito's shaft. Then I began pumping him with my left hand, wedding band and all. A moment later I took what I could of his knob inside my mouth and began sucking.

With my back to them and my pussy on full display, the boys went wild. Again I felt hands touching me, more boldly this time. Again Frank did nothing. Again I decided to play along. Anyway, I liked how they caressed my inner thighs, cupped my tits and played with my ass, nor did I mind too much when a hand would 'accidentally' touch my pussy or a finger would slip inside. As long as they didn't try to get more intimate than that, it would be OK. The boys were just having a little fun.

It didn't take long for Vito to come. Great gobs of jism hit my face and hair. Some shot over my head, landing on my ass. I think some even hit the boys who were boldly playing with me: served them right. Vito then immediately pushed me back so that I was lying on the stage. He positioned himself so that he was between my legs and brought his mouth to my cunt. He licked my clit once, twice, three times. Then he said "Do you like it when I do that?" I cupped his head, drew him close and, when his tongue touched my clit again, I whimpered, "Oh baby you know I do."

Teasing me, he pulled away again and said, "What you want me to do?" Again I pulled his mouth to my clit and, on the verge of another orgasm, said "Lick me, lick me everywhere." With that he lifted my hips up and I felt him try to bury his tongue in my anus. The boys were cheering madly and their hands were soon all over me too. Between Vito's tongue and the roaming hands of the others, the feeling was just too wicked to resist. I was burning hot. "Yes … Yes …Yes," I cried and I came like house on fire, writhing and moaning uncontrollably. It was incredible. It was unbelievable. It was great. It was how sex ought to feel.

It was then that I felt Vito's cock push its way inside me. He wasn't wearing a condom. He's soon to be married, I thought, so it's probably OK, but still. Those thoughts, though, were quickly swept aside as Vito plowed me again and again and again. I couldn't believe he was going to come again – only once before had I ever come more than twice in a night - but there was no mistaking the feeling building up deep inside me.

Nor was there any mistaking how much the others were enjoying the sight of their friend fucking a married woman. I was being kissed by one of them, and I couldn't help but kiss back. I felt oil being poured onto my body. I felt hands pawing at my tits. Where was Frank? I felt a set of fingers playing with my clit. Where was the hell was Frank? I found myself with a cock in each hand, and one in my mouth too. As soon as one boy came, it seemed another would take his place. I was awash in semen. When I felt another set of fingers reaching under me to play with my anus, it pushed me over the edge: I came and came and came so loudly I was sure I would wake the dead. The spectacle was too much even for Vito and he came too - inside me.

I lay there exhausted, but when Vito withdrew and another boy tried to take his place, I resisted and called out for help That was the signal Frank had been waiting for all along, and he stepped in. He had been waiting for me to draw the line … and I finally did. "Show's over, boys. Give the lady some space," he growled. They obeyed immediately. He'd been through this many times so he knew exactly what to do. He threw a robe around me and hustled me out of the room. Then he went back in and settled his account with the boys while passion still triumphed over reason.

He returned to find me crying in the corridor. "Cry all you want, baby," he said "but just remember that you made $1,500 tonight."

I worked five more stags, paid off my family's debt, stashed some money away, and learned a lot. For example, I learned why the stags were always held in that little room in the back of the strip club. Frank had an arrangement with the owner, who had wired the room and would tape the shows. The videos were then distributed both on-line and in XXX video stores nation-wide. I learned that Frank's studio was also wired and that my little audition had been taped and broadcast over the web.

I learned that Frank was able to sell the photographs of me from the audition for a very high price because of those shots of my wedding band sliding in and out of my pussy while my pinkie teased my anus. I learned that I needed to stay in control of my emotions during stags and never let things spin out of control as they had with Vito's friends. Finally, I learned to read things like contracts carefully, because while I was able to dig myself out of a financial hole, Frank was the real winner in the deal.

Frank wants me to come back and work for him. He has even threatened to send the tapes of my adventures to my husband if I don't return. I'm sure he's bluffing, but I'm still going to think about it. Having walked on the wild side, I've come to the conclusion that married life may be boring, but it is safe.

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