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Standing In


Chapter 1

I've known Jon and Laura ever since they bought the house next door five years ago.

They'd just moved to the city, Jon was taking a new job, one that was several rungs up the ladder from his last one, according to him, and Laura was a teacher, an elementary school teacher, so she could really live just about anywhere and find work.

So, Helen and I got to know them, even though they were many years our junior. I was just at the end of my career, Jon was rapidly rising in his, and we both always seemed to have a lot to talk about whenever we were together. As luck would have it, Helen was a teacher herself and Laura ended up teaching at the same school, another thing that bonded the four of us.

We often went out to dinner together, invited each other to cookouts, just generally got along really well. We also had many of the same interests and tastes. It really seemed that our ages were of little or no regard in our friendship.

They were very supportive when Helen died, it was a sudden onset of cancer that took her in less than six months. Jon and Laura were and are wonderful, often having me over for supper, making sure I didn't sink into a funk now being alone in life.

It was during a supper at their house, when this story really started.

We were finished eating, just having the rest of the second bottle of wine, when Laura asked if I was seeing anyone, dating at all.

"No, I've looked at those websites and such. There's even some that look more like hook-up sites than anything," I told them.

"Well, Jon, maybe that's really what you need, just some casual 'friend with benefits' kind of woman," Laura kidded.

"Yeah, Ed, there's plenty of lonely wives around, I'll bet there are a few who'd be interested in a little male companionship," Jon added.

"With all the traveling you're doing now, sweetie, I might just be one of those frustrated housewives."

"See, there you are, Ed, Laura's here a lot. I can tell you she's more than a 'once-a-week' kind of woman. You're next door, you could stand in for me when I was out of town," Jon laughed.

I looked at Laura, who, oddly, was not laughing.

"What's this, Jon, are you giving your wife to our next door neighbor?" she asked.

"Well, I've got several three-week trips coming up, why not? It's not like you'd be sneaking around doing anything. I'd know about it and I trust Ed, don't you?"

"And, what if I said, that seems like a great idea?" she asked her husband.

"Like I said, I'd rather that you and Ed enjoy each other than you get tempted by some grocery clerk or some guy at the gas station. And, Ed's all by himself."

"I should just take you up on it," she said as I sat there, somewhat uncomfortably, not quite sure if this was all in jest. I can tell you that my cock was taking it seriously.

But, the conversation went to other things and I really never thought much more about it.

Then, about two weeks later, Laura called me and asked me to supper the next evening.

As I usually do, I took two bottles of wine for the three of us and rang their door right on time at six-thirty.

Laura came to the door, all smiles, wearing a pretty, little sundress, welcoming me with a kiss and leading me back to the kitchen.

We chatted for a minute when I asked, "Jon late getting home?"

I was uncorking the wine when she said, "Remember when you were over last time and Jon thought you and I should become 'friends-with-benefits?'"

Of course, the entire conversation came immediately back to mind.

"Sure, I remember," I managed to get out.

"Well, he and I had a long talk about it before he left on his trip. He's gone for three weeks."

I stood there, not sure if I should even say a word.

"It turns out he was serious, he thinks you and I should become, well, I guess the word is 'lovers,' Ed, you and me. And, truthfully, I rather liked his idea. Now, I suppose it's up to me to see if I can interest you," she said as she smiled at me and pulled off her dress over her head.

Let me tell you about Laura: she's twenty-eight, medium height, slender, shoulder-length blond hair, very pretty face and, well, now I had a perfect view of all the rest. Her body was beautiful. Slender but curved with nice breasts, probably B-cups but they were round and high and pink-tipped. Lower, she was shaved perfectly smooth with a plump, girlish cleft. She had an all-over tan which I later found out was from sunning nude on her back patio when she began having me over to join her in the warm summer sun.

"Oh, Laura, I may be older than you, a lot older but, honey, I'd have to be long dead not to be turned-on by what I'm seeing. You are a truly beautiful woman and, well, you say that Jon is really willing to let us do this?"

"He is, Ed. He knows just how horny I get while he's away and, well, I imagine you've been that way as well. Am I right?"

"Yes, I have been and, well, never more than now, seeing you this way."

"Come here, then and we can do something about it," she said as I stepped to her and we embraced and kissed, her tongue sliding between my lips as my hands ran over her smooth back and butt.

My mind was swirling with what was happening. Here, I was all alone, now retired, lonely for really the first time in my life when my beautiful, young next door neighbor offers to become my lover. And with her husband's knowledge and permission.

"Ed, I'm the only one naked here, are you joining me?" she asked pulling her head back, looking up at me.

Was I worried that I wouldn't have the stamina for a woman less than half my age? Oh, yeah, I was and, let's face it none of us like to be embarrassed by a dick that goes limp at precisely the wrong moment. But, she wanted to get this started and, well, what was I going to do, say no? Not likely.

So I was quickly out of my clothes as we both stood there in the kitchen looking at each other.

I'm not bad for my age, I've always stayed pretty trim so I don't particularly have a belly on me, though I was conscious of my graying pubic hair, thinking that with this new arrangement, perhaps I should begin shaving somewhat more from now on.

At least I was erect and a thrill shot through me when she reached down to take my cock in her hand. I cupped her breast and we came together and kissed, certainly the sexiest kiss I'd had in many years.

"Why don't you pour the wine, Ed, while I finish making the salad?" she said as she turned, showing me her pretty butt to get the things out of the refrigerator.

I poured some wine in each glass and handed her one. She lifted it to mine, clinking it, then saying, "Here's to what happens after supper," smiling up at me.

"Yes, it all seems rather incredible but I hope I can be worthy of such beautiful company."

"I thought it would be fun to have a nice romantic candlelight dinner dressed like this for our first time together."

She took the salad into the dining room as I brought the wine. She had me sit down, a towel was thoughtfully placed on each chair, and she brought out our plates of her lasagna which I've had before; it is delicious and filled with little meatballs, just scrumptious, which is also the way she looked.

I supplemented our wine and we began eating, chatting about where Jon was for this trip, a few tidbits about school, still interesting because I had known the principal and assistant from when Helen worked there as well.

I was pouring the last of the first bottle and asked her if I should get the second.

"Um, well, why not? We can take it to bed with us and if we get busy and don't finish it, you can put the cork in it and it'll keep. I'm just not sure I will," she laughed. She picked up our dishes and took them to the kitchen while I picked up our glasses and the bottle I'd now opened and I followed her exquisite butt upstairs to their bedroom.

There were also candles in the bedroom which she lit as I put the bottle and glasses down. She pulled the covers back and got down and patted a place next to her where I lay down.

Our arms surrounded one another as she whispered, "Mmm, now this is nice, much better," then kissed me as she slid a leg up over me keeping her knee over my cock.

My hands, of course, were mapping as much of her as I could reach, she was smooth and soft to my touch and as she kissed me, sliding our tongues together, she moved her knee over me rubbing my cock.

I began kissing her neck, then shoulders, then on to her lovely breasts which I kissed and kissed, finally taking her nipple in my mouth to suck as my hand rubbed down between her opened legs.

Her hand was now stroking me up and down as she softly said, "Mmm, this is nice, Ed, it feels just right to me, I really feel comfortable with you and, well, pretty turned-on, too."

I lifted up off her nipple and kissed her on the lips, telling her, "I sure feels right to me, Laura, I haven't been this turned-on in, oh, years and years," and then I began kissing down her stomach and onto the plump slit between her legs.

"Oh, Ed, yes, mmm, I love this, make me feel good," she moaned as her legs opened for me.

I was back down between a woman's legs after a long time, now back doing something I loved to do.

I curled my tongue closed and poked into her and wiggled it around, then flicked up and down.

"Mmm, yes, oh, that's good, mmm."

I eased her open with my thumbs and flicked my tongue in and around up inside her.

"Oh, oh, omigod, that's good, oh, Ed, you are so good, don't stop, I'm gonna cum, just keep doing that."

If a woman is on the verge of cumming, I always do what I'm asked. After all, who better knows how to get them off than themselves. So, I kept doing what I was doing and she soon let out a shriek as her legs thrashed around in the throes of what was obviously a dramatic and powerful orgasm.

"Oh, uh, uh, Ed, wonderful, oh, uh," she panted, "really...uh...wonderful...uh, mmm, come up here," she asked as she pulled me up between her widened legs.

I held my cock to her and pushed as she pressed down and was soon making wonderful love to my next door neighbor's wife.

"Laura, this is incredible, I never dreamed I'd be with you like this."

"Well, it's making us both happy, Ed, and Jon wants me to be happy."

"I just never thought these things happened. I mean, how lucky could a man get to be with you?"

"Well, you're pretty nice, yourself, Ed. I hope you can stay the night. I'd like that."

"It's certainly by far the best offer I've had," I grinned and I moved in and out of her.

She raised her legs up over my shoulders so I could take long, slow strokes. She was tight, really tight, it reminded me of the first girl I ever had, we were in high school and I was pretty shy and inexperienced. She certainly wasn't, she knew what she wanted and just went and did it. She had me in her on our first date. Lovely memories though what I was doing at that moment was destined to be even better memories for the future.

I'd just made a push deep into her when the phone rang.

"Don't stop, Ed," she said as she reached over, looked at the handset, clicked it on and said, "Hi, hon, how are you?"

Chapter 2

I could feel my cock begin to shrink as she went on, "Yeah, fine, the usual at school. Oh, Ed's here, came for dinner."

He said something, then she added, "Yeah, actually, right now."

My heart skipped a beat when she said that but she went on, "Oh, quite wonderful, so far. He sure looks happy."

I heard him faintly talking with her when she answered, "Yes, we're still, well, you know. And he's staying the night, keeping my feet warm."

He said some more when she said, "Well, I will and you, too. I'll tell him. Love you lots and lots. And, mmm, thanks, sweetie, I'll make it up to you when you get home."

Then they said goodbye and she put the phone back.

"I wonder how often a husband calls little wifey and she's being slowly fucked while they talk?"

"Well, I have to be truthful, I know he knows and all but, still, it started to deflate me, you could probably tell."

"I could. Did you feel me use my vaginal muscles while we were talking?"

"Yes, I did and it was quite lovely."

"Just push in, yeah, like that. Let me do it some more," and she began clenching then relaxing her pelvic muscles around my cock while I held still. It felt quite wonderful to be pleasured like that as my hands caressed her firm, tender breasts.

"So, he told me to make sure you got everything you wanted. How is it, so far?"

"Oh, Laura, it's far beyond anything I could have wished for. You are exquisite and so sexy, just unbelievable. I'm surely the luckiest man on earth," and I bent down and kissed her.

"I just love it slow like this, let's just take our time and enjoy being together like this, really together, I like us being connected like we are, don't you?" she asked sultrily.

"I love it, I just love being with you, Laura, maybe I can talk to Jon's boss and see if he can travel some more?" I snickered.

"Why, Ed, now don't get greedy. Though it is cute," she giggled as she moved around under me matching my movements with hers. "I have to say, it's kind of spicy that I'm having sex with another man, even if Jon knows about it."

"You're right. I feel the same way, like there's something secret and naughty about this and I know Jon knows about us, hell, he was even talking to you while we were making love."

"Oh, yeah, and he knew we were in bed and you were fucking me. Sorry, that's kind of raunchy talk, Ed. I get that way a bit when I'm really turned-on."

I laughed and told her, "So did Helen, maybe school teachers get a little raunchy when they're in bed."

"She did? She always seemed so demure, so proper."

"Well, she was just the opposite in bed, I can tell you. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me telling you that. I even think she probably approves of this."

"You think so? She just didn't seem that way to me."

"She loved sex and it did things to her that were really amazing. She had a sex drive that was very surprising. I still remember our first time, we met in college and on the third date, she told me that she'd made a decision."

"And it was?"

"She said she wanted us to go to my apartment, she was checked out of the dorm for the night and when we got inside, she just stripped off her clothes and began undressing me. I was speechless."

"Gee, she never seemed the type, Ed. But that was nice for you. So, you think she'd approve of what we're doing?" she asked as I slowly ran my cock in and out of her.

"Yeah, I think she would. I know that I wouldn't want her to be alone if the situation was reversed. I'd want her to have someone."

"That's sweet. I guess that's how it is when you really love someone. It's how I feel about Jon. If I wasn't here, I'd want him to be happy with someone."

What had started out as a bit nervous and tense had now become relaxed and familiar.

"I'm feeling really good, Ed, I love it nice and slow like this, it lets me get into it and savor it all," she whispered.

I kept going, one advantage of being older is that I long ago lost the 'hair-trigger' on cumming, it now took me quite a bit longer which, right at the moment I was happy for. I think Laura might have been as well.

"I'm...I'm getting close, Ed, oh, it feels so good. Just keep doing like this, it's so good," she said, panting, as I went back and forth. "Oh, uh, UUUH, UUUH, mmm, mmm, oh, Ed, mmm, yes, Jon was right, you were just the right man," she sighed as she lifted her legs up, widening them to move around under me making it feel marvelous.

"Now, you, Ed, I want you to cum," she murmured.

I was close and with her moving around under me like that it was getting me closer and closer.

"Just hold still, Ed," she asked and she continued rotating her pussy on my cock and I just exploded into her, shoving hard, emptying everything I had into this beautiful, sexy woman who was now my lover.

She pulled me to her and kissed me like we'd been lovers for years, then whispered, "Do you think you can stay with me tonight, Ed? Stay in my bed?"

I'm retired so the decision was easy. And, she was beautiful and naked and that also made the decision easy.

We played after our sex, just enjoying one another's bodies, making each other feel good, I never quite got hard enough to have intercourse again that night but I did give her oral sex and her orgasm was pretty good.

We were tired by nine-thirty, and she set the clock for six. Laura did work and she wanted me to stay long enough in the morning to shower with her which, though she didn't realize it, was one of the things I missed most these days.

So, we got up and showered and, as she was getting dressed, I kissed her goodbye and went home to have breakfast and read the day's paper.

At nine, I called my doctor and made an appointment for right after lunch to get a prescription. Yes, I had it filled and now was better prepared.

My phone rang about three and it was Laura.

"I wanted to tell you how lovely it was last night, Ed."

"Oh, thank you, it's me that should be thanking you. And, it was wonderful, simply wonderful. I couldn't be happier, Laura."

"Well, I wanted to call to see if, well, if you'd like to come back over tonight for supper, supper and something nice for after dinner, perhaps. That's how much I enjoyed last night."

"I'm...well, I'm just overwhelmed. I know we had a wonderful time and all but I also know I'm more than twice your age, Laura."

"It was wonderful, Ed, maybe even just right. I wouldn't want another man to stand in for Jon but you. I really thought last night was perfect, really perfect."

"I did too, Laura, and, well, I'd be honored to come have dinner with you and whatever else you wish, I couldn't be happier," I told her in amazement.

"See you at six, then?" she asked and I told her I would be there at six, sharp, and that I'd bring the wine.

As I picked up the two bottles of wine, I also took one of my new prescription pills, hoping that it would give us a second lovemaking this evening, then walked over and knocked on the door.

I could see Laura in the side glass of the door as she walked from the kitchen. She was naked and beautiful as she opened the door, taking care to keep herself behind it as I came inside.

"I dressed just for you, Ed, hope you like it?"

I sat the wine down and took her in my arms and we kissed lustfully as my hands ranged over her back and butt.

I pulled my head back looking down at her breasts pressed against me, telling her, "Oh, Laura, you're just dressed perfectly, what man could want anything else?"

Her hand was between us, her palm rubbing the lump in my pants.

"Well, I know you're not carrying any weapons, but I might just have to strip-search you to make sure," she said grinning as I held my arms out while she took my clothes off, kissing me as she went.

As she pulled my boxers down, she leaned forward to slide her lips over the crown of my cock, gently, succulently rubbing my tip with her wet lips as her eyes looked up at me knowing she was pleasuring me in a spectacular way.

Then, she raised up, leaving my cock wet and aroused, took hold of it and led me back to her bedroom and got up on her hands and knees.

"I've been wanting this all day, Ed. Maybe it's that you're not my husband, but I know sex with you really turns me on. Make me a happy girl," she said as I pushed into her. She was very wet and ready and I began moving slowly back and forth letting our passion rise.

After a few minutes, she turned her head back and said, "Just hold still, let me do it," so I stopped and knelt there behind her while she began rocking back and forth on my cock.

She sure knew what she was doing, it felt marvelous. I could feel her using her pelvic muscles, relaxing them when she backed down taking me deeply, then clenching them when she pulled forward. It was delicious. She could almost pull me up off the bed, it was that good.

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