Standing In


"Mmm, I kept fingering myself all day at work just thinking about this. I just had to call you, Ed. I hope you don't mind."

I really had to laugh, how could I mind. And now I had the added benefit of the pill I'd taken and could definitely tell the improvement.

"Mind, Laura, oh, dear one, how could I ever mind when you want me in your bed like this," and I leaned down and kissed her back.

"I think you've been wanting this, too, Ed, you really feel hard inside me."

"Well, truthfully, I took one of those pills they always advertise, you know the ones, right?"

"Really. I've always wondered if that stuff worked. You do seem a little harder. Can you tell any difference?"

"Oh, yeah, it makes me hard like I was sixteen again. And, somehow, it makes the feelings stronger, like more alive."

"Wow, that's nice. Maybe I should get some for Jon. Does it let you go for multiple orgasms without getting soft?"

"I'll let you know that later," I grinned as she smiled.

"Mmm, sounds like fun to find out, huh?"

She kept pushing back on me, taking me deeply, then pulling forward, gripping me tightly, almost to the point I'd fall out of her, then, she'd relax and slide back down over me. Oh, it was superb. This is a woman who has thought long and hard about how to give the most with her body and was, obviously, proud of her skill.

Then she groaned and pushed down on me and began twisting her butt around while my cock was deep inside. She let out yelp, then a long, low groan as I felt her vagina tighten around me as she began stabbing herself on my cock over and over until I cummed as well.

She took a few more strokes up and down, then moved off me, turned and pushed me down on the bed kissing me. It took me right back to being a young man when I was just first experiencing sex and all its delights and the girls I was with back then were just as enthusiastic and passionate as I was.

She just gleefully kissed my body from head to toe, then we snuggled and petted for a bit.

"This is nice but I'm hungry, how about you, Ed?"

I had smelled something really good emanating from the kitchen and it turned out to be Laura's manicotti that was one of her specialties. So, we got up and I followed her pretty butt to the kitchen, where I opened the wine and she served up the food.

Dining naked with my next door neighbor was, perhaps, the most pleasant experience of my life. By now, we were quite relaxed with one another and the experience of being with her in such a manner was wonderful.

We had a lovely supper, taking the final glasses of wine back to bed, where we enjoyed it and one another before a peaceful and contented night's sleep in each other's arms.

I was now able to have sex with Laura at least twice each evening we were together, sometimes even three times. And, every morning, when we woke up together, I was quickly able to give her some loving before our shower.

And, what about her husband, Jon?

After about two months, Jon saw me outdoors and came over and told me how happy Laura seemed to be with our arrangement and that if she was happy, he was happy and he gave me a hug and thanked me.

That was three years ago and, yes, I still stand in for Jon when he travels and, well, even sometimes when he's home.

It was his idea, really, that we have a threesome get-together at times when he's home and give Laura all the loving she deserves.

What was the ancient saying? " A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing." Oh, how true.

How true.

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