tagNonHumanStar Bound Ch. 3

Star Bound Ch. 3


After 3 weeks of being tortured wonderfully Mike was beginning to despair. Every time he was forced to be pleasured and watch unbelievable acts of sex performed with no way to release himself. He had just woken up for the morning his entire body feeling wonderful except for his cock and balls which seemed to be in an eternal erection w/o any kind of release.

He had just gotten to his feet when the doors slid open. In walked another of the beautiful aliens totally naked with dripping cunt, large breasts, and suckers exposed to his view. He felt his cock spasm in hopes of sexual pleasure and release but he feared it was not to be. She was followed by 2 other of the females, but this time they brought in something new. It was obviously an alien female because of the 2 tentacles directly above the cunt. But she was chained to a large flat metallic board. Her legs were spread wide exposing the glistening cunt.

As he watched a small drop of her juices rolled down the board to the floor. The 2 females released the prisoner and left the room. The third female who had entered first walked up to the prisoner and began to run her fingers over the cunt of the restrained alien. Mike watched obediently as the prisoner's body spasmed and her large breast shuddered as her body shook.

The warden turned to him and said, "Because you have served us obediently we will allow you to release your juices. But remember this is a privilege! If you disobey you will not be allowed to cum for weeks, possibly months, your cock in a constant state of arousal for so long it hurts you to piss or any other daily function. This prisoner is here because she is a thief. You will be allowed to use her as you please."

Mike's eyes lit up at the thought of cumming finally but they quickly dimmed when he realized the alien females were much stronger then he was. As if knowing what he was thinking the warden spoke again, "We will give her a drug so she is as weak as a human female and that way will not be able to resist you."

With that the warden pulled a needle from between her ass cheeks and plunged it into the prisoners sensitive cunt walls. Immediately the females body went almost limp and her eyes became less fiery. The warden pressed a button which appeared on the pure white walls of the room. The board and the straps which restrained the prisoner disappeared allowing her to collapse to the floor.

A small puddle of her juices which had dribbled down the board splashed on her as she landed. The alien warden turned and left the room through the doors she had entered in leaving Mike with his prey. Mike slowly approached the females prone form wondering if there was going to be another cruel torture in store for him. But as he grew nearer his lust overwhelmed him.

He quickly ran to her and rolled her on her back. He pushed her legs apart revealing a tight cunt still spasming from its last orgasm. Mike lay across her grabbing her large breasts enjoying the feeling of their flesh beneath his cruel fingers. He then aimed at her cunt and brutally impaled her upon it. This seemed to wake her up as she let out a scream and began to try to resist. He grabbed her arms and easily restrained her. He began to thrust in and out of her feeling her cunt spasming and gripping at his so long tortured cock.

Again and again he impaled her feeling her body shake and betray her as she was driven to orgasm by his fucking. She began to beg him to stop and began to cry. But Mike was controlled by his cock and cared not for how she felt. As her body once again responded to his intrusive member and came spasming down on him driving him over the edge. A massive load of cum shot from his cock head over and over again filling her alien womb. By now she had resigned to her fate and was accepting the fucking and the pleasure it brought.

Still Mike was far from satiated. He pulled out of her and slid forward straddling her chest with his knees pinioning her arms and shoulders down. Anger and lust overtook him as he pressed her large tits into a tunnel around his cum covered cock. He began to thrust again with the animal lust that had built up over the past month. The soft flesh responded to his rough kneading and his rapid fucking in and out as the nipples began to harden. She began to beg that he not cum on her face but he cared not. He had been pissed on and tortured for a month by these bitches and he wanted his payback. Her soft tits and pleading quickly drove him to his second orgasm. As he came his wad shot up all over her neck, face, mouth, and hair.

She tried to spit the cum from her lips but it stuck there and she only ended up getting some deep in her throat. This caused her to resist again, this time more fiercely. She managed to scratch Mike's thighs and abs before 3 hard slaps put her down again.

"Bitch, you have tortured me for days and now you've scratched me... I am horny and angry and that wasn't the smartest thing to do. Now you will suffer!" Mike said through gritted teeth. She began to whimper in fear of what this human barbarian would do to her. But she found out very quickly. Mike stood and rolled her onto her stomach. Her nipples were pressed into the cold floor causing them to grow hard from the feeling.

"No Please!!! Anything please don't, you'll hurt me!" she screamed as she realized what Mike was about to do.

Mike pressed her hard into the floor and aimed his cock at the tight puckered anus. He let his weight carry him into her, as she screamed in pain as his massive rod ripped her tight virgin asshole open. "You're going to like this bitch, and if you don't you'll do it again and again and again till I want to stop!"

She screamed again and again and began to sob as he pounded in and out of her, ramming his cock into her tight ass. He began to finger her clit and drive several fingers into her cunt over and over again. Her cunt responded and began to clamp down on his intruding fingers trying to milk cum from them. Between her slowing screams a small moan escaped her lips as she felt pleasure override the horrible pain she felt in her ass.

Still Mike groaned as his cock buried in and out of her anus. It began to spasm around him causing him to groan and yell as he released his third load of the day deep into her bowels. He pulled out and stood above her. But then she did something unexpected. She pulled herself to her knees and begged him, "Please, please fuck me, I'll suck you off and fuck you all day as long as you just make me cum."

Mike took a step forward so his cock was level with her mouth. She eagerly excepted it into her and began to caress his balls and sack with her two tentacles. Her tongue ran up and down his length and over his head as she sucked him deep into her throat. Mike let loose a primal scream as he received a blow job like no other. She forced her head all the way down to his hilt so his cock was buried in her throat. And then she sucked back again causing him to moan in pleasure.

Her eager lapping and beautiful face was too much. He felt his sack and balls spasm and then unload in her mouth. Eagerly she sucked the white juices down her throat gallon after gallon. Finally he had stopped cumming. He pulled out of her hot mouth as she lay on her back on the floor and spread her thighs waiting for him. His cock remained hard as he lowered himself to the floor.

Then once again, he plunged deep inside her, this time able to enjoy her entire body. He dug his fingers into her breasts and nipples as her hips thrust up to meet his cock in an attempt to bury him deeper in her. He gripped her ass and used his strength as well as hers to thrust down into her. She began to moan and spasm on him as he fucked into her. Finally her body exploded as she orgasmed and her cunt seized his massive cock in a death grip.

And then he came for the final time of the day and collapsed on top of her. As soon as he had 5 of the aliens marched into the room, seized the prisoner, and dragged her limp form still shuddering from the powerful orgasm out. Once again Mike was left alone to wonder about his future.

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