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Star Trek: Klingon Love


q'vort walked Kylie back to her quarters, with his arm wrapped around her. " Kylie, I had a wonderful time with you tonight."

Kylie looked up at him and smiled, "So did I..." She laughed, and shook her head slightly at the memory of it. She was....surprised.

They had reached her door. "I wish this night could last longer. I could stay here forever with you." He lightly kissed her on her shoulder. "You are intoxicating in this light."

Kylie smiled and she almost shuddered as his lips grazed the exposed skin of her shoulder. Her eyes looked from his eyes to his lips, then back up again, "You could come in for awhile, it doesn't have to end here...." She smiled, "I think I have a little bloodwine left....then, Kylie turned and stepped into her quarters before she completely lost control of herself. How could he have this affect on her?

q'vort kissed her on the breast bone. Using his hand, he unzipped the back of her dress, and started working on the straps of the dress.

Kylie smiled and closed her eyes. Her skin tingled at his touch. Her lips came to rest on his neck, and her hands worked their way under his shirt until she pulled it off of him to reveal the strong muscles. She smiled and gently kissed his collar bone line, deciding that she was going to lose control of herself, so she might as well just...let go.

She caught his lips in hers and brushed her tongue across his lips as she stood on her toes to reach his mouth with her's.

q'vort returned the kiss, and decided now was a good time to stick his tongue in her mouth. As he massaged her tongue, he got the straps off her shoulders and let the dress drop to the floor.

Kylie reached up and slipped her arms around his neck, a smile on her lips as she returned the favor with her tongue. She broke the kiss to look into his eyes. Her's burned with hunger and desire, and she looked back down to his lips again as she caught her breath. He really was a surprising kisser...."You sure you want this?" She asked, her breath light yet weighted as she waited for an answer before her hands caressed down his strong arms, her kisses soon followed.

"Yes, I am sure."

She smiled and continued her assault on his neck and collar bone. She stopped just long enough to look back at him, "Good...." She raised up to rest her lips on his once more.

He kissed her, and picked her up in his arms. He moved her onto her bed and returned the assault on her neck and collar bone. His kisses kept getting lower and lower.

He kissed her, and picked her up in his arms. He moved her onto her bed and returned the assault on her neck and collar bone. His kisses kept getting lower and lower.

Kylie tilted her head back and smiled. She giggled as he hit a ticklish spot, then slid down a bit so that her lips caught his again. She brushed her tongue across his lips again, then began her assault on his mouth again.

He stuck his tongue in her mouth again, and massaged her tongue. He worked his way up and down it with great strength. Meanwhile his hand slowly crept up her body, massaging her as it climbed.

Kylie's arms snaked around q'vort and pulled him closer to her as she returned his kissing with almost equal force. Her body shuddered slightly and she left his mouth to let her lips explore his collarbone and continue down his chest as she massaged it with her tongue, on top of him now.

q'vort's body reacted to the soft touch of her tongue exploring his body. He started to breath more heavily. He wanted to take her, but the new sensation was overwhelming. "And I thought Klingon women were the only females aggressive in bed." He said as he let Kylie continue her fun.

Kylie laughed and reached up to set her messed up blonde hair free from its captive bun. She tossed her head and the hair fell mostly to one side as she leaned down again and kissed him passionately. She whispered in his ear, her breathing a bit heavier as well, "You have a lot to learn...." She nipped at his ear, then found his mouth again.

q'vort returned her kiss and worked her bra loose. As he did this, his hand explored her back, massaging her muscles deeply and slowly.

Kylie made a soft sound of pleasure and released q'vort long enough for her bra to hit the floor. she kissed her way down to his strong chest, caressed by her hands and raked slightly by her nails as she teased his skin with her tongue. q'vort reached his hands down to her breasts. He gently grasped her nipples and started to tug on and pull gently on them till they grew more erect.

Kylie's head rolled back onto her pillows and she closed her eyes and groaned softly. She ran her fingers through his hair as he assaulted her chest, her back arched slightly at the pleasure from it.

q'vort slowly extended his reach around her bright red nipples and massaged them in a circular pattern. His thumbs played around with her erect nipples. He kissed in between her breasts as he did this.

Kylie's breathing grew heavier and she pulled q'vort's head closer to her as she enjoyed the sensation. It was almost driving her crazy, really. Her nails clawed at his back slightly as he continued and she groaned softly again. Her hands tightened and released on his shoulder blades as her body shuddered slightly.

q'vort put her breasts together with his hands and supported them. he continued his rubbing and playing with her nipples. He enjoyed hearing her groans. He gently bit each nipple, tugging on them further.

Kylie laughed and with a twist of her body she flipped q'vort over and traveled lower than before. She slipped her hands into his pants and then quickly unbuttoned them. She pulled them off quickly, then pressed herself back down on top of him, her mouth once again on his.

q'vort was growing more excited at her actions. He continued kissing her, while massaging her thighs with his hands.

Kylie breathed much heavier and pulled back from his mouth to catch her breath and look at him through heavily lidded eyes. She kissed him again, and then let her mouth trace his neck to his collarbone. Her hands caressed their way down his body.

Kylie suddenly bit at his neck, and surprisingly (to him, possibly) she broke skin and licked the blood before continued to kiss and caress her way down his body.

He gently pulled her back up and returned the favor. And he laid her down on her back and started to massage her inner thighs. He kissed her abs and moved down with his mouth.

Kylie groaned slightly again and her back arched as her head pressed into the pillows and she closed her eyes. Her fingers found their way back down and she twined him in his hair as he continued his assault. She wanted to pull him back up to her, to make him stop, but it felt too entirely wonderful.

He stopped just short of her panties. He worked his tongue around her belly button and continued the massages.

Kylie panted slightly and writhed under his touch. He was just torturing her now, and he knew it. She didn't mind all that much though. She groaned again as her back arched again and she sighed slightly, "....q'vort...." she whispered out to him as her hands massaged his back, her nails raked against his smooth skin. His tongue worked it's way slowly down. He loved torturing her. "Do you won't me to go farther?" he moved back down to torture her some more.

Kylie writhed again and she laughed lightly, but didn't know what else to do. She wanted it to stop, but she didn't....torn, she just lay there, enjoying the sensation as she was tortured by him.

He decided to give it to her. He pulled her panties off and moved down to where she so anxiously waited for him to move to.

Kylie closed her eyes. Finally....she looked down at him and grabbed both sides of his face in a deep kiss full of passion, desire, and hunger for him.

q'vort stayed there for an moment and explored. He felt it was his turn, so he worked his way up to her face. He kissed her and waited to be rolled over.

Kylie quickly spun him over and pressed her hips down onto his, her mouth pressed onto his. She collapsed down onto him and her strong hands massaged his muscles.

q'vort grabbed the bottom of her legs and shifted her up in the air. As he let her down, their bodies connected. He was going to show her why human was overrated.

Kylie's head tilted back immediately and her body shuddered in slight surprised. She gasped an closed her eyes after a moment as her nails clawed at his back. She practically melted underneath him, and pulled his mouth to her's. Her legs snaked up and she hooked them around his thighs- as if he needed encouragement -and fell into the rhythm that he set. Her back arched with pleasure as her body quivered, "...oh...q'vort..." She managed to whisper out. She pulled him closer to her as they moved together, and reached their climaxes.

q'vort increased his rhythm and grabbed her breasts as she swayed in passion. He felt like making her climax again.

Kylie groaned and tilted her head back as her breath came in short, choppy bursts. Her arms encircled his back and pulled him closer to her as they worked, her muscles quivered and tightened around him as she arched her back again and her legs pulled him closer to her, as if it were possible that he come farther up to her. She gasped and couldn't do much else.

q'vort yet again increased him rhythm. He went harder and deep as he could. He wanted to hear her scream out his name in Ecstasy. And he wanted it to be the one that broke her pleasure threshold.

After they crashed back onto the bed for hate second time, she flipped him over and set a new pace for them as she pressed her body down and against him. She kissed him hungrily, but tossed her head so her hair all fell to one side again as she worked on him, her hands roaming over his body, moving lower and lower. She couldn't handle it any longer and collapsed back onto him, as he rolled them back over. She gasped and closed her eyes, her hands grabbed at the sheets as her body shook.

"....q'vort...for the love of...." She couldn't' say anymore as another loud groan escaped her mouth and she tightened on him again. She gasped for air as her muscles quivered and she dug her nails into his shoulder blades, "god....oohhh....."

Kylie moaned with every thrust he made as her body writhed with pleasure underneath him.

q'vort held her there for thirty minutes and she looked like she was about to collapse. He pulled out of her and laid next to her, massaging her breasts "I don't think you would ever go back to your race for pleasure after that. Kylie, marry me, and I will take you there every day you please."

Kylie was too out of breath as she crashed back down, her body still writhed slightly. Instead of forming words in her mouth she rolled over on her side and pressed her lips this his firmly. A passionate kiss, one that spoke almost of a thank you as her body shuddered and tried to recover.

----------------------------------- Next Morning -----------------------------------

Kylie slipped out of q'vort's arms and walked in to take a shower. She had to get back to work in a few hours, and she actually thought about heading in early. Last night was unexpected....somewhat....so she needed to finish up some other work before she started in on today's agenda. A smile came to her lips as her fingers brushed over the mark on her neck. A little sore, but he'd bitten gently, really. She'd been bitten much harder.

Kylie started the water running- a pleasure she was able to enjoy once more, now that they were through with the Gorn...mostly -and sighed. Last night had been...incredible. And she couldn't say it was just Klingons because she admittedly had slept with another one, and it was no where near that intense for her. She couldn't help but smile as she pulled out a towel and hung it on the rack next to the shower door. Her body shuddered again at the memory, and she realized just how famished she was. They'd done it twice last night, as far as she remembered. Of course, it was quite possible she'd lost conciousness somewhere last night.

As she stepped into the shower, she felt strong arms encircle her waist. She turned in them nimbly and pressed her mouth to his passionately, "Good morning..." she whispered as she wiggled out of his arms and stepped in the shower.

q'vort grinned, "Escaping so soon?"

Kylie laughed and poked her head around the door, "Care to join me? Or are Klingons afraid of the water?"

With a short laugh, q'vort stepped in the shower with her, "Not to pass this up..." He whispered in her ear as he began to assault her with kisses once more.

Kylie smiled and lifted his head to kiss him passionately on the lips. Her tongue swept across his lips until he parted them for her to massage his tongue with her own. She couldn't help but be excited by his touch, the memories of last night, and the water that had started to completely soak both of them. Steam rose from the shower, but Kylie wasn't sure if it was from them or if it was from the hot water. Or both.

q'vort remembered last night, and quickly began to kiss down her neck. He lingered on the bitemark he'd left on her last night for a moment, then continued down.

Kylie closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She ran her hands over her hair to smooth it out of her face, then ran her hands over q'vort's as well. She kissed the ridges on his forehead and her lips found his once more before she caressed down his chest.

q'vort gave a soft growl before he turned again and pushed Kylie up against the wall of the shower. He kissed her passionately as he did this, then moved to take her left breast in his mouth.

Kylie gasped slightly and pushed down on his shoulders a bit, which caused her to slide up on the wet wall so that her chest was closer to his face level. She gently clawed his back and smiled a bit with pleasure as he continued to love her. She groaned slightly and rested her right leg on his left thigh as he continued his kisses downward.

q'vort continued down at the sound of her groan, encouraged, as he also grew more excited. He lifted his head to watch her reaction as he slid two fingers into her and started to massage her.

Kylie gasped and her breath came in shorter spurts as she dug her nails into his shoulders. Then, she roughly grabbed his face and kissed him as if it was the only way she knew how to react to it. She gasped again, "...q'vort..."

q'vort smiled and pulled back as she said his name and continued to claw at his back. He caresssed his hands up her sides and across her chest as their breathing continued to grow heavier and the shower that much steamier. He reached down and started massaging the inside of her right thigh as it rested on his, pressing her into the wall with his body even that much more.

Kylie held him to her tightly, her hands explored his familiar back muscles once again. Her left leg, though it barely touched the floor as he pushed her up and into the wall, suddenly refused to support her weight as it quivered and gave out. It was only the strong arm that q'vort had wrapped around her that supported her weight as she collapsed forward on him, eyes closed, breath heavy.

He smiled as her leg gave out from the sheer pleasure he was wreaking on her body. He suddenly moved her right leg to his side as he pushed up inside her.

Kylie gasped and gave a soft cry as he entered her. Her right leg hooked around his body as firmly as she could manage and pushed him closer and farther into her until there was no farther he could go. Kylie's muscles quivered and tightened as he began the familiar thrusts. She melted a little more with each one of them as q'vort drove into her, the arm he had encircled about her waist pulled her down as he pushed up.

q'vort smiled and passionately pressed his lips to her's as they fell into a rhythm against the wall of the shower. He pushed harder and faster at her groan and moans of pleasure as she clawed at his back and encouraged him with little bucks of her hips. He started to thrust in and out of her, and she might have just climbed right up the wall if his strong arm had not been there and pulled her down in time with his thrusts upward.

She curled her upper torso over as much as his arm would let her so that her head rested on his shoulder and her hot breath cascaded down the skin of his neck. Kylie soon was kissing his neck in between noises of pleasure that escaped her lips and caused her to cry out as he worked her.

They approached their climaxes together, though Kylie hit her's first and her muscles tightened on him and held him as her whole body shook and pulled him close. Her arms pressed her into him, her leg pulled him as closely as possible, and her nails dug into his back as she shuddered and groaned.

q'vort soon followed her to his climax as his entire muscular structure seemed to tighten with the last thrusts, then he thrusted into her as hard as possible and his body tightened as he held it and breathed heavily, releasing inside her. He stayed there for a moment until their bodies relaxed enough that he pulled out of her.

Kylie collapsed onto him, her head rested on his shoulder, her lower body still quivered slightly as she recovered her breathing, and her ab muscles relaxed. Her right leg slid down until it was just barely hooked around his calf, which caused her lower body to press back into his.

q'vort leaned against the wall as she fell on him, breathing hard but satisfied. He grinned at the pleasure Kylie obviously derived from him, and after a moment he straightened back up to his feet, fairly recovered now.

Kylie relaxed against him, her body more capable of standing on its own, she eased her weight as much as q'vort's arm allowed, to the floor of the shower. She kissed his neck and then moved back so she could look into his dark brown eyes. She smiled and kissed him passionately, "....q'vort...I knew this morning would be good..." she kissed him again, then kissed down to his collarbone before she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Kylie relaxed as the hot water ran over them and cleansed them, seemed to keep them melded together.

Finally, they tore themselves away for work. Kylie forced herself to rid herself of the thoughts about q'vort as she worked. Soon, she absorbed herself in her work, and before she knew it, a chime sounded at her makeshift-office door. She blinked in surprise and glanced at the chronometer- lunch time already! Kylie sighed and straightened up as she sat in her chair, "Enter!"

q'vort grinned and stepped inside the door with just enough room for it to close behind him. "Working hard, Kylie?"

Kylie grinned and rose to her feet. She walked around her desk and stopped to lean on the front edge of it. "Yes, actually, I hadn't even noticed that it was lunch time yet." She sighed and tilted her head, then sauntered up to him and stood just centimeters away, "What about you?"

q'vort was still grinning and he seemed to grin more as she neared him, "As well as I could. I couldn't stop thinking about you..."

Kylie smiled. She was experienced at compartmentalizing everything. She could force herself to work when she needed to. Her eyes glanced over his form once and she pressed her left hand into him as she ran it up the front of his body to the back of her neck, "I think I could use a break...how about you?" She asked in a sultry voice as her hand brought his lips toward her's with pressure on the back of his neck.

q'vort gave a soft growl of agreement and just before their lips touched, he called out, "Computer, lock door! Authorization q'vort-gamma-eight." He passionately pressed his lips onto Kylie's and pushed his tongue in her mouth to massage it as he had done that morning and the night before. His hands crept up her sides until he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply.

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