tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStar Wars: Ahsokas Chronicles

Star Wars: Ahsokas Chronicles


-Chapter 1-


Guys: None

Girls: Ahsoka Tano

"GET DOWN, GET DOWN!!" Ahsoka Tano yelled at a trio of clones peeking above cover. This was the third straight hour that the Droid Army had been bombarding her fort on Dorin. Luckily the droids couldn't fire on them from above, courtesy of Jedi General's Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi's fleets engaging the Droid fleet.

Her fort was made up of 400 troops and an AT-TE tank. The fort had a two story wall, most already been blown off, but there was still a fairly tall amount of rubble left, about as tall as the tank, to cover the clones and the tank from laser blasts.

Ahsoka had only lost 50 or so men, the men manning the wall that was now rubble. She desperately needed the gunships that her master, Anakin Skywalker promised. And the Droids were getting closer. They had reached the base of the wall and were beginning to climb.

She heard a buzzing in her ear, the sound of gunships. But the Droids were just reaching the mid point of the wall, no way for all of the clones to make it to the gunships, without a distraction that is. She made a snap decision and ignited her light saber, jumping off the pile of rubble and accelerating towards the droid army. She cut down droid after droid, but more just kept coming, she spared a glance over her shoulder at the gunships and saw the last gunship about to lift off. She turned and was about to jump over the heads of the battle droids, but as she left the ground, a super battle droid caught her foot and dragged her back down, she communicated to the pilot of the gunship to lift off. Ahsoka was alone with the battle droids.

-Chapter 2-


Guys: Nemoidians, Droids

Girls: Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka woke up in a cell; she didn't know where she was otherwise. She felt a devise on her neck and realized it must be a shock collar. She got up and tried to walk over to the bars but she stumbled and fell, realizing that she must be drugged and not capable of much agility. When she made it to the bars she saw that a Neimoidian guard was standing by the door, out of her grasp. She was soon aware of Nute Gunray entering the corridor opposite the guard. Nute was flanked by five more guards and ten torture droids with odd attachments between their legs.

"Now Jedi, I hope you will be able to tell me what I want to know, or this will be very unpleasant for you". The Viceroy of the Trade Federation said.

"I'm not telling you anything, you bastard". Ahsoka said acidly

"My my, feisty. Good, I would very much enjoy seeing you being taken down a few pegs by my droids". Gunray told her with a grin. As he said that, the torture droids entered the cell and activated the attachments between their legs. Ahsoka watched with horror as each droid grew a 13' cock with about 4' width. She had taken some big sized cocks, Clones cocks were 10' and she regularly fucked them, even her master's cock was 11', but she never fucked more than two at a time, and never in her ass. She tried to back up, but she fell again and the droids were on her, ripping off all of her clothes and firmly restraining her.

"Now, I will ask again, tell me where the main shipyard is for your Jedi Cruisers". Nute asked forcefully. Ahsoka noticed that his eyes were staring at her gorgeous body, with nice, full C-cup tits, and a round ass. She also noticed that all the guards and the Viceroy were stroking their own cocks through their clothes.

"I will never tell you anything". Ahsoka spat out.

"Very well, droids, you may proceed".

One of the droids shoved a finger up her pussy and brutally finger fucked her while another shoved a finger into her mouth. Ahsoka gasped at the suddenness of this finger attack, but it ended soon and the droids dragged her over to a corner of the cell that had four chains with cuffs at the end hanging down from a two beams, the beams could be moved so that the prisoner would be fully stretched. She tried to get away but she couldn't.

When she was firmly buckled in, a droid slid underneath her and poked at her pussy with its dick. Another forced her mouth open and slid its cock in. the droid was merciful at first, only sliding it in part of the way before pulling it out, but then it got rougher, shoving as mush of it in as possible as fast as possible then leaving it there. Every time the droid pushed in, it got further as a result of Ahsoka's throat muscles opening up. Soon it had 9' in Ahsoka's throat and it was clear that it wasn't going any further, but the droid didn't care and forced it further, clearly intent on chocking her. After about 10 minutes of torment by the droid shoving in its cock, it finally got all 12' inside Ahsoka's mouth and throat. Ahsoka could not breathe and the pain was immense from having a 4' wide, 12' long object in her throat, but the droid made it worse by pulling out half way, then ramming all 12' back in repeatedly. The droid beneath her was doing nothing to help as it shoved its cock all the way in and all the way out extremely fast and brutally, the other droids also were having fun, fondling her tits, slapping her ass and using her hands to jack them off.

It wasn't long before she felt the droid in her pussy pull out and prod her ass, no way she could hold it, but the droid pushed on, when it finally penetrated her virgin ass, it barley got the head in, but the droid didn't stop, it kept pushing in and finally got a few inches in. Ahsoka screamed around the cock in her mouth, which only hurt more because of the cock in her throat. The Droid in her ass was still pushing in and finally stretched her ass out enough that he could slide it all the way in, and pull it all the way out, not easily, but he could still push rather fast. This pounding went on for a while until Nute Gunray, who had, like all of his guards, had pulled out his 12' dick and was slowly stroking his huge dick, signaled for a stop. Both droids pulled out.

"Now are you ready to tell me?" the viceroy asked.


"Still trying to hold out huh? Don't worry, we'll break you of that habit soon" Gunray said with another malevolent grin. He signaled his droids and the pounding started again.

It was roughly the same deal as before, one fucking her throat, but the other one was now in her pussy. She felt less pain now and could stand this for a while, as long as nothing more happened. This was not the case. Soon she felt another cock prodding her ass and screamed as loud as she could, also trying to bite the dick in her mouth. The dick pushed in her ass, it went in, but not very easily, luckily the cock in her pussy had stopped and pulled most of the way out to allow the cock easier going into her ass. When the one in her ass was able to slide all the way in and out, the one in her pussy started again. The pain was enormous, Ahsoka almost passed out because of it, but she hung on. She looked at Gunray who asked:

"Well?" Ahsoka just looked at him trying to shake her head as the giant cock brutally fucked her face and throat. "Fine, go on droids".

The droid in her pussy stopped and pulled out, Ahsoka wondered what was happening and finally got her answer when the droids cock pushed in her ass besides the one that was already in, the pain was huge, her ass had never even taken anything, let alone two 12' dicks at the same time.

"Now will you tell me?" Ahsoka used her hand that wasn't stroking a droid cock to flip the Viceroy off. "Very well, next phase droids".

Ahsoka wondered what the next phase was. She soon got her answer as two more droids lay down on either side of her and started prodding her cunt. 4 cocks inside her? She didn't know if she could handle it. The two dicks that were already in her stopped pistoning in her ass and allowed the other two to get a feel for the timing, then all four started pistoning at once. Ahsoka couldn't stand it any more, and started to pass out. When she was almost all the way gone, Nute Gunray activated the collar, sending an electric shock through her body, keeping her from unconsciousness.

"I wonder if your resolved has weakened enough?" the viceroy pondered out loud. "Well? Has it?"

"Not in the slightest" Ahsoka ground out when the droid pulled its dick out of her mouth.

"Well then, next phase then shall we?" as he said this four things happened. One-the droid shoved its dick all the way down her throat and held it there, two the droids pushed all the way into her ass and pussy and held it there, thirdly, the Viceroy pulled out a button and pushed it. Lastly, all five cocks in her pulsed and shot out hot stream's of togruta cum, huge gallons of cum, a never ending stream of cum. Ahsoka wondered where they got togruta cum from. But she was forced back to the present when the cock in her mouth choked her, almost passing out, but another shock from the collar and she was awake again.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, we fill our droids up with cum that we get from our togruta prisoners." Gunray said with a leering smile. The droids pulled out and the other five droids pushed in and again cummed in her. Her womb, ass, throat, and mouth we full with cum. when those were full, the droids pulled out and covered her in several thick layers of cum.

Next, the viceroy moved toward her, cock in hand, as did all the other guards. The five of them all fucked her in the same way as the droids, except when all the guards had a turn in her ass, and their dicks covered in crappy cum, the guards made her suck all their cocks dry of shit and cum. Then all four pushed into her ass at once.

With that, Ahsoka passed out, and fortunately, the Viceroy let her.

-Chapter 3-


Guys: Clones/Jedi

Girls: Ahsoka

Ahsoka woke up and noticed that there were a few loud noises coming from far off. Sirens. Then she heard another noise, a familiar noise, but then it was gone.

There it was again, she was certain of what it was, lightsabers. Just as she realized this, the door to the prison block blew open and the guards trying to hold it together were crushed.

Her master and Obi-wan came charging in, with about 10 clones, some of her clones from the base on Dorin. When the Jedi and clones discovered her, they all discreetly tried to rub their cocks through their clothes and armor, as the sight of the beautiful, young, Togruta covered in cum, naked, and not making any attempt to hide her cunt or tits turned them on.

"Well? Are you going to get me out of here or not?" Ahsoka demanded.

"Oh. Right. Go get her clothes Rex." Anakin commanded a clone.

"Right. Come on Lucky." Rex ordered. As the two left, searching for her clothes, another clone brought a towel to help Ahsoka get all the cum off of her.

Eventually the clones came back with her clothes and lightsaber and they all made it back to the Twilight, her master's personal ship. After a daring escape from droid fighters they made the hyperspace jump back to the Resolute. Ahsoka commanded all the surviving clones, four of them, and the two Jedi to meet her in her room in an hour for their reward.

When all the clones and the two Jedi were in her small living space, Ahsoka came out from the small bed chamber wearing very skimpy clothing, an extremely short but extremely tight tube-top which showed off her nice tits, and very tight, very short shorts which ended a couple of inches from where they started. All the men just sat there, dumbstruck. None of them had ever seen her dress this way before; they didn't even know she owned these kinds of clothes.

"Well? Are you just going to sit there or are you going to help me get out of these clothes?" Ahsoka asked sexily.

Immediately all six men were up and at her clothes, two pulled down her pants, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties, while one pulled her shirt over her head, revealing she wasn't wearing a bra either. The two men who weren't involved in undressing her were busy pulling of their own clothes. Even calm and reserved Obi-Wan was undressing in a hurry, revealing his 11' cock. When everyone was undressed, Ahsoka got on her knees and motioned the men forward. She sucked on with great gusto, while stroking two more, fondling their balls and stroking the shaft's. She informed them that she expected them to get a little rough with her, and the one that she was sucking grabbed her head and forced her to deep throat him. Ahsoka groaned in pleasure as the cock hit the back of her throat. After a few minutes of this slightly rough treatment, Anakin gestured that he wanted to fuck her, Anakin laid down of the bed and put Ahsoka on top of him, Ahsoka eagerly straddled him, lining her pussy up with his cock, she began bouncing up and down, she reached out with her hands and began stroking two more cocks. She bent over and kissed her master passionately.

Someone saw the perfect opening of her ass, and decided to take it, moving toward her and gently prodded her ass. Ahsoka eagerly gestured him to go on and moaned in complete pleasure as he penetrated her ass. This pounding went on for a while, Ahsoka even had an orgasm in that time, when the cock in her ass pulled out and moved toward her front, he looked as if he had no indication of getting her to suck his soiled cock, and was furiously jacking off, but Ahsoka motioned him closer and eagerly attacked his cock with her mouth, deep throating it for a good 10 seconds and bobbing her head up and down the shaft quickly until it exploded in her mouth. Ahsoka swallowed all of it, not wanting any of the cum to escape her.

When everybody had had a turn in each of her holes, ejaculating in any hole they wanted to, they all got dressed an left. Ahsoka went to sleep that night with a content look on her face.

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