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Star Wars: Hanging Out


Authoress's notes: The following story takes place sometime after the Yuuzhan Vong War. Please read and enjoy all of my stories, and please leave me feedback, public or via email.

Hanging Out

"Hey Mom, what's up?" Jaina said with an air of slight impatience as she awkwardly held her comlink over her head.

"Hey Jaina," Leia Organa Solo replied cheerfully. "I was just calling to see what you were up to."

Jaina hesitated a moment before replying. "Just hanging out mom," she answered with a shrug.

That elicited a giggle from Tahiri, which Jaina responded to by kneeing her, awkwardly.

"Sounds like fun," Leia said. "With Alema Rar?" she asked casually.

Jaina hesitated again before answering. Then she gave Tahiri another knee when she giggled again.

"No Ma'am, I'm not hanging out with Alema Rar," Jaina finally responded, truthfully, if misleadingly. She glanced at the blue skinned-Twi'lek, who gave her a questioning look back.

While Alema Rar was there, Jaina wasn't really hanging out with her. Maybe later though . . .

"I'm just hanging out with Tahiri right now," Jaina explained over the comlink.

"Oh, hi Tahiri," Leia said.

Now Jaina grinned at Tahiri, who just stared back at her expectantly. "Sorry Mom, she can't talk right now," Jaina explained.

"Well, I'll let you two have fun then," Leia told her, obviously confused.

"Thanks mom," Jaina answered, fighting back her own laughter. Then she glanced at Alema Rar, who was tapping her stiletto-heeled boot impatiently. "Gotta go mom," she told her.

Jaina shut off the comlink, then flicked her wrist and tossed it onto the poufcouch a couple of meters away.

"Not hanging out with me," Alema Rar said as she stepped up onto the chair next to Jaina. "Clever."

"Thanks, Mist—" Jaina began, only to be cut off by Alema Rar shoving the ballgag back into her mouth.

Once she had the ballgag strapped tightly back into place, Alema Rar climbed down, and move the chair away. Jaina could feel Tahiri's naked body pressed against her.

Both Jaina and Tahiri had thick nerfhide cuffs locked around their wrists and ankles, and matching collars around their necks. The nerfhide chastity belts around their waists were also part of the sets. The two had matching sandals with heavy platforms and eighteen centimeter stiletto heels on their feet. Matching ballgags completed their outfits.

The women's arms were stretched over their heads and their wrist and ankle cuffs were locked to single chain running from the ceiling to the floor. Their nerfhide chastity belts, which were also locked to the chain, took some of their weight off their arms and shoulders, leaving their stiletto heels dangling about half a meter off the floor. That caused their vibrating dildos and butt plugs to be pushed even further up their pussies and asses though.

Jaina let out a small moan through her gag as Alema Rar turned their vibrators and plugs up several levels. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched her pick up her multi-tailed nerfhide flogger, and approach them. As her Twi'lek Mistress began whipping her and Tahiri, Jaina thought about how much she loved hanging out with her friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THE END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Authoress's notes: The following story takes place sometime after the Yuuzhan Vong War. Please read and enjoy all of my stories, and please leave me feedback, public or via email. ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

Glass of Water

Han stumbled groggily out of his bedroom, towards the kitchen. After a few steps, he heard a faint noise from the living room. He froze, and glanced suspiciously towards the source of the noise. In the darkness he could barely make out a pair of figures lying one a top the other on his poufcouch.

It only took him a split-second to realize what they were doing. Rapidly awakening, Han stalked over to the embracing figures, and grabbed the topmost one.

"I thought I told you little punks to stay the hell away from my daughter!" he exclaimed vehemently as he snatched the young man up and dragged him towards the door by the back of his neck and upper arm.

Several steps later, the little punk tried to twist out of his grasp, causing Han to change his grip as he kept dragging him.

"Dad!" the little punk shouted, just a few steps from the door.

"Jacen?" Han replied, looking down at him in confusion, and relaxing his grip.

"Yes Dad," Jacen Solo answered impatiently, as he turned on the glowpanel with the Force.

Han stared at his son a few moments, then glanced at the figure still on the poufcouch. She was sitting up, and nervously straightening up her top.

"Tenel Ka," Han greeted her politely.

"Captain Solo," the daughter of the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium replied with a nod. "I guess it's time for me to go," she added as she stood up.

"Yeah, I think it is," Han agreed.

"Bye Jacen," Tenel Ka told him.

"Bye," Jacen replied as she headed for the door.

They briefly took each others hand as she passed him. Han closed the door after her, then turned his attention to his son.

"We'll talk about this in the morning," Han told him firmly. "Right now, just go to bed."

"Yes Sir," Jacen replied forlornly, heading for his bedroom.

Han watched him walk away, then went into the kitchen. As he was about to get a glass of water, he decided to get something a bit stronger. A moment later he was pouring himself a double shot of whiskey.

"Damn kids," he muttered as he threw it back in one gulp.

Han rinsed the glass out, then took a few swallows of water. As he headed back towards his bedroom, he had a sly grin on his face.

"Damn kids," he muttered, shaking his head ruefully.

Several seconds after the door closed, someone giggled softly in the living room.

"See, I told you we should let them have the poufcouch," Jaina whispered from her spot on the carpet, hiding behind the poufcouch.

Her partner, Zekk, who was half on top of her, just grinned back at her. Then he leaned down, and gave her another slow kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THE END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Remember, please leave me feedback, public or via email.

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