tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStarfucker Ch. 02

Starfucker Ch. 02


I got the phone call from Katie Price later that night as I was relaxing in front of the TV at home. At about 7:30, my mobile rang. 'Hello?' I said, answering it.

'Hey loverboy' came a sexy voice on the other end of the phone, 'thanks for last night.' it was Katie Price, a.k.a Jordan who I had met in a nightclub last night before going back to her hotel room and fucking her.

'Hi there, you're very welcome, I had fun too.'

'Well that's good, so you won't mind hooking up again sometime?'

'Not at all.' I replied.

'Well, that's good, because I've got a friend I'd like you to meet tomorrow. You know the Italian restaurant 'Don Vito's'?' I replied that I did indeed know where it was. 'Well, I'll meet you there tomorrow evening at eight. I won't be eating, but you will, with my friend. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed.' And then she was gone. I shrugged my shoulders and replaced my phone before settling down to a night in front of the TV. The thought of who I would be having dinner with the next evening kept flashing through my mind. I was hoping it would be another celebrity.

I wasn't to be disappointed. As I entered the restaurant at exactly eight o'clock and immediately recognized Jordan and her friend. It was none other than Big Brother 3 winner, and television presenter, Kate Lawler. She looked absolutely stunning even from a distance; more beautiful than Jordan and a lot more natural. She wore a turquoise top which had a collar falling down between her amazingly pert breasts showing off maximum cleavage.

She wore a black mini skirt showing off her amazing legs also. But the thing about her which caught my immediate attention more than anything else were her beautiful feet. she wore a pair of black open toed heels. her feet were so perfect and so delicately crafted, from her sexy ankles, her high smooth arches to her gorgeous little toes. Her feet were perfect.

I managed to gather my composure and made my way across the restaurant to the table. They noticed me as I neared the table. 'Hey sexy. Meet Kate Lawler; you may remember her from Big Brother. She needs some company tonight.'

'Hi Kate.' I introduced myself.

'Hey.' She replied, she had a little twinkle in her eyes and her body language was forward and flirty. Her feet were slowly caressing the leg of the table, I don't know whether it was a conscious thing or not, but it was driving me wild. Jordan said goodbye and left the restaurant. I watched her tight ass wiggle as she left. 'So,' Kate spoke, 'I hear you fucked her last night?'

Her bluntness shocked me at first, but I managed to reply. 'Umm, yeah; did she tell you that?'

'Yeah, don't worry about it though, we celebs have no secrets with one another. That's kind of why I'm here.'

'What is?'

'She said you were a good fuck. I'm kind of hoping I can find out.' She moved in closer to me now. I felt her now barefoot rubbing up and down my calf. 'I saw you look at my feet when you came over. You like them?'

'I think they're beautiful,' I replied, 'so perfectly shaped.' Her foot was now stroking the inside of my thigh; my dick was throbbing by now.

'I bet you'd like to suck my toes.' She spoke in a sultry sexy voice, the sole of her foot now teasingly stroking the head of my penis, she continued to speak, 'I bet you'd like to fuck my tight, wet pussy while you licked and kissed my perfect feet. I know what you want. Let's just forget about the food and go straight to the fucking. Do you have your car?'

'Yeah, it's in the restaurant car park.' I replied.

'Let's go then.' She moved her feet away from my cock to my disappointment and stood from the table. Just as we both stood to walk away, a waiter approached us.

'Where are you going?' He asked in a slightly Italian accent. 'You no order the food yet.'

'We have to be elsewhere.' I told him.

'Yeah, we need to fuck.' Kate Lawler spoke in no uncertain terms. This woman was completely shocking me. The waiter smiled.

'You forget about the food okay? You have better things to do.' The waiter winked at me before walking off somewhere else. I struggled to walk properly out of the restaurant; the tent pole in my trousers was painfully obvious and I had to walk bent over. We walked around to the car park and I unlocked my car. As soon as we were sat next to each other she grabbed me and turned my face to hers.

Before I had chance to protest, not that I was going to, she embraced me in a passionate kiss, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I responded equally, running my tongue along hers, sucking on her tongue, exploring her mouth; she tasted sweet and fresh. I felt her hand unzipping my fly and my raging cock popped loose from my trousers. She grasped it and started playing with me, powerfully stroking my shaft.

The kiss came to an end and my dick was oozing precum from the head. 'Lets go back to your place, my boyfriend is at home.' She spoke, her voice full of lust and desire. It didn't entirely shock me that she had a boyfriend, in fact I kind of expected it. What shocked me was the fact that none of these celebrities seemed to give a shit about faithfulness in relationships.

I started my car and drove out of the car park headed towards home. Not even noticing the fact that I hadn't zipped my dick back up. Kate was sat in the seat next to me, consciously teasing me by rubbing her hands up and down her smooth silky legs and gently massaging her feet as we drove. Making appreciative little moans. 'I'm glad you like my feet,' she spoke, 'I'm very proud of them; it's nice for someone to pick up on their beauty.' She continued. 'As a little reward, I'm going to wrap them around your hard, throbbing cock when we get back. And I'll slowly stroke them up and down your length whilst I finger my tight, wet pussy.' I had to turn and look into her sexy blue eyes. 'You like the sound of that big boy?' I looked her up and down.

She had kicked off her shoes and her feet were playfully stroking one another on the floor of my car; but she had also angled her body my way and spread her legs partly. One of her hands was now in between her legs and I could see she was playing with her bare, shaven pussy. I looked around for a thong but found none, realising that she must have been panty-less this whole time.

I couldn't take any more. I brought the car to a screeching halt at the side of the motorway. Kate needed no prompting as to what to do next; she immediately swung her feet over the handbrake and into my lap, gripping the shaft of my dick and milking precum from the head which ran down my shaft and onto the top of her feet. The car was filled with her scent; it was divine. She expertly fingered her pussy, teasing her clit with her thumb; she was now laid back against the passenger door so she could give me a footjob. Her feet felt amazing on my cock and I put my hands around them squeezing them tighter on my dick and playing with her delicate little toes.

'Ohh god!' She moaned as she fingered herself, her other hand by this time had worked a way under her top and she was squeezing her breasts. I could see her pink puffy nipples being squeezed and tugged at as she continued to work on herself and on me with her feet. 'I can't take this any longer' she cried. 'I need you to fuck me!' She removed her finger from her pussy and clambered her way over the back of my seat into the back of the car.

I followed suit, not being one to disappoint. Luckily, I have quite a big car and there was plenty of room in the back for what we wanted to do. We managed to manoeuvre our bodies so that Kate was laid on her back with her head resting against a door; her legs were in the air, her perfect feet in my hands and within reach of my mouth. I was in between her legs with her legs running parallel to my chest.

Wasting not a second more I let go of her left foot momentarily so I could grab the shaft of my dick and lead it toward her tight, wet pussy. It felt so good when I pushed my swollen head up against her pussy lips. She let out a soft moan as I pushed my cock inside of her inch by inch, feeling the warmth and wetness inside of her. I took her foot in my hand again and began to softly massage her sole as I took the toes of her other foot into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down her pretty little toes, savouring them, whilst I began to fuck her hard in the back of my car. Her moans were gradually becoming squeals and screams of pleasure as her orgasm built up inside of her.

The car was shaking as I fucked her, and sucked her toes in turn; playing with her feet with my hands. I was now fucking her at an amazing rate and she was gasping for breath. 'Ohhhh fuck!! I'm cumming! She squealed as her whole body began to tremble.

Her feet moved away from my grip and she managed to push them hard against the car ceiling; Pushing herself down into the seat of the car, bracing her whole body as she began to violently shake and scream her way through an earth shattering orgasm. Her wet pussy began to grip my cock as she came, then she began to squirt girl goo from her pussy. It coated my dick and my pubic region, it soaked through the material of my car seat; all the while she kept moaning an gasping, and pushing herself further into the seat.

Finally she slowed, spent and sweaty, her hair all over her face, her feet collapsed and the soles of them resting on my face. her pussy was dripping now and as I still fucked her she was too wet and sloppy for me to feel anything. I removed my cock from her cunt and she took the hint; working it so that her feet could grip my dick she expertly began to wank me off with her soles. She had high arches which fit perfect around my shaft and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

In fact, just as I was thinking that, I felt the first wave of my orgasm hit and I began to spurt my cum all over Katie's perfect little feet. I came more than I ever thought possible; it dripped from her feet onto my seats and everything else. By the time I'd finished, literally everything was sticky. She was looking into my eyes, a lazy little smile playing on her lips. 'Jordan was right,' she spoke, 'fucking amazing; I think we'll be seeing more of you.'

After we'd rested for a while and let the steam dissipate from the windows so I could see to drive; I offered to drive her home. She declined on the chance that her boyfriend might be watching out for her, asking me instead if I could drop her off at her friend's house; a certain Cat Deeley, from a Saturday morning television show.

I said that would be no problem and followed her directions to a big house about an hour from the city centre. She asked me if I'd like to go in for a drink, but I declined saying that I had work in the morning, which I did. But she didn't leave without giving me her number and telling me that she'd be seeing me sooner than I could imagine. We shared a slow, passionate kiss and then she left the car; my cum still on her feet and ankles and her own juices dribbling down the insides of her legs. I drove home, looking forward to seeing both Jordan and Kate Lawler again real soon, and hopefully getting introduced to a few more celebrities along the way.

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