tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStarlets to Harlots: Ms. Simpson

Starlets to Harlots: Ms. Simpson

bySean Renaud©

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the story. I've never gotten such a healthy feedback from a story and it would have been a shame for me not to have written a sequel for you. Keep the letters coming and I will continue to degrade stars for your enjoyment! Special thanks to Shadowblaze18, without Red Carpet Facials I wouldn't be here!


A dark smile was twisting its way across his face as he stepped into the room glancing up at the camera. The film had been running for the last ten minutes or so as the camera man wandered around getting all the best angles of the bound and gagged starlet.

She had beautiful blonde hair that normally was vibrantly full of life. Today it was partially soaked in sweat and clinging to face. Beautiful brown eyes stared fiercely around the room doing her best to look panicked as she thrashed against her bonds. The starlet's normally beautiful voice was muffled behind a bright orange gag thrust between her full lips.

"She wanted this?" He asked as he stepped into the room. Seeing the starlet nude other than the bonds would have been good enough for most people. The ropes had been wrapped around her wrists, and her ankles, a few lazy loops around her torso squeezing her breasts outward ended the look.

"Actually what she wanted we couldn't legally sell in the US." Jermiane replied leaning down to look into her eyes. Jessica had managed to work her self up enough to cry turning her eye liner into black tears.

"Wow." Brandon replied stripping off his undershirt and tossing it aside. That left just his blue jeans as he walked over to Ms. Simpson and rested his foot on the side of her face. "So how should we start this off with our little harlot?"

"Ungag her." Jermiane replied from behind the camera. Brandon didn't lift his foot from the starlet's face to pull the gag from her lips.

Jessica Simpson looked up slightly with the most beautiful smile the starlet had and said. "This is Starlets to Harlots and I'm Jessica Simpson! I'm here because I want Brandon here to treat me like the piece of gutter trash whore that I am!" Brandon's eyes suddenly doubled in size, just the sound of such filth spewing from those lovely lips made his cock lurch. "What are you waiting for?" She hissed snapping him out of his dream instantly.

The look in her eyes was incredible, that same fire he'd occasionally seen in his porn career with the real nasty girls. The girls who occasionally had to work in other countries because they wanted to do things that were illegal in the states. "What exactly do you want?" Brandon asked snatching up a fistful of her hair and pulling her up to her knees.

"I want you to fuck me, gag me. Do me like all the men in America want to. Every little nasty fantasy they have about my body." She smiled.

Brandon dropped her to the floor rolling her onto her back with his foot. "Do you know how many men would kill to be here right now?" He asked as he slid belt through the loops of his pants, then unfastened them dropping to the floor before kneeling next to Jessica. The beautiful singer started wriggling towards him till her lips were his cock, straining to reach his delicious manflesh.

"Give it to me. Gag me, make me choke on it!" She pleaded leaning up to lap at his cock. Brandon immediately pushed her down on her back and mounted her face pushing his cock into gullet. The starlet tried to keep from gagging, but as soon as he was past her tongue her body convulsed. Her throat tightened as her stomach heaved trying to push him out but he stayed laughing as she coughed. When he finally pulled his cock from Jessica's mouth tears had started forming in her eyes. "More you fucker!" It didn't take long for him to plunge back into her throat, thrusting his hard meat into her throat forcing her saliva out of her lips. Her face was nearly covered in spit the next time he let her up for air again. The air starved Ms. Simpson gasped for air as Brandon laughed hooking a finger into her lip and pulling her over onto her stomach. With one hand he quickly untied her hands. "On all fours bitch!"

"Make me!" She replied glaring at him through the spit and tears staining her pretty face. Before he could move she had untied her feet and started to stand smirking slightly.

"This is going to be so good." Jermiane whispered from behind the camera moving slightly back to stay out of the way.

"You bet it is." Brandon replied standing up and walking over to Jessica. One hand shot out snatching a handful of beautiful blonde hair twisting her head back at a painful angle. The other moved into her mouth jamming a pair of fingers in her mouth and roughly tugging her head in the opposite direction. The result stretched her mouth out and barely let the girl whimper much less fight. It only took him a second to put her back down on the floor where she belonged. "You're really gonna like this bitch." He let go of her hair forcing two more fingers into her mouth as he moved behind her. "Open your ass Jessica." He sneered her name at the end making sure that the camera got a good look at the pain in her face.

Obediently she reached back gripping her firm cream colored ass cheeks and spread the succulent flesh apart. A whimper somehow escaped her stretched lips as she felt him starting to grind against her backside. It took him three tries before his rod found her shitter and forced its tip in. "She's a fucking anal virgin!" He shouted as he grunted pushing harder against her backside.

Bit by bit she could feel her sphincter giving way to painfully irresistible force of Brandon's dick. It made her sob as he pushed his first full inch into her rectum. There was so much more coming to her soon. The starlet was certain she was going to be torn in half by his dick.

Jermiane wasn't certain she wouldn't be torn in two. The petite singer looked like she was being put on a spit like an animal. Her tiny little asshole was stretched out farther than looked possible and Brandon had only just begun to push his way into her. The cameraman got down on the floor in front of Jessica getting as low as possible. He wanted the viewer to be able to see both her sobbing face and farther back the cock vanishing inside her.

Brandon let one hand out of her mouth as soon as he was completely buried in her ass and his balls were nestled against her cunt. "Don't stop!" The starlet pleaded barely understandable with her mouth still half stretched open. He of course had no intention of letting up on her at all. Instead he pulled back nearly completely out of her anus then slammed back into her building a brutally steady rhythm inside her.

He was like an animal pounding against her slight frame till she literally slid over the carpet. Each time he slammed into her he slapped her ass as hard as he could grunting as she clenched up around his cock. "You like that don't you?!" He kept shouting. Each time he asked the response was the same. Jessica violently nodding her head, moaning for more and thrusting her hips against him with the utmost vigor. Brandon wasn't going to last to much longer; his cock was twitching every time he pumped into her.

"Cum! Cum!" She started chanting finally pulling her face away from his fingers and looking at him over her shoulder. "Cum in my ass!" Brandon couldn't have denied that command if he'd wanted to. She clenched down with muscles when she felt him start flooding her bowels with hot cum. There was so much of it, she could feel it filling her up and oozing out as Brandon continued thrusting against her for a few more seconds before he finally stopped to wipe the sweat from his brow and catch his breath.

Jessica wasn't interested in breathing though. She crawled forward feeling Brandon's now limp cock slip out of her ass and scrambled around to face him. The slut didn't stop to notice the brown flecks contaminating his cock cream. She just opened her mouth and took his shaft until she gagged. Her hands moved behind her back so every time she lost her balance it jammed his cock to back of her throat and sent her into a fit of coughing.

The camera zoomed in close to capture every second of her slurping her own scum from his cock. It was starting to gather on her lips as she continued bobbing up and down. The spit that had coated her face had dried now leaving whitish patches on her skin. Her hair was pasted to her face with a combination of sweat, spit and tears. Her eyes were starting to turn red but the lust was still glowing as she cleaned the last of his cum from his cock then sat back grinning wickedly.

"No more?" She purred pushing Brandon onto his back and spreading his legs. Jessica gripped the back of his knees lifting him up slightly and buried her face between his legs and start pushed her tongue into his ass crack. The first thing she tasted as sweat, slightly salty. A moment after that she tasted exactly what she'd been aiming for, ass. Her tongue wriggled past his rectum easily around inside him, one of her hands moving around to grasp his still softening cock gently stroking it. She felt him hardening slowly in her grasp.

"Oh my god I never guessed she'd be this nasty a bitch." Brandon gasped his hands clenching into fists as he tried to keep from writhing away from her tongue.

"I told you, this girl is nasty!" Jermiane said moving around to get a few angles of Jessica rimming Brandon. "She saw one of the old European Max Hardcore videos."

Jessica paused for a moment to get a breath before thrusting her tongue into him again. She knew Brandon liked what he heard she could feel the blood flowing back into his shaft hardening between her fingers. "You like having a Jessica Simpson licking your asshole don't you?" She asked.

"Oh God yes!" Brandon hissed his back arching for a moment. Then reached down and gripped her by the hair pulling her against him for moment before sitting up again. His eyes were burning with lust as he looked at her and grinned pushing her over onto her back. Brandon gripped her ankles roughly putting the starlet's feet over her head and slammed his cock into her ass.

Jessica shrieked in an unusual combination of pleasure and pain that sent a jolt up her spine. Her body tensed around his cock but she couldn't move. He had her pinned beneath him letting his full weight drive him deeper into her. "More more more!" She started hissing through clenched teeth.

"Oh my God." Jermiane couldn't even move any longer as stared at the singer in utter amazement. He'd never seen a real girl put herself into the piledriver and he was stuck in place staring. Brandon on the other hand was possessed, slamming down into her over and over again as hard as he could manage. Sweat dripped from his body down onto the pinned Ms. Simpson. Her asshole stretched around his cock making a disgusting slurping noise every time he pushed down into her.

"Fill my ass with fucking spunk. Flood my crack with your cream you bastard!" Jessica howled as she stared up into his eyes. Brandon growled and leaned over on last time, his hips pressed down against hers until he could feel his cock pulsing, filling her bowels for the second time with his cum. She turned toward Jermiane. "Make sure you get this on camera." She pushed Brandon away and rolled up into a squatting position.

Jermiane and Brandon watched in awe as Jessica Simpson clenched her ass pushing the brownish cum out of her anus and onto the floor. The starlet's eyes clenches as she flexed her lovely ass again and forced a cum fart splattering out of her ass then turned got down on all fours her lips right next to the contaminated cock cream and started lapping at it. After she'd gotten most of it up she rubbed her face against the stain covering her face in cum then turned to the camera and gave a huge smile. "This is Starlets to Harlots and I'm Jessica Simpson." She blew a kiss then smiled.

I'm still taking suggestions folks so whomever you want to see here next cast your vote. Top starlet will be humiliated. I wouldn't mind doing fictional characters since I got a couple votes in that direction.

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