tagMind ControlStarry's Abduction

Starry's Abduction


The Adventures of Starry
Chapter 8: Starry's Kidnap

Starry dressed casually, it was hot outside and since she rarely wore clothes anyway she decided something light that drapeda flatteringly over her body would be appropriate. She stared at herself in the mirror for one last time before heading outside, her pierced nipples showed through the thin fabric, protruding seductively, the rings through them clearly visible. The thin silky cloth that passed as a dress ended just below her ass and, although she toyed briefly with the idea of wearing underwear, anyone who was around her if she bent down was in for a show.

Starry closed the door behind her as she ventured forth, she couldn't remember the last time she was out in public on her own but she didn't think it would pose any difficulties. She had decided that she wanted to surprise her master with a gift and that a trip to the city was called for. Starry walked off towards the bus stop and she couldn't help but notice the appreciative stares of the men that passed her and in response she swished her hips a little more, the bottom of her naked ass becoming visible as she did. Starry smiled to herself, she liked being the centre of attention and she loved to tease, this was going to be a good day, or so she thought.

Starry arrived at the bus stop feeling very good about her self although her joy was slightly dampened when she saw that the next bus wasn't for another 20 minutes. She leaned against the post and tapped her stiletto heeled foot impatiently, the one thing Starry did not like was to be kept waiting. This was probably why she accepted the offer of a lift when a van pulled up and the door was opened to her. Starry smiled, slid in beside the driver and crossed her legs, the hem riding up to the top of her thighs. She looked at the driver and was just about to tell him where he could drop her when she was grabbed from behind and dragged into the back of the van. The van sped off and Starry was gone.

Starry put up a brave but futile struggle, her soft blows were no match for the men who easily subdued her. She screamed abuse at them but they just laughed mirthlessly and placed a gag in her mouth. Her hands were pulled roughly behind her back and cuffed firmly, making any further fight impossible. During the struggle Starry's silky little dress had ridden up her body and as her assailants were certain they had her subdued they stopped worrying about the struggle and began to notice the girl they had abducted. One by one they just stared in excited wonder. The dress had ridden up over her hips and her shaved pussy and clit piercing became clearly visible, as were the chains leading up to her nipples.

Starry watched their reaction and knew exactly what was going through their minds. She tried to struggle in her bonds, kicking out her legs desperately, but this only lifted her dress higher. Starry's struggles were once again quickly subdued, she was no match for these powerful men. One of the men moved closer tore the flimsy dress from her body, they gasped in awe and a collective smile crossed their lust filled faces. The largest man read the word slave branded into her leg and the tattoo Property of Curtis above her pussy. He laughed as he told the others and then told Starry she would have different masters today. He unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants, showing Starry his huge erect cock and then rolled her over to her stomach, parted her ass cheeks and pushed the head of his cock against her ass. Starry could do nothing, and gritted her teeth as he forced his cock into her ass, driving it all the way in. Starry screamed into her gag.

Starry was used to having her body used, and took pleasure from her master when he fucked her ass, but it was different when it was for her master. These men were just animals and Starry closed her eyes and sobbed as she felt her ass being abused. The guy who was raping her ass just laughed and kept driving his cock hard and fast into Starry. He came almost immediately, shooting his sperm deep into her ass, pumping her full until it dribbled from her hole. He pulled his still erect cock out of her ass and spoke to the driver. "Lets get her to the factory so we can all enjoy her" Starry heard this and groaned.

The ride to the factory was rough and uncomfortable, and so was the treatment that Starry received. Starry's body was pushed hard against the filthy floor of the van as they took turns with her, stretching her ass as they rammed their cocks into her helpless body. Starry was the best looking woman they had ever seen and they all wanted to get inside her and punish her for belonging to someone else. She struggled as best she could, but was no match for the men who just laughed at her attempts. When the van finally arrived at the factory Starry lay in a pool of cum that seeped from her abused ass. The men however were all ready to start again and Starry was dragged kicking and struggling into the bleak grey building.

Starry was thrown into a corner and had a hose turned on her, the cold water hitting her body hard, causing her to curl up as tried to avoid it's stinging blast. Once again rough hands grabbed her and held her still as she was turned onto her stomach and her legs stretched wide. Starry tried to scream out as the jet of water shot up her ass but the sound died in her gag. The men laughed and joked as they pushed the hose up her ass and continued to spray the jet of water into her, giving her a cold brutal enema. Starry could do nothing and when she felt the first tug on her clit ring she knew worse was yet to come.

They turned Starry over onto her back, the hose still firmly lodged up her ass, and took great delight pulling on her chians. The pressure this caused on her pierced nipples and clit forced her to arch her back compliantly. Starry groaned quietly to herself, despite her predicament she was getting wet and hot. Her body once again betraying her mind to the lust that drove her. One of the men began to finger Starry, sliding at first two fingers into her, then three. Starry closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on other things, anything, except what was happening, but despite all her attempts she couldn't clear her mind. The man, who had now managed to push four fingers inside her, looked up and smiled. "The slut is wet and wanting it" he proclaimed to the others, and with that shoved his hand hard until it disappeared inside Starry's pussy. Starry was being fist fucked, his hand pushing hard and deep into her. She squirmed and moved her hips, not in any to be free of the pain, but to get the full feeling of the hand that had penetrated her body. Starry came, never had she felt such vicious abuse, never had she felt so used, she wanted more.

Starry tried as best she could to hide her arousal but as she came it was obvious to all the men. They looked at her in disgust. "The slut likes it" said one of the men as he walked over and roughly pulled Starry to her feet by her hair then bent her over a table and yanked out the hose out of her ass, not caring if it hurt at all. Starry moaned as she felt him drive his cock into her pussy and begin to fuck her hard. She opened her legs wider, her body on automatic as she pushed backed trying to get him as deep inside as she could. He grabbed Starry's hips and held them firmly as he pounded her pussy, at times even lifting her feet from the floor. When he came he did so with a rush, groaning loudly as he shot his load inside her, then withdrawing just as quickly to make way for the next.

Starry was laid on her side and had to face the next guy who drove his hard cock deep inside her. At the same time she felt a finger being forced up her ass. As the guy pumped his cock in and out of her Starry felt her passion rising again. As if in response to her hunger a second and third finger were forced into her ass, pushing them in and out with each thrust of the cock. A fourth finger was jammed in her before finally the whole hand was pushed inside and Starry's ass was fisted deep and hard as her pussy was slammed by the cock of another. Starry was unable to stop herself from cumming, her whole body shook from the orgasm that racked her. She has surrender to the pleasure in the pain. She cried out through the gag and the men, who had surrounded her, laughed at her response. The man fucking her finally came and filled her pussy with cum. But even after he pulled his cock out the other continued to fist fuck her ass. Starry continued to cum.

The men took their time with Starry, they knew she was completely under their control and helpless to resist whatever they chose to do to her. Starry was fucked hard and often, both her pussy and her ass being pounded by the lust driven cocks of her abductors. Her nipples were twisted, bitten and pulled via the rings that pierced through them. She was fisted and generally abused until she could cum no more, then the hose was inserted and cold water gushed through her until her pussy and ass grew tight again with the cold, then they started again. Starry was in her own sick idea of heaven, used, abused and fully sated. Eventually the gag was ripped from her mouth and just as Starry gasped for her first breaths of fresh air a cock was rammed into her mouth. "Suck it slut" was the command, and Starry did as she was commanded and sucked it hard. The man's cock was long and thick, as Starry had discovered earlier, and she was forced to stretch her lips wide to accommodate him. The man rammed his cock into her mouth as she sucked causing her to gag every time it slammed against the back of her throat, but she continued to suck. Her hair was grabbed roughly as he drove his cock into Starrys mouth, fucking her with an animal ferocity until he at last came, flooding her mouth with his sperm. Starry swallowed it all and then licked his cock clean, as soon as he had finished another cock was presented to her to suck. Starry wasn't sure how many times she sucked them off that day, but by the time they had finished with her, her mouth and jaw ached from the constant pressure and her stomach felt as though she had had a banquette of cum.

The men rested after each had been suck, fucked and had a turn at fisting the helpless Starry. Starry lay, exhausted and aching on a bench and didn't even have the energy to lift her head, let alone attempt an escape. Eventually one of the men came over to her and started to play with her chains, twisting and pulling them. Starry just lay there, half moaning, half groaning as she felt her swollen clit and nipples being abused by the man. Then the worse thing possible happened, without even thinking the man grabbed a pair of pliers, snipped off the chains and placed them in his pocket. Starry tried to scream out but could only whimper and cry as she knew what would happen when her master discovered her broken chains.

The men decided that they had enjoyed her enough for the day and dragged Starry off to the van, pushing her roughly into the back once more. She didn't remember the trip back to the bus stop where they first found her but they threw her out once they got there and drove off, leaving her naked and sore from her days abuse. It was dark now and there weren't many cars around but those that were, blasted their horns at the sight of Starry, naked and dirty, Starry didn't care, she just slumped off back home and as she closed the gate behind her, she wondered what she would tell her master.

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