tagMind ControlStarry's Delemma Ch. 1

Starry's Delemma Ch. 1


The Adventures of Starry Ch. 6: Starry's Dilemma

Starry sat quietly in her room staring out of her window. She casually played with her chains, tugging them nonchalantly, stimulating herself with the gentle pain that it brought. Her eyes began to give away her arousal as her gaze drifted from the window and down to her moistening pussy. She tugged her chains a little harder, stretching her clit and nipples and causing her excitement to heighten even further. It didn't take long for Starry to lose herself in her own lust and as one hand continued to pull the chains tighter the other hand slid fingers in and out of her pussy.

Starry closed her eyes and imagined her master was controlling the chains and it didn't take long for her to feel an orgasm beginning to build inside her. She moaned softly and moved her fingers faster as her orgasm took hold and began to envelope her. She continued to stretch the chains tighter and tighter heightening the experience until at last her whole body shook with the pleasure and pain that tore through her. Just as Starry's climax reached it's peak the chain snapped, and Starry's ecstasy turned to dread in an instant. She looked down at the broken chain in horror, the meticulously crafted gold links were snapped apart and Starry knew she was in trouble. Somehow she had to get the links repaired before her master found out and she needed to do it fast. Starry continued to look don at the broken chain and tears began to fall from her eyes, she had no way of repairing them herself and she had no money. Starry was going to have to find another way.

Starry was terrified but she knew there was only one thing she could do. She walked slowly to her Master's room and knocked on the door. When her Master called her in she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to his feet. Her Master asked her why she was there and why she was on her hands and knees. "Master, I have to confess to something"

She replied Her Master looked down at her sternly "What do you need to confess?" Starry by now had tears streaming down her face. "Oh Master, I'm so sorry but I broke the chain. I didn't mean to but I was in my room waiting for you to require me and I was thinking of you and started pulling the chain a little and before I knew it I was pulling it much harder as I stimulated myself and orgasmed thinking of you. I can't fix it, I have no money, the only way I could have fixed it was to offer my body in payment but my body is no longer mine, you own it now"

Her Master looked at her, "Starry, I am disappointed in you but at least you realise your body is not your own any more. But I do need to punish you for what you have done"

"Anything my Master" Starry replied, almost eagerly.

The Master had Starry taken away to the punishment room but this time she was not stretched out. She was made to lie down on a cold table and wait. Her Master walked in with another man and told Starry what her punishment was to be. "Since you have broken the chain it needs to be replaced. But the old chain and rings will remain. You will receive new ones now. You will not be restrained but must force yourself to remain still as you are pierced again."

Starry gasped at the though of the piercing but remained still. The other man now came forward and Starry could see he had a needle in his hand. He reached over and pulled on the ring in her nipple, stretching it up causing Starry to gasp again, this time in both pain and arousal. Once he was satisfied that the nipple had been stretched enough he very slowly pushed the needle through her nipple below the previous piercing and then pulled the ring back through. Starry screamed and her Master laughed. The man then reached for the other nipple. Starry had to use all her strength to stop herself from running away and he pulled the other nipple ring up and repeated the process but even more slowly than the first time.

Starry started to pass out as the needle was pushed through so her Master told the man to wait until she was fully aware before pulling the ring back through. Starry groaned. Her Master smiled and said just one more now my slave. Starry was shaking with the pain. She opened her legs and clenched her fists to stop herself from flinching. The man leant over her and parted her pussy, he took his time making sure he had a good play before he pulled on the ring in her clit and smiled. This time he was extremely slow as he pushed the needle through her clit. Starry's clit was burning with the pain and he waited a few minutes before roughly attaching the chain. Starry yelped again and felt the pain shooting through herself as the new chain was attached.

Her Master told her that he was going to leave the broken chain attached as a reminder of what would happen if this occurred again, no matter who breaks the chain. So no matter who is pulling on the chain you will need to move fast. He then ordered Starry to roll over on the table so the man who has pierced you can take his payment. Starry found herself forced face down on the table, her newly pierced nipples and clit making her sob with pain as they were rubbed against the table and the man forced his cock into her ass. Pumping hard, almost tearing her apart with his roughness until he finally came. He left and then her Master lifted her up from the table and gently carried her back to her room and kissed her softly. He told her how proud he was that she had come to him with the truth and that she should rest now and he would be back to use her body later.

Starry lay quietly on her bed recovering from her second piercing when her door opened and in stepped two of the other girls and a couple of guys who were working on the house. Starry looked up at them suspiciously and asked what they were doing here. The girls said that they had heard about Starry's accident and came to see if she was alright but the moment they got near they grabbed Starry's chains and pulled them tight. Starry pulled back immediately and the pain shot through her body, but then realising she risked breaking her chains she quickly came along with the girls who pulled her across the room towards the two guys. Starry was powerless to resist, she couldn't risk breaking her chains again and so all she could do is beg the girls to stop. They did stop, but only when they had forced Starry to stand in front of the two guys.

The girls told Starry to get down on her hands and knees but Starry just looked at them in horror, they couldn't be serious, but serious they were. The girls tugged on the chains and Starry dropped to her hands and knees, uncertain whether it was the pain of the fear they made her do it. The girls kept the pressure on the chains pulling them down as the guys prepared to fuck Starry from behind and in her mouth. Starry cried out, not wanting either of these guys to touch her, but she took the first one in her mouth anyway and began to suck him hard as she presented her arse to the second guy, who began to fuck her roughly. Starry was powerless to resist, she realised what would happen if the chains were to break again and so she took the two guys and worked them hard, trying to make them cum quickly.

Starry worked them so well that they both came in record time. She sobbed in relief as she felt their cum shooting into her body. She hoped that this meant they would now leave her alone, but she was wrong.

The girls decided that they hadn't had enough fun with Starry just yet. One of them spotted the double dildo and the whip across the room and ran laughing to get it. She walked up behind Starry and roughly shoved the dildo into her. Making sure the larger dildo was forced into Starry's ass. She pushed it all the way in and then started moving it in and out. Starry moaned as she felt her body respond, at times she hated herself for being so sluttish. The girl then drove the dildo in and out of her more roughly -

"The slut likes it" The girl yelled out.

She then told her friend that this was her chance to get eaten out by another woman and to take her clothes off and put her pussy in front of Sapphires mouth. The girl did this and the first girl rammed the dildo in hard and left it there and picked up the whip.

"Eat her" she ordered.

Starry hesitated and felt for a moment and then felt the bite of the whip. Starry started licking the second girl's clit, tasting her juices, making her moan Starry felt herself starting to cum and she licked and sucked on the girl's clit hungrily as the first girl continued to whip her ass. Starry bit down on the girl's clit and heard her scream as she came. The first girl then grabbed Starry's chains and pulled her to her feet forcing her over to the table again. She was just about to inflict some more pain when they heard Starry's master coming to the room so they all quickly left, leaving Starry naked on the table.

Starry's master opened the door and saw Sapphire, lying naked on the table, cum was running down her legs and dildos were pushed up her ass and pussy. She was limp and exhausted, she had been well and truly fucked. Starry looked up from the table, her eyes pleading and when her master approached she reached out for him. He looked down at her and asked calmly for an explanation as to what had happened. Starry could see that he was not happy and she explained what had happened between herself, the two girls and the guys. He looked down at her and kissed her on the forehead, told her to get cleaned up and he would be back in five minutes.

Starry did as she was told and when he returned he took her up in his arms and carried her over to the bed when he lay her down. His hand slid across smoothly over her limp body and caressed her slowly. He pulled her in close and kissed the back of her neck as he cupped her breast and squeezed it softly. Starry allowed him full access to your body and he caressed her from breast to sex, his hand brushing lightly across her smooth skin. He kissed her and Starry's tongue responded by probing his mouth.

They kissed slowly the bond between them growing as their lips melded together. His hand slid up between her legs, parting them and found her sex damp and inviting. He stroked her gently, his fingertip circling her clit rhythmically as she respond by moaning softly. They continued to kiss, her tongue probing deeper as his fingers continued to excite her sex, stroking and probing her. He sucked her tongue and quickened his tempo as he felt her body responding in her usual excited way. Starry came, grinding her clit against his fingers and kissing him hard and passionately. He continued to stroke her until he sensed her orgasm subsiding. He then got up and left her to rest, leaving Starry happy but bewildered.

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